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(generated from captions) helping both these natural Australia has moved very quickly to

disasters. How many Australians are

still unaccounted for in the

Sumatra disaster zone? And what

should we be doing to try to help

them at this stage? We have 13

registered Australian syndicate

Deng area. We have not been able to

make contact with four of those. We

also have anywhere up to 250

stallions in the area as well. --

Australians. We have made contact

with a hundred and 50 of them. We

have another 100 who could be in

the area. Anyone who has a friend

of Burma career -- member who they

think might in the area, they

should try to make contact with

them. They should let officials

know if they can or cannot make

contact with them. That will help

us reduce the number of people

unaccounted for. How is the

Indonesian government asking for

assistance? What was on the plane

that went out of Brisbane this

morning? The Indonesian have asked

for assistance because of the

Medici of the disaster. We are

sending an Urban Search and rescue

team out of Brisbane and Darwin

this morning. That will arrive in

Jakarta are some signs today. --

some time today. That will help in

the rescue operation in the

earthquake damage city. They are

also sending a Defence Force

Engineering assessment team out of

Darwin today, he will give expert

advice on the rescue operation,

particularly when it comes to the

engineering aspects of dealing with

large building spatter the

earthquake damaged. Turning to the

Samoa when disaster, how extensive

is the rescue effort there? The

final injured Australian who we

were not able to bring back to

Brisbane overnight, we are

expecting her today. She will Brock

-- be bought back to Sydney. Then

she will be transferred to a hospital

hospital in New South Wales. We

have accounted for all the

Australians win you were in some

hour an are just waiting to see if

there are any more wounded. We have

given three preen knows full of

medical and other assistance. --

planeloads. That will be sufficient

for the immediate effort and we are

now giving consideration to the

longer term rebuilding effort.

Given the extensive damage in some

hour, is there any thought to

giving -- bringing injured people

out of the area to Australia? Not

at this stage but if that is due to

be necessary we will respond

positively to any such circumstance.

At this stage we have focused on

locating the stallions and getting

the injured back to Australia. Now

we are just waiting to get short --

make sure they're not any more

Australians on the ground we were

not aware of. We are worried there

might have been some holidaying in

the south-east corner, the area

most adversely affected but with a

bit of luck in the next couple of

days we will be able to give the

all-clear so far as Australians are

concerned. Tragically we have had

for deaths and the death of a young

New Zealand citizen he was also an

Australian and a resident. As the

minister just indicated, a team of

disaster experts will arrive in

Sumatra this afternoon.