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The US and its allies urged

to change their strategy in

Prime Minister Afghanistan. Japan's outgoing

Prime Minister takes the blame

for his party's defeat. China

unhappy as the Dalai Lama

praises Taiwan's democracy. And

restoring faith in Australia's

education industry.

Good morning. Beverley O'Connor with ABC News for

Australia Network. The

commander in charge of Western

Forces in Afghanistan is

calling for a new strategy in

calling for a new strategy in

the war. In his review, US Army

General Stanley McChrystal says

cooperation between forces must

improve if the war is to be won

and the US Defense Secretary

Robert Gates has backed his

comments saying there is still

a tough fight ahead. There is a

record number of US troops in

Afghanistan, and a new

commander in charge. But still

the death toll is rising at an

alarming rate. Now in

alarming rate. Now in his

long-awaited review, the

commander in charge, US Army General Stanley McChrystal,

says foreign forces must change

the way they tackle the

Taliban. The US Defense

Secretary Robert Gates hasn't

yet seen the report, but

suspects what it will

contain. I think it will also

point to areas where we can do

better, and can make

improvements in our strategy

and tactics. The report is yet

to be made public. It's known

General McChrystal has not made

a direct call for more troops

although the hints are

there. We'll have to look at the availability of forces,

we'll have to look at costs.

There are a lot of different

things that we'll have to look

at. Once we get his

recommendations. The latest

Afghanistan, two American and NATO troops to die in

two British,

two British, were killed in

separate explosions. NATO says

there is a need to reassess the

military's resources. General

McChrystal has now taken a

fresh piece of paper look at

this situation on the ground.

He has given his assessment.

Now we need to discuss it. And

take it forward. The report

comes as the latest results

from the Afghan election show President Hamid Karzai leading

President Hamid Karzai leading

his main challenger Abdullah

Abdullah with 45% of the vote

compared to 33%. Almost half of

the votes have been counted.

An Afghan man who hoped to

cast his vote during the

presidential election is

recovering in hospital after

suffering an horrific attack at

the hands of the Taliban. He

was on his way to a polling

was beaten unconscious station in the capital when he

was beaten unconscious by

insurgents, who then mute lated

his face. He's now facing the

prospect of reconstructive

surgery and says he regrets

trying to participate in the

elections. The outgoing

Japanese Prime Minister Taro

Aso says he takes full

responsibility for his party's

crushing defeat and will resign

as its leader. He made his

announcement as Prime

Minister-elect Yukio Hatoyama announcement as Prime

set about the task of turning

around one of the world's

biggest economies. It's a huge

victory. Forecasts suggest the

Democratic Party of Japan has

gone from having just 115 Lower

House seats before the election

to more than 300 now. Almost

all of those have been won from

the Liberal Democratic Party,

led by a very contrite Taro

led by a very contrite Taro

Aso. I deeply apologise to our

voters and party members from

all over the nation that have

supported us. I regret to have

lost many of hour colleagues

and as the representative of

this party, I'm responsible for

this. But while Taro Aso was

preparing for opposition, Prime Minister-elect Yukio Hatoyama was wasting no

was wasting no time, rushing to

a meetsing to select his

Cabinet. He took a long time,

but I feel I can now stand at

starting line. We can now

conduct politics for the people

of Japan in the way we believe.

I feel overwhelmed with

emotions for that fact. He

says his priority is to select

a new Finance Minister. Japan

has just suffered through a

crushing rel session, and still

crushing rel session, and still has record unemployment. A

problem Taro Aso identified as

a key to his massive loss. The

fault lies in the Liberal

Democratic Party, not resolving

the dissatisfaction the people

were experiencing in their

lives., which includes

stagnation in the society and

the widening disparity in

income. The challenge for the new Prime Minister will be

new Prime Minister will be to

fulfil his election promises of

expanding welfare and reversing

the ageing of the population

while keeping Japan's massive

national debt under control. He

also plans to revamp Japan's

foreign policy and so far he is

receiving a warm diplomatic

welcome. We place high value on

the fact that Japan's

Democratic Party has emphasised

the importance of South

Korea/Japan relations and the importance of South

they've shown they want better

relations between the two countries. Japan is a very

important partner for Thailand

economically and on other

matters. And we look forward to

working closely, to continue

working closely with

Japan. He's expected to be

formal lie confirmed in a

special session of Parliament

in the next two weeks. The Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama has praised

Taiwan's democracy during the

first full day of a tour that

China has warned will hurt

improving ties with the island

state. The exiled Tibetan

leader sat with villagers to

offer prayers and comfort to

the survivors of typhoon

Morakot. Around 650 tian niece

are thought to have died in the

aftermath of the

aftermath of the typhoon. The

village of Shaolin once stood here. Now it's where the Dalai

Lama's leading prayers for the

souls of the dead. It's great

that he's come. It's good for

our hearts. China's opposed

the visit by the Tibetan leader

but he is ignoring warnings

from Beijing not to talk about

politics during his mercy

politics during his mercy

mission. Most important, you

achieve democracy. You enter

democracy. Then you must

preserve. The leaders of

Taiwan's democracy, including

the President, won't risk

further angering China by meeting the Dalai Lama during

his visit, and he says that's

fine by him. My side, no

political agenda. Nothing to

discuss with leaders of

discuss with leaders of this

country. He already observed

the concern from Mao's government and Beijing and tried to minimise the

repercussions of his visit. China accuses the Dalai Lama of

being a separatist, but it's

unlikely to derail progress

toward reunification with

Taiwan by overreacting to the

Tibetan leader's visit there.

Some of the refugees who fled

to China to escape the violence

in northern Burma have begun

returning home. The move comes

after claims by the Burmese

Government that it's restored

stability to the region,

following clashes with local

militia. But thousands have

chosen to remain in Chinese

refugee camps. A human rights

activist from Burma was among

six people recognised at

six people recognised at Asia's

equivalent of the Nobel Prize

awards. A student activist

during Burma's 1988 pro-democracy demonstrations

picked up an award and later

worked for a group affected by

the building of a pipeline. A

Thai pharmacist and two

environmental activists from

China were also honoured. More than 200 children

than 200 children living next

to an industrial mark in south-west China have been

found to have excessive levels

of lead in their blood. State

media says about 1,000 children

have been tested in a suburb of

Quon Ming. It's the third such

case in a month. At least three

lead smelters in Hunan province

were forced to temporarily stop

production after several children fell im.

children fell im. You're

watching ABC News for Australia

Network. Coming up - a formal

investigation into the Tongan

ferry disaster gets under way.

And - jail house rock. An

Australian version of country

music star Johnny Cash's

legendary prison shows.

Fiji is likely to be

suspended from the Commonwealth

group of nations today after

failing to commit to

failing to commit to elections

next year. In March the

Commonwealth called on Fiji's military-backed regime to

commit to holding elections in

2010 or face suspension on the

first of September. The interim

government has told Fiji's

media it has set an election

date for 2014 and will not be

changing its position. The

Commonwealth secretary says as

Fiji has ignored its request

Fiji has ignored its request its suspension deadline hasn't

been deferred. Julia Gillard is

in India to help repair the

damage done to Australia's $15 billion international student

market. She's aiming to send

the message that Australia does

not tolerate violence against

foreign students, and is doing

all it can to crack down on

fraud lent education providers. Julia Gillard chose a friendly

crowd to open her Indian tour. The students of

The students of this

all-women's college were lining

up to greet Australia's highest

ranking female politician. But

the Deputy Prime Minister's

visit isn't all about

handshakes and compliments. Julia Gillard is on a mission

to rescue Australia's $15

billion our year international

student market. Outrage over a

number of attacks on Indian students has prompted protests

in Australia and India. Some

universities have reported their number

their number of Indian student

enrolments could be down by as

much as 50% next year. Julia

Gillard's message to India is

that violence is not tolerated

in Australia. On behalf of the

Australian people, can I say

that Australia has zero

tolerance for violence against

visiting Indian students,

indeed, zero tolerance for

violence against anyone. As well as the violent

well as the violent attacks the

reputation of Australia's

international education

industry has also suffered from

suspect business dealings by

some providers. Ms Gillard says

new laws and tougher

regulations will drive these

providers out of the

industry. We want to make sure

that everybody who provides

education to international

students provides a quality

education. And for those who

don't meet that standard, we want

want them out of business.

These issues are likely to be

high on the agenda when Julia

Gillard meets India's Prime

Minister Manmohan Singh. The

government's taking the threat

to the $15 billion export

industry very seriously. Julia

Gillard's visit is being backed

up later this week bib the Trade Minister Simon Crean.

Next week, the Treasurer Wayne

Swan is in town. Later this

year it's the Prime Minister,

Kevin Rudd.

The search for a missing

State Government minister in

Australia has resumed in

Victoria's alpine region. Grave

fears are now held for Water

Minister, Tim Holding, who

failed to return from a solo

hike in mountainous terrain on

Sunday afternoon. More than 80

volunteers camped on the

mountain overnight and have

resumed the search with

improved weather conditions

forecast for today. In

forecast for today. In the

United States, a fire in the

Los Angeles mountains is

continuing to spread and

threatening at least 12,000

homes. People in almost 7,000

homes are under orders to

abandon their properties. Two

firefighters battling the

blazes died when their truck

rolled off a cliff. The fires

are also threatening

communication towers in the

region. Sri Lanka's High Court

region. Sri Lanka's High Court has sentenced a journalist from

the country's Tamil minority to

20 years' jail after convicting

him on terrorism charges. The

court ruled that the man

received money from the Tamil

Tiger rebels to fund a magazine

he had published. He was also

found guilty of using two of

his articles to incite

ethnically based violence.

Australia's status as the

Australia's status as the recession-proof economy in the

global downturn is expected to

be confirmed this week. Ahead

of official figures expected to

show solid growth, the Federal

Opposition is demanding the

government pull back on the

billions of dollars worth of

building projects still in the

pipeline. But the government

says that would push

unemployment higher, and its

top Treasury advisers

top Treasury advisers agree.

The last Australian service mn

listed as missing in action

from the Vietnam War are

finally home. It's nearly 40

years since Pilot Officer Robert Carver and Flying

Officer Michael Herbert

disappeared on a bombing

mission over central Vietnam.

Their remains were found last

month in remote

month in remote jungle near the

border with Laos. One final

flight for two cherished men.

At last, Michael Herbert and

Bob Carver are home. I'm proud

and pleased to report to the

Australian public that the crew

of Magpie 9-1 are finally

home. Their plane was greeted

with applause, their coffins

were met by a single solemn drum.

drum. My family has ... has

spent many years ... um ...

dealing with this. And ... um

... this passage is very

important. Pride to me seems

to be the overwhelming emotion.

Pride in these two young blokes. For those who served

with them, there's relief, but

also a reminder of a painful

also a reminder of a painful

past. I should've been on that

aeroplane. (Voice breaks) And

... by just fate, I ... I miss

them and I'm pleased they're

home. It's the end of a

chapter. Flying Officer

Herbert an Pilot Officer Carver

went missing in 1970, after a

night bombing mission over central Vietnam. The crash

central Vietnam. The crash site

wasn't discovered until 1982,

but nothing else was found. The

search resumed this year. We

weren't certain what we'd find.

certain that we'd find anything In fact I was about 50/50

at all. But they did. In April, wreckage was found, then

last month, remains were uncovered, and the journey home

could begin. We never thought

this day would happen. We never

thought there'd be any hope

that their bodies would be

that their bodies would be found. After all of the tumult

of the Vietnam War, Australia

can now close this chapter of

its history. Funerals will be

held for the men in Toowoomba

on Thursday, and Adelaide next


The Royal Commission into the

sinking of a Tongan ferry four

weeks ago has begun in

Nuku'alofa. 75 lives were lost

bottom when the ferry went to the

bottom in waters north east of

the capital. The chairman of

Royal Commission Mr Justice

Warwick Andrews says it has begun collecting evidence and

conducting investigations. He

says formal public hearings

will start in a few weeks. The

Royal Commission will present a

preliminary report by the end

of November, and a final report

by the end of March next year.

Five people have who died in

New two remote villagers in Papua

New Guinea's m.s orobai

province and 80 more are

believed to be affected after

an outbreak of cholera. A

medical team has been sent to

the affected area. The World

Health Organisation has also

been notified of the ongoing

outbreak. We hope this is an

outbreak. We hope this is an

isolated phenomena, but it's

necessary with increased

vigilance to keep up, to detect

any possible new cases or

outbreaks. It's the first

confirmed outbreak of cholera

in PNG in 40 years. Hundreds of

Australian state of New South students from a school in the

Wales have walked out in

protest at the death of a

classmate. 15-year-old Jai

classmate. 15-year-old Jai

Morcom died after a fight at

the high school, but police say

it's too early to charge

anyone. Hundreds of angry

students downed pens and books

at Mullumbimby High School this morning. Something needs to be

done about this. What's it

gonna take, another kid to die?! Why does it come to the

death of a child?! They're

angry about the way the boy

died but the dead student's grief-stricken father was

calling for calm. I'm looking

calling for calm. I'm looking

for someone to blame. I'm

looking for answers. That's not

the issue right now. The issue

is to remember my beautiful

boy. His mother described her

son as her pride and joy. He

was beautiful. Funny. Happy.

Just a friend to everybody. Police say the 15-year-old

suffered a head injury and was

found unconscious after a fight

in the playground on Friday. The fight broke out

over the tables. And it was the

footy heads and the emos, the

ones in black. Some parents say

bullying is prevalent at the school. This fellow was holding

two boys up by their throatses

and someone came along which

was Jai from out of the blue

into the group, and he grabbed

Jai by the throat and up

against the wall. But police

aren't sure how the teenager died. We're at the died. We're at the school again

this morning, asking for any of those students that saw

anything to come forward. In

honour of their classmate, the

students marched through the

centre of town. Students and

even some of the parents are so

upset by the boy's death,

they've called on the school's

principal to resign. Will the

principal be resigning? No, I'm

sorry , he isn't. The New South

Wales Education Department has

offered the students

counselling, but is standing by

the principal. The the principal. The principal

has managed this school extremely well and will

continue to do so. Media

reports aviculture of violence

and bullying are not reflective

of the actual school culture.

A post-mortem examination on

Jai Morcom won't be conducted

until tomorrow. He has just a

beautiful boy. That's all I

have to say.

Police say when they know

how he died, they will consider

laying charges.

You're watching ABC News for

Australia Network. In the

headlines - the commander in

charge of Western Forces in

Afghanistan calls for a new strategy in the war.

Checking business figures

now. In the United States, a

sharp Chinese equity sell-off

sparked a fall on Wall Street.

In London the FTSE was closed.

Just a few weeks since

announcing her return to

competitive tennis, Belgium's

Kim Clijsters has won her first

match the the US Open. She con

the title four years ago but the title four years ago but injury and marriage saw the

26-year-old retire from the

game the following year. But on the the first day of this

year's Open she's already

showed glimpses of the form

that took her to the top of the

world rankings. In her first

grand slam match in two years,

Kim Clijsters could've been

excused for being a bit rusty.

But the Belgian showed she

still has much of the power

that took her to No. 1 in the

world. The wildcard raced world. The wildcard raced

through the opening set against

Ukraine's Victoria Kuruzova and her dominance continued in the

second. She took less than an

hour to win through to the

second round. The path wasn't

as easy for the Australian 15th

seed Samantha Stosur. She

needed three sets to edge out

Japan's Ay Sugiyama. But Roger

Federer's quest for a sixth US

Open title got off to a smooth

start. He beat the start. He beat the 18-year-old

American Devon Briton in

straight sets. The Nehru Cup

went down to the wire with the

scores locked at 1-1 in the

final between India and Syria,

it came down to a penalty shoot

-out and the Indian goalkeeper

proved the difference. India

are champions again! It was

fantastic. I

fantastic. I think all the team

was really good. The Indian

government has pay plaudzed the

performance of Force India at

the weekend's Belgian Grand

Prix but it maintains Formula

One is more entertainment than

sport. We are concerned in the

ministry, our focus is sport,

football, hockey, badminton,

volleyball, swimming. And

Formula One, it is the most

expensive entertainment even in

the West. And the technology

they use is something far

beyond anything here. India is

set to host a Grand Prix in

2011 but the Sports Noiry has

stopped the event's promoter

from making a scheduled payment

to Formula One.

Now let's check the regional

weather forecast for our


Finally - a man in black has

walked into a jail in the

Australian State of Victoria to serve time by serve time by singing. The

Australian musician Tex Perkins

is on the road starring as

Johnny Cash in a show about the

American country music legend.

And for inmates at the maximum security Port Phillip Prison,

it was a taste of Cash's famous

shows played out behind prison

walls in the 60s. He looks and

sounds the part. And this

morning, Tex Perkins found the perfect audience.

SONG: # Gonna get rhythm ...

# Around 100 inmates Northern

Ireland into a gym within the

maximum-security facility to

see the show. A lot of it is

based around the prison

concerts. A lot of that

material is talking directly to

and about prisoners. Cash's

concerts at Falsom Prison and other facilities were essential

to his image. He was proud of

the shows and kept in contact

with some inmates for many

years. I guess it was for

humanitarian reasons but it

also - associating with

criminals and prisons sort of

went with his image.

SONG: # Because you're mine

# I walk the line # Today's

performance was certainly a

welcome change of routine for

the inmates. The best thing is

that we get to see a music

performance. It breaks down the

day for us. For a brief moment

of our time here, it makes us

forget where we are. And it's

been thoroughly enjoyable. For

Perkins it was ideal

preparation for a long line of shows. Bringing the story of

the man in black to all sorts

of audiences. Get outta here!

Get outta here!

And you're watching ABC News for Australia for Australia Network. Before

we go, let's check again our

top stories. The commander in

charge of western forces in

Afghanistan says a new strategy

is needed to win the war.

Japan's outgoing Prime Minister

Taro Aso takes full

responsibility for his country's crushing election

defeat - his party's crushing

election defeat. And the Dalai

Lama praises Taiwan's Lama praises Taiwan's democracy

but China warns his visit to

the island will harm improving

ties between China and the

island state. And that's the

bulletin for now. For more news

and current affairs you can

always go to our web site. I'm

Bev O'Connor. Thanks for your

company. Hope to see you soon.

Bye-bye. Closed Captions by CSI