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(generated from captions) Hello, I'm Natarsha Belling. Hello, I'm Natarsha Belling.

Welcome to Ten News. Tonight,

reluctant hero - the sydney school

bus driver who saved her students

in a horror crash. She sees these

children as her own children - her

first thoughts were to look after

the children even though she had a

broken foot. America remembers -

the nation stops to reflect on the

atrocity of September 11. And the

premiership battle inspired by Black Saturday survival.

Sydney's bus crash hero has told

how she ignored her own serious

injuries to help dozens of school

children involved in the accident.

Speaking from her hospital bed,

Anita Harper says she can't wait to

get back behind the wheel. Flowers

for a very reluctant hero. Isn't

that what they say take the time to

smell the roses - yes life's too

fast. It certainly was yesterday -

when 67-year-old bus driver Anita

Harper was hit head on driving a

packed Sydney school bus. Despite

slamming into a cliff face, she

believes all 37 children on board

escaped serious injury because of

one basic rule. It was the only

rule I had on the bus they could

make as much noise as they liked,

but I told them they had to sit

down because it was a very

dangerous road. It's understood the

other driver suffered a heart

attack before veering into the bus

- both he and his 40-year-old

female passenger died. Ms Harper

suffered a badly broken foot, yet

still managed to stand up and

comfort her terrified young

passengers. She sees these children

as her own children her first

thoughts were to look after the

children even though she had a

broken foot. Many of the children

were bleeding from cuts to the head.

But they were concerned about their

beloved driver who was also

bleeding badly from her head. Only

after she helped the last child

from the bus, did she seek medical

help. The fact that they've all

been enquiring about me is very,

very nice - you feel a bit chuffed.

With almost every bone in her foot

shattered, Anita will need to

undergo further surgery here at

Liverpool Hospital, but she can't

wait to get back behind the wheel.

I couldn't believe it you asked me

last night could you get back to

work next week. Yeah, well, I

thought I could - it's only a foot.

She is due to change shifts, but

still hopes to catch up with her

school kids to say goodbye next

week. Ali Donaldson, Ten News.

Workplace Relations is shaping up

to become a battlefield at the next

election. The Liberal Party's NSW

State Council meeting is a chance

to rehearse lines for the next

meeting. This is a man who is Chirk,

who is real. This is how the

opposition says the Prime Minister.

He is the Bradman of boredom. The

Labor Party stand for nothing, but

the pursuit of power. The Liberal

Party's own pursuit of power could

take it back to the key reasons it

lost it. The opposition says that

the government risks losing a

productivity by ever-changing the

Howard government's WorkChoices. He

has shown himself to be a

WorkChoices addict. The government

will have greater access to the

White House with the new naming of

Jeff Bleich. We have a strong and

enduring relationship with the

United States. The appointment and

still needs formal confirmation by

the US Senate. A boat carrying 83

suspected asylum seekers and four

crew has been intercepted. It is

the 30th boat tour arrived in the

past year. It has barked questions

about Australia's border

protections laws. America has

stopped to remember its darkest day

- the terrorist attacks of

September the 11th. At a ceremony

at the Pentagon, President Obama

used the occasion to call for unity

in support of the Afghanistan war.

80 years ago, Barack Obama was a

local politician with no national

profile. By comparison, on his

first September 11 anniversary, at

the White House, he would have been

heavily scrutinised. He reflected

on the unity after SEP- 11. Let us

remember how we came together as

one people, as Americans. Those who

survived the attack, they also

reflected on the generosity of

people. We saw people risk their

lives, they ran into the burning

building to help people. The names

of the victims were read out. The

fact that President Barack Obama

did not go to New York, main

indicator that the state is about

more than just a reflection for. He

showed his support two for the men

and women still fighting in

Afghanistan. President Obama wanted

more troops out of the area and by

now. There is division in the

political circles of the American

White House. Sydney was clouded in

thick smoke today, after major back

burning operations to protect the

area. Hazard reduction burns were

carried out in the city's west and

along the northern beaches.

Residents are also being warned to

prepare their homes for the

bushfire season. Summer is just

about upon us, and now's the time

to start getting around the house

and close to the house. There will

be more back burning operations

around Sydney tomorrow. And if you

could find a spot away from the

smoke, it was a lovely day in

Sydney today. Temperatures climbed

to 29 degrees in the City sending

waves of people straight to the

beach. 31 was the top in the west.

And the great weather will stick

around for tomorrow with a top of

30 degrees expected. Meanwhile

dozens of homes remain without

power in Melbourne's outer east

after wild winds tore through

Victoria. Gusts of up to 110

kilometres an hour uprooted trees

and brought down powerlines. More

than 25,000 houses were blacked out.

More destructive winds are expected

to hit this evening. The AFL and

NRL stars are fighting for a place

in the Grand Final, Abereiddy team

of bush fire survivors are trying

to create a fairy-tale. Chelate

football fans arrived with lots of

passion. King at Lake did not have

a football tame after Black

Saturday. Here, they are trying not

to give in, they are coming out of

five. They had some high-powered support cheering them on. support cheering them

on.Inspiration to their country, go

up there and do your best. There

President, who knows a little bit

about football, heated them on as

well. The 173 victims of the fires

were symbolised as they released of

the loans. Three were different

colours to a member of the two

children and one of the players of

the full ball tamed. We will never

forget. It was football they came

to play, so it was game on. No

matter what they eat end score was,

it was a victory for the community of King at Lake.

Up next, a freeway drag race blamed

for a 4-car pile-up. Plus, tricks

of the trade - the world's best

secrets. make-up artists reveal their

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Traffic is backed up for kilometers

in Sydney's south after a fatal

crash this afternoon. Two cars

collided on the Acacia Road bypass

in Sutherland, killing the driver

of the north-bound car. A woman in

the same car suffered multiple

fractures and was trapped in the

vehicle for half an hour. A 4-year-

old boy also in the car suffered

serious injuries. The driver of the

south-bound car escaped with minor

injuries. Drivers are being warned

to avoid the area. One man has died

and another has been injured in yet

another road accident in Brisbane.

A ute carrying the two, ploughed

into the rear of a parked

semitrailer overnight. The

passenger died instantly, but the

driver escaped with minor injuries.

The vehicle was badly damaged and

parts were strewn across the road.

Police believe a drag race is

responsible for a shocking and pile

up in one of Perth's main roads. A

man is fighting for his life. I ute

collided with eight Land quiet --

Land cruiser part in the emergency

lane. The Land cruiser flipped and

brought down a Powell poll which

landed on another car. The ute then

hit another car as it spun across

three lanes of traffic. Muslim three lanes of traffic. Muslim

groups are outraged after the New

South Wales Government passed new

laws forcing shops to close on Christian-oriented public holidays.

The tougher laws ban all major

retailers from opening on Christmas

Day, Boxing Day, Easter Sunday and

Good Friday so staff can spend more

time with their families. The move

has been backed by the State

Opposition, unions and some Opposition, unions and some retailers. A leading Muslim retailers. A leading Muslim

spokesman has called for the two

main Muslim public holidays to be

recognised as well. The art of

make-up is on show in Sydney this

weekend. Australian and

international experts are in Sydney.

Special-effects make-up is more

than just lipstick and eyeliner.

The billion-dollar industry makes

the movie is what they are. The

best are in Sydney to share their

tricks. We use so many food stuffs.

This man made around worst a

nightmare. It is an art that makes

even the bit for ugly. We have to

make them locked -- at look ugly.

Summer has been a very golden, this

summer, we have smoky eyes. Lots of

bright colours on the eyes and lips.

Consumers have slowed spending on

clothes and shoes, they have not

stopped buying make-up. Women

cannot buy the handbag, but they

can buy the lipstick. Practice

makes perfect. The latest in hot

recession investments. The 8-year-

old girl that has beaten the

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No Governor-General has made an

emotional visit to her home town in

outback Queensland. Quentin Bryce

was there to open a museum, but

also took time to visit the land

she grew up in. It is a tiny town.

Just a speck along the Matilde a

highway, in the middle of

Queensland. The people of

Ilfracombe McGuirk expecting a

special guest. He is lovely to come

into town and put a dress on. They

welcomed Governor-General Quentin

Bryce. There is plenty of food here

for be. Their love play here, and

the feeling is mutual. She made the

long journey from can brides who

opened the museum. It is a very

special town, it has always had a

very remarkable sense of community.

She walks around with a country

folk. It is not just the official

duties here in Ilfracombe which are

important to the Governor-General,

she visits this land where her

parents were and her family during

the 1940s. Her fond childhood

memories cannot be erased. It's my memories cannot be erased. It's my

heritage and I find in eat a source of inspiration and encouragement.

All of the special things, I find here.

The space shuttle is safely back on

earth after a 24-hour, cross- country detour. 'Discovery' had

been due to land yesterday in

Florida but bad weather forced NASA

to postpone the homecoming. But,

with conditions at Cape Canaveral

even worse today, they decided to

land the shuttle in the Californian

desert. 'Discovery' will now have

to be flown back to Florida on

board a modified jumbo jet at a

cost of more than $1.5 million. The

fastest man on the planet, Usain

Bolt, has been beaten by an 8-year-

old girl. Sarah, a cheetah at

Cincinnati Zoo, got her claws into

his record and ripped it to shreds.

She is officially the quickest cat

on the planet, covering 100 metres

in a number mac. The previous

record was 6.19 seconds. This was

her first run. She wasn't really

trying it so she had another go.

She is the fastest mammal on earth.

The fastest man on earth, Usain

Bolt, could only manage 9.58

seconds. The plane this time was

eight toy dog. Staff at the zoo are

in aura of Mother Nature. I hope

this becomes a thing that people

will look at and say wow. That is a

unique animal. Everything about her

speaks of speed. She had a third go

at running but only managed a

slower time. She was tired out.

What's hot as an investment in

recession? Gold, property or cheap

shares perhaps? According to

organisers of a multimillion-dollar

show in Brisbane, it's actually

cars, the sort that are really

works of art. Have you got a spare

$2 million? Buy a Bugati, pick up a

Gullwing Mercedes for $500,000 or a

Shelby Mustang. Recently one of

these sold for $300,000. It's on

show in Brisbane this weekend for charity. But these collectables

aren't cars, they're creations. I

built it to use and it has become

an art peace now. I cannot use it.

The exhibition is called Speed,

Style, Beauty. Owners restoring

them treat them like lovers. One

thing leads to another. And whilst some thing leads to another. And whilst

some car values have dropped, the

right car is still worth the mint.

The price of wrecked cars are not

dropping. Like property, you have

to bite the right car -- car. Let

me see then... The 10 litre Porsche,

the D-type Jag, maybe the Monaro...

Oh to heck with it. The Bugati. Now

where's my wallet? An update on it

out earlier AFL story. King late

has lost. The losers out, the

winner to meet the Cats. And we'll

cross to the MCG shortly. Plus, plenty more. The Bulldogs

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Oh, you saw it. (TAKES A PHOTO) Gorgeous. Emma, it's not funny.

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This program is captioned live. Be

Australian Federal Police

investigates intermediate for war

crimes. Foreign ministers Stephen

Smith. Looking at tomorrow's

weather around the nation now. And it will weather around the nation now. And

it will be mostly sunny in Cairns

and Brisbane, with sunshine also on

the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. It

will be sunny with a top of 31 in

Sydney. Sunny in Canberra. Windy

with some rain in Melbourne. And

mostly cloudy in Hobart. To South

Australia, and it will be mostly

cloudy in Adelaide, a possible

shower for Port Lincoln and cloudy

in Victor Harbor. Across to WA, and

there is a possible shower for

Perth and a mostly sunny day in Broome.

A baby hippopotamus abandoned by

its mother is being raised by hand

at a wildlife park in Colombia. 2- month-old Matilde has become

popular with local children, who

take turns feeding her with a giant

bottle. Her handlers are trying to

teach her some hippo habits, like

how to wallow in mud. But now she's

become such a media star, the little hippopotamus seems more interested in checking out the

cameras. That brings you up to date

with the latest news. Stay around

for Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. Good evening.

This program is captioned live.

Welcome to Toyota's Sports Tonight.

The Bulldogs charge. We would

check-in with Anthony Hanson for

the latest on the AFL. Jonathan