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(generated from captions) Hello, I'm Natarsha Belling,

welcome to Ten News. Tonight,

Jessica Watson sets sail on her

quest to break the record books.

Three people injured in a firey

hot-air balloon crash. And the

face criminal charges. parents of America's balloon boy to

Teenage adventurer Jessica Watson

has set sail as she attempts to

become the youngest person to sail

solo around the world. Hundreds hit

the water this morning to begin the

16-year-old farewell. After months

of preparations and one public

setback, she is finally on the way

to realising her 5-year dream. Have

a lovely time. Do not forget to

home. enjoy it. Do not forget to fire

home. The six then year-old is

taking on the record books aiming

to become the youngest person to sail single-handedly around the

world. But, before setting sail,

she had some little things to deal

with - settling a $20 in debt with

her sister. There is a Christmas

card fears. It was time for 'Ella's

Pink Lady' to get on her way. She

was followed to Sydney Heads with a

50 strong flotilla. Intrude Jessica

Watson star, she was unfazed and

their 4-. She does not need to be

back in Sydney until October next

year. She plans to return in July. year. She plans to return in July.

She knows it will not all be

smoother sailing. There is the smoother sailing. There is the

weather, loneliness and a marine

life. She is now headed to the

north of New Zealand and the

equator. A man has been seriously

burnt after a hot air balloon

crash-landed in central Victoria.

Two others have also been

hospitalised. They were promised hospitalised. They were promised

memories that would last a lifetime.

For three of them, which it will be

a trip they will not forget. They

were pinned to the ground after it

crash-landed in a central Victorian

at panic. -- paddock up. A 65-year-

old man was flown to the hospital

with severe burns to his arms and with severe burns to his arms and

lower body. His wife and a 29-year-

old manor were also hospitalised.

The pilot escaped uninjured. It was

a routine landing. For some unknown

reason, for basket overturned. --

at the basket are overturned. My

parents behind America's bizarre

boy in the Blue Moon Saadat could

be charged as early as tomorrow.

Police who at first believe their

story, save that the couple for so

fired -- falsified reports that

their child was in the contraction

-- contraption for publicity. I

want your questions in the box.

Police are certainly talking. The

family was taken in for more

questioning. Sheriffs are made an

announcement of their own. There

will be some criminal charges filed

in regards to this incident.

Richard Heene spent the day being

re-interviewed. The six-year-old

son, Falcon Heene, said on live TV

that they did it for the show. A

colleague also said that he wanted

colleague also said that he wanted

to launch a publicity stunt even

bigger than Roswell. It is very

serious. A home at' has been

destroyed and others are under

threat as bushfires continued to

rage across Queensland. Interstate

crews may be called on tomorrow to

help battle the blazes. They had it

beaten, but it came again. Police

are evacuated dozens of homes.

There is no immediate relief in

sight. They had been fighting a

blaze in a National Park for one

week. No woman in this house just

panicked and ran. It was like a

whirlwind, it was incredible.

Firefighters, paid and volunteer

once, fought to save their homes.

It may have been deliberately lit.

It does not need another idiot to

start another fire. One-third of

the state is covered by eight Total

firebrand. Even a moi hitting a

rock could spark a disaster. The

air is so dry. Any ignition

absolutely takes off. More than a

six fires are contained now. There

are constantly new outbreaks. The

Australian Navy is on its way to

rescue another two boats. After

three days, the 200 an 50 Tamil

asylum seekers are decided they had

enough. They ended their strike in

return for her much-needed food and

water. The Civil War cost hundreds water. The Civil War cost hundreds

of thousands of Tamil lives. The

community is pleading with us that

the tunnel brace leaves. They do

not want us to risk any tunnel

lives. Two vessels were around 200

an 70 asylum seekers are being

assisted by 'HMAS Armidale'. On

that followed, all people are safe.

The opposition says that people

smuggling it has flourished with

the softer policy. You do something

right now. The Prime Minister will

meet Indonesian for Prime Minister

next week. Malcolm Turnbull is

right now locked in a meeting with

his MPs in Canberra, thrashing out

their position on climate change.

Despite threats of a backbench

rebellion, there the Opposition

Leader believes he can negotiate

with the government. The backbench

rebels thought ratted would bring

the end of Malcolm Turnbull's

leadership. He is however confident

that his party will support him.

Archer rival Wilson Tuckey believes

it is a scam. The National Party is

not buying into the Malcolm

Turnbull idea. Other party members

want to give Malcolm Turnbull his

way. The Government is determined

to get its legislation through

before the Copenhagen climate

summit. It is the last thing that

Malcolm Turnbull wants. Deeply

suspicious of Emissions Trading

Scheme, most MPs are very keen to

delay it. It is all about the jobs.

Casey's Dannatt is celebrating a

hat-trick of victories at Phillip

Island. He started from pole

position and never looked back.

50,000 fans watched on. Penguins

have long found the law of Phillip

Island irresistible. Bikers had

their own leather-clad parade. The

bikes road by at more than 350km/h.

We were only doing 260km/h. But

these guys, they are phenomenal. If

the police make less arrests here

than any other days for the Spring

Carnival. Rossi, Nicky Haydon,...

this all-in-ones so far smock -- so

far is awaiting registration.

Everything is working. It is my

shower Mobile. They will have more

about Casey Stoner later. A police

helicopter shot down by drug

traffickers. Tears and laughter as Stephen Gately's boys dobbiamo mangiarla! Fai presto! Dobbiamo cucinarla, metti? Se ti vedeva mia mamma... Ah, cos'e questo formaggio che Try it on. # SONG: # Try it on, Philadelphia # You're not strong enough! (SINGS OPERATICALLY) # You're too small! # Not fast enough! you're too small (ALL SING) # You're too weak, # Too small! # Important thing # You've forgotten one thing # What thing? # I'm a Weet-Bix kid. (AUDIENCE CHEERS) # He's a Weet-Bix... # He's a Weet-Bix kid # Aussie kids are Weet-Bix kids! #

In the This program is captioned

live. Pakistan's army has started

its will long-awaited ground

offensive against the Taleban.

30,000 troops are trying to drive

up 10,000 hardcore militants

including foreign Taleban, away

from the Afghan border. Druggets

game violence has hit a deadly new

low in Brazil. A police helicopter

crashed and exploded into flames

after being shot down by a

traffickers in the capital. They

had been patrolling intense gun

fights between rival drug

operatives. 10 suspected drug

traffickers were killed in that

battle which also saw buses set

alight. The violence comes just

weeks after Rio won the rights to

the 2016 Olympic Games. SWAT teams

have arrested an Australian man,

who fired shots into his

neighbour's Hollywood apartment

overnight. Police swarmed the

building after the man's frantic

neighbour called 911 to report

bullets were zipping through his

wall. He's this big burly

Australian guy and he's always

calling me mate and chatting me up

and stuff, but I do hear them

fighting a lot and they've had the

cops called on them before. After a

6-hour standoff, special weapons

police arrested the man, who's in

his 40s. His wife wasn't at home.

Police suggest he may be mentally

unwell. He'll face court this week.

Celebrities and thousands of fans

have united in grief over the

funeral of the Irish pop star

Stephen Gately. He was described as

a perfect angel. In the area of

doubloon where Stephen Gately grew

up, dreaming of becoming a pop star,

he was carried from church by the

boat -- Boyzone mates. He died last

weekend and aged 33. His family

said they wanted a celebration of

his life. Boys signed played in

church at. -- Boyzone. The band's

manager was at the service along

with the band mates and families.

Jason Donovan also flowing. An

emotional told by his partner.

We're really going to miss your

brother, we love you and always

brother, we love you and always

will. After the service, his body

was taken away for a private

cremation. Coming up next, a new

hope for cancer sufferers.

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This program is captioned live. A

woman has died in a violent

domestic dispute on the Gold Coast.

Police attended the Burleigh Heads

address at 1am. Neighbours heard a

woman screaming. The 41-year-old

suffered multiple stab wounds and

died at the scene. A 36-year-old

part has been charged with murder

and will face court tomorrow. Her

5-year old daughter was not at home.

A young Sydney family had an

unexpected visitor last night when

a car crashed through the roof of

their home while they were sleeping.

Police are investigating how the

vehicle became airborne. It was a

wake up call pop nightmare

proportions when the car plunged

nose first into the home where a

couple and their three-month-old

baby were sleeping. The accident

started at 90 metres away and got

the court he bought and there was

some sort substantial speed in bold.

If two male occupants were pulled

from the car. Unbelievably, no-one

was injured. The trail of damage

could be seen more clearly. Police

say the Commodore struck the

traffic light and a light box

before careering up the garden and

lift off. Possibly flying through

the air it 10 to 15 metres. Wheels

and car parts were flung 100 metres

away damaging other houses. Three

generations of the wine family had

a lucky escape. My brother and the

baby was in their sleeping. My mum

and dad was also there. This is a

very strange accident. As bizarre

as it may look, it is not the first

time a car has hit a property on

this road, speed is to blame. There

were reports of a second the of

court following the car but there

is no evidence of Des gracing.

Anyone was information please

contact police. There is new hope

for people suffering a painful and

deadly form of blood cancer.

Patience was soon had earlier

access to a drug which helps them

live longer. His life changed seven

years ago when he was diagnosed

with multiple myeloma. This is a

blood cancer which destroys bone. I

was driving a forklift and filled

am numb in my back. I had tests and

they sent me to a specialist. There

is no cure. One-third of patients

survive for five years. They can be

very debilitating and painful.

Doctors say the purposes is

brighter thanks to a new drug. It

stops to cancer cells from functioning and spreading.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult

to treat. This drug has been a

revolution. We know that we get our

best results of effectiveness

earlier we use it. The treatment

will be readily available next

month. Patients had to relapse

twice before being able to access

this subsidise therapy. He used the

drug in a clinical trial. His only

side effect was weight loss. There

is also a tingling and pain in

hands and feet. If it may not be

the perfect drug for every patient

but a lot of patients have had a

benefit. He is great for to have a

normal life over the past four

years. Other people may get to see

their children grow up and get

married. The weather is coming up

and walked the sport action. How

about Casey Stoner? He did it in

style, making it three in a row. He

held out Valentino Rossi in a

thrilling race. Mark Webber is

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This program is captioned live. A

quick look at the weather. A

possible shower for Brisbane.

Mostly sunny in Sydney. Summit in

Canberra and Melbourne. Sunny in

Adelaide. A possible shower for

Perth. Finally, a special birthday

for one of Melbourne Zoo's most

unusual inhabitants. Monifa, the

pygmy hippopotamus celebrated her

first birthday. She proved to be

very hungry, tucking into a

watermelon. The 75 kilo animal was

lucky to survive a difficult birth

at Sydney's Taronga Zoo. Only 3,000

a let, money that is destined to

join a breeding program. Stay with

us now for Sports Tonight.

Live captions by Red Bee Media.

This program is captioned live. This program is captioned live.

Hello, everyone. I'm Neil Cordy,

welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight.

All eyes are on Casey Stoner as he

looks to win in his home Grand Prix.

Will it be an island paradise for

Casey? Mark Webber's on the front

row in Brazil alongside hometown

favourite Rubens Barrichello. The

Jets looking for victory over

Melbourne as things go from bad to

worse for the Roar. The Vics lose worse for the Roar. The Vics lose

but go through to the semis in

India as the Blues look to beat

Somerset tonight to join them.

Life's a beach for Liverpool.