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A warning the US mission in

Afghanistan requires more

troops. A plea from the UN

chief for unity and action on

climate change. An earthquake

triggers panic in Bhutan, India

and China. And Renault escapes

One race fixing. an immediate been for Formula

Good morning. You're

watching ABC News for Australia

Network. The top US general in

Afghanistan says the war will

fail unless troop numbers are

increased. General Stanley

McChrystal's comments are in a confidential report published

in the Washington 'Post'. A

number of countries are

considering their ongoing

commitment to Afghanistan, including Italy, reeling

including Italy, reeling from

the deaths of six of its

soldiers in a suicide bombing.

The six men killed in

Afghanistan were farewelled in

a state funeral that drew

Italy's top officials and

thousands of people. Fellow

soldiers carried the coffins

inside the basilica of St

Paul's. Last Thursday's suicide

attack also killed 10 Afghans,

and wounded four other Italian soldiers. It's the

soldiers. It's the biggest loss

Italy has suffered in


They brought to the soul of

the Italian people a sense of

profound emotion and a wave of

affection and admiration. The

entire nation has shown how

firm the sense of solidarity

and brotherhood characterises

top our Italy. The United States

top commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal,

said more troops are needed on

the ground within a year, if

the eight-year international

mission there is to succeed. In

a confidence report, he added

that failure to reverse the

momentum of the insurgents

would mean that victory is no

longer possible. General

Stanley McChrystal's report

puts President in an awkward

position politically because

there are members of his

there are members of his own

Democratic Party that adamantly

oppose increasing the number of

US troops beyond the 68,000

troops that are authorised for

the end of this year. We

welcome General Stanley

McChrystal's thoughts, but that's a classified

pre-decisional memo. We are looking to integrate everything

we're doing and then of course

the President will make his

the President will make his decisions. The White House says President Barack Obama is

determined to get the strategy

right in Afghanistan before he

makes any decision about resources.

On the eve of clit kal

climate change talks in New

York the UN Secretary-General

has told world leaders he have

a moral imperative to sign a

new deal to cut greenhouse gas

Copenhagen talks in emissions. T future of the

Copenhagen talks in December

could depend on whether the 100

world leaders can find

consensus. Kevin Rudd

celebrated his birthday gazing

out over Central Park. He was meeting business leaders before

a briefing with the United

Nations Secretary-General Ban

Ki Moon. Mr Rudd will

facilitate one of the

Today at round-tables at torl's summit.

Today at the opening of Climate

Week, the Secretary-General

said it was vital agreement was

found. An effective new climate

agreement in Copenhagen. We

must seal the deal in

Copenhagen. This is a political

and moral imperative for all of

us. The former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said the

pleaders had to make a start,

and not keep searching for

and not keep searching for a

perfect agreement. This is not about fixating on this

percentage or that percentage.

It is about getting a global

agreement that sets the world

on a new low-carbon path to the

future. And it was the big

polluter India long criticised

for not doing enough that

indicated it wouldn't let the

world down. And I can assure

will you that at Copenhagen, India

will not be found wanting in

joining the international

consensus on working towards a

solution that would limit the temperature increase to 2

degrees sent grade by the year

2050, as was announced at the

L'Aquila agreement in July this

year. There's nothing like a

bit of celebrity power to bring

the crowds, and actor Hugh

Jackman lent his support to

Ethiopia this Climate Week. A trip to

Ethiopia this year hammered

home the dangers of global

warming for Mr Jackman. It was actually a meeting we were

lucky enough to have there with

the Prime Minister in Ethiopia,

where he very succinctly and

cleverly made me realise that

there is no separation between

issues of poverty and climate

change. They're linked. Can you

not solve one without the

other. Near the United

Nations, security was being put

in place, most of the 100

in place, most of the 100

leaders have arrived in town,

including China's President, Hu

Jintao, making his first UN

appearance. Tomorrow, the heavy

lifting begins. A long day of round-table discussions

followed by two weeks of meetings between officials

laying the groundwork for UN

hopes for a successful global

deal in December. In Australia,

In Australia, while critics

of the government's climate

change proposal argue it won't

do enough to cut pollution in

developing countries, it does

have its supporters. They say

it would be tougher on the

developing world than a rival

proposal from South Korea. With

the planet warming up, the big

challenge for the next international agreement on

climate change is how to

persuade the world's poor

as the countries to sign up, as well

as the rich. The Australian

proposal for how to do that

backed by the United States is

gaining political momentum. And

we are into these negotiations

big-time. It's not a circuit

breaker. It's a circus. At home, the Australian Greens are not impressed, saying

developing countries would not

be required to cut their carbon pollution. We're no longer going to want binding action

from them. We'll see if they

can deliver what's most

comfortable for them. Only

developed nations would need to

sign on to greenhouse gas reduction targets. Developing

countries would have to list

how they plan to respond to

climate change, with, for

example, more renewable energy,

or cutting down fewer

trees. It's a way of getting

them to commit to taking actions short of introducing

those targets. I don't think

there is any way you can see

this proposal as letting develops countries off the

hook. Economist Stephen Howes

says so far the developing

countries seem to be lining up

behind a rival proposal from

South Korea which would be less binding on them. Support from

the world's two biggest

emitters, China and the United

States, will be crucial. These

are the G-2. Whatever they can agree on the rest

agree on the rest of the world

would certainly fall in

behind. All eyes will be on Chinese President Hu Jintao

when he addresses the UN

climate change summit this week.

At least 10 people have been

killed in an earthquake that

struck the Himalayan kingdom of

Bhutan. The 6.3 magnitude quick

was also felt in neighbouring

India and China. The

India and China. The jolt

created panic on the streets of

a north eastern Indian state. I

was inside my shop when I felt

a big tremor and rushed out. I

saw flagpoles shaking very

fast. Electric poles were also

shaking. People were rushing

out on the streets and there

was shouting. I haven't seen

such a big earthquake in my

life. While there were no casualties

casualties there, the tremor

left cracks in many buildings

across Assam. It's the fifth

earthquake in the region since

last month. Diplomatic tensions

are rising between Pakistan and India about an investigation

into the alleged mastermind of

last year's Mumbai terror

attacks. An Indian Government

minister is demanding that the

militants leader be

interrogated about his role in

the bombings. Pakistan says it's

it's reopened the case but has

yet to charge him. India has no

doubts about what should be

done with the man. My demand is

that now that he has been

arrested he should be

interrogated on the 26/11

incidents. The founder of the outlawed Lashkar-e-Toiba

militants group, he has

reported had his movements

restricted in Pakistan for two

incidents unrelated to last

incidents unrelated to last

November's Mumbai attacks but the Indian Government believes

he is the mastermind of the

bombings which killed 166

people. And it's accused

Pakistan of being slow to

bring him to justice. When

Pakistan says give us evidence,

evidence is not on the Indian

side. All the evidence is on

Pakistan's side. Therefore one must investigate in

Pakistan. Pakistan has noujded seven

seven other suspects are being held in relation to the attacks. I want to convey to

the people of India and the

leadership of India that

Pakistan wants to be your

friend. And frankly speaking

today, it's not a blame game.

And we are not here to have

political scoring. But India

says only prosecution of the

man will allow

man will allow the two

countries0 restart peace talks

broken off after the Mumbai

bombings. The premier of the

south eastern Australian State

of Victoria John Brumby has

flown out to India to try to

repair the State's tarnished

image. Before he left, he

announced a $14 million package

to support the international

student industry. But a former

diplomat has described both

measures as too little, too


late. You're watching ABC News

for Australia Network. Coming

up - thousands nervously await

news on the health of the

revered Thai king. And China's

military might on show as it

steps up preparations for

national day celebrations.

A US Federal Court Judge has

ordered a man alleged to be

part of an active terrorism

cell in the US to remain behind

bars. The FBI alleges the

Afghan born man was targeting

New York, while the suspects

faced court, authorities

continued the search for more

people they believe may have

been involved in the plot. The

search for others involved has

centred around this mosque

frequented by Afghans in New

York. Today, agents were makeing no secret of their

round the clock surveillance of key individuals and locations

in this neighbourhood. NYPD

amounted the FBI are still actively hunting down the bombs

and the bomb-making facility.

They believe there's a garage, a warehouse somewhere where the

bomb parts are still being

stored. The man authorities

say was at the centre of the

alleged bomb plot was arrested late Saturday on charges he

lied to the fmt BI about bomb-making instructions found

on his cuter. According to

court documents, agents found

nine pages of hand written

notes on the manufacture and

handling of explosives.

Authorities say the man learned

all that an al-Qaeda training

camp in Pakistan, where he twice travelled in the last

year, and was then apparently

sent back to the US to carry

sent back to the US to carry

out the plot. Thousands of

well-wishers have gathered at a Bangkok hospital where the Thai

king has been treated for a

fever. Doctors at this hospital

in Bangkok have been treating

Bhumipol Adulyade with

antibiotics and a saline drip.

A statement has been issued

saying the king was admitted on

Saturday with a fever. He

Saturday with a fever. He has

also been suffering fatigue and

a lot of appetite. Doctors are still trying to figure out

exactly what is wrong with the

king but we are seeing supporters including the Thai

Prime Minister Abhisit

Vejjajiva and other VIPs flock

to the hospital to sign a

get-well book. In October 2007

thousands of supporters were at

the hospital when the king was

in hospital for about a month

after suffering what we believe

was a stroke. In the past he

has also been treated for a

back condition and that has

affected his mobility somewhat.

King Bhumipol has been on the

throne for more than 60 years.

He is revered by Thais, but in

the past month or thereabouts,

he has expressed his concern

about the emerging divisions in

Thailand, deepening divisions,

and the political instability

that has caused. We saw some of

that at the weekend, with

protesters from the People's

Alliance for Democracy, that's

the royalist movement which

shut down Bangkok's airports

last year, they were at the

Cambodian Thai border, complaining that Thailand had

ceded control to Cambodia of a

disputed area of land near an

ancient temple. There were

clashs with villagers there. In

Thailand n Bangkok, we saw

red-shirted protesters who are

Lyle to the former Prime

Minister Thaksin Shinawatra

gather on Saturday to mark the

third year since the military coup that

coup that ousted him. With the ongoing concerns about the

king's health, that's also prompting worries about what

will happen in Thailand once he is preparations are made for a new round of temporary family

reunions. For some of the 200

families chosen to participate,

it will be the first direct

family contact since the end of

the Korean War more than 50

years ago. A group of officials

boarding a bus is not big news

anywhere except South Korea.

They are travelling to North

Korea to finalise preparations

for a new round of temporary

reunions of families beginning

this weekend. After a long

interval a family reunion is

being held. We will fully

prepare in order to ensure a favourable

favourable result. The

10-member team is working with North Korean officials to check

the hotel, communications lines

and other details for the 200

reunions of the north's diamond

mountain resort. They begin

this coming Saturday and

coincide with the traditional

Korean harvest holiday. 20,000

Koreans had been united in

face-to-face and video reunions from 2000

from 2000 to 2006 before they

were ended by politics. The new

reunions are one of a series of

recent conciliatory gestures by

Pyongyang to Seoul and

Washington. But in South Korea,

where family ties are so

important, the family reunion

program is also serving as a

measure of the relaxing

intention ramped up earlier

this year by North Korea's

nuclear and missile tests. The World Health

Organisation has warned the

swine flu virus is developing

some resistance to the vaccine.

The WHO says the H1N1 virus has

not mutated into a more deadly strain, but there have been

some cases of the flu not

responding to the current

responding to the current vaccines. If we see unusual

side effects we should work

together to do prompt

investigation and find out

whether they are really genuine

vaccine related rare side

effect or coincidental deaths.

Close to 3,500 people have died

worldwide from swine flu with

South America and North America

accounting for most of those

deaths. The WHO says billions

of new doses of the

of new doses of the vaccine are

likely to be produced over the

next year. Iran's Supreme

Leader has criticised the

United States for scrapping a

European missile defence

program to focus on a possible

threat from tie ran. Ayatollah Ali Khomeini says the US is

wrong about his country's

nuclear program. It's the first

official reaction by Iran since

Barack Obama announced the US was modifying

was modifying its plans for

defences against Iranian


He says the west's concerns

about Iran's nuclear ambitions

were purely a fabrication by the United States.

But western powers believe

Iran is developing nuclear

weapons under the guise of a

civilian program. On Thursday President Obama said the United

States was significantly

overhauling Bush era plans for a defence shield in Europe

after updated intelligence

about Iran's ability to hit

Europe with missiles. That move

appears to have eased Russia's

concerns. But Russia's

President continues to hedge on

the question of whether Russia

would support Iran if it were

attacked by Israel. And he

pre-fused to commit to any

defence agreement with Iran. We

do not have that kind of

obligation, but this does not

mean we would like to be or will be

will be indifferent to such an

occurrence. Any potential

strike by Israel, he says,

would be the worst thing that

could be imagined. My Israeli

colleagues have told me they

are not planning to act and I

trust them. But that doesn't

seem to have convinced Iranians who turned out on the streets

of Tehran for their annual

anti-Israeli protests. But the

rally turned ugly rally turned ugly as protesters

focused on internal politics.

Dozens of fighter jets

helicopters and other war

planes have flown over Beijing as China steps up preparations

for the country's national day.

The planes flew in formation

over the major boulevard that

runs east/west through the

city. Security has been

tightened around the capital with restrictions on knife with restrictions on knife sales, and plans to ground

flights during celebrations. 1

October marks 60 years of

Communist rule. You're watching ABC News for Australia Network.

