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Live. International

condemnation of Iraq's

possible deadliest day in months. A

possible thawing in relations

between North and South Korea.

Security stepped up ahead of Afghanistan's presidential

poll. And illegal bookmaking

allegations ahead of the fifth

Ashes Test. Good morning,

Beverley O'Connor with ABC News

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri for Australia Network. The

urgent al-Maliki has called for an

urgent security review after

the worst series of coordinated

attacks in Iraq's capital in

several months. 95 people were

killed and almost 600 injured,

authorities believe the toll

may rise. The bombings

targeted government ministries

and other important buildings

in the city. Earlier this

month the government had

pledged to bring down most of

Baghdad's blast walls. As

columns of smoke rise into

columns of smoke rise into the

city's sky line, that now seems

unlikely. The attacks in the

Iraqi capital started shortly

after 10am local tie, striking

first near the finance ministry

in northern Baghdad.

TRANSLATION: The powerful blast

through the car up and down.

After that, we don't know what

happened. Minutes later, a

massive blast blew a

massive blast blew a crayter 3m

deep and 10m wide near the

foreign ministry These

bombings, as other bombings

have been, are truly dastardly

acts that need to be thoroughly

condemned by everybody. The

attackers left little doubt

they were striking at the Hart

of the Iraqi government,

striking he at the parliament

building. They struck the

diplomatic compound, army bases

and the television station.

INTERPRETER: We were sitting

in the kitchen in our house

when we were showered with

glass. Doors were knocked down.

The blood shed struck on the

6-year anniversary of a truck bombing,

bombing, killing Sergeor

demellow and 21 other people I

am saddened' attacks which have

taken the livers of scores of

innocent people. Elections are

year. scheduled for February next

shift It seems there has been a

shift in relations between

North Korea naurg and its

criteria i. North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Il has offered

to send a delegation to the

funeral of former South Korean

president Kim Dae-Jung. At the

same time, US government and

Obama special envoy Bill

Richardson's discussions with

diplomats have revealed a

over willingness for direct dialogue

over the nuclear armament

issue Decades of animosity

continues to systemer and there

is not much they agree official

the death of former president

Kim Dae-Jung has prompted the

usually prickly North Korea

naurgn dictator to join South

Koreans in joining their loss.

I heard the news that the

had passed former president Kim Dae-Jung

had passed away. I would like

to express may sin veer

condolence to his wife and

family. The feats he re

performed will remain with the

nation for a long tile. The

conciliatory gesture comes days

after the North offered to

resume family and holiday tours

for South Koreans, after an

for South Koreans, after an

engineer was released after

four months in detention. It

is a thawing of two nations

technically at war. It has

included Washington in its

friendliness, approving the

release of two American

journalists. Two North Korean

diplomats are in the US to meet

the governor of Mexico. There

is a little thaw that you have explained has come in

explained has come in a number

of ways, condolence messages,

meeting with the hundred day

chair, South Korea cancelling

their launch. Let's take

advantage of the thaw The next

step should be some kind of

dialogue that involves the

United States and North Korea.

North Korea says it will send a

high level delegation to the

expected some state funeral of Kim Dae-Jung,

expected some time next week -

a symbol of reconciliation in

life and a Nobel Peace Prize

winner for his historic talks

in 2000, perhaps in death Kim

Dae-Jung may bring the two

Koreas together. South Korea

has abort he the launch of its

first space rocket minutes

before its scheduled blastoff.

Officials from the

Officials from the aerospace

Institute say a problem

occurred with the automatic

launch sequence. Vehicle One

was due to put its first

satellite into orbit. Another

attempt could take place in

days. The Australian

Government is playing down its

decision to bring home its

ambassador to China for what is

reported to be emergency

discussions over ongoing

tensions. The relationship with

China has been strained by

China has been strained by the

arrest of Rio Tinto executive

Stern Hu and Australia's

decision to grant a see so to

separatist leader Rebiya

Kadeer. Susan McDonald reports

of Foreign Affairs and Trade from Canberra. The Department

has confirmed this morning that

Australia's ambassador to

China, Geoff Raby, has come

home. They say that he is here

for two days of

for two days of "routine

Foreign Affairs and Trade meetings" with Department of

officials, and also some

relevant government ministers.

Newspaper reports are saying

this morning this is in fact an

emergency summit on Australia's

relationship with China. No

doubt the big $50 billion gas

deal to export gas to China

will be brought up at that meeting. Chinese

meeting. Chinese media haven't

- it hasn't rated much of a

mention, in fact Chinese media

is focusing on Australia's

diplomatic tensions with China,

and quotes like saying

"Australia is a champion of

anti-China chorus than

Australia is siding with a

terrorist", is the quotes in

saying Chinese media. One report is

saying a Chinese commentator is

calling for education and trade

sanctions against Australia,

over things like granting the

Uighur leader Rebiya Kadeer a

visa to come to Australia, and

the protests or government

representations to China about

the detained Rio Tinto

executive Stern Hu. These kinds

of reports really contrast to

what we saw in the Australian

government Parliament yesterday, when the

government was spruiking the

deal, saying that it will bring

huge benefits to Australia and

also indicates the strength of

the relationship with China.

Susan McDonald reporting from

Canberra. Security is out in

force as Afghans prepare to

vote in today's election.

Incumbent president Hamid

Karzai is ahead in most opinion

polls, but it is predicted his main

main challenger, the former

Foreign Minister, bull but,

could force the contