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More than one in four votes

in the Afghan election could be

fraudulent. India's media

spotlight back on Australia

over a race attack. A new dawn

as Japan's new Prime Minister

is sworn in. And - 75 suspects

detained over the syringe

attacks in China.

Good morning. Beverley O'Connor with ABC News for

Australia Network. Observers

from the European Union say

they have suspicions about a

quarter of the votes cast in

Afghanistan's presidential

election last month. They say

the majority of those votes

were for the incumbent, Hamid Karzai. Despite President

Karzai being declared the

preliminary winner, there could

yet be a run-off. International

observers say there's a long

way to go until the winner of

the presidential election is

the presidential election is

formally announced. Any claim

from any camp for any victory

will not be credible, will be

premature. The head of the

European Union observer team

says more than one million

votes cast for Hamid Karzai are

suspicious as are 300,000 for

his main rival. And it will be

his main rival. And it will be

the job of the Electoral

Complaints Commission, in

strong cooperation with the

Electoral Commission, to verify

these suspect and to eliminate

those who will be seen

fraudulent. The announcement

comes after the UN-backed Electoral Complaints Commission

ordered a recount at 1 in 10 of

what it called polling stations after finding

what it called "clear and

convincing evidence of fraud",

a process that could take

months. But despite the uncertainty, Hamid Karzai's

supporters are understandably

upbeat about preliminary

results that put the incumbent

President well ahead. They have

announced the results. It's OK,

we will accept that. And still

we are on the top of the list

candidate among and our candidate is our No. 1

candidate among the others.

President Karzai has dismissed

the EU's claims of fraud as

irresponsible. His opponents

have accused Mr Karzai's

supporters of stuffing ballot

boxes, inventing fake polling

site and rigging counts.

According to the Electoral

Commission, which has just

released details of voter

turn-out fr the first time,

less than 40% of eligible

voters actually cast their


calling on the Australian Officials in India are

Government to take action after the assault of four Indian men

in Melbourne. The latest attack

has prompted further anger in

India, with Australian police

admitting the assaults were

racially motivated. It's

another blow to Australia's international education market,

with agents already reporting a

big drop in demand from Indian


students. It seems as though,

with another day comes another

attack. And more sensationalist

headlines from the Indian

media. Three Indians brutally

beaten by a mob of 80 people in

Melbourne ... India's Mead

Yass long claimed the attacks

on Indian students are racially

motivated. Now it seems it has

proof. They were saying "Go

back to India. Leave the country."

country." Eff word, the women

were screaming "Go back to your country." Victorian police

have confirm the men were

subjected to racial taunts when

they visited a El Baradei in

Melbourne on Saturday night To

start punch ing on us, they

were about 20 of them outside,

and then one of them said hang

on, he ran inside, he called

everybody out. Any violence

which is racially motivated is

completely unacceptable to me

and to our State. And I will

keep repeating this message as

long as I have to. Four people

have been arrested over the

attacks. India's external

ministry has asked for a full

report. It is our earnest hope

that the concerned authorities

would take all necessary steps

to ensure the safety and

security of Indians in

Australia. But the real impact

of the problems in Australia is

being felt by education agents

here in India. Some are

reporting a drop in Indian

student numbers to Australia of

20 to 40%.

This man is the head of the

peak body for Australian

education agents in India. He

says Australia is becoming

increasingly tough to sell to

Indian students. When things

are presented in media, the

pictures that are shown, it

does affect the parents. So the

students are still ready to go,

but some of the parents are

afraid. The Victorian Premier,

John Brumby s in India next

week. It will be his job to

minimise the damage done to

Australia's reputation caused

by this latest attack. Later

this year the Prime Minister

Kevin Rudd is in New Delhi to

try to convince Indian students

to keep coming to Australia.

Japan's 60th Prime Minister

Yukio Hatoyama has been sworn. In the multimillionaire

US-trained engineer nicknamed

the Alien is promising a new dawn in Japanese

dawn in Japanese politics. With

a bow the ritual began but

Parliament's elected members

came to perform another

formality: elect Japan's new

leader. After more than half a

century of almost unbroken

Conservative rule the world's

second largest economy has a

grandson of a Prime Minister centre-left Prime Minister. The

grandson of a Prime Minister

and the son of a Foreign

Minister, Yukio Hatoyama has

politics in his blood. But now

comes the sweat and the

tears. I feel both the

excitement of being on the

verge of changing history, and

also the heavy burden of

responsibility of having to

create history. The long fight

begins now. Yukio Hatoyama and

begins now. Yukio Hatoyama and

his Democratic Party have an

overwhelming majority in

Japan's Lower House. Some would

argue it's a mandate for

radical change. But in truth,

the Democrats were swept to

discontentment with the power on a wave of voter

Conservative Liberal Democratic Party. Clearly, Prime Minister

Hatoyama has a lot to prove.

And the party also has a lot to prove.

prove. They're untested. It's a

green Cabinet team. They don't

have many seasoned veterans.

The challenges facing new

government are many. A

stagnating economy, staggering

public debt and record high unemployment. But none of this

seems to have fazed Yukio

Hatoyama. In fact, he's

promising sweeping reform.

Boosting public welfare.

Drastic cuts to greenhouse gas

emissions. And closer ties with Japan's Asian

Japan's Asian neighbours.

Sick and tired of decades of

Conservative rule, the Japanese

have voted for change. And

Yukio Hatoyama has promised a

new dawn in Japanese politics.

Today, the first glimmer of

light shone on the new Prime Minister's first day.

Malaysia's Opposition Leader

Anwar Ibrahim has lost an

appeal to-to-have seven

prosecutors replaced in the

latest sodomy trial against

him. He claimed the prosecutors have ties to the

Attorney-General and are

biased. The Attorney-General

led prosecution against Mr

Anwar in another sodomy case 10

years ago. The current case

centres on allegations by one

of Mr Anwar's former party

aides. There are fears the

death toll from flash flooding on

on the Indonesian island of

Sumatra could rise. Authorities

are still unable to reach

several villages affected by

the disaster. The flood washed

through eight villages about

600 kilometres of the regional

capital. 25 people have been

confirmed dead so far but

Indonesia's Health Department

says that number could rise as

flood damage has cut off six villages. Heavy rain

villages. Heavy rain fell in

the area for days before the

disaster. The Chinese police

say they've been successful in

combatting the syringe attacks

that have spread panic in the

Xingxiang province since late

August. Police in Urumqi say

they have detained 75 people

suspected of being involved in

the attacks during weeks of

unrest. Police moved swiftly to

clear the area after what

appears to be another in a spate of syringe

spate of syringe attacks in the

city. Authorities are keen to

be seen to be cracking down on

the attacks, after they led to

mass demonstrations two weeks

ago by mainly Han Chinese

locals. And they're happy to

trumpet the mass arrests. With

relentless effort by the armed

police and the strong support

from common citizens, 75 suspects have been

suspects have been arrested.

Seven syringe attack gangs were

destroyed and 36 cases of

syringe attack were cracked.

Nearly 500 people complained of

apparent syringe stabbings,

most of them Han Chinese. But

fewer than 200 of those were

able to be confirmed. Ongoing

divisions between the Han

Chinese and the Uighurs, an

ethnic Muslim group, led to

ethnic Muslim group, led to

violent demonstrations in July.

Nearly 200 people died in

Urumqi in the worst ethnic

unrest in decades. 196 people

have been charged over the

riots and three people have

been sentenced to jail terms of

up to 15 years over the


You're watching ABC News for

Australia Network. Coming up -

a key deadline

a key deadline looms in Barack

Obama's Middle East peace

initiative. And - more scandal

in Formula One as Renault opts

not to fight race-fixing


The Australian government is

under pressure over the arrival

of another boatload of asylum

seekers off the country's

north-west coast. So far this

year, more than 1,000 people

have tried to make it to Australia across the

Australia across the sea from

Indonesia. This is the latest

boat to be caught by Australian

border police trying to make it

onshore. The fourth to be

stopped in the past two weeks.

Its 58 passengers will be

detained on the remote

Christmas Island while their

claims are assessed.

Australia's Home Affairs

Minister has once again

condemned the people smugglers

who've been bringing the asylum

seekers across the sea from

Indonesia. It's a pernicious,

despicable trade. But as the

boats keep arriving, bringing

more than 1100 people this

year, the Australian Government

is under pressure from the

Conservative opposition. It's

accused the government of

softer treatment for boat arrivals. Will the Prime

Minister now concede that he

has lost control of who comes into

into Australia in The Prime

Minister's reply: there were

many more people arriving by

boat over the 11 years of the

previous government. In the period of the Howard

Government, there were 13,663

arrivals in Australia, in the

period this government has been

in office - and this is most

recent figure that I have

available - as of 30 August,

it's 1181. The government is

also playing up its efforts to

also playing up its efforts to

stop asylum seekers from board

ing boats in Indonesia, saying

more than 1,000 people have

been detained by Indonesian

authorities in the last

year. That's a direct result of

the efforts of our law

enforcement agency the

Australian Federal Police and

the Indonesian national

police. And he vowed to

continue disrupting their

ventures. The Australian Government is preparing to unveil a

preparing to unveil a new

citizenship test. The federal Immigration Minister Chris

Evans says greater emphasis is

being placed on a new citizen's

rights and responsibilities. He

says the test will no longer be

a quiz on Australian facts and

figures. The Burmese

authorities have barred the

pro-democracy leader Aung San

Suu Kyi from attending court

this week to hear the final

arguments in her appeal against

arguments in her appeal against

house arrest. She was sentenced

to three years' hard labour for

breaching security laws after

an American swam to her home.

The sentence caused

international outrage and was

reduced to 18 months' house

arrest. Her lawyer has applied

for special permission for her

to attend court this Friday.

That request has been reduce

ed. Ms Suu Kyi has been locked

up for 14 of the past 20 years. In un-West first acts

In un-West first acts of his presidency, Barack Obama

launched a new Middle East

peace initiative. He redefined

America's relationship with

Israel using some blunt

language but after months of

diplomacy one of the first

deadlines to bring the two

sides together is looming and

looking rather shaky. Ben

Knight reports. As the talks

grind on in Jerusalem, on other

side of the check point, the building continues.

building continues. The United

States wants Israel to stop building Jewish homes on

occupied land but Israel is

holding out. They are stealing

our land day by day, house by

house. And then there is not

one metre left for the

Palestinians. Many of these

workers are Palestinian.

Reluctantly building houses

they'll never be allowed to

live in. I have

live in. I have no choice. The Palestinian Authority does

nothing for us. If I want to

live, I have to do this job.

Barack Obama is the latest

American President to try to

solve this conflict. But for

obvious reasons, just this

week, Osama bin Laden used it

to rally Islamic extreme ists.

The President's envoy has been

back and forth between the two

sides over the past two days,

trying to get them to agree to

trying to get them to agree to

talks during next week's UN

General Assembly, but days

before the deadline there is0

still no deem. Washington is

taking a tough line with Israel

on these settlements but so far

Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is calling America's bluff. Even in the

middle of negotiations, his

government has approved

hundreds of new apartments to

be built in the West Bank.

That's pleased the politically

powerful settler movement. I think that Prime

think that Prime Minister

Netanyahu is now setting the

rules of the game between the

Obama administration and the Netanyahu administration.

Israel has been lifting

roadblocks in the West Bank,

allowing Palestinians more

freedom of po. As the security

situation improves. But Palestinians, and indeed other

Arab nations, are clear: for

talks to go ahead, the building

must stop. The obligations are very

very well specified in the

first road map and Israel must

stop settlement activities including natural growth. George Mitchell made

his name as a diplomat by helping to bring peace to Northern Ireland. He has the challenge of his life on his

hands this week.

Tonga's pro-democracy members

of Parliament are considering

suing the government after a

Court of Appeal acquitted five

of them of seditious

of them of seditious conspiracy. They were charged in connection with the November

2006 riots, which destroyed

much of the central business

district of the Tongan capital.

On November 11, 2006, the heart

of central Nuku'alofa was on

fire. A pro-democracy

demonstration that had

previously been peaceful turned nasty. A

nasty. A supermarket owned by

the Prime Minister was an early

target. It was extensively

looted. The government blamed

the pro-democracy people's

representatives in Parliament

for the mayhem. And five MPs

were charged with seditious

conspiracy. But almost three

years on, Tonga's Court of

Appeal has acquitted all five

of those charges. The leading

of those charges. The leading people's representative MP says

they might sue. We still have

to discuss whether there is a

possibility for them to sue

government for wrongful

detention. The pro-democracy

movement claims the government

itself was to blame for the

riot, that the Police Minister

did nothing to stop a rival

group in of causing

group in of causing trouble. We

knew well in advance there was

a plan for that group, and he

should've stopped them. It was

government that caused the

riots. One of the pro-democracy

MPs still faces another charge

of speaking seditious words. You're watching ABC News for

Australia Network. In the

headlines - observers from the

European Union say they have suspicions about a quarter

suspicions about a quarter of

the votes cast in Afghanistan's presidential election last month. The Organisation for Economic

Cooperation and Development is backing the Australian

Government's strategy for

managing the economy during the

global recession. The OECD's

report says stimulus spending

has saved up to 200,000 jobs,

even though Australia's unemployment rate

unemployment rate has risen

steadily since early 2008. At

5.8%, it's still well below the

OECD average of 8.3%.

Opposition Leaders are playing

down the findings because they

say the stimulus measures are

just a short-term fix. Now

let's check the business

markets. In the United States,

they closed higher for a third

straight session after strong growth in industrial


In sport, Formula One's

racing year of scandal

continues, with the news that Renault won't

Renault won't contest charges

of race fixing brought by the

sport's governing body. Two

senior figures in the Renault

team have resigned after its

former driver Nelson Piquet

Junior says he was ordered to

crash during last year's Singapore Grand Prix to help

his team-mate Fernando Alonso.

At the time it all looked like

an innocent mistake. Well, he has gone right into

has gone right into the

barriers. But Nelson Piquet junior's spectacular crash is

now being seen by some as an

outrageous fix. A plot to help

Renault team-mate Fernando

Alonso across the line as winner of the Singapore Grand

Prix. At the time, Piquet

junior said it was just an

accident but after he was

dropped by the team the

allegation of

allegation of underhand tactics

emerged. It was designed by

team boss Brit Brit Brit just

last week, but now he has

resigned along with director of

engineering. Renault said it

would not contest charges of

race fixing at a hearing in

Paris next Monday. The

allegations have shocked many

involved in the sport. I'm really

really surprised that Piquet

Junior allowed this to happen.

Anything could've happened.

When you add all that up, I

couldn't think of anyone who

could think up such a things.

It follows the disqualification

of Lewis Hamilton ham for not

telling the truth, bitter

splits between team owners and

organisers and the news BMW was quitting the sport. The sound

and fury of Formula One not restricted to the track.

The biggest tie in the first

round of group matches in the European Champions League has

ended in a disappointing draw.

But the reigning champions

Barcelona and their Italian

rivals Inter Milan both failed

to grab opportunities to win.

It was a match-up between two

of of the world's top strikers,

but Eto and Ibrahimovic failed

to register even one shot on

target. A substitute had the

best opportunity to score, but

his effort flew over the bar.

At the other end, Messi missed

the best chance of the game. In

Belgium, Arsenal fought back

from two goals down to beat

their opponents 3-2 in group H.

The Belgians stunned the

English side going 2-0 up in

the opening five minutes.

Arsenal closed the gap at the stroke of half-time and

levelled the match in the 78th

minute. They secured victory

three minutes later with a shot

from close range. US President

Barack Obama has held a special

event at the White House to

drum up support for Chicago's

bid to host the 2016 Olympics.

The President says the entire

nation is behind the Windy

City. Americans like Chicagoans

don't like to make small plans.

We want to dream big and reach

high. We hope deeply. We want

these Games. If you choose

Chicago I promise you this:

Chicago will make America proud

and America will make the world

proud. Chicago will be up

against Madrid, Tokyo and Rio

de Janeiro. The International

Olympic Committee will make its

decision on October 2. Juan Del

Potro has returned home to a

hero's welcome after winning

the US Open in New York. The 20-year-old beat five-time

champion and world No. 1 Roger

Federer in five sets to become only the second South American

to win the tournament. And the

new women's champion, Belgium's

Kim Clijsters received an

equally spectacular welcome

home. The former world No. 1

made an extraordinary comeback

after several years out of

tennis to defeat Denmark's

Caroline Wozniacki in two sets.

Now a look at how the weather

is shaping up for us for this


One of Australia's richest

and most prestigious

contemporary art prizes has

been awarded to a Chinese

Australian sculptor. Asian won

the $50,000 award for his work

titled 'Concrete Forest'. Evil

bust is implantd with a

different plant species,

symbolising the destruction of

nature in big cities. The

concrete represent man made materials almost at odds with

the environment there is a

beautiful environmental

message, but it's also a

statement on contemporary

culture. It's one of the most

important contemporary art

exhibitions in Australia. So I

really feel proud. This year

is going to be the final award

of this type but the National

Gallery of Victoria says it's already received interest from

potential sponsors for a new

award. You've been watching ABC News for Australia Network.

Before we go, let's check again

our top stories. EU observers

say they have suspicions about

a quarter of the votes cast in Afghanistan's presidential

election. Indian officials are

calling for action from the

Australian Government after the

assault of four Indian men. And

Japan's 60th Prime Minister

Yukio Hatoyama has been sworn

in and promises a new dawn in

Japanese politics. And that's

the bulletin for now. We have

our web site where you can go

and get the latest news and

current affairs. It's on your

screen now. We'll leave you

with celebrations marking 34

years of independence in Papua

New Guinea. We'll see you soon. Closed Captions by CSI