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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - the dust settles but Sydney's health alert remains. World Leaders walk out as a dictator blasts the UN. And charges laid over a Sydney rugby league brawl. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News with Simon Reeve. Good morning. The dust has settled over Sydney but the health warning remains a day after the Emerald City turned red. Asthmatics and anyone with breathing problems are being urged to stay indoors until the air pollution clears. Another day - a totally different dawn. But today's relatively clear skies disguise the remaining threat. This is expected to last today, tomorrow and maybe even Friday. Yesterday the Emerald City choked in a ruby coloured glow - the air quality index reaching 3,500. It's dangerous at a mere 200. Are you having difficulty speaking between breaths. Paramedics were dispatched to more than 300 people suffering breathing difficulties. Dozens more made their own way to hospital. I can't breathe, I go to the toilet, I try my exercise to breathe, I can't. Today's pollution forecast is low but yesterday's dust still coats the city. I think the yardie will be having nightmares, washing all the cars, bringing them back to their former glory. Public transport is back to normal, so too the airport after passengers were confronted by this view yesterday as pilots made snap decisions to land or circle. Tourists on the ground were stunned too their postcard-perfect pictures, obscured. Look very surprising. Very, very surprising. Overseas, the sunburnt country appearing on fire, captured attention. Sydney has been battling the effects of a huge outback storm that has blanketed the place in red dust. Brisbane also got a taste. You can taste it, you can feel it too. It just feels like dust, it's a bit dry. As wild winds carried the red outback to the coast. The storm began four days ago in South Australia's Lake Eyre, sweeping in a broad arc across New South Wales and north. Oh, my gosh, I think we'd better go inside, Ted. The dust was even visible from space unlike everything else. I can't believe the bridge has disappeared. The experts say dust storms are common - we just haven't seen one this bad in 70 years. Libyan ruler Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has sparked outrage, attacking the United Nations during a fiery speech to the General Assembly. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is due to address world leaders today but he's been overshadowed by the dictator's attack on world order. It's meant to be a meeting of peace but outside the United Nations - nothing but protest. A chorus of angry voices for a world of problems. Gaddafi, no more. You scum. Inside, Barack Obama in his first speech to the General Assembly promised a more embracing America. Now is the time for all of us to take our share of responsibility for a global response to global challenges. But sitting alongside presidents and prime minsters - despots and dictators, Iran's Ahmadinejad, Zimbabwe's Mugabe and Libya's Gaddafi who spoke after Obama. Many countries walked out as he went on a mad 90-minute rant, tearing up the UN's charter, even suggesting swine flu was manmade. TRANSLATOR: That was created in the laboratory and it got out of control because it was meant in the beginning as a military weapon. People here are angry Gaddafi was invited to address the UN for the first time. Especially so soon after he celebrated the release of the Lockerbie bomber. The tent was set up in a mansion owned by Donald Trump because Gaddafi is afraid of elevators. Locals want it torn down. He has no business here, he's a mass murderer. We're not gonna give him a warm welcome. Kevin Rudd will meet the leaders of Japan, Israel and the Palestinian authoritY and the Palestinian authority but backed Australia's biggest ally to help solve the world's conflicts. America remains an overwhelming force for good in the world. Our Prime Minister will be the last speaker at the UN Long after most countries have left. Police have charged six junior rugby league players with assault over a wild grand final brawl in Sydney last weekend. The players, aged 15 and 16, have been granted conditional bail and will face court next month. There's no way you could justify what occurred there on Saturday as being part of rugby league or any other sport. It's disgusting. One of the players has been banned from the game for 20 years. Madeleine McCann's mother has returned to Portugal for the first time since her daughter's disappearance in 2007. Joined by husband Gerry, Kate McCann told reporters they want Maddie's case reopened. She said the recent discovery of missing American woman Jaycee Dugard has given them fresh hope Madeleine is still alive. And I just think it's so vital and so fair for Madeleine that we don't give up on her, that we try and find her. The McCanns are yet to decide if they'll visit the resort where the 3-year-old was last seen. A Sydney doctor has come up with a new test to predict the chances of a pregnant woman miscarrying. The test, which is about 80% accurate, is based on a mathematical formula and could be effective for women just six weeks into their pregnancy. Associate Professor George Condous hopes to start using the test early next year. About one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage. A deal with NSW could deliver 890 billion litres more water for the ailing River Murray. Premier Nathan Rees has agreed to end an embargo, allowing farmers to sell their water entitlements to the Federal Government to then return the water to interstate wetlands. But it remains to be seen who will take up the offer to sell their water entitlements. Many drought-stricken farmers say they're being sent broke by zero allocations. Metal bollards, timing and sheer luck have helped save the life of a 6-year-old girl in the US. She was playing outside a convenience store when an out-of-control car sped towards her.

without a care in the world and then Outside a mini market a little girl

this. Out of nowhere a car flies

into the picture, slamming into the

wall right where the little girl was walking.

walking. In slow motion it is more

revealing. The car hits the wall in

reverse, the girl is nowhere to be

seen. Everyone fears the worst. Especially her father Especially her father who said through a translator and he

looked back and thought the car was through a translator and he said he

resting on top of her. He was wrong.

Miraculously the 6-year-old walked

away without so much as a scratch.

What saved her? Those parking poles

that have taken out more than a few bumpers. But this time they ripped

the poles from the

the poles from the asphalt. The driver was arrested for reckless

driving and for driving on a suspended licence. If all this isn't shocking enough.

suspended licence. If all this isn't shocking enough. Take a look just

moments before the accident. The little girl was playing by those poles

poles only seconds before the car hits.

poles only seconds before the car hits. Perhaps the luck of timing and perhaps a guardian angel. Now for your first look at Thursday's weather forecast. Brisbane will be fine and dry. Sunny and clear in Sydney. A shower or two on the way for Melbourne. Canberra will be partly cloudy. Hobart, a late shower or two. Morning showers for Adelaide and Perth. The chance of a late shower in Darwin. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - find out whether it's cheaper to run a car or use public transport. But next on Seven Early News - a state of emergency declared in California as wildfires rage. And love is in the air for Berlin's famous polar bear.

Welcome back. You're watching Seven's Early News. California's ferocious Santa Ana winds are fanning a massive bushfire north-west of Los Angeles. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency as firefighters work around the clock to contain the blaze. It's already destroyed more than 3,000 hectares of scrub and is threatening a number of homes. Three firefighters have been injured. A game of hide and seek has gone horribly wrong for a 3-year-old boy in China's Sichuan Province. His head became wedged between two concrete pillars and he couldn't get out. Rescuers used chisels, an electric saw and even lubricating oil to try to free him. After several hours the little boy was released. He wasn't seriously hurt. The world's most famous polar bear is about to be struck by Cupid's arrow. Zookeepers at Berlin Zoo have unveiled Knut's new girlfriend, Giovanna. The 3-year-old from Munich has already delighted fans by going for a splash in her new pool. Knut and Giovanna will be kept apart until they're mature enough to take things further. Knut rose to fame as a cub in 2006 when his mother abandoned him and he was cared for by zoo staff. The swine flu pandemic has seen the sale of hand sanitisers skyrocket around the world.

While doubts have been raised about the effectiveness of antibacterial gels, some doctors suggest we're not using enough.

Spend some tile with little ones and

you know their hands are everywhere, touching, fighting and grabbing.

Many parents are armed with hand

sanitiser. The liquid gel has become

a stable with a lot of moms and dads. Using hand sanitiser has

become more popular. Bottles of the alcohol-based formula are everywhere. But does it really work? everywhere. But does it really work

doctors say yes. I think say people

should use it several times a day. Most hand sanitisers kill 99% of bacteria if used correctly. Doctors

say there is no overuse. It can be

drying but less drying than soap to

be honest with you because a lot

have moisturiser in it as well. They

come in all forms and sizes. As long

as the alcohol content is above 65%

it will work at killing swine flu and other nasty bugs. Your first finance this Early News: Coming up on Sunrise at 6am - Matt Moran cooks live in the studio. But next on Seven Early News -

Carlton strikes the first AFL trade blow. And injured Eel Daniel Mortimer returns to the training paddock. The stories we're following on the Early News - the dust has settled over Sydney, but the health warning remains a day after the Emerald City turned red. Asthmatics and anyone with breathing problems are being urged to stay indoors until the air pollution clears. Libyan ruler Colonel Gaddafi has sparked outrage blasting the United Nations during a fiery speech to the General Assembly. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is due to address world leaders on climate change today. Police have charged six junior rugby league players with assault, over a wild Grand Final brawl in Sydney last weekend. The players, aged 15 and 16, have been granted conditional bail and will face court next month. Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport. St Kilda and Geelong will decide today who will miss Saturday's AFL Grand Final. It was a closed shop at Cats training yesterday with no word on Geelong's final make-up. I don't know if there are any changes. But I'm sure Bomber will probably get round to them individually before the team finds out. But at the moment, nothing's been said. With both sides so evenly matched Saints coach Ross Lyon says the decider will be brutal. The AFL's dispute with Melbourne Stadiums Limited is over. Each of the five clubs based at Etihad Stadium will pocket an extra million dollars per year. It just gives them an opportunity to either reduce some of their debt, if that's what they want to do, or invest in their football department. In return, the AFL has agreed to schedule an additional 130 games at Etihad over the next 15 seasons. Melbourne midfielder Brock McLean is set to join Carlton in a shock AFL trade deal. Only five months ago McLean said he would like to succeed James McDonald as Demons captain. And Bombers legend Matthew Lloyd says he never thought about playing for another club. Hanging up the boots for good yesterday he also quashed rumours he had a falling out with coach Matthew Knights. I'll just never forget the times I've had here and how much I love this club. So thanks, thanks a lot. Lloyd already has a job lined up in the media. So far so good for Parramatta five-eighth Daniel Mortimer ahead of tomorrow night's preliminary final blockbuster against the Bulldogs in Sydney. The Eels playmaker returned to the training paddock last night in a desperate bid to overcome a painful hip injury.

If I do get the all-clear... REPORTER: How are you feeling? Ah, not too bad. Pretty good. Hopeful? Hopeful, mate, yeah. Mortimer survived a light session with no contact. The Broncos forwards have backed their rookie halfback Alex Glenn as they head to Melbourne to confront a different type of storm on Saturday night. We've got full confidence in him, he's a real solid player, he tackles great and he's got good ball skills. The Storm had the 'Wolf of Wall Street' 1-time tycoon Jordan Balfort deliver a rev-up at training. Disappointment for jockey Noel Callow as spring racing heats up. Making his comeback yesterday, he took a fall in race four at Sandown. Almost the entire field passed over Callow as he tried to curl into a ball to protect himself. He's been hospitalised with a pelvic injury. Aussie cricket captain Ricky Ponting is concerned that a severely under strength West Indies side will tour Down Under this summer. Australia will face a depleted Windies line-up in the Champions Trophy on Saturday night. Crippled by a contract dispute, the once mighty calypso kings were smashed by Pakistan by five wickets in Johannesburg this morning. COMMENTATOR: Oh, that's gone. The Windies made a shocking 133 from 34 overs. New Zealand have struck back to win the fifth and final netball test 52-36 in Auckland. The Silver Ferns led at every break on their way to a face-saving win. Shooter Irene Van Dyk marked her 100th appearance for New Zealand by being named player of the match. Well, it's worked for her all night. Despite the heavy defeat, the Aussie Diamonds won the series 3-2.

And Australia's Jack Bobridge has won the gold medal in the men's under-23 time trial at the road cycling world championships in Switzerland. Bobridge won the 33km event by more than 18 seconds. That's all for now. I'll be back with more sport a little later in 'Sunrise', Simon. Thanks, Beretts. Next on Seven Early News, a closer look at Thursday's weather forecast.

Time now to see what's ahead on 'Sunrise'. with Mel on holidays, it's over to Kochie and Nat. Simon, residents in eastern Australia are still getting over yesterday's incredible dust storm. But are the skies really starting to clear? This morning, we'll keep you updated with the latest forecasts and health warnings.

Plus, is it cheaper to run a car or use public transport? We've done the sums and the result could surprise you. Then, the global sweep of dodgy internet sites. We've got the ones to avoid. Also, is this mission impossible? We'll meet the blokes who are trying to catch a 7m python. And she's not too keen on being evicted. Matt Moran is in to cook as well. Plus, we've also got some advice for mums who'd like to work from home. And Nuala goes one on one with Uma Thurman. They talk about the star's family and her career. And she even gives Nuala a few dance tips. See you shortly for 'Sunrise'. Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up around the country. A large high will move into NSW and Queensland and help clear the dust out to sea. However, a moist westerly airstream will continue to bring some isolated showers to Victoria, Tasmania and coastal South Australia. A clearing front will trigger morning showers for the south-west corner. Around the capitals, Brisbane will be fine and dry today. Sunny in Sydney. A shower or two on the way for Melbourne. Canberra will be partly cloudy. Hobart can expect a late shower or two. Morning showers for Adelaide and Perth. The chance of a late shower in Darwin. And that's Seven Early News for this Thursday. I'm Simon Reeve. Standby now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia