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(generated from captions) affecting thousands of people. when it is actually a problem if you're a Scientologist. Bad luck really does come in threes today of fraud by a French court First, the church was convicted to hand over large sums of money. for harassing members Just hours later, quit the group a two-time Oscar winner branding them cowards and liars. All that walked out after the spokesman for Scientology on a national television show. Here's Bryan Seymour. with those still inside - even if they're family. He says of Scientology's denials: of awful physical violence by recent accusations

David Miscavaige. committed by Scientology's leader, head and throat into the saw him hit him on the side of the was Tommy Davis's finest hour.

should not get a free ride.. I think Many former members are saying they

there is a lot of concern that

organisations such as this get bitty

to benefit of being a tax exempt

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