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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - to tackle climate change. world leaders unite banned over a brawl. Junior rugby league players of extreme fire danger. And Brisbane facing another day This is Seven Early News VOICEOVER: with Natalie Barr.

Good morning. Barack Obama and Kevin Rudd to act now have urged fellow world leaders on climate change. to reach a grand bargain in New York They've addressed a UN conference new measures of their own but neither announced ahead of negotiations in Copenhagen. to break the deadlock to save itself from disaster. It's the world's attempt New York locked down

and Prime Ministers, as 100 Presidents including Kevin Rudd, climate change summit. meet at the UN's if we do not act now. We will pay an unacceptable price is promising to do just that. The world's biggest polluter to this challenge Our generation response will be judged by history boldly, swiftly and together, for if we fail to meet it

to an irreversible catastrophe. we risk assigning future generations the president of the Maldives, The most emotional plea came from drowning under rising seas. the island nation We will not live, we will die. is playing the role of mediator Kevin Rudd to cut greenhouse gases. trying to convince other countries It is time to move beyond our entrenched positions.

narrow national interests. It is time to look beyond The hope is the UN summit here to agreement will push world leaders closer in December, when they meet at Copenhagen to stop global warming. seen by many as a last-ditch effort the journey is hard. But the journey is long, We don't have much time left.

in western Sydney Junior rugby league officials have taken swift action, for up to 20 years suspending players at an under-16s grand final. after a wild brawl tomorrow More players will face the judiciary has defended its teams, but Blacktown City encouraged the behaviour. denying its parents the end of decorum The final siren sounded

at this under-16s game attacked its rivals. as the losing side was repeatedly punched, Lower Mountains player Miki Hughes a team-mate kicked and stomped. from the field bleeding, Security escorted him as Blacktown City parents cheered. How good's that?! Last night, for the mercy they didn't show. the same players pleaded one broke down in tears. Facing the judiciary, in what they seen They were all pretty shocked in what they seen They were all pretty shocked when it was slowed down. and they're embarrassed. They're disappointed in themselves was identified as the main culprit Player number 17 and suspended for 20 years. every one of them. I think he deserved back in this junior league. And he will never be accepted for 5 and 2 years. Two others were banned to re-register. Even then, they'll have to apply that started the fight Number 20 threw the punch but failed to front up last night. until he does appear. He will be suspended The boys could face another hearing. Police are investigating. They've appealed for spectators of the brawl to hand over mobile phone footage criminal charges might be laid. and say or disciplined - But parents won't be charged it's impossible to identify those officials admit their brawling children. who supported We don't condone it into our parents and we don't coach that to play football like that. and we don't coach it into our kids The coach has been sacked. have also hit the headlines again Some adult footballers for the wrong reasons at the AFL Brownlow awards. after their alcohol-fuelled antics was escorted out by team-mates Carlton star Brendon Fevola with Crown Casino security. after a scuffle 'Footy Show' His role with Channel Nine's is said to be under review throwing up after he was reportedly seen over other players and their wives. and spilling beer didn't make the blue carpet. While Jason Akermanis His wife was left dressed up at home because he was "too drunk" Mad Monday celebrations. after the Western Bulldogs' Akermanis admits he "miscalculated" his Brownlow plan "all that well". and didn't execute by two small earthquakes. South-east Melbourne has been shaken at about 6:20 last night, Both tremors occurred 20km south-east of Frankston. on the Richter scale. They measured 2.5 and 3 minor damage to their homes. Some residents reported for parts of South-East Queensland A total fire ban is in place on the way. with more hot, dry, windy weather from 12 bushfires yesterday, Fire crews managed to save homes from the ground and the air. attacking the flames It is very dry. and the humidities are very low We have wind that create busy days for fire. so they're the sort of days in Brisbane today Strong winds are forecast 30 degrees. with temperatures nudging a breakdown in procedures Centrelink admits helping paedophile Dennis Ferguson led to the organisation find an old accomplice and rape. to a vicious child abduction to track down his former lover, Ferguson used the In Touch program Alexandria George Brookes. young children in a Brisbane motel. Together, they raped three what is a really valuable program. We believe this is a gross misuse of introduce new legislation, The State Government will today child-sex offenders, allowing it to evict regardless of lease agreements. Police are hunting a person or group in Victoria that viciously attacked a cat with an air rifle. by shooting it 13 times in the head miraculously survived 9-year-old Smokey and had marathon surgery to remove all but two of the pellets lodged in his head. It's the fact that the animal's been either held or cornered and repetitively shot with a firearm makes it of more concern. Locals around Maryborough are worried their pets might be next. Federal Labor MP Belinda Neal has reunited with her philandering State politician husband, declaring they're still in love. John Della Bosca was kicked out of the family home at Gosford and kicked off the New South Wales front bench after his affair with a woman half his age became public. But after a makeover with 'Women's Weekly', Belinda Neal has told the magazine she's standing by her cheating husband. She says they'd drifted apart because of their careers but are now committed to fixing their 23-year marriage. Mr Della Bosca says he's very optimistic about their life together. Now for your first look at Wednesday's weather. Brisbane will be warm and windy. Strong winds also for Sydney. A rainy day for Melbourne. Canberra will be wet and windy. Showers clearing in Hobart. Brief showers for Adelaide. A late storm possible for Darwin. A morning shower or two in Perth. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - Ainsley Harriott cooks live in the studio. But next on Seven Early News, Mel Gibson's new girlfriend denies she's a homewrecker. And floods wreak havoc across Georgia.

The wind has picked up in the last half hour, leaving a cloud of red dust around the CBD. A 2-year-old boy is among at least six people killed in widespread flooding across the US state of Georgia. As residents begin to assess the damage, authorities are warning the worst could be yet to come. From the skies over metro Atlanta, a sea of submerged neighbourhoods below after several days of torrential rain left large swaths of north Georgia swallowed by water. It's pretty bad. I mean, there's water up to your chest. As much as 20 inches of rain have fallen here since Friday, fast-rising creeks and rivers catching many by surprise. Everybody's in their homes hollerin' and screamin'. There're older people in their homes still. Heavy downpours shut down roads and made driving dangerous and deadly with at least five motorists swept to their deaths in flash floods. A 2-year-old boy also died after the mobile home he lived in was washed away. In some places, boats are the effective means of getting around as rescue crews spent much of Monday ferrying stranded people to safety. Adding insult to injury, at least two flooded homes went up in flames though firefighters were unable to save the houses due to high water. I could see the family in the living room and I just kept screaming, "Get out the house, get out the house!" And they finally came through the front door. Now with it raining throughout metro Atlanta seemingly nonstop, residents are holding on to one another waiting and hoping for the water to recede and for the skies to clear. Luxury hotels and major stadiums in the United States have been put on alert for possible terror attacks. The Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning but says it has no concrete information on the timing, location or target of any planned strike. Meanwhile, two men accused over the plot to bomb New York's subway system have been refused bail.

A third will be monitored electronically. The UN is calling for calm in Honduras after the surprise return of President Manuel Zelaya. Supporters clashed with heavily armed police outside the Brazilian embassy where the ousted President is said to be hiding. Security forces used tear gas and water canon to break up the crowd. President Zelaya was forced out of the country at gunpoint in June after being toppled in a coup. Mel Gibson's pregnant girlfriend denies she had anything to do with ending the actor's 28-year marriage. 39-year-old Oksana Grigorieva stepped out with Gibson just a couple of weeks after his wife, Robyn, filed for divorce. And, of course, I had nothing to do with the separation of Mr Gibson and his wife because we met 1.5 years after their separation. The couple will welcome a baby girl in December. France is considering warning ads on touched-up fashion photos to let people know they've been altered. More than 50 MPs are proposing a new law to help fight eating disorders, Your first finance this Early News: Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - Molly's exclusive interview with Kylie Minogue. But next on Seven Early News, a Belgian tennis star announces her comeback. And an Essendon stalwart hangs up his boots. VOICEOVER: this monolithic structure Compared to These bad boys will be lucky The stories we're following on the Early News - Barack Obama and Kevin Rudd have urged fellow world leaders to act now to reach a grand bargain on climate change. They've addressed a UN conference in New York. Junior rugby league officials in western Sydney have taken swift action, suspending players for up to 20 years after a wild brawl at an under-16s grand final. More players will face the judiciary tomorrow. A total fire ban is in place for parts of South-East Queensland with more hot, dry, windy weather on the way. Fire crews managed to save homes from 12 bushfires yesterday, at least one was deliberately lit. Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport. The AFL has warned St Kilda and Geelong that excessive aggression won't be tolerated in Saturday's Grand Final. Players found guilty of a reportable offence face double the normal penalty as the AFL looks to protect the image of the game on the code's biggest day of the year. In Round 14, the Cats and Saints played out an epic physical clash notably free of untoward aggression. But Saints skipper Nick Riewoldt and Cats Brownlow hero Gary Ablett are certain to receive close attention. There was a show of force by St Kilda fans at Moorabbin for the Saints' final open training session. Steven King, Michael Gardiner and Nick Riewoldt were restricted to running for the most part, the skipper refuting claims he has to fire for the Saints' win to the flag.

I've had plenty of quiet games this year and the team's still got up and won and performed well. Veteran defender Max Hudghton was a crowd favourite but that still won't be enough to guarantee him a game. The Cats have their own selection issues - small forward Matthew Stokes forcing his way back into contention. Matthew's fit to play, he's 100%, there is no problems there but, yeah, it will be a hard selection someone will miss out because Matthew Stokes does deserve to play, not that he's guaranteed to play. Stokes missed last week's preliminary final with a groin injury. The AFL coaches have backed the umpires, naming Brownlow winner Gary Ablett as their Player of the Season for the third straight year at their awards night. St Kilda mentor Ross Lyon was named Coach of the Year by his peers. And Bombers' legend Matthew Lloyd is expected to announce his retirement today. There's been intense speculation about his future for some time.

At 31, he departs as Essendon's highest ever goal scorer. Parramatta have named injured duo Daniel Mortimer and Krisnan Inu for Friday's NRL preliminary final with the Bulldogs. More than 55,000 tickets have been sold with stadium management expecting a crowd of 72,000 for the game. Eels and Bulldogs legends have urged their current stars to write a new chapter in Sydney's greatest rivalry. At the business end of the season, it came down to either Canterbury or Parramatta. We always knew there was something special, something extra every time we played each other. The previous non-grand final record for Sydney is 57,000 set in 1963 between St George and Parramatta. And the Broncos have placed a media ban on Alex Glenn as he prepares to replace injured halfback Peter Wallace against the Storm. I just don't think he needs all the extra attention, it's a new position for him. He's gotta get his head around it. Despite Glenn's surprise selection, the Storm expect Darren Lockyer will run the show in Melbourne on Saturday night and the Storm has rejected claims they are runaway favourites. Shooter Cath Cox has been named in Australia's line-up for tonight's final netball Test against New Zealand in Auckland. Cox missed the fourth Test in Invercargill at the weekend after spraining her ankle at a training session. The Australians lead the series 3-1. The Champions Trophy is under way in South Africa. Sri Lanka have set South Africa 320 to win the opening match at Centurion. Opener Tillakaratne Dilshan struck 106 as Sri Lanka made 8/319 from their 50 overs. Australia's first game is against the West Indies on Saturday night.

Former world number one Justine Henin has announced she's making a comeback to tennis. Retired for more than a year, the 27-year-old plans to play two exhibition tournaments before setting her sights on next year's Australian Open. Nat, that's all for now. I'll be back with more sport a little later in 'Sunrise'. Next on Seven Early News - a closer look at Wednesday's weather forecast. Time now to check what's coming up on 'Sunrise'. Here are Kochie and Mel. Nat, Australia's being battered by some wild weather. There's been a wind storm in the ACT and New South Wales, bushfires in Queensland and hail in Adelaide! This morning we're going to find out what's going on and how long it will all last. Also, what causes teenage footy players to start brawling and their parents to cheer them on? It's raised some serious questions. So today we'll take a look at who's to blame for the violence. Plus, we've got the results of a global internet sweep aimed at cleaning up dodgy websites. god's new advertising campaign! And wait til you see God's new advertising campaign! And it's another big morning entertainment-wise. We've got an exclusive interview with Kylie Minogue. Plus, celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott is in to cook for us. Who knows what will happen?! It should be fun! See you shortly for 'Sunrise'. Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up around the country this Wednesday. Cool, strong south-westerly winds will bring showers to the south-east and widespread, damaging wind gusts. Queensland will remain very warm with extreme fire dangers in the south while much of Western Australia will remain fine apart from some isolated showers in the south. Around the capitals: Brisbane will be warm and windy. Strong winds also for Sydney. A rainy day for Melbourne. Canberra will be wet and windy. Showers clearing in Hobart. Brief showers for Adelaide. A late storm possible for Darwin. A morning shower or two in Perth. And that's Seven Early News for this Wednesday. I'm Natalie Barr. Standby now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia