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(generated from captions) on the western side of the city. during the Great Depression No worries. The Hungry Mile.

OK. Bad luck there, mate. As you said before, for a uni student. $1,000 is pretty good

Mate, you're doing well. Certainly is. in front of you. You've got a great career There's no doubt about it. You're a good lad. It's all happening for you. You've got a beautiful girlfriend. Go and buy a hairbrush. You won $1,000. (LAUGHTER) Fantastic. Good on you, mate. Thanks a lot. Well done, Thomas. nice by name, nice by nature. Thomas Nice - Give him a big round of applause. He's a ripper. He just won $1,000. in the Millionaire Hot Seat. I'll see you next time Good night. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by MYSTERIOUS MUSIC) (VEHICLE DRIVES AWAY, the partnership is working well... RADIO DJ: The Senator says (PANTS) (GASPS)