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(generated from captions) It's not France. It's not Italy. (REPEATS QUESTION)

Yes! The answer is Spain for $20,000! (CHEERING) Whoo-hoo! Well done! Well done, David. There you go! Well done, mate. (LAUGHS) First time to get everyone in line. Fantastic. That's wonderful news. Congratulations. just won $20,000. Everybody, David List Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight! See you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

everyone can get Thanks to Specsavers, two pairs of designer glasses from $199. Talk to me. so exclusive...and now this! My designer look was all No! Don't say their name! Well, Specsavers are having... without the designer price tag. Specsavers - designer glasses

Centre Concept Plan, And the

Brumbies expanding their territory.

All the details next. n z

dress to impress - at Target. VOICEOVER: From tomorrow, With 20% off women's clothing, sleepwear and accessories. (NEEDLE SCRATCHES) socks and hosiery. Excludes underwear, (TARGET JINGLE PLAYS) # From little things MAN AND WOMAN: (SING) # Big things grow... # in construction and building, VOICEOVER: For anyone Cbus is your Industry SuperFund. visit To find out more,