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(generated from captions) took the lives of scores of

innocent people. That's the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

there. The major parties have

agreed that 20% of electricity

is to come from remuable

sources by 2020. And it's

expected to pass the Senate

today. It just may give negotiations

negotiations on Emissions

Trading Scheme a glimmer of

hope. For more, Greg Hunt

joins us from Canberra. Good

morning. Good morning Can you give us an iron clad guarantee

this legislation is going to

pass the Senate this

morning? The renewable energy legislation will pass the

Senate and will pass the

parliament today. That's a

clear guarantee. And it will

pass because we want this vision

vision of solar and geo thermal

and tidal energy and we wanted

it done in a way in which it

was not held hostage to the Emissions Trading Scheme. The

Government has moved away from

that, that's a victory for

commence sense and I'm

delighted. I'm delighted for

the renewable energy sector and

for this vision of a bright,

bold, clean energy sector for

Australia. I think that's a

good outcome What are the most important amendments you were

important amendments you were able to get the Government to

agree to? The Most important

thick was that they agreed to

deup thele the legislation from

the Emissions Trading Scheme.

We can have good legislation

now which is this vision of

to%ry newable energy, solar and

wind and if weo thermal and

tidal, right now, and it

doesn't have to be tied to bad

legislation. So we want to deal with the bad

with the bad legislation, fix

that up, deal with some of the

absurdities within it, this

idea that you would tax burping

cows. What an extraordinary

proposition, but what we can

have is good serious

legislation in relation to

solar and geo thermleal and

tidal and really this idea of

the clean energy sources of the future. Electricity from coal

gas is irp corporated in

gas is irp corporated in this.

Coal gas is not renewable, why

is it inorpated. It's called

waste coal mine gas. It's gas

which would z otherwise have

gone up into the air and Symes

known as funl tifr emissions

and it's clutded in the

existing NSW scheme in the

German and in the American

renewable schemes and that's

because this gats would float

up into the air as methane,

up into the air as methane,

instead, it's burnt, it

generates electricity, and

one-20th of the emissions go up

into the air as would have been

the case if it hadn't been

dealt with and it also offsets

energy which would have come

from coal fired power so it

makes an enormous saving. Isn't

it just undercutting the

efforts of genuine renewables

by incorporating something like

by incorporating something like

this? Look with great respect,

we made sure that it was added

on top of the existing

renewables target so it's

additional to, it doesn't

displace one watt of energy

which would otherwise have been

produced so this is on top of

the existing target, on top of

what was proposed, that was a

suggestion I made to Minister

Wong's office last Friday. And to

to be fair they picked that up

and I think that that was an

example of food legislative

practice on both sides How much

will this cost scourms a

week? Well I think the figure

I've seen is about 80 cents per

week. It may with less than

that, but I'm not trying to

hide the fact that it does come

with some impact. It's a modest impact, but that's what I've

impact, but that's what I've

been advised. You've been able

to come to some sort of an

agreement on renewables, when

are you going to come forward

with specific amendments to the

ETS. We have already put

forward very clear propositions. This idea that

the Government has floated that

you need amendments to talk is

absurd. When John Howard

negotiated the GST with the

Democrats, hi sat down, they worked through

worked through a heads of

agreement and then we did

things. On this occasion, we

took thick to them because they

wouldn't talk unless they had

these amendments. Now I can sit

down today and I make this

offer, I'll sit down today with

Senator Wong and negotiate a

deal on agriculture where we

have this outcome. Burping cows

out, so you're not taxing

burping cows but green carbon

burping cows but green carbon

in. What the rest of the world

is doing is working to a

situation where soil ashons,

revegetation through mallee and

mullar, avoided deforest a,

these things can be collided in

a way which provides incentives

but u not taxing live stk for

simply excising. We could

negotiate that today? That's

one portion of the ETS. It's a

very competitive bill. When are

you going to come up with

you going to come up with

specific amendments for the

entire bill? Let me be

absolutely clear. If the Government wanted to talk, we

would do that right now. But

the Government doesn't want to

talk so they've set their own

rules. What we'll do is we will

talk with environment group,

community groups, with business

over the coming eight weeks,

we'll get their views on the very sensible

very sensible ideas we've put

down on how you transform

Australia's power sector, how

you do it in a way which won't

krirsallise debt obligations w

meant mean they're in breach of

debt covenant s. We'll do that

over the next eight weeks. If

they won't talk without

maements then of course we'll

maements then of course we'll

produce them. We think things

should be finalised after

Copenhagen, not two weeks

before it so has to be unpicked

just after that, but we'll talk

but we're ready to talk now

without preseasons. Finally and

briefly, there's talk of the

Nationals splitting the

Coalition, there are orts that

there's serious talk in the

party room of that possibly

happening. Would the Liberals

be better without the Nationals? I've actually spoken to

to one of the most senior

Nationals this morning, just to

check this story, and he

dismissed it as wrong, incorrect, absolutely fanciful

and fish wrap that will be gone

by tomorrow. I know at the tart

you mentioned the tragedy in

Iraq as somebody who worked in

the space I wanted to say it's

a terribly sad outcome and we

have to believe in and support

democracy in Iraq. That's

democracy in Iraq. That's our

task. We'll work in bipartisan

support with the Government I

wanted to idea a personal point

because it's a very personal

issue for me. Greg Hunt in

Canberra, thanks for talking to