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(generated from captions) is now living off the dole. One in six Australians but some aren't even looking Most can't get a job, and they have no complaints that supports them. about the welfare system has the perfect example - Tonight, Tim Noonan who hasn't worked in years the boardshort bludger and doesn't intend to. I'm working on me tan! I am working - beats a good day at work, A bad day at the beach that's what I always say. It is the best office in the world. It's not a joke. It's criminal. you know. Every day is the ultimate holiday, for yourself. You can make it like that They don't see it as fraud. They don't see it as illegal. They see it as a privilege. I didn't create the system. The system is failing bludging on our country. when someone is deliberately Thank God for Centrelink your rent is still going to get paid because come Thursday morning above water. and you've still got your head Some of these people with a cattle prodder need a touch on the backside to get them off their butts and go and get a life. and actually go and get a job They are parasites. the John Howard surf team It used to be it's the Kevin Rudd surf team. and now It's a team funded by you and I. to do a 40-hour week in the ocean. It's not a problem for me at Byron Bay Riding the welfare wave while the rest of us pay their way. check them out, you know, Look at these boys, living the dream. living the dream! Let them know boys, "Don't work too hard" People say to me "You don't work too hard!" and I sort of smile at them and say, is an expert at beating the system. Surfer Justin Sheridan I love my life! he refuses to give up. Living an endless summer, when you're out surfing. It's hard to miss work years of subsidised surfing At 36, to ever adjust to full-time work. has made it difficult for Justin behind the desk and it isn't me. I've tried the nine-to-five thing, I'm no dummy. surfing I just find that this out here, and living that lifestyle, it's hard to steer away from. I thought live now, surf now clean a caravan park, and then later on and no-one really wants to do it take on a job that it's mundane you've had a great youth. and be happy with the fact that They get addicted to the lifestyle, they get addicted to the fact that on a weekly basis. they are getting these payments It's become normal to me now. We have a dole form here somewhere. just a number, There it is, that's me - 203789770C, one of the millions probably. costs Australian taxpayers Centrelink abuse billions of dollars every year. it tells you what you get, $487 There you go, if I'm lucky. and that might go into my account On any given beach around Australia, how many people are on the dole, you'd be surprised at they're cheating the system, simply because they can. they're getting paid how to catch a cheat, If anyone knows Ken Gamble. it's private investigator what goes on. It never ceases to amaze me a Centrelink surveillance agent, Years undercover as ripping off the system. he's caught hundreds of people about 10 cases a week I was investigating that were going out, We had a team of surveillance people that complaints had been made about we were observing specific people and we were finding fraud that was referred to us. in just about every case They're on your case the whole time. I've ever watched someone I don't think looking for a job, that has been out there so there you go and I've watched hundreds of people. they could just put their form in Back in the old days when and go surfing, and travel around the country that would have been great, looking for work all the time. but nowadays, they want you 10 different identities We had one fellow who had out of rorting Centrelink. and he made a professional career 10 years ago, introduced a Job Seeker Diary the Federal Government to make the unemployed accountable. The diaries require people to record and interviews a fortnight. at least eight job applications If they don't, reduced or stopped altogether. they could have their payments Of course what most people do is and they put the applications in they go out and they just lie on the forms. But it's a system full of loopholes. will just pull out a phone book A lot of people and write the four jobs down. Most of the time, is not going to check. the person assessing the form every single form. They simply can't check and get good at it like I have, If you like it there's no stopping ya! so why not? People can get away with it, That's the problem. in this country. It's the way the system is created It is the endless bummer and, like I used to say as a joke, "Jeez, it would be good would pay you more on a rainy day "if the Centrelink "because there's not much you can do and a skateboarder "if you're a surfer (LAUGHS) "and it's pissing down rain!" I think that the politicians what's going on. don't really understand they look at facts and figures They look at statistics, and they don't look at real people. We need to put the spotlight on these people Here is a job, you take it, and say to them, there's going to be no more dole." "if you don't, Believe if you are capable of

National Party Senator John Williams working, then you should work.. working, then you should work. has had enough. We have a situation in Australia now to import their labour. where we are forcing businesses from overseas They are bringing in workers refuse to go to work. because many Australians If he has his way, won't be around much longer. the board-short bludger if it's sweeping the streets, I don't care cleaning the rubbish off the side of the road, cleaning the drains out, they must do something before the taxpayers or the government gives them a cheque each week. It's almost like they pick on the surfer because he's got something to do all day! Justin has worked for the dole twice before to avoid having his payments cut. I used to want to go in to work and do all my work in a hurry and then get the hell out of there. But the lure of the beach was just too strong. I just felt like I missed out on six months of good surfing. I just found that it was better not to worry about looking for the work so much and going surfing, doing what I love to do. Centrelink is there to care for the genuine Australians who need a hand. Now whether they be aged pensioners, disability pensioners or the genuine unemployed, that is Centrelink's job, but not to encourage people to bludge their way through life. How about he have a good look at himself and see how much he rorts. How about he has a look at how much money they're taking from taxpayers and where it's going into - what, new suits, They drink the good wine, they have the good feeds, they drive the good car. He would probably love to have a new car but he doesn't want to work to get it. So when he sees someone that works hard and buys a new car, he probably frowns on them. Before those politicians get out of bed and put their make-up on and their make-up artist does this or whatever on their hairstyles, they've spent more money than I'd spend in a whole month! LAUGHS) Forget the hairstyle, forget the make-up with me! If you look at all the big scammers, they're the guys with the big money, they're not the little guys like me that are just getting by going to the beach and taking some friends surfing. At the end of the day, you're lucky if you end up with $60 a week to spend on food. Get three or four people living together renting the one unit, works out pretty cheap. Whatever your rent is they might help you with half of that so if you had to pay $150 a week, they'd give you $75 assistance. He may not be costing the nation a lot of money per capita, but put all the people along with him in the same boat and it's costing our nation a fortune. While the government is offering it, they're going to take what they can get. It's the bottomless pit of money. That's the problem. There's so much money getting wasted anyway, $250 to me is better than $250 into a semi-automatic machine gun shooting people in a cave. The department is viewed as an agency that helps people live the lifestyle that they want to live. It's great living in a society where we do help each other and we don't just leave each other in the gutter. We live in the luckiest country. The

best they can do is cut oft payments

and make sure that person never gets

paid anything ever again unless they

can demonstrate that they really are

unemployed. I wouldn't say I feel

guilty, I think it's more like I

feel saddened that people would look at I think it's more like... ..that I'm a bludger ..I feel saddened that people would look at like... because I don't call it bludging. ..that I'm a bludger because I don't call it bludging. it like

it like I find it difficult I just find it difficult to get jobs and keep them. it like I find it difficult to find

jobs. It's I wouldn't say I feel guilty,

jobs. It's a lifestyle choice that

minute be for everyone but I am sure

if everyone had a little taste of

it, they'd want it. A Lifestyle he

will be living for as long as he

can. Living the dream. can. Living the dream..