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A major earthquake

triggers a Pacific tsunami

the satisfy warning. Three people die in

Samoan islands. Junta once

fire on protestors in the capital. The Reserve Bank

says property prices are set

to live. And Sydney wins the

right to fill the 12th

A-League team. Good morning

it is Wednesday 30 September

I'm Joe O'Brien. I'm

Virginia Trioli. The top

story is a developing new

story. A tsunami warning has

been issued in the Pacific

Ocean following a earthquake

off Samoa. The 8.3 quake

struck 190 kilometres west

off Samoa. The warning is

issued for New Zealand, Fiji,

the warning centre said sea

level warnings say a tsunami

was generated. The number of

people killed anti Government

protests enginy has risen to

157. The Guinean human rights organisation said more than

1200 others were injured. On

Monday Government forces

opened fire on tens of

thousands of people

protesting against the country's military leader who

seized power in a coup last

year. They want him to step

down before Guinea elections

next year. Soldiers have been

accused of bayonetting

protestors and raping women

in the streets. Andrew what

can you tell us about what

happened on Monday and what

has been happening since

then? Joe, yes, there are

about 50,000 people protesting against the

Government in a stadium in

the capital here. When they

were gathered there soldiers

stormed the stadium and

complete mayhem ensued.

Reports are that as many as

150 maybe even 200 people

were shot and bayonetted by

the soldiers and many women

who fled the stadium were

subsequently stripped and

raped in the streets and in

fact the Government is saying

it denies any knowledge of

those particular Saults but

control of some of the they do admit they have lost

security forces there. What

has been happening sin then

Andrew? We have heard reports

some of the people injured

were taken to hospital and

military has been going into

the hospitals. What have you

heard about that? There is

great concern as mentioned

that military is still out of controlling, certificates elements of the military and

they have approached some

people in hospitals but

certainly there are reports

that some soldiers have been

drinking and are in the

streets terrorising the local

population so obviously

extreme concern that the

situation is still not

understand control. This

military leader seized power

in December in a military

coup. In what circumstances?

In fact he seized power just

some six hours after the

death of President Laconti

who had been ruling Guinea

for a number of years. He

promised to hold presidential

elections as soon as he did

seize power and said he would

not stand in those

presidential elections. He

has now set those elections

for January next year and has

declared he may well stand so

that is what has triggered

these protests. Had there

been several protests against

the regime before this one or

not? Certainly nothing as

large as this but there is a

thought that this will just

be the beginning, certainly

the beginning given what has

happened to the people and

that we will see more and more protests and perhaps more violence in the

streets. Before now had

there been any indication

that this military regime was

brutal with its own people?

There have been indication

thanks these soldiers,

certainly military u has had

signs of brutality certainly

under the previous President

Cont theirs, they have

engaged in brutality against

the civilians population so I guess there is no surprise

there and now the Government

is ruled bay military

dictatorship there is greater

concern this will simply continue. Andrew, what has

been the reaction of other

African leaders? There has

been widespread condemnation

of the violence which is not surprising. UN Secretary General UN Secretary General,

Ban Ki-Moon is urging the

Guinea authorities to

exercise maximum restraint

and the African Union has

expressed its concern and

France which has close tries

to Guinea says it is

suspending military ties. in

other news house prices are

set to increase as demand out

twice a supply of new homes according to the Reserve Bank

of Australia. The RBA's head

of economic analysis Tony

Richards said state and local governments needed to improve

more barriers to increase the

supply of houses. The Federal

Government's boost the the

First Homeowners Grant

expires today. Video footage of Noordin Mohammad Top

reveals bombers exercising in

front of the Ritz Carlton and

the Marriott and they share a

picnic as they discuss the

bombing. Seven people died in

the bombing a month after the

footage was taken and Noordin

Mohammad Top was killed in a

raid earlier this month. The

typhoon that struck the

Philippines has have it

Vietnam. The Government has

ordered the evacuation of

170,000 people. Strong winds

lashed the Central Coast and

the Philippines is now

preparing for a second storm

days after the typhoon killed

246 people. Another boat of

suspected asylum-seekers has been intercepted off

Australia's north-west coast.

Home Affairs minister Brendan

O'Connor said the 43 passengers were distressed and concerned for their

safety. The boat was found

near the Cocos Island and the

asylum-seekers have been

taken to Christmas Island. A

free swine flu vaccination is

available to All Australians

today. The Federal Government

is urging all to take up the

offer. The immunisation is

free for everyone aged 10

years and over. The Gold

Stone report into the January

war in Gaza which accused

both sides of war crimes has

been presented to the Human

Rights Commission in Geneva.

The commission may decide to

International Criminal Court. refer its allegations to the

The report accused both

Israel and Hamas of war

crimes and crimes against

humanity but most of the

criticism by far was directed

at Israel and in the two

weeks since the report became

public Israel has been on a

diplomatic offensive. I

think we have been pretty

successful in discrediting

not only this report but the

council from which it

emanated in the first place. Israel got immediate

support from the US which

joined its attack on the

human rights council accusing

it of setting up a inquiry

that was biased from the

start. Is rate has been

warning European nations

especially those with troops

in Afghanistan where

civilians are also being

killed. If its conclusions

are adopt it can endanger all

the countries defending themselves against terror

today. The man who headed the

investigation is internationally regarded for

his work on tribunals in

atrocities in the Rawanda and

former Yugoslavia. He is

Jewish but that has not

stopped charges of

anti-semitism. Even though

the report came out bad as

far as the Israelis is

concerned, okay we got

another bad report okay but

in this kind of a war against

terrorism it is hard to be

human. Today Judge Goldstone

presented his report. In

reality it is unlikely that

any of these charges will get

past the American veto in the security security but that

does not mean the

accusationless go away. One

of Israel's key concerns that

is senior military officers or Government ministers could

be charged with war crimes if

they travel to foreign countries. It is something

that has almost happened

before after the war in

Lebanon three years ago. Officially Israel says there

is nothing in the report The

Bays any charges on but even

so - Initially they will be

careful. And hoping that it

goes no further than that.

More now on our top story and

a developing story. A

earthquake in the Pacific and

an ensue sing tsunami.

Joining us is New Zealand correspondent Kerri Ritchie.

She joins us from Auckland.

Where was the epicentre of

this quake and how strong was

it? The earthquake was a 7.9

earthquake which is quite

significant that, is pretty

big. It was about 200

kilometres South West of

American Samoa. The epicentre

was 190 kilometres South West

of the islands at a depth of

33 kilometres. It struck this

morning at 6.30 local time in

Samoa and I have spoken...

Just there Kerry, how many

hours ago was that? About

three hours. Yeah, about

three hours ago. I have

spoken to a journalist there

who says it is pretty much

mayhem. Everybody is running

around trying to still get to

higher ground. He heard

reports of three children

that had been killed, three

children on an island. The

details are sketchy but he

seemed to think they were

caught up in the wave in the

tsunami. There has been some

talk of a 3-metre wave that

swept through the islands

post earthquake. We hear now

in New Zealand we will get

hit by a tsunami of 1 metre

in size so that wave is

expected East Cape then

Gisborne and people are being

told to get off the beach,

put their radio on and don't

go anywhere near the water's

edge because 1 metre was

quite significant. The last

one we had here after a

earthquake was only a few

centimetres so a metre is

pretty scary and it is panic

station in New Zealand.

Everybody is running around -

I just spoke to a man who has

a child on an island off

Auckland asking "What do I

do" so it is fair to say

everybody is pretty upset

here. How soon is that

expected to hit New Zealand?

10.30 local time here so it

is heading to 9.15 here so a

bit over an hour away we will

get the 1-metre-size wave at

East Cape then they are not

sure. They think there should

be a gap before it hits towns like Gisborne so we have

people along the coast being

told this is the eased coast

of the North Island we

talking about here. How is

the warning process working

there? Are there sirens or

are people being told through

the media or how is it

working? Through the media.

Sirens went off in Samoa this

morning so their emergency -

you know, they had church

bells ringing and sirens going off but here in New

Zealand it is word of mutt

and pretty quiet but

everybody is tuning into the

radio, it is all over the

radio and the television here

and I think they hope that the message is getting

out. People are actually

moving from their homes in

these coastal centres in

northern New Zealand and

moving to higher ground?

That is right, that is what I

hear. The minister of civil

defence was on Television New

Zealand over here and he said

people are going to the beach

and telling people to get off

them. I guess they have an

hour to get things organised

and they hope that is enough

time. He says that some of

the low-lying cities, a metre

away is enough to have water

through the centre of town

and through shops a metre

wave. It is bigger than it

seems, sounds like only a

metre but we all so scared

about tsunamis after the

Boxing Day tsunami that

everyone is a bit worried

about what this means.

Considering that concern in

New Zealand there must also

be deep concern held for so

many of those low-lying

Pacific countries that we may

not possibly have heard from

yet and where the wave would

have been bigger if it did pass through there?

Yes. If it is near American

Samoa, I'm looking at my map

here on Auckland and I have

just been through the Pacific

you have got Nua which is

very small sKiribast Cook

Islands is not that far away

and you have so many

low-lying tiny little islands

that dot around Samoa that

make-up Samoa. You have

really small little dots.

Some of these places are battling climate change and

rising sea levels and have

erosion problems. A Bick wave

sweeping through here, we

will hear a - about a lot of

destruction. It is hard to

ring, hard to get through to

the islands. No-one picks up,

everybody has run from their

homes and they have run up

the hills. You can just

picture it. We hear at the

moment 3 little children

killed in Samoa in the wave.

That will just be the star of

the it. We are seeing on on a

map there that Fiji is

probably in the path of this wave as well?

Yes, Fiji, that is between,

yeah, that is on the way between Samoa and New Zealand

so you would think fee jies

in the firing line, Tonga, N

ua off to the side a little.

People living on tease tiny

little islands. Kerry there

is a suggestion that it is definitely moving kind of in

a southerly direction rather

than westerly or northerly?

Yes, I have not heard

anything over here about what

this means for Australia just

that at the moment the

tsunami warning has gone out

for all those little islands

between Samoa and New Zealand and entirely New Zealand so

no word of Australia yet. I

do not know what you are

getting there Joe but we are

not hearing anything about what this will mean for Australia. At the moment New

Zealand is the one well and

truly in the firing line.

For more on this story this

morning we joined on the

phone by journalist Russell

hunter in some somewhere we

understand the wave has hit.

Tell us the situation there

on the ground in Samoa. The

situation up here the capital

is fairly calm. There does

not seem to be any major

damage but the police have

been out early this morning stopping people getting on

the buses to go to work, school, et cetera, telling

them to get to higher ground

because there is still

serious concern. Have you

seen any end of a tsunami so

far, any wave activity? No.

From my office here can I see

the ocean and it is

unnaturally calm. Can you see

the tide has receded in any

substantial way? Very much.

I did not sthiet morning but

I spoke to some people who

were in town at that time and

said to see receded to a

massive extent, much more

than has ever been witnessed. Is that still the

case? That is how you see it?

You are still in that period

where the sea has receded?

No. It seems to be back up to its reasonable level but it

is just incredibly calm, you

know. I can see the Breakers

on the inner reef and they

are usually fairly large.

They are now just about -

they are barely noticeable so

the water level has gone

down, yes. What can you tell

us about the earlier reports

we received this morning

about three children being

killed. Do you know anything

about that?

Yes. It is still unconfirmed.

We have people in that

village now but it is

difficult to get a mobile phone connection there so I

guess I will have to wait

just a little while to find

out what the accuracy of that

story is but we do know there

was a fairly serious tsunami

there. You know for certain

that there was a tsunami wave

that hits Setasi Island?

Yes. It is not a separate

island by the way. It is on

the coast of the pain island.

It is the name of the

village. Thank you for

clarifying that for me. We

have heard there have been

tsunami a- alarms on some

some of the that is the

case? Very much so. There is

a general tsunami warning.

People are being told to seek

higher ground. Are they doing

that? Is there evidence of

people trying to get themselves to higher ground?

Yes, there is. As I was

coming to work this morning

the roads were full of people

on foot, in trucks, whatever

they could use to go to

evacuation centres alleged some

open areas where there is

less risk of damage from

falling masonry and so on.

It sound like there has been

good communication and

preparation there as well.

That is how you describe it?

Do you see people are being

well informed and preparation

are good? Yes, I think they

are on the whole. I think in

a place of this size and with

its action situation to

resources we are not as well

organised as you might be in Australia but the system

seems to be working so

far. Is it going to be

difficult to get this

information to more remote

villages in low-lying areas

near the coast?

Yes it is, although most have

radio and all the radio

stations are broadcasting

warnings. Do you have - has

anyone given you a time

estimate as to when you might

expect a wave to hit Samoa?

No. There is no indication of

that whatsoever. So you are

just sitting and waiting

right now? Yeah. We have a

newspaper to produce

obviously, so all our people

are out in the field

gathering photographs,

interest view whatever they

can find. When they come back

which I guess would be

perhaps three hours from now,

the overall picture might be

a little clearer. Us arer

Hunter thank you. You are

most welcome. We will bring

you more on that throughout

the morning Tasmania

situation becomes clearers.

Obviously as are at this

stage it is not clear. We

can tell you the US Pacific

tsunami centre has upgraded

that earthquake to 8 and

there are other reports that

put this at 8.3. Initially

the reports about the

magnitude of the earthquake

were 7.9, it has been

upgraded to 8. The front

pages of the major

newspapers. In the Australian

a report in Queensland's

Parliament shows tough

Aboriginal welfare reforms in

Cape York have boosted school

attendance. Banks could

return record profits next

year. A warning that Reserve

Bank says house price abouts

could continue to rise A man

convicted of murder in

Melbourne yesterday has been

grant Governor's clemency for

a death sentence for a

previous murder. Police have

linked several high-profile

businessmen to crime on

Sydney 's waterfront. The

rallying Australian economy

has seen super funds surge by

10%. The Productivity

Commission warns

unprecedented powers for

investors to vote out company

boards. Two men sentenced to

life in prison for murder

will apply for parole after

serving 20 years. Proposed

gainings to how GST is

distributed would see the ACT

lose $60 million a year. Tasmania's north-west coast

could become home to

Australia's biggest silicon smelter. Schoolies could be

banned from Gold Coast

high-rise balconies to

prevent rowdy antics. There

is lots to talk about and we

broadcast through Asia and

the Pacific so if you are in

touch with this tsunami and

earthquake story if you would

like to send us any information or pictures stay in contact.


children have reportedly died

after a tsunami hit the

Samoan islands after a 8

magnitude earthquake.

Warnings have been issued for

Fiji and other Pacific island

nations. The African Union

has condemned an attack on

protestors enginy which

killed 157. Human rights

group say more than 1 23 00

people were injured when

security forces opened fire

on anti-Government protestors. The Reserve Bank

has warned that house prices

could be set to rise. The

RBA's Tony Richards says

house prices could put

pressure on housing affordability as interest

rates rose. The Federal

Government boos to the First Homeowners Grant expires

today. Returning to our

story on Australia's housing

crisis. Melissa claurk joins

us from Canberra. There has

been a last minute rush for

people to get into housing

market all because of the

First Homeowners Grant. That

is right. When the Federal Government boosted the grant

it was very popular but it

will scale it back tomorrow.

If you are buying a house for

the first time today you get

$21,000 and tomorrow you will

get $14,000. So there has

been a last minute rush for

people to beat the deadline

the make sure they can get as much Tasmania Federal

Government's money as they K

I popped along to a last-minute housing auction

in Canberra to have a chat to

people there. Seems we do

not have that footage at the

moment but we are seeing some

real estate agents even

having an auction on Tuesday

night rather unusual change

from the weekend to try to

make sure they can beat this

deadline and we can hear now

from our agent and some of

the buyers. Properties such as this we thought would be

very appealing to the first

home buyer market and

solicitors and brokers would

agree there has been late

nights trying to get a lot of

these transactions through

before tomorrow but a lot of

increased activity over the

last 6 to 7 weeks. Every

first home buyer in Canberra

is thinking the same thing.

Haven't you seen the crowd

outside? We are a bit

concerned about how much time

we have and how many first

home buyers there are in

Canberra. Prices are art

fishly inflated. There is a

lot of panic buyer that

people are using the funds

for deposits. I don't

qualify. I'm not sure how the

banks are dealing witness. It

has not been part of my

thinking. Are you worried it

has been part ever the

collapse. Hopefully

not. Eager buyers. With the

cessation of the First

Homeowners Grant what does the Government hope will be

the result of that? What it

is trying to do is step it

down gradually so rather than

pull out the stimulus all at

once we have a slight step

down starting tomorrow then

in December it will revert to

the original scheme of a flat

$7000. If Government hopes it

set up the program as a way

of trying to help first home

buyers into the market when

prices were high at entry

level but now they are at the

point where the market is

going along strongly and they

do not want to over stimulate

it. We heard from the Reserve

Bank yesterday they are

concerned there could be a

housing price inflation, a

bit of a bubble because there

is not a lot of supply but demand is still strong so

there is no need for the

Government to stimulate that

demand any more, it is there

already so they are trying to

step it down so as to to

cause too much shock to the

market. On the other side of

politics when it comes to the

Opposition there is a shadow

Cabinet meeting today what is

on the agenda? They will

discuss the Emissions Trading

Scheme, how can they not discuss climate change. It

will be interesting because

we hear Ian McFarlane has had

to email around the

Coalition's election platform

to remind the MPs and a few

on the backbench that yes they did support a Emissions

Trading Scheme going into the

last election. There has been

a bit of a kerfuffle last

week with some backbenchers

thinking it has slipped

through. They have had to

bring to it paperwork and the

documents to show this was

their policy 18 months ago.

The markets now. Weakening

consumer confidence in the US

saw the Dow close 47 point

down. The Nasdaq was down 6

points. The S&P 500 up 75. In

London the FTSE is down 5


Very shortly Vanessa

O'Hanlon with the national

weather. We will have our

daily review of the

newspapers. We are joined by

Dr Scott birth chel from Deakin University but now

with sport here is Paul

Kennedy. A quick hip-through.

The A-League has awarded its

newest licence to West

Sydney. The plan was for the

12th team to play next season

but that has been put back a

year. With a second Melbourne

team it leaves the A-League

with an uneven number for

2010. That is a curious

decision but we will discuss

it later. England was the

first team to go through to

the semis and they celebrated

that with a game against New

Zealand. They were bundled

out for 140-odd and were 7/97

for one stage. New Zealand

now goes through the semis

with England. Sri Lanka and

South Africa two of the

fancies for that tournament

now bundled out. There is

Championships Trophy games on

this morning and we show you

a couple of goals from

Liverpool vFiontina,

half-time 2-nil Liverpool

struggling. Arsenal is 1 love

nil up in its match and more

updates through the morning

and those games should be

completed in about another 45

minutes. That is all. Samatha

Stosur got smashed by Maria

Sharapova. We will give you a

couple of low lights of that

later. Here is Vanessa

O'Hanlon with the weather. Hot in Sydney in

September. That is right. It

has had one of its hottest

Septembers in a century and

more warm weather on the way

as we look at today's

satellite. Rain and storm

among the cloud stretching

from the interior of WA into

southern South Australia of

rain free despite the high

cloud that is streaming over the south-east A trough and

front will spread showers

into Western South Australia

and Tasmania. It will

maintain the cold winds and showers over southern Western

Australia. For ease at Coole

morning followed by a sunny

day still under the high

around northern New South

Wales A low pressure trough

is deepening over Central

Australia that is bringing

warm gusty northerlies over

most of the inland eastern

areas and the south-east.

Queensland dry, fog clearing

on the central and south-east

coast A cool start across the

south with frost over the

granite belt. In New South

Wales, hot dry and windy and

a fire waning for the upper

Western Riverina. Ferocity

over the ranges. In Victoria

partly cloudy in Gippsland.

Northern wind, strong at

times, widespread rain

increasing into the night. In Tasmania scattered showers in

the west before they extends

across the state. They should

ease this morning. 19 in

Hobart. South Australia,

strong and gusty northerlies,

dusty in the north ahead of a milder southerly change over

the West Coast and Kangaroo

Island. Over in Western

Australia the showers are

spreading across the south

becoming heavier over the

interior. Cool south-westerly

winds, 17 degrees the

forecast top in Perth. Mostly

fine for northern WA. The

South West of the Northern Territory hot northerlies

before a cooler change and showers about the northern

Top End A look ahead tomorrow

- sunny in Brisbane, Sydney t

Canberra a top of 24. 31 in

Sydney. More weather in half an hour.

The top story - a number

of people have reportedly

died in a tsunami in Samoa

after a earthquake in the

Pacific ocean A1-metre

tsunami wave is expected to

hit New Zealand in the hour.

The 8.0 magnitude earthquake

struck 190 kilometres south

west off American Samoa this

morning A warning was issued

for New Zealand, Fiji, the Samoan islands and a number

of other Pacific Island nations. We will update you

as soon as we receive more

information. If you are in

that area and you have any

information on the tsunami

and how it has affected your

area send us an email.

Laughing, picnicing and dressing to kill some of the

things the two suicide

bombers who attacked Jakarta

hotels in July are seen to be

doing in a video retrieve

from the lap top Indonesia's

dead terror mastermind Noordin Mohammad Top. Noordin Mohammad Top was killed this

month in a raid on a house in

Solo in central Java but a

laptop was recovered from his

backpack. It chillingly reveals Noordin Mohammad

Top's cell is very linked and

focused on Australia. The

casual business of planning a al-Qaeda-inspired attack

among Australians among

others revealed in this video

footage recovered from laptop

of Noordin Mohammad Top. The

bombers and their recruiters

survey their targets while

giving their impression they

are out for a jochlgt here in

the month before the attacks

the bomber are seen picnicing

on a lawn in front of the

Marriott and Ritz Carlton

hotels. One of them giggles

at the camera and says "This

is not suicide s suicide is

for desperates. I'm not

desperate, I am doing God's orders". Behind the camera

was the Yemen educated Zuri

who he kruted the bombers and

remains on the run. In the

video he can be heard saying

the hotel attacks will help

destroy enemies in Indonesia,

America and Australia. The

laptop details were revealed

in a counter-terrorism police

press conference in Jakarta.

A letter on the laptop from

Zuri sbourts the police

theory that a foreign-linked

network has been rebuilt with

a change of strategy

favouring serial attacks,

hence all the explosives

found in raids since


called himself Y din and he

says he has connections to

those known as the Organisation al-Qaeda. Police believe that despite the

hotel attacks there is a new

focus on local targets such

as Indonesia's president.

Most chilling is the casual

composure of these men about

to die along with 7 others

including three Australians.

Here they are seen buying

clothes suited to their

five-star plan, literally

dressing to kill. In other

news - the number of people killed anti Government protestors in the African

nation of Guinea has risen to

157. The Guinean human rights

organisation said more than

1200 others were injured. On

Monday Government forces

opened fire on tens of

thousands of people

protesting against the

country's military leader who

seized power in a coup last

year. House prices are set to

increase as demand outweighs

the supply of new homes

according to the Reserve

Bank. The Reserve Bank's head

of economic analysis Tony

Richards said state and local

governments needed to remove

more barriers to in drees

supply of houses. The Federal

Government's boost the the First Homeowners Grant

expires today. Video footage

recovered from the laptop of

terrorist Noordin Mohammad

Top reveals two suicide

bombers discussing their

targets. The bombers pretend

to exercise in front of

Jakarta's Marriott and Ritz

Carlton hotels and share a

picnic as they discuss

bombing the hotels. 7 people

died in the bombings a month

after the footage was taken. Noordin Mohammad Top was

killed in a raid earlier this

month. The tie noon that hit

the Philippines has hit

Vietnam. The Government has

ordered the evacuation of

170,000 people. The strong

winds and rain lashed the

Central Coast. The

Philippines is preparing for

a second storm. Unions say

they want today's report on

executive salaries to lead to a crack down on corporate greed. The Productivity Commission's findings will

examine bonuses, termination

payouts and ways to regulate

them. The ACT president says

the report should lead to

more action. She said

governments had to take a

stand and put legislative

framework in place. Later we

will speak to the world few

row of meteorology in

Melbourne about the tsunami alert triggered by a

earthquake that measured 8.30

on the Richter scale.

Authorities say Australia

will not be hit by a tsunami

but a 1.57 metre wave has hit American Samoa and there have

been waves less an metre in

Samoa. That warning is

current for large areas of

the South Pacific including

Fiji, Tonya and news. Gordon

Brown has made a plea to the

nation to be given another

term in Government and he

have said this at the last

party conference before next

year's election but as he

spoke a new poll was released

suggesting the Labour Party

is now third behind Conservatives and the Lib

Dems. Phillip Williams was

at the conference at Brighton

beach. The naked facts for

Gordon Brown, he is not as

popular as he needs fob and

has to pull up his pants. His

party trails the Liberal

Democrats and the Conservatives. Time for the

big guns, someone popular and

strong, Mrs brown. He wakes

up every morning and goes to

bed every evening thinking

about the things that matter.

I know he loves our country.

Wlon Gordon Brown got his

opportunity his praise was lavish for his own

Government's handling of the

global financial crisis and

damning of his Conservative

opponents. The only thing

about the policy is that

their policies are consistent, consistently

wrong all the time. He

announced I niche tiffs in health, combating anti-social

behaviour and political

reforms putting an end to the

peerage system and the House

of Lords. We will abolish the system once and for

all. For all MPs changes to

stop future abuses of

expenses that have so

embarrassed all in politics.

Never again should it be said

for any MP they are in it for

what they can get, all of us

should be here for what we

can give. Not so much a pitch

but a plea "We can win, we

must". The election to come

will not be about your

future, it is about your

future, your job, home,

children's school, hospital,

community, it is about the

future of the your country. A

challenge for Gordon Brown is

to convert this feeling here

and take it far beyond

Brighton. The poll suggests

he has a Hurculean task

ahead. The British

electorate is not convinced

he is Mr Sexy chops. He will

fight them on the beaches or

anywhere they will listen.

The problem is it is not

clear if enough people are.

At least 22 people are dead

and almost 200,000 have been

evacuated in central Vietnam

as Typhoon Ketsana continues

its rampage across south-east

Asia. High winds and heavy

rain have hit southern chain

ya.s in the Philippines the

death toll is 246 with more still missing. Authorities

say another typhoon could be

on its way. An evacuation

centre has become a makeshift

funeral prar lor a double

tragedy hit when a landslide

swept through one of its

suburbs at the height of

Typhoon Ketsana. TRANSLATION:

I did not know what happened.

We were on top of a roof but

we were separated. The next

day at our house I saw my

daughter dead and my aunt saw

my other child buried in the mud. Her three other children

are still missing. Others

survived by pure

chance. TRANSLATION: The

water suddenly rose, we went

up to the roof but roof gave

in so we flood in the whating

holding on the trunk of a

tree. About half a million

people live along this river

bank. Once famous for its

thriving shoe industry the

area is now covered in mud

but there are more pressing

problems. Limited resources

and blocked roads mean

emergency supplies have been

slow to reach some villages.

The UN is rushing food aide

to the country. Hundreds died

and more than 600,000 were

forced the abandon their

homes. The Government forecaster warns another

typhoon could hit later this

week but Typhoon Ketsana is

Stilton rampage and Vietnam

is bracing itself. The centre

has been flooded by heavy


water has been rising fast.

We need help. My house has

collapsed and we have lots

everything. Parts of southern

China and Taiwan have been

lashed by some wild weather. Chinese coastal

resorts have closed down

scenic spots threatened by

high seas. The Chinese

Communist Party loves its

anniversaries so it comes as

no surprise the bosses in

Beijing are planing a

blow-out. The rising star is

prouder, richer and freer

than ever before and the

celebration are not just

about the the Communist party

but the country's future. In

northern China where Chairman

Mao is of special significance it is the pass

that has much to offer.

Unlike anything else in China

one of the country's last

remaining communes. In this

village Mao's legacy is alive

and well. Workers start the

day sing revolutionary songs

and through out the day loud

speakers regularly broadcast

his thought. TRANSLATION: I

believe in being collective

it unites people. Less than

10 years after he was in

power Mao set up communes a

system of cradle to grave

support known as the iron

rise bowl but many communes

proved to be an economic

disaster and most were abandoned in the

'80s. TRANSLATION: When our

leader said several thousand

should think together and

work together as one

difficult not belief my ears.

It is my longing for the

great leaders that has

brought me to this red place. As China struggles to

deal with the rising gap

between the rich and the poor

there is security and

certainty of a by gone era

here. Every family is given

identical housing. Education

is fully funded and medical

treatment is free. The 3500

residents are also entitled

free food

stamps. TRANSLATION: We do

not need to buy anything,

maybe clothes for when we go

to visit relatives and

friends outside the

village. Outside the village

China is rapidly turning into

a fast-paced consumer's

paradise but here China's

former chairman can look down

to see his revolution realised just as he would

have pictured it. You are

watch ing ABC News Breakfast.

The top stories - a number of

deaths have been reported in

American Samoa after a

tsunami hit the Samoan

islands in the wake of an

8.30 magnitude earthquake

this morning. Warnings have

been issued for New Zealand, Fiji, the Pacific island

nations. The African Union

has condemned an attack on

protestors in Guinea in which

157 people were killed. Human

rights groups say more than

1200 were injured when

security forces opened fire on anti-Government

protestors. The Reserve Bank

of Australia has warned house

prices could be set the rise.

The RBA's Tony Richards said

house prices could put

pressure on affordability as

interest rates rose. The

Federal Government's boos to the First Homeowners Grant expires. Today

Black Scott

B irchell good morning. Have

to start with economic issues

Yes, the Reserve Bank has

delivered bad news in the Age

where they warn housing

prices are likely to increase

as a result of supply not

meeting demand. That is not

very good news for the Rudd Government because we can

expect interest rates to increase towards either the

end of this year or early

next year and that is not

what we hear. We have heard

this cry for years and it has

been the status of

Australia's housing situation

for 10 years too. Yes, that

is why we had the suburban

sprawl in so many

metropolitan centres but

there is a shortage ever

public housing and rental accommodation which means

interest rates and prices of

rental accommodation is going

up. The homeowners grant is

starting to be faced down

which means prices will go up

and affordability will go

down which is a problem as we

get closer to a next

election. The Rudd Government

does not want this. The call

for land to be opened up is

why is it not happening because governments and developers would be making

money so it is curious why it

has not happened before. The

governments have the supply the infrastructure for - as

these areas opened up and the

cost of putting railways in t

cost of sewage and

electricity an

telecommunications is it is

so prohibitive. Governments

have baulked at the cost for

them of opening up these new

trakts of land. And there is

always a fight between

developers and governments as

to who funds what. Sometimes

developers will provide bus

route but that is all. And

the people who life there

want new roads, freeway

extensions t same facilities

the inner suburban resident

want. Don't you think there

is an element of status quo

about that warning and that

report? It is the same old

story and we have heard it

before. The interesting political aspect that is interest rates have been low

now for a while and the

Government has received a

political benefit from that.

If those interest rates

reverse gear and start to go

up again the electorate is

extremely sensitive to those

price movements and I think

government for all its

credentials of getting us

through the global financial

crisis will pay a price if

interest rates go up markedly

between new and the next

election. We have had Simon

Crean on this program talking

the touch Doha round. He is

very supportive of it. He is

the only guy who is that is

the problem. With the

incredibly packed agenda

Barack Obama has in the US,

getting a deal at the Doha

round has slipped down the

batting order. He has health

insurance issues,

environmental issues, G20

issues. Everybody we talk to

seems to label all the people

involved hypocrites think way

because they are taking

protectionist measures going

in through the back door.

Yes, free trade has always

been honoured in the breach

rather than observance. The

protectionies its are the one

this make a big noise about

free trade, guaranteed.

Getting this deal would be a

tremendous boost tokens

numberic growth and economy. Australia in

particular.. yes, we are a trade-export dependent

economy. If they could get a

deal done on Doha they would

sometime that it economy in

the pump-primeing packages all the other governments

have been involved in but

because they are tough

negotiations and the round

have taken years to complete

they have said "Put it down

the list and we will get to

it at some point". It really

needs the political

heavyweight of leaders to get

it through. Who knew Clive

Palmer was Australia's

richest person. And that he

was so sensitive about racism

which might come as a

surprise to people in

Queensland. He makes an

interesting point that we are

guilty of discriminating

against Chinese investment

because we allow the US, and

US investors to buy up our assets but baulk when the

Chinese do it. There is a

distinction that the Chinese

investors are not putting

their private capital at

risk. It is sovereign wealth

funds and these other issues,

it is a different story, we

not comparing apples with

apples but he is right saying

the Chinese will reaccident

the fact they are seen in a different category to

everybody else and we know

the Government is sensitive

about granting the Chinese

rights to some of our largest

mining companies in terms of

ownership but it is an

interesting issue that will

play itself out in the next

few months. It is good to

hear the perspective on

things you would not expect.

Yes, the Chinese have

billions of dollars of foreign exchange that they

have to put somewhere. They

have to invest somewhere and

why not Australia? If it is

good enough near the US and

Western Europe Australia

should take its share as

well. And some gratuitous insulting of the Federal

Treasurer along the way.

That is mandatory, it's an

anti--Queensland thing. We

know returning from the G20

Kevin Rudd has been

emboldened in his questions to try to crack down on executive salaries and he

seems to be getting somewhere

there. I think it is the

Geoff Dixon story where it

was announced Mr Dixon

received a handsome payout

for 6 months work last week

as he retired as managing

director of Qantas but the

productivity commission is

about the release a report

which gives shareholders much

greater say over the golden

handshakes and the executive

salaries which is going to be

a really difficult issue

because the Rudd Government

will find some stiff

resistance from the boards of Australian companies who

believe that they should have

the prgtive the set those

salaries and the shareholders

- and the report suggests 20%

inclination of the

shareholders will force them

to resign. The directors may

have to resign and reconsider

the salary package. They are

not going to like that

independence being taken away

from them so it will be very

interesting to see thou Rudd

Government deals with the productivity report. Top

situation argues that

attacking the golden

Parachutes could push the

problem to the yearly

salaries anyway. Is

actually. They will find ute

of another way of getting

around the issue, paying

scalp. Fees or Chan yelling

the funds in a different

direction. The report has a

reputation for a free market

rigorous free market approach

to these issues. It will be

interesting to see how Rudd

em braces that liberalism. He

could have a problem with

that too. Zblbs They should

have salary cap and a

national draft that will

solve all the problems. The

A-League has awarded its

newest licence to Western

Sydney. The decision has been

put back a year. We the

second Melbourne team coming

in next year leaving the

A-League with an uneven

number for 2010. Arsenal

played the Greek champion

team in the Champions League.

The English club took a while

to score but eventually did

so guys. Beautiful

balancing. Eduard something.

Van Persie gets on the end of

it. Ramsay. Arshavin guiding

it home to secure 3 points

for Arsenal on match day 2.

It was stylish.. we will show

you some pictures now of the

cricket. The Championships

Trophy over in South Africa.

England had a bad day at the

crease. They made 146

although it is not all doom

and gloom. The English

through to the semis. New

Zealand have joined them

there in the last four, they

chased down their total with

four wickets in hand so New Zealand and England through

to the semi-finals, Australia and Pakistan to play tonight

to see who goes through from

that side of the draw. Tennis

- the pan Pacific open,

Samatha Stosur the Australian

was in action overnight. She played Maria Sharapova and

the match did not last very

long at all. Maria Sharapova

won that one 6-love, 6-1 so

Samatha Stosur not a great

result for her. Maria

Sharapova still coming back

from a long-term injury

finishing the season well.

Samatha Stosur performed well

at the French Open earlier

this year and has not kicked

on. Hopefully she can find

some form before the

Australian Open starts in a

few months. Here is Vanessa

O'Hanlon with a look at the

weather. A cold start for

those in mudge gee in knew.

For the east a

cool morning followed by a

sunny day under the high that

is sitting around the northern New South Wales

area. A low pressure trough

is deepening over Central

Australia bringing warm gusty

northerlies over most of the

eastern inland and south-east. Queensland mostly

dry, fog clearing on the

central and south-east coast

A cool start across the south

with frost over the granite

belt. New South Wales hot dry

and windy and a fire warning

for the lower and upper

Western and Riverina ya.

Frost over the slopes and ranges. Victoria partly

cloudy across the northern

plains and Gippsland.

Northerly wind will be strong

at times, widespread rain

increasing this afternoon and

into the night. Tasmania,

showers in the west extending

across the state. They should

start to ease across the

evening. In south Australia,

strong northerlies, dusty

ahead before a change.

Kangaroo Island. 23 in add lachld Western Australia the

showers spread across the

south, heavier over the in

tear, you cool winds, 17 in

Perth. Fine for northern WA.

For the south-west of the

Northern Territory hot

northerlies before a cooler

change and showers about the

Top End. A late shower in

Darwin expecting a top of 33.

Mostly fine in Canberra 24

and fine for Perth 19. We are receiving reports confirming

the tsunami has hit the

southern side of the main

Samoan island. Lachlan is

holidaying there. He says the

beach font hotel has been

completely destroyed and they

have lost everything. His

family of three say they are

okay but his father is

understood to have broken

ribs. We will attempt the

speak to him by telephone but

that is the south of the Samoan island.


3 people believe dead in

Samoa. Military junta opens

fire in Guinea. The Reserve Bank warns property price are

set the rise. Western Sydney

wins the right the fill the

12th A-League team. The top

story - a number much people

have reportedly died in a

tsunami in the Samoan island

after a earthquake has taken place in the Pacific island

A1-metre tsunami wave is expected to hit New Zealand

in the hour. The 8.0

earthquake struck 190

kilometres South West of

Samoa. A tsunami warn in has

been issued for Fiji, New

Zealand and a number of other

Pacific Island nations. We

have received emails.

Remember we broadcast to 45

countries across the Asia and

South Pacific F you have any

information you would like to

share, if you are watching us

from any of those island that

have been or may be affected

then do send us an email. Our

address is - Nick Rhys has

been holidaying in Samoa and

joins us. Thank you for

joining us. What can you tell

me about your family. Where

have they been holidaying and

what did they experience?

They are in a town 45 minutes

drive south of Apia at the

Coconut Beach Club Hotel and

we received a phone call at

4.45 morning from mum saying

a tsunami had hit and their

hotel had been destroyed so

they have lost everything

they had there. My parents

and sister were in Samoa,

they are all alive and okay.

Dad has suspected broken ribs

but they are alive and okay

but they have basically lost

everything they had

there. What did they describe

when it comes to the tsunami

hitting the hotel? Honestly

I can't tell you. They have

lost their mobile phones and

they have borrowed phones so

everybody is trying to get on the phone so it was very

quick call to say they are

okay and they will let me

know what has happened sort

of thing and we received

another call rufly 10 minutes

ago if my sister saying they

are at the hospital and

having is fine but same

thing, they had to get on and

off the phone because

everyone is trying to get on

the phone. Sure. I apologise

for peppering you with

questions given you are in a

difficult situation too but

in that brief conversation

did they manage to tell you

had they knew it was coming

or did they have any

warning? I can not tell you.

Everything is okay. They

believe that two people from

their hotel are missing so

they have moved on to the

hospital and they do not know

what has happened. I asiement

is very quick if dad is

injured and people are

missing I assume there was

not much warning. Had they

been staying at that hotel

for long? Only a few days.

They moved on from another

island but they were due to

come back the Australia this

Sunday. I guess you were

hoping to hear from them soon

telling about return travel

plans because I guess they

want to get out of there

quickly.. yes, I assume

something will be arranged

soon. Once they have patched

up to the hospital they will

be keen to get out. Are you

doing okay Nick?. I'm

alright. Glad you heard good

news about your family. Thank

you for your oh male. Joining

us today is our Tony leg yart

a senior meteorologist at the world Bureau of Meteorology

and joins me from the joint

tsunami warning centre in

Melbourne. Thank you for

joining us Tony. Tell us what

you know about the areas

affected so far? The

earthquake was recorded at 10

minutes to 4am eastern standards time to the south

of Samoa in this area here.

It has already been reported

on our C-level gauges on that

area as a wave of around 80

centimetres at the coast and

is expected the affect other

Pacific Island nations

including the north coast of

New Zealand in the next few

hours. Looking - sorry? No,

go on. Looking at the energy

map of the tsunami this is

from ou