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(generated from captions) groups say more needs to be done to address domestic violence.

Australia's biggest ever resource

official go-ahead. Environment project has just been given the

Minister Peter Garrett has granted

approval for the Gorgon gas project

of Western Australia, removing the

final obstacle to the $50 billion

trade deal with China signed last

week. In I have considered very

carefully these divisions made to

me, and the advice I have received

from the Department as a

consequence of them considering

these matters is that it is

acceptable for the expansion to go

ahead. Subject to the conditions I

have placed and that I am making

public today.

The country's topped creative minds

are being asked to come up with a

slogan to help sell Australia to

the world. Trade Minister Simon

Crean joins us live from Melbourne.

They understand you're putting $20

million behind this push. What million behind this push. What

guarantees do you have that it will

not be another disaster? I think

what we're trying to do here is to

better defined the great breadth of

what we have to offer. The tourism

campaigns have been very successful

in the past, but they are just

telling people they should come and

have a holiday here. That is good,

and we will continue to do that.

But this is also a country that has

a lot more to offer. It is a place

to invest, establish a business,

undertaker education, a place to

grow a family. We have defied a

better way of defining the breadth

of what a sterling has to offer,

not the narrowness. We have to

broaden because we have to offer

more. Do we really need to rebrand

Australia yet again? Is it

important to have a whole new

campaign? We have to have a brand

that better defines the breath of

what we have to offer. -- the

breadth. Particularly given the

climate change challenged, we are -

we have already done well in

education, but we have to protect

bird-brained. The Indian student

exercise has taught us how a brain

can be debased. Here we are is a

Government opening more trade

opportunities, but unless we are

out there more effectively

promoting the range of what we have

to offer, the quality of our

product and services, the ingenuity,

the creativity - the fact that we

have had 10 Nobel Prize-winning is

in this country - think of all the

opportunities that spin-off not

just from the Science and the great

accolades of achievement in that

field, but the opportunities in biotechnology, food production,

cosmetics, for example. These are

all the platforms that we can take

our fundamental strength from and