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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. dangerous but essential. This morning - live-ammunition training The Army to continue despite a soldier's death. to get their hands on IT junkies rush to be the first the latest Microsoft technology. sparked America's balloon emergency. And the dramatic phone call that with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News Good morning. the elite soldier from Brisbane New details have been released about who was shot dead on Tuesday night. during a training exercise

is given grief counselling, As the commando's unit is standing by the use the Defence Force

during training. of live ammunition is being remembered Lance Corporal Mason Edwards and a stickler for safety. as an outstanding soldier a brother and a partner. He was a son, At the Cultana base including a psychologist, a support team, deal with the loss of their mate is helping the close-knit unit who fired the deadly shot. while police investigate to be there for each other I encourage them this tragic circumstance. as they deal with a soldier at Cultana has been killed It's not the first time

during live-ammunition training. Seven years ago by his mate. a soldier was accidentally shot Wracked with guilt, took his own life four years later. Lance Corporal Nicholas Shiels whoever's responsible this time His family is now calling for to be given full support. individual counselling, He needs to be given not group counselling, as happened with Nicholas. to train with live ammunition. Still, soldiers will continue

ammunition in these scenarios Ultimately, it is the use of live which gives them confidence in Afghanistan. to know that they can react It was a realism knew all too well - Lance Corporal Edwards of duty to Afghanistan. he was about to take his third tour suspected asylum seekers Another boat carrying off Australia's north coast. has been intercepted and 2 crew onboard, The boat, with 22 passengers was found near Ashmore Island. to Christmas Island. They'll be taken this year. It's the 34th boat arrival of actions take place to save lives, There has to be an urgent series and to give those who are most to restore border security in need a chance 30. Meanwhile the 78 asylum seekers Customs ship last weekend rescued by an Australian today. will be taken to an Indonesian port it's a similar approach The Immigration Minister denies to the notorious Pacific Solution. It was part of a suite of measure introduced to punish people, which the Howard Government to hurt them. to make it uncomfortable for them, a regional framework. This is about an arrangement, did not deny reports The Minister would be offered incentives that Jakarta heading to Australia. to intercept boats most notorious prison escapees One of Australia's of a Melbourne standover man. is a prime suspect in the murder at the Quarry Hotel Brian Kane was shot dead

on Lygon Street 27 years ago. the investigation Police have reopened on Sydney prison escapee which reportedly centres Russell 'Mad Dog' Cox who can't be identified. and another man, in the organised crime community There are people or on the fringe of it, information about this crime. that are capable of providing a $100,000 reward. Police are offering has found what it says A climate-change think-tank is an $18 billion black hole emissions-trading scheme. in Malcolm Turnbull's alternative the Coalition's proposal Climate Institute says compensate heavy polluters to exclude agriculture and better a multibillion-dollar bill. would leave taxpayers footing its plan would be fully funded But the Coalition says from the sale of ETS permits. using money a revised scheme with the Government It is negotiating

in Copenhagen in December. ahead of world climate change talks shopping centres in every State A company which runs is facing legal action after allegedly trying to hide by $2 billion. that it was in-the-red Eight senior managers at Centro from Australian boardrooms could be banned signing off on the short-term debt. for their alleged roles in falsely and Investments Commission says The Australian Securities several months later. the accounts were corrected

that it was in financial trouble, When the company admitted in 2007 from $5 to just 5 cents. its share price plunged of millions of Australians The retirement funds than they were a year ago. are looking a lot healthier investment profit in September - Super funds made a 2.6% the seventh monthly rise in a row. In that time, has grown more than 18% the average fund the global financial crisis hit. after losing nearly 27% when of predicting Of course, I'm not in the business to return to the levels how long it will take but the trend is positive, that superannuation had before, and that's the main thing. the signs are positive the strong Aussie dollar On the downside, from overseas earnings. is curbing returns have stayed up all night Tech-heads in Sydney latest offering from Microsoft. to get their hands on the is designed to click with users Windows 7 a more interactive PC experience. who are looking for it was worth the wait. For Spiro Giokaris the first customer in the world I didn't actually think I'd be its exciting. to upgrade to Windows 7, As the clock struck midnight Windows 7 went on sale. the highly anticipated everything for us It's going to revolutionise by 30%. cause its going to put up our sales Don't you think that's good?

from more than 8 million PC users After receiving feedback around the world, Microsoft saw a window of opportunity. It really is taking the PC and simplifying it, making it faster and more reliable. And more touchy-feely. You're actually able to touch the screen and manipulate the documents, the operating system, music and everything. Windows 7 also promises to move things to the fast lane. The new software will be available in more than 70 countries around the world from today. Doesn't get more exciting than that, I'm excited. Frantic phone calls from the balloon hoax family to police

Of the couple accused of staging

American's balloon hoax. The tapes reveal the extent the Heene family went to in order to convince authorities of their plot. The Larimer County sheriff says it was quite a performance. My daughter had told me earlier when school had started that Falcon said he had a space ship. She didn't believe it, though, until she actually saw it flying.

I was so worried I was that going to have to explain to my kids

that something horrible happened to their friend and that's not fair. Originally Richard Heene wanted to go into comedy but his fellow comedians say his obsession with being a reality TV star took over. He was always looking for this kind of thing, you know, he was always wanting a big moment. And he got it.

But as the company that sold Richard Heene

the helium to launch his alleged hoax came to pick up their empty tanks,

a deflated Richard Heene he could only stand by and watch. He wanted fame - he got notoriety. Now for your first look at Thursday's weather - A possible shower in Sydney today.

Fine with afternoon cloud in Darwin. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the mum leading the push for gay marriage. But next on Seven Early News - a Melbourne family's little miracle baby. And the repentant robber looking for some divine intervention.

A family from Victoria has a very special Christmas wish this year - to take their 5-month-old baby home from hospital. Taylor was the world's smallest baby to be fitted with an external pacemaker. Baby Taylor made headlines just five months ago. Born at just 25 weeks weighing 540 grams, she was wired up to a pacemaker outside her body. Because of her being so small and, we believe, possibly the smallest in the world to have this done, this was uncharted territory. A congenital complete heart block meant her blood was pumping too slowly. Electric currents from the pacemaker kept her heart pumping and blood flowing. We were all fascinated with her spirit of keeping on fighting. Having gained more than two kilograms, surgeons at the Monash Medical Centre last week implanted a dual-chamber pacemaker into Taylor's chest. It really is a huge credit to the entire team that she's come through to this stage.

Now fitted with the Rolls-Royce of pacemakers,

Taylor faces two more hurdles - being taken off a ventilator and having her feeding regulated before she's ready to go home. Mum, Rebecca, Dad and Taylor's 9-year-old brother just can't wait to have her home. Well, I'll put a bow on her and put her under the Christmas tree to be my Christmas present. A Sudanese cargo plane has crashed moments after take-off

in north Dubai, killing all six people onboard. The Boeing 747 erupted into a ball of flames after nose-diving moments after take-off. Wreckage was spread over a large area, just 3km from Sharjah International Airport.

Witnesses say the plane appeared to struggle taking off. It could soon become harder for Australians to live and work in the UK, as Britain tries to curb a population explosion. Over the next 25 years the number of people living in the UK is expected to jump from 61 million to 70 million. If you take the population of England, we will be fitting the population of England, Wales, Scotland and most of Northern Ireland into England. The government will consider tightening its immigration laws and limiting the number of work permits issued. A remorseful robber has dropped to his knees and prayed during a hold-up in the US. The gunman spent nearly 20 minutes talking to God before the teller began to cry. He tried to console her with a quick hug then stole her mobile phone and $20.

Wracked with guilt, the 23-year-old turned himself in to police the next day. Your first finance this Early News: Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the teenager who's about to start his third uni degree. But next on Seven Early News - a battling Sydney trainer sets his sights on Cox-Plate glory. And New South Wales destroys Victoria in the semifinals of the Twenty20 Champions League.

The stories we're following on the Early News - the Defence Force is standing by the use of live-ammunition training despite the death of a soldier. Lance Corporal Mason Edwards was killed

at a South Australian training facility on Tuesday night. Tech-heads have queued through the night to get their hands on the latest Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft. And tape recordings have been released of the phone call which sparked America's helium-balloon emergency. Authorities say the callers put on quite a performance. Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport. New South Wales is one win away from a multimillion-dollar payday after brushing aside Victoria in the semifinals of the Twenty20 Champions League. Set 170 for victory the Bushrangers came up an embarrassing 80 runs short. Another powerful performance from David Warner set the tone for the Blues' innings thumping 48 off just 25 balls. Phil Hughes picked up the slack after Warner was run out. COMMENTATOR: That's big and into the crowd for Phil Hughes. Simon Kasich's decision to open the bowling with Nathan Hauritz proved a masterstroke with the spinner removing both Victorian openers for ducks. Brett Lee followed up with the wicket of Aiden Blizzard to leave the Bushrangers reeling at 3/6 and they never recovered.

In the Ford Ranger Cup, Queensland has cruised to a comprehensive 6-wicket win over South Australia at the Gabba overnight. A 141-run opening stand from Chris Hartley and Ryan Broad ensured the Bulls had no trouble chasing down the 184 runs required for victory. The home side reached the target with 13 overs to spare. Bookmakers are preparing to take on

reigning Cox Plate favourite Whobegotyou in Saturday's $3 million feature with leading bagman Alan Eskander saying the horse is under the odds and no superstar. Emerging Sydney trainer Con Karakatsanis will saddle up one of the smokies, Black Piranha. The 24-year-old is relishing the chance to test himself against the likes of Cummings, Freedman, Kavanagh and Waterhouse.

This may never come along again and you really just got to sit back and lap it all up

and really enjoy the day. Black Piranha won Brisbane's Stradbroke Handicap in June. V8 Supercar officials say there's been a spike in ticket sales for this weekend's Gold Coast event

following the withdrawal of the A1GP series. The drivers took it easy with a game of beach volleyball yesterday but they're preparing to sweat it out with track temperatures to hit 50 degrees. You cramp and lose 2-3 kilos a day but as long as you hydrate, before the race,

our recovery process is pretty scientific now, I guess. The buzz of race week has already hit the Gold Coast. A cavalcade of transporters is already in town with millions of dollars worth of V8 Supercars and parts. Melbourne Demons president Jim Stynes has declared he's hopeful of conquering cancer by the end of next month. Sporting a new buzz-cut, Stynes choked back tears after receiving a standing ovation from the 800-strong crowd at the Demons best-and-fairest count.

Hard not it to notice the nude nut.

I was, I was actually hoping to come

with a number two but the, it sort

of got ahead of me yesterday and

starting falling out so I said, " starting falling out so I said, "Oh

well, there we go." Stynes is hoping his next session of radiation therapy in November will be his last. Anthony Mundine and Daniel Geale are a step closer to their highly anticipated rematch after both scored comfortable wins overnight. 'The Man' dominated Alejandro Falliga for all 10 rounds but was frustrated by the constantly back-pedalling Argentinean.

Man, this bloke is a waos. Yes. They

are booing the living daylites out of him. Mundine called out some big names after the unanimous points win. People ask why I

People ask why I can't get dh big

fights, P aVLivk Williams, I will

take the winner, call me. Tasmanian-born Geale was equally impressive winning every round against Brazilian Samir Dos Santos Barbosa. That's all for now, I'll be back with more sport a little later in 'Sunrise' Natalie. Next on Seven Early News - a detailed look at today's weather around the country, And the playful triplets stealing hearts in the UK.

Time now to see what's coming up on 'Sunrise'. It's over to Kochie and Mel. Nat, you've probably seen this TV ad - a mum taking on the Government over her gay son's right to get married. This morning we're going to meet her and see whether it is time for Australia to legalise same-sex marriages. Also, it's meant to be faster and easier to use. But will the launch of Windows 7 live up to all the hype? Our Gadget Guy gives his verdict. Plus, we'll also hear from a young Aussie guitarist who was working with king of pop in the days before he died. She'll share her memories and give us an insight into how she's feeling

in the lead up to the Michael Jackson movie. Also, the young whiz kid who's about to start his third uni degree as his mates finish high school. And just wait until you see the world's most amazing pet videos.

See you soon for 'Sunrise'. Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up around the country - Three rare white lion cubs have gone on show in the UK. Portia, Phoebe and Pandora were born at a West Midlands Safari Park 12 weeks ago. It's thought there are only 130 white lions left in the world. And that's Seven Early News for this Thursday.

I'm Natalie Barr. Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia