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(generated from captions) Yeah? I think so, yeah. Elvis Costello sang...

'Alison'. ..'Alison'. Oh, well. Never mind. the title of his debut album. 'My Aim is True', which became Declan McManus is his real name. Elvis Costello. Oh, OK. nothing to you. I'm sorry, Vicki. All those wonderful facts mean you've won $1,000! Congratulations! Which means tonight Well done. Thank you very much. Thank you. There you go. The great Elvis Costello for Vicki Collier tonight. was only good enough for $1,000 Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight! I'll see you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by Disney Book Sale is now on, VOICEOVER: Target's Incredible at great prices. with a huge range of Disney books There's books for $1, $2 and $5. little bookworms, pop into Target. For big offers for (TV PLAYS) (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) masks odours Spraying air fresheners continue to smell. while the germs at the source Glen 20 is different. It attacks the source of the odours and kills odour-causing germs on hard surfaces. For a clean, fresh home.

Now available in new Morning Dew and Citrus Breeze fragrances. Some potatoes, my dear? Oh. the 2009 sparkling cola And may I recommend to accompany your Grand Angus? (LAUGHS) at Macca's new Grand Angus. Take a gander of genuine Aussie Angus, A big, juicy slab and loads of that fancy salad. two slices of cheese It's a great big taste, and a little bit fancy.

at 6:30. n z Coming up on WIN News.30. n z Coming up on WIN at 6:30. n z Coming up on

News... Curbing Canberra' s shocking News... Curbing Canberra' s

drink driving rate, A Harrison man

accused of sexually assaulting a

woman fronts court, And, the West

Indies to play the P-M' s Eleven Indies to play the P-M' s

side at Manuka next year. side at Manuka next year. Details

next. n z degrees. Tonight ... The proposal degrees. Tonight ... The proposal to curb the A-C-T' s shocking curb the A-C-T' s shocking drink-

driving rate, Fire rips through a

Kambah home, causing major damage.

And, helping our returned And, helping our returned servicemen

and women deal with their battle

scars. Good evening, I' m Jessica

Good. Serial drink drivers could

soon be named and shamed and have soon be named and shamed and

their vehicles seized by police. their vehicles seized by police. The

coanhope Government will also Stanhope Government will

Stanhope Government will also

consider changing the licensing