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(generated from captions) Hold it up. (AUDIENCE GROANS) What's that on the $50? The Southern Cross. Ahhh! Mate, forget about the $50,000. the day, "I'll give you $1,000," If I'd have said at the start of what would you have said? "That'd be pretty good, Eddie." I would've said, my hand grabbing it. Well played. You would've taken the skin off There you go. Alastair Tomkins wins $1,000. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. See you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by and we've got the videotape - Sex, Lies John Della Bosca's lover revealed. Growth going gangbusters - out of recession. how Australia is leading the world shot dead by police - The armed robber

linked to the killing of an officer. now his brothers and one more on the way. And the woman with 18 kids

the woman who brought down. She is

a comedy writer. Her name is Kate

Neil. Her stage name is harmony.

What is sure name? Harmony? In

today's Daily Telegraph she claimed

she is the victim. But her former

lover, John Della Bosca was taking

what he calls his medicine. A back

seat in the Upper House. Despite

his fall from grace he still has

many political supporters.

Including police minister Tony

Kelly he used a media conference to

heap praise on a former health

minister. He's both by far the most

talented minister in this state,

possibly Australia. Former premier

Bob Carr questioned whether Mr del

Bosco should have been allowed to

resign at all. A lot of people

don't think this was a hanging

offence. The Opposition says - - is

not as forgiving. To bear the Liberal Party Mystic Tone

opportunity to cash in on the

turmoil when they released this

fire. Sadly for them gave the

address as easy Sydney instead of

the East Sydney. The lay singers,

arrogance and lack of attention to

detail - every single assertion

wrong and you cannot even get your

own address right. The opposition

five the only weapon it had today -

a vote of no confidence. But man at

the centre of the crisis was not

talking to the media today, nor was

his wife, federal MP Belinda Neal.

We know that Kate Neil lives in

Sydney's inner-west. We understand

she is not at home at the moment.

We have been told her boyfriend has

been devastated with this

development. This tawdry affair is

coming to an end, we are yet to

hear from John Della Bosca's wife,

Belinda Neal. is growing at record rates, Australia's economy developed nations. the fastest of all the world's than expected growth figures show The Government says better the stimulus packages have worked, are now more likely to rise. but warn official interest rates harder than expected, Consumers shopped and the result? businesses invested in new equipment the three months to the end of June, Robust economic growth of 0.6% in are still going backwards. at a time when most other economies but it shows what can be done This is truly remarkable, for a global crisis. when you act with force advanced economy Australia is the only

over the past year. to have recorded positive growth year-on-year growth, also 0.6%, Compared with Australia's Britain's by 5.5%, the US economy shrank by 3.9%, and Japan's by 6.4%. Germany's by 5.9% taking credit, The Government doesn't mind without the stimulus packages, saying that have contracted by 0.3% our economy would also in the June quarter and 1.3% over the year. to oppose stimulus, The decision of the Liberals in the parliament in February, to vote against it was a monumental misjudgement. spoke of a stunning result, While economists growth figure a warning bell. the Opposition called the positive the way the Rudd Government is, If we continue to spend money and higher interest rates. we will have higher taxes As it becomes increasingly obvious that's plagued the rest of the world, Australia has dodged the recession

a lift in official interest rates present from the Reserve Bank. could be an unwelcome Christmas stimulus too early would cost jobs The PM though says winding back the and his argument has strong support. to choke off the recovery. You don't want even with today's growth figures, We can't yet say that, the economy is out of the woods. Laurie Oakes, Nine News. There's been an extraordinary twist during a hold-up at Canley Vale. in yesterday's fatal police shooting is a brother of two men jailed The young gunman who was killed of police officer Glenn McEnally. over the shooting have been posted on the Internet. His photos and tributes gunned down by police 18-year-old Tevita Toufahema, after an armed robbery. trying to escape that he took a hostage The allegation is and then levelled a gun at two officers.

fatally wounded the teenager. One opened fire and two brothers are in jail Now it's been revealed Toufahema's police officer Glen McEnally. over the shooting of Sydney after chase with a stolen car The highway patrolman was shot dead at Hillsdale in March 2002. were in the vehicle Motekai and John Toufahema pulled the trigger, and although neither convicted of murder. both were initially

on appeal. It was downgraded to manslaughter fuming they could be out by 2012. At the time, the McEnally family was Today, father Bob's only thoughts involved in the latest shooting. were with the police officer yesterday's botched robbery, A 16-year-old arrested during has appeared in court. Yagoona restaurant the night before He's also accused of robbing a

in which a shot was fired. the 16-year-old, Police have confirmed who was refused bail today, man found murdered near Wollongong The distraught parents of a Chinese to help find his killers. have made an emotional plea

bushland at Mount Ousley last month. Jun Chen's body was found in He'd been missing since March.

at the age of 27. It is just so cruel to kill my son

in future? How are we going to survive about a white Toyota Hi-Ace van Police are appealing for information at Mount Ousley on 4 March, which was seen near Cataract Creek the day Chen disappeared. has been terrorised An elderly couple

ransacked their Blue Mountains home. by a gang of hooded bandits who robberies along the street, Residents say the men attempted before choosing their defenceless victims. Nothing was spared, as the intruders turned every room upside down. Owners John and Marianne Biro, both in their 80s, are too frightened to appear on camera, as is their friend. She was in bed - she can't move - and her husband was just about to go to bed when these people walked into their bedroom. The couple was held captive for over an hour while hooded thieves stole cash, jewellery and mobile phones.

They must have been terrified? They were absolutely terrified. In fact, the owner's in shock. He's just gone down to the doctor.

This morning, police searched the quiet Leura street for clues. This is a pretty random act for our area. It's very out of character. But the Biros were not the intended victims of this crime. Several neighbours have reported strange activity in the street last night. It seems the offenders may have canvassed several homes before finally breaking into this one.

Michael and Pat Cox live next door. He must have found he couldn't open that and that's when he walked away. Now they wish they'd called the police. The gang fled in the Biros' car, warning the defenceless couple

they'd be back to cause more damage if they reported the crime. Amelia Adams, Nine News. A Sydney man has heard horrifying details of how partner was ignored as she lay dying in the hours after giving birth to their daughter. Two nurses have told an inquest that they warned doctors about the woman's condition, but nothing was done to help her. A shattered man, David Cuthbertson, hoping for answers. His partner Petah Kimm died in June 2006, 11 hours after she gave birth to their baby girl Alyssa, who's now three, by caesarian section at Nepean Hospital. A dog wakes woof. Woof! Woof! Woof! What about a duck? Nurses Rebecca Roseby and Denise Johnston told the inquest into Petah's death they were concerned about the amount of blood she had lost during childbirth and warned the doctors, Nurse Johnston saying: But obstetrician Max Mongelli, who performed the caesarian, told the court the amount of blood was uneventful. Nurse Roseby said she urged Dr Mongelli to check the blood loss, but he said she was OK. The inquest will also examine the amount of morphine in Petah Kimm's system and why she'd laid unattended in Nepean Hospital for two hours before she was found dead. A significant piece of evidence which won't be presented to this inquest is the hospital hand-over tape,

a recording made by nurses on the conditions of their patients before they finish their shift. In Petah Kimm's case, there is no tape. It's either been lost or recorded over. The inquest continues tomorrow. Lizzie Pearl, Nine News. There are calls for competition in the banking sector to be reviewed, with new figures highlighting how much the big four banks dominate the mortgage market. In July this year, almost every new home loan was underwritten by either ANZ, Westpac, NAB or the Commonwealth. We might have dodged a bullet as the rest of world got burned in the global financial crisis, but the downside - our banking system has shrunk. The competition in the home loan market is the worst since the 1980s. We've effectively taken a step back 30 years.

The big four now have a monopoly on the mortgage business. Last July, they were writing about 68% of home loans. New figures now show they've captured 100% of the market. The big four have the power of government guarantees. It's given them a huge advantage over smaller institutions like Bank of Queensland, who have to pay more to tap into funding markets. I think that's bad for Australia and I think it's bad for consumers eventually because they'll have little choice. The big banks have become the big fish devouring the competition - St George and RAMS have been swallowed by Westpac, BankWest gobbled up by Commonwealth, which has also taken a 30% chunk of Aussie,

which in turn has taken over Wizard. The big four should post profits of $15 billion this year. Nothing lasts forever so banks have got it very good at the minute, but that ain't going to last forever. But breaking the big four's hold on the market will need the Government to make it easier for the small fish to get funds at a competitive price.

Mark Burrows, Nine News. A Qantas 747 from Singapore to Sydney has been forced to make an emergency landing in Perth after a mid-air fuel leak. 290 people were on board the aircraft that managed to land safely a little over 30 minutes ago. The airline says no-one was injured. Now, let's meet a happy couple whose love of children has no bounds, no bounds at all. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have big news - they're expecting another baby, company for their other 18 children. When you have a brood like this... Then Jack, then Johanna, Jennifer, Jordan... ..why stop at 18? So this morning, America's super-family - already stars of their own reality TV series... BOY: We're not your typical family.

..went on to an even-bigger rating show, the 'Today' show, to talk about one more on the way. But we are thrilled to announce that we found out we're expecting our 19th child. Michelle Duggar has achieved all this while still working with her husband, Jim Bob, managing commercial real estate businesses and coping with TV crews in their home capturing all the action. We are so excited about this new arrival. Just to add to the happy news, Josh, the oldest, is getting on with being a true-blue Duggar as well. He and his wife are expecting their first little Duggar next month, making mummy Duggar grannie Duggar - and all before her 43rd birthday. Robert Penfold, Nine News, Los Angeles. A fly-past over Sydney to mark the Battle of Australia. And conman Bernie Madoff's weekender goes up for sale. It was the battle our young nation could not afford to lose - when many of our servicemen were fighting in foreign lands, our own shores came under devastating attack from Japan in World War II. Today, Australia remembered the bravery of those who kept us safe. From seemingly out of nowhere, it appeared - a FA-18 bearing down on the city. As the fighter performed a spectacular vertical climb above Martin Place, below, a solemn service at the Cenotaph. The commemoration of the battle for Australia seeks to ensure that the heroism and sacrifice of those Australians who took part in the immediate defence of our country is enshrined in our national memory. It was a time when Australia's freedom was threatened - bombing raids on Darwin, midget subs in Sydney Harbour. People don't really realise how close they were.

It was also a time everlasting friendships were forged. Fuzzy Wuzzy angels, the heroes of the Kokoda Track. In ceremonies around the country, we paid tribute to the thousands who fought and died in World War II and remembered the first and only time Australia was forced to defend its shores. For Tom Crawford, today brought back memories, good and bad. I'm one of those blokes who'll choke. I can't... Good on you, sir. Thank you very much. Simon Bouda, Nine News. Here's a home with some history - it's the beach pad of the world's greatest conman, Bernie Madoff. It's now in the hands of US Federal Marshals, who have the job of selling the place. It's simple, it's stylish but it is understated. At auction, they hope it brings about $10 million - a small repayment on some $80 billion which Bernie ripped off from investors. Here's something you didn't know about Muhammad Ali - he's descended from Irish stock and today, he called on the relos in the western Ireland town of Ennis. It was home to Ali's great-grandfather, Abe Grady, and they were pleased as punch to see him. It would make me a cousin somewhere along the line of Muhammad Ali and I'm so proud, so proud that I am. Finally, we know where he got his skills in a stoush - it's all down to the fighting Irish. Ken with sport is next and the Knights accept their punishment? Peter, they'll be without Ben Rogers in the must-win game against Penrith, after he accepted a 3-match ban for striking. And a little-known Aussie teenager takes the world number one to the wire. Despite a season of off-field dramas, the NRL's 3 millionth fan will pass through the turnstiles this weekend, highlighting the game's amazing resilience. In other league news, the Knights' five-eighth, Ben Rogers, has accepted a 3-match ban for his brain explosion against the Raiders and will miss Newcastle's must-win game against the Panthers. Rogers was hurting today - missing such an important time of the year is a blow on all fronts. Obviously not proud of the events that took place. I think I've let me team down, I've let the club down. I think that's the thing that hurts me the most. Rogers says it's not in his nature to do what he did against the Raiders' Daniel Vidot. The Knights' five-eighth won't play again this year unless Newcastle make the grand final. Rogers wasn't bitter that Vidot reacted the way he did. I hope the young kid's alright. At Manly, there's a sense of now or never. They play the Titans on Saturday, but after another bumbling effort against the Sharks, there's been no momentum to their play. Incredibly, the Sea Eagles still have a chance of making the top four, but it's going to take a little luck and a massive form reversal. The coach is also expecting Brett Stewart to get more involved in only his second match back from injury. You'll see a bit more of Brett provided we hang on to the ball a bit more. The Eels are treating their game against the Dragons as an early semi. In the first week of the finals, team two plays team seven and that's a mirror image of Friday night's Parramatta-St George Illawarra showdown.

I got a suspicion we'll be playing them two weeks in a row. That's where the odds are, mostly, with the play-offs. At this stage, the out-of-form Dragons are the favourites against the hottest team in the comp.

You know, they're gonna be looking for redemption. The NRL released a report showing the game is growing at all levels,

while Nathan Hindmarsh, Andrew Ryan and Wendell Sailor have all been recognised for their work in the community. Clinton Fletcher, Nine News. Sacked Wallaby winger Lote Tuqiri has flown back from his whirlwind trip to France after talks with cashed-up rugby club Bayonne. Tuqiri confirmed he's not signed any deal with Bayonne and is still keen to talk to NRL clubs after consulting wife, Rebekah. I've got to relay stuff to the wife and talk about things over the next week or two 'cause there are still options here. Unknown Australian teenager Olivia Rogowska came close to scoring the biggest upset of Grand Slam tennis history at the US Open. While fellow Aussies Carsten Ball and Anastasia Rodionova won, Rogowska got within two games of ousting world number one Dinara Safina. The 18-year-old even stunned herself, almost becoming the first wildcard to defeat the top seed in the first round of the US Open. I'm disappointed I lost and I didn't expect to be saying that after playing the number one player in the world so it's a bit weird. Rain has caused chaos during cycling's Tour of Spain. Riders struggled to deal with the wet, triggering several crashes. Keep an eye on one rider who veers out of the leading pack and into the back of a parked tanker. Even more spectacular - this accident, where a domino effect saw many competitors hit the deck.

Belinda Neal. That he she an earthquake in Indonesia. Lyndsey Rodrigues is next with the weather and how long is this sunshine going to continue, Lyndsey? Unfortunately not much longer, Peter. Rain and more rain expected tomorrow. I'll have all the details after the break. at 6:30. n z Coming up on WIN at 6:30. n z Coming up on WIN

News... The Territory' s bews... The Territory' s economy News... The Territory' s economy

begins to turn the corner. And, an begins to turn the corner. And, an early plea costs Raider early plea costs Raider Daniel Vidot

two matches. Join me for all the

details next. n z Mum, how do they make the holes in Chex? I'm not sure. What do you think? Echidnas. Echidnas? Maybe they work at the Coco Pops factory. They're special echidnas with special spikes and they smash their spikes into the Chex and that's how they get the holes. VOICEOVER: Treat your kids with the surprising shape of Coco Pops Chex. BOY: They're just like a chocolate milkshake... CHILDREN: Only crunchy! It was a sunny day across Sydney with a north-east sea breeze keeping temperatures down. The city reached a top of 19 - our coolest day in three weeks. While Penrith reached a warmer 22 degrees.

A high pressure ridge continues to keep most of the State clear and dry. But a trough moving across the south-west will bring some showers later in the week. Across the country tomorrow - a possible shower in Cairns. Mostly fine for Brisbane, 25. Showers for Canberra. Windy with showers in Melbourne, a top of 20. 17 degrees and rain for Hobart. There'll even be some rain for Alice Springs, 22 degrees. Tomorrow will be grey across Sydney, with cloud increasing, bringing rain later in the day. A top of 23 for the city, a slightly warmer 24 in Parramatta. Looking ahead - and Friday should see that wet weather clearing later in the day, leading up to a mostly sunny weekend with a top of 20 on Saturday and Sunday. In our western suburbs, skies will start to clear for the weekend, with a slightly warmer Sunday reaching a top of 22. And that's Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have a good evening. degrees. Tonight ... The latest degrees. Tonight ... The latest

report card on the A-C-T' s public report card on the A-C-T' s public

health system, The Chief Justice health system, The Chief Justice and

Attorney General at Attorney General at loggerheads

over the need for another Supreme

Court judge. And, the nation' s

economy weathering the economic

downturn. Good evening, I' m downturn. Good evening, I' m Jessica

Good. Despite unprecedented Good. Despite unprecedented demand,

emergency department waiting times emergency department waiting times

at A-C-T public hospitals are slightly improving.The latest slightly improving.The latest report