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(generated from captions) Seven's Morning News. Welcome back. You're watching the disasters in Sumatra and Samoa. We'll get an update now on from our Perth Studios And joining me now is Foreign Minister Stephen Smith. Good morning to you. on Australians in Sumatra? Firstly, what's the latest word

Well, in Sumatra we have got 13 Australians who were rejkered us.

Overnight there are four we haven't

been able to make contact with. Our

officials on the ground in Padang

are trying to do that. In addition

to that, of course, we have a range of Australians who haven't

registered with us, who haven't made contact with us. We estimate some

250 Australians may well be in the

area. And we have made contact with

140 of those so we -k could well

have 100 or more Australians in the

area and we are working very hard to

try to track them down. Now, I don't

want to be alarmist, very many of

these may well be people who have

previously left the area or are safe

and well & and just haven't let their family or friends or

Australian officials know but we are

working very hartd on that just to

reduce the number of Australians who

haven't been accounted for in the

area. Now you have confirmed

overnight Indonesia has officialed

asked for Australia's help. Watt are

we going to be able to offer them? In the first instance, the immediate humanitarian assistance and

supplies. The things you need in the

immediate aftermath of a disaster of this nature, so tents, tarpaulins,

water containers and the like. Everything to render assistance to

people who have lost everything.

as well as that, overnight, people who have lost everything. But

Indonesia have conferned they will

need our assistance. We are sending from Brisbane, from Amberley Air Force Base, two teams and Darwin, an urban search-and-rescue team, 44 members of the team will arrive today and be in Padang today and be in Padang tomorrow and

they will physically help with the research and rescue of earthquake victims and victims and secondly, a defence

engineering asisment team which will

leave today and hopefully in Padang

by tomorrow is that will give expert

engineering advice when it comes to

buildings, large billings that have

been damaged or destroyed by the

earthquake. Such is the scale of

this, Indonesia have called for

international aSESance because it is

it self. On the too big for the country to handle by

And to the Pacific Tsunami now, left in the region? what's the latest on the Australians

The last of the injured Australians

hospitalised will be returned to

Australia on a air force hospital plane today, arriving in Air Force Base

Air Force Base in New South Wales plane today, arriving in Richmond

and going to a hospital in or around

Sydney. It accounts for all the

Australians we knew were in Samoa.

We are just being cautious,

there are no Australians there of We are just being cautious, hoping

whose presence we weren't aware.

Just on the chance that some

Australians may have been

in the south-east portion of the Australians may have been holidaying island most adversely affected but

all the Australians we knew were in

Samoa have now been accounted for,

tragly, four dead, including two young kids and a New Zealand citizen

who was an Australian permanent

residents, a young child. We have got nearly 90 people on

helping with the disaster, medical got nearly 90 people on the ground, rb paramedical, emergency workers, 20 tonne of equipment, again, tents, tarpaulins, water, water

purification and the like to give

urgent assistance to people who have

lost everything they own. Foreign Minister, Stephen

Minister, Stephen Smith we