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(generated from captions) that it's really not good enough. provide State governments Poker machines every year, with more than $4 billion

immeasurable damage but they can cause and their families. to gambling addicts released a draft report Today, the productivity commission on the impacts of gambling and singled out poker machines, a player can lose over 24 hours. recommending a cap on the maximum But, as Gavin Alder reports, is already introducing measures one major player in problem gambling. to prevent an explosion locusts of the 21st Century, Poker machines are the electronic and families and communities the way they can strip individuals of savings, of their dignity. 30% and 50% of pokie losses The estimates are somewhere between of problem gamblers. come from those 2%, 3% or 4% a legitimate form of entertainment? A plague on our society or long and loud in Australia, It's a question debated

world's most pokie-addicted nation. which holds the title as the of these damn things altogether My first preference is to get rid

of things you can do before that but there are a whole range of getting people addicted. that will actually lessen the chance Anti-pokie crusaders and millionaire Paul Bendat like Senator Nick Xenophon are in no doubt. heavyweights Coles and Woolworths, They have taken on supermarket for owning poker machine venues. slamming them personal attacks in newspaper ads. Bendat even launched for one of them at least. Now he has rare praise They're doing a terrific job. way beyond the legal requirements. Coles are taking steps that go which, its previous critics say, Coles has implemented a policy of poker machines will reduce the impact on Australian families. all Coles-owned pubs and taverns For a start, car parks and at their entry doors. will display warning signs in you shouldn't have poker machines My first choice is that but at least you're doing something. to check the car parks Staff members are required and then sign off on a register. and signed off Every hour it is checked

to ensure that no children are left. Correct. So NTR is "nothing to report"? OK, that's good. this morning And, again there, as we can see that have been undertaken, there are the two checks by anyone at any time. so this can be audited the police are called immediately. If a child is found abandoned, ring up the police How often would you have to if there's a kid left in a car? it never happens, Senator, Ah, I won't say that because it has happened. Coles has moved swiftly. In seven weeks, their gaming areas screened off 23 of its venues have had where children are allowed. from areas by early next year. The other 48 will be done Previously, children at these tables the pokies being played. could see and hear

are very much like kids games - Poker machines the sights, the sounds. of major poker machine manufactures And, in fact, there are a number who also make kids' games. And that's a little known fact - both the kids' games manufacturers, that there is a link between and poker machines. the gaming that kids play Coles Hotel Group General Manager. Mark Scates is the to look at those proposals More than happy that we can adopt quickly. of anything else

criticism of the supermarket giant He admits in poker machine venues being involved partly prompted the rethink, taking a moral stance. but it was more about inside our gaming rooms. I don't want my children When they reach the age of 18, for themselves. they'll make that decision Coles is a David In poker machines terms, that is Woolworths. compared to the Goliath with around 2,800 poker machines, Coles has 95 pubs has three times as many venues while Woolworths with more than 11,000 machines. to review is policies, saying Woolworths says it has no plans all legislative requirements it's comfortable that it meets responsible gambling. and that it promotes with Michael Luscombe, Well, look, I've sought a meeting

the CEO of Woolworths,

and he says he's too busy to see me. some time next year. He'll be able to see me I don't think that's good enough. Woolworths know how to do it they're just not making the effort. but unlike Coles,