In the headlines, a confidential report from the top US Commander in Afghanistan

has warned that the war could

be lost unless there is an increase in troops within a year.

Let's take a look at the

business markets. In the United

States overnight, the Dow and

Nasdaq ended mixed as the

market turned cautious ahead of

a Federal Reserve meet ing.

Sport now. In Formula One

racing the Renault team has

been given a two year suspended

ban from the Championship for

race fixing. The suspension

follows a deliberate crash by

one of its former drivers as

part of the team strategy for victory.

victory. Renault did not

contest accusations the team

ordered former driver Nelson

Piquet to crash his car at last

year's Singapore Grand Prix,

which allowed fellow driver

Fernando Alonso to win. The

penalty is 'tis qualification

but suspended for two years. Provided they don't do

something similar within two

years, they don't have any

problem. Nelson Piquet escaped punishment for punishment for blowing the

whistle on the incident. Current driver Fernando Alonso

has also spared but not

everyone escaped scot-free. The

former team boss was found

guilty of orchestrating the

move and has been handed a

lifetime ban N Australian Rules

Football, Geelong's Gary Ablett

has been awarded the Brownlow

medal for this season's best

player. It was the midfielder's

first Brownlow after going in

as favourite for the past three years. years. Ablett thanked his

family for its support and had

this message for his famous

footballing father. He'd be

stoked for me. It's going to be

fantastic that I can go home

and say I've done something he

hasn't done. It's seen as a

psychological boost for Geelong which plays St Kilda in the

grand final this week. Former

New Zealand All Black Jonah

Lomu has taken up body building

in a bid to reignite his rugby union career. He took mart in

union career. He took mart in a

competition in Wellington before making his comeback in

the French league. I'm loving T

it's a great way to focus.

That's one thing I have taken

from the sport. Lomu played 63

Tests for New Zealand but his

career was cut short after undergoing a kidney trance

plant in 2004. And the head of

soccer's governing body FIFA

has praised sarfg's progress in

preparing for the World preparing for the World Cup.

Sepp Blatter says transport is

the only hitch yet to be resolved. Six of the nine

cities are in the north and

only three are in the south.

Distances are very long. And

this is a problem to solve. But

they will solve it as in all

World Cups, all the problems

have been solved. Around 400,000 soccer fans are

expected to make the trip to

South Africa in July.

Let's check the weather for

our Tuesday around the region.

The smash television hits 30

Rock and Mad Men took out the

top honours at the annual Emmy

Awards but there were a few

upsets with Australian actress

Toni Colette meeting the

American favourite Sarah Palin

imitator Tina Fey to the best actress award.

The Emmies are television's

answer to the Oscars, with the

American industry putting on

the glitz for its 6 1st year of

celebrations. Toni Colette has

been nominated before, but this

was her first win. Wow! This is

insanely confronting! The

Australian actor plays a mother

with a multiple personality dis

order in the United States of order in the United States of

Tara and quipped it was flowing

into her real life. To my

beautiful husband, I couldn't

do this without you baby. To

our daughter who I hope she

doesn't end up in therapy

wondering why there was a

strange man breastfeeding her

at three months of age. The

star of 30 Rock Tina Fey had

been expected to win. But had

her own moment in the sun when

she won the best guest actor in

a comedy series for a comedy series for her

'Saturday Night Live'

impersonation of

Vice-Presidential candidate

Sarah Palin. I believe that

diplomacy should be the

cornerstone of any foreign

policy. And I can see Russia

from my house! 30 Rock led the

field with a record 22

nominations, but managed just

five wins, including Alec

Baldwin, for his portrayal of a

slippery television executive.

Australian Simon Baker missed

on the best actor award but was

on hand to congratulate Glenn

Close for her role as a

ruthless lawyer in 'Damages'.

For the second year running,

the outstanding drama prize

went to Mad Men, set in the

politically incorrect world of

an advertising firm in the 60s.

You've been watching ABC News for Australia Network. Our

top stories again - the top US

general in Afghanistan says the

war will fail unless troop

numbers are increased. The UN Secretary-General has pleaded

with world leaders to sign a

deal on cutting greenhouse gas

emissions. And the Renault team

given a two year suspended ban from the Formula One given a two year suspended ban

Championships for race fixing.

That's the bulletin for now.

For more news and current

affairs you can always go to

the web site. I'm oak Bev O'Connor. Thanks for your

company. See you soon. Bye-bye. Closed Captions by CSI