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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - a hunger strike Sri Lankan asylum seekers stage from Australia. as they plead for help after being hit by a train. A baby boy's brush with death And frightening new predictions within a decade. the Arctic will disappear with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News Good morning. held in Indonesia Hundreds of asylum seekers being have declared a hunger strike to let them in. as they appeal for Australia demanding more international money Indonesian officials are also heading for our shores. to help stem the flow of boat people and with few options left, Desperate they'll starve themselves the Sri Lankan asylum seekers say to take them in. until a western country promises on board the rickety cargo boat All 222 men and women

in a snap hunger strike - are taking part the children will not.

consideration of humankind. We are asking you to just take after a tip-off from Australia, Since being caught by Indonesia leave their boat in Western Java The Sri Lankans have refused to or left in Indonesian limbo. fearing they'll be deported

Their spokesman, Alex, says Australia was cost. the main motivation for picking from a little girl on board the boat The tearful plea for help has attracted global headlines. we're Sri Lankan refugees. Help us, please, please,

are maintaining a hard line. But the Government and Opposition an orderly immigration system. We need to make sure that we have of objective facts. You have to make policy on the basis from Australia and other nations Indonesia has demanded more money of asylum seekers to help stem the flow are at breaking point. warning its resources injuries A baby boy's escaped with minor

in Melbourne. after his pram was hit by a train

to the Royal Children's Hospital The 6-month-old was rushed with his mother. the platform at Ashburton His 3-wheeler pram rolled off by a city-bound train. and was pushed 30 metres with just a bump on the head, Paramedics believe the boy escaped into the pram. because he was strapped in northern New South Wales Firefighters on three fronts. are now dealing with bushfires to get on top of blazes They're working and Gurranang, to Grafton's north. at Brooms Head, east of Grafton is burning out of control A third bushfire to the west at Minnie Water. this morning And a decision will be made whether people evacuated from a fire in central Queensland near Rockhampton can return home. to nearly 50 fires yesterday. Crews across the State responded with smoke inhalation A Brisbane woman's in hospital in the city's southside. after her house caught fire shortly before 9:00 last night The two-storey timber home went up in Camp Hill. to find it fully ablaze. Firefighters arrived On arrival, we've gone into action within the house. to control the fire extensively damaged inside. The house has been quite what caused the fire. It's not yet known of possible power shortages Victorians have been warned emissions trading scheme. under the Government's planned brown coal power stations, Fairfax reports two of Victoria's at Yallourn and Hazelwood, 10 years could close within the next if Australia cuts emissions. of the State's energy. Together they provide 40% the prospect Premier John Brumby has played down of widespread power supply problems, of the government's top priorities. saying energy security is one bureaucrats Victoria's top investment for pocketing huge bonuses are under investigation during the global financial crisis. public authorities' investments The corporation set up to manage

last financial year. posted a $10.2 billion loss

still received pay rises and bonuses Yet some executives more than a million dollars. totalling blamed rampant corporate greed Last night Kevin Rudd losing their jobs Millions of innocent workers financial execs around the world because a few thousand of social responsibility surrendered any pretence of absolute greed. in their blind pursuit one year after he announced Mr Rudd's speech came exactly the first emergency measures from the global meltdown. to shield Australia seven interest rates rises in a row Financial markets are predicting warned after the Reserve Bank boss to more normal levels. the cash rate needs to return

caused the Australian dollar His bullish comments a 14-month high. to break through 92 cents - the economy's strength Mr Stevens believes to US$1.10. could end up driving our currency up Westpac, the Commonwealth and ANZ in coming days, will be closely watched to slash fees. after the NAB's decision for most personal accounts Monthly charges will be dropped also slashed. and some credit card fees on the other big-four banks The move puts pressure to follow. a little bit here and there The others banks have tweaked but they still have a ways to go. to shop around for the best deal. The Treasurer's urged bank customers will be an 'open sea' The north pole within just 10 years. almost entirely free from ice of a team of explorers That's the frightening prediction the summer months who also warn ice cover during will entirely disappear by 2030. explorer Pen Hadow and his team For three months, trekked through The Arctic of the sea ice. measuring the thickness And what they found for the near future of our planet. could have startling consequences for some time Scientists have accepted polar ice is melting. that climate change means at which it's disappearing It's the rate polar experts. which has shocked Britain's foremost within 20 to 30 years The summer ice will disappear and it will be, a lot of it will be gone within 10 years. It will retreat to a fairly small area north of Greenland within about a decade. This graphic shows variations in the depth of the ice at the North Pole since the 1980s. The white ice is the thickest, the dark blue is the open water. Over the last few years, the amount of thick ice has declined and in just 10 years' time space photographs could show the North Pole looking not white,

but blue. We are changing the face of our planet.

