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(generated from captions) are under fire again Our leading supermarket chains to do with their products and this time, it has nothing but their pokies. of the country's biggest owners Woolies and Coles are two of poker machines want their company called to account and while shareholders of Woolies over their pokies policy, Coles is facing an unusual challenge of one of Australia's richest men. from the son Here's Lynda Kinkade. veggies - pumpkin, broccolini... ADVERTISEMENT: Your fresh winter ..and these are red rascals. They present an image as the ads make out. but it isn't as green or fresh I didn't realise they have pokies. It seems like a family store - strategic decision It was a deliberate, that this is money for jam, because they know this is a very lucrative business off the misery of others. but it makes money of business This is not just a matter and a balance sheet. or dollars and cents anti-pokie crusader. Paul Bendat is an unusual more than $400 million, His family is worth who was a high profile lawyer courtesy of his father, Jack Bendat, and philanthropist. turned property developer your campaign? What does your dad think about He thinks I'm crazy. (LAUGHS) the powerful supermarket duopoly Yet Paul is taking on over their pokies. When you go into these pokie places of loneliness, it's just an incredible sense of social dislocation. the image of the young people You know, happily gambling together - not true. women on their own. Try older people, It's a very lonely place. Woolworths, of Safeway, Big W and Dick Smith, which includes the chains of pokie machines with 11,000. has the country's biggest share which recently acquired Coles, Wesfarmers, has around 3,000. It is a very established fact in Australia that most of the gambling problems are attributable to pokies. on full-page newspaper ads Now, he's spent $1,600 in Perth's western suburbs Richard Goyder. directly targeting Wesfarmers boss As the boss of Coles, for all the good things they do, he's responsible for all the bad things. he's also responsible of your inquires? Has he responded to any Nothing. No substantive response, "We'll listen to you carefully. other than He hasn't spoken to or seen me. I know his father quite well, of the community. he's an outstanding member Wesfarmers boss Richard Goyder. in Queensland. We own about 2,000 pokie machines there's about 40,000 machines there My understanding is of the country's poker machines. and we own about 1% What did you think about those ads? because those sort of things don't. Personally, it didn't worry me from people I know in Perth, I got a lot of reaction "That's a strange way to behave". saying, what he saw as hypocrisy. And he was happy to point out from a casino. Paul Bendat's father made money single-issue person, I think if you're a you've got to make sure are beyond reproach as well. that your standards of what my father's net worth is. It was only a very small amount I had nothing to do with it - Number two, absolutely, 100%. I was living overseas at the time Thirdly, and had no knowledge of it. is not the machines Paul Bendat's biggest gripe but the way the venues operate. does this playground sign send What sort of message to families passing by? it's OK to bring your kids inside, It says to young parents to amuse them, while you eat. there's a playground for them, the parents to pokie gambling Of course, they want to expose and the consequence of all of that lights, is exposing the kids to the sounds, of pokie gambling themselves. luring parents in, but kids? So essentially this is not only Absolutely. In places like New South Wales, is simply not allowed. this sort of external advertising the campaign - Senator Nick Xenophon supports 'the Pokies People'. re-labelling the Fresh Food People, The real irony here is are making so much money that Coles and Woolies off the backs of problem gamblers are hooked on their poker machines and these people that to pay for the groceries can't even afford that Coles and Woolies sell. What I would say is with all rules and regulations that we're complying and what we think is best practice we operate those places. in terms of the way to talk on camera Woolworths failed to provide anyone but gave a statement, being a responsible gaming operator. insisting they too are committed to PokieWatch campaigners from pokie machine venues, want to ban children about leaving them in the car have compulsory warning signs and introduce pre-commitment cards. you have set a limit for yourself. When you put it in, "OK, I'm going to blow $500". So, it says you're finished. After you've blown the 500 bucks, how much damage poker machines do They should know out there in the community, of money off their machines they should know that over 50% comes from problem gamblers, and for every problem gambler, seven people are affected. on average, looking for love, on the web. Coming up -