From deep space

this has been one of our planet's most defining surface features.

Sea ice - a white cap on the roof of our planet and now, and it always used to be there throughout the year

and now it's going to be a seasonal feature only. It can't be a good thing

and we are playing a significant part in its removal. This is a warning for world leaders who are due to meet in Copenhagen in December to decide on measures to try and halt climate change. Within a decade, those who choose to follow in Pen Hadows's footsteps may have to do so, not in sledges, but in canoes. Now for your first look at Friday's weather - Brisbane will be fine and warm. Sydney, mostly sunny. Melbourne can expect a few showers today. Just the chance of a late shower in Canberra. Showers for Hobart. A light shower or two in Adelaide. Fine and warm in Perth. Dry and hot in Darwin. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the Aussie inventions that have gone unnoticed. But next on Seven Early News - Prince Frederick suits up for the Masters Ball. And the maestro returns.

Snow storms and icy roads are causing traffic chaos

across Germany. Black ice and fierce winds have forced many vehicles off the road. Heavy snow falls near the German-Czech border are expected to close many roads. The icy conditions are forecast to continue

until the middle of next week.

Locals in the country's east are warned to stay at home. Prince Frederik of Denmark has recovered from a minor injury he received while sailing in the Masters Games in Sydney. The boat's boom clipped the Crown Prince on the head forcing him to get medical assistance. But the Prince was still able to attend a Gala Ball for the Games last night even joking about his run of bad luck. It's a treat to sail in this harbour, particularly on a dinghy sort of thing. It's been a great pleasure and I stayed above water today. this weekend. The Prince returns to Denmark has marked his return to Australia Violin virtuoso Andre Rieu in Sydney. with a show stopping concert in his own right, And while he's a master from some home grown talent. Rieu recruited a little help and a master at working a crowd. He's the world's best violinist

is here in Sydney! The best audience in the whole world needed convincing - The sell-out audience hardly the maestro had them mesmerised. From classic waltzes to Australiana. a tribute to Michael Jackson. Rieu's repertoire even included and bravely let her sing. He danced with Dame Edna with Andre Rieu. # So long as I'm on stage showed-off his other vocal skills, Talkback king Alan Jones with this Aussie favourite. we are Australian. # # I am, you are, was for the Dutchman. But the biggest applause (APPLAUSE) Your first finance this Early News:

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - to discipline children. the most effective way But next on Seven Early News - to announce a successor The Brisbane Roar to sacked coach Frank Farina march on And the Victorian Bushrangers in the Twenty20 Champions League.

on the Early News - The stories we're following being held in Indonesia Hundreds of asylum seekers

have declared a hunger strike, to let them in. as they appeal for Australia demanding more international money Indonesian officials are also people heading for our shores. to help stem the flow of boat with just a bump on the head A baby boy's escaped in Melbourne. after his pram was hit by a train the platform at Ashburton The 3-wheeler pram rolled off

by a city-bound train. and was pushed 30 metres The North Pole will be an 'open sea' within just ten years. almost entirely free from ice of a team of explorers That's the frightening prediction

the summer months who also warn ice cover during will entirely disappear by 2030. with all the day's sport. Now it's over to Jim Wilson to the second phase Victoria has made a strong start of the Twenty20 Champions League thumping Bangalore by 7 wickets in the semifinals. to virtually assure a berth Chasing 128 for victory with more than four overs to spare. the Bushrangers cruised to victory spell of seam bowling The win was set up by a brilliant from all-rounder Andrew McDonald. couldn't handle the medium-pacer The Royal Challengers who finished with four wickets.

Is that going to be out? Yes it is. COMMENTATOR: Things went right out there tonight.

Any time the ball is not sliding on

nicely, it's a good time to get the

pace of the ball up. in style David Hussey secured the win in the final over. thumping three sixes off Anil Kumble believes overseas raiders Leading bookmaker Michael Eskander Kirklees and Cima De Triomphe

$2.5 million Caulfield Cup. are a massive risk in tomorrow's a stranglehold on betting The European pair have had since Wednesday's barrier draw isn't impressed either, but Cups King Bart Cummings

on his three runners. preferring to focus haven't taken much notice of them. I haven't looked at them this year,

Have you had viewed has going very

well, got a bit of weight. Roman

Emperor is also very pleasing and.

So take your pick. The Godolphin stable All The Good's win last year, is hoping to repeat roughie with the favourite Kirklees. for the Four Nations tournament The Kangaroos fly out today in England and France some national pride determined to restore shock World Cup loss. following last year's odds-on favourite The Aussies have been installed for the month-long competition belongs to the world champion Kiwis. but the players believe that tag

tournament, we got rolled by New The last time we had a major

Zealand. So they will want to repeat

that. They are number one, they have

got the trophy, so everyone is

chasing them to obviously reclaim

some respect. chasing them to obviously reclaim some respect. chasing them to obviously reclaim some respect.

is confident Backrower Nathan Hindmarsh painkilling injections. his shoulder injury won't require announce the appointment Brisbane Roar will Ange Postecoglou today of former Young Socceroos mentor

for sacked coach Frank Farina. as a replacement kicks off tonight Round 11 of the A-League to ladder leaders Sydney. with Adelaide at home skipper Travis Dodd The Reds will be without injured Mark Rudan but former Sydney hard man to a having a crack at his old club. is still looking forward

fireworks tomorrow.It's always good Hopefully the game creates enough

to have a laugh with the opposition

every now and then and get stuck

into them as well. with the same line-up Sydney will go in last week. that belted Melbourne 3-0 Shaun Burgoyne has revealed Hawthorn-bound midfielder he walked out on Port Adelaide on-field efforts. because of the club's inconsistent to Melbourne next week The 26-year-old will move

and admits he needed a fresh start.

I would have stayed but I wasn't If the team had a great year, maybe

looking forward to training and those type of things. of snaring unsigned Brisbane forward Meantime, Carlton remains hopeful Daniel in the pre-season draft. senior players yesterday The Lions de-listed seven and Joel McDonald. including Rhan Hooper among them, Brendan Fevola. They make way for key recruits - and world number one Serena Williams Lleyton Hewitt

Medibank International in Sydney. will headline next year's to Frenchman Gael Monfils, Hewitt went down who's also Sydney-bound, earlier in the week. at the Shanghai Masters Hewitt's happy with his form Despite the loss, in Sydney. and is looking forward to playing Bradshaw

on a few occasions in my career. I've been fortunate enough to win it

Yeah, it will be nice to get a fifth hopefully in 2010. if she escapes suspension Williams will only play in Sydney at the US Open. for her infamous outburst Samantha Stosur is into the quarter finals of the Japan Open after brushing aside local hop Akiko Morigami in straight sets. She'll now take on Jill Craybas for a spot in the semifinals. That's all for now. I'll be back with more sport a little later in Sunrise, Nat. Next on Seven Early News, we'll check in with Mel and Kochie

to see what's ahead on Sunrise. And find out how today's weather's shaping up around the country.

Time now to see what's coming up on 'Sunrise'. It's good morning to Kochie and Mel. Nat, there are claims we've turned our backs on our troops in Afghanistan. So have we forgotten our soldiers? This morning we'll hear the claims and get some reaction from our soldiers serving overseas and their families. Then, did you know Aussie scientists developed Wi-Fi technology? It's one of the many home-grown inventions that's gone unnoticed.

So why is it so hard for our best brains to get the recognition they deserve? Plus, we'll also take a look at the most effective way to discipline kids. And the size of the cans might be shrinking but do you know how much sugar is really in those fizzy drinks? The results could surprise you. Also, meet the bride who bartered for her entire wedding.

And teenage sensations Short Stack perform live. See you shortly for 'Sunrise'. Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up around the country - A cool, moist southerly airstream over the south-east corner is bringing more isolated showers which should start to ease as the day progresses. While a deep trough over WA is drawing in hot easterly winds from the centre of the continent. Around the capitals:

Brisbane will be fine and warm. Sydney mostly sunny. Melbourne can expect a few showers today. Just the chance of a late shower in Canberra. Showers for Hobart. A light shower or two in Adelaide. Fine and warm in Perth. Dry and hot in Darwin. And that's Seven Early News for this Friday. I'm Natalie Barr. Standby now for Sunrise. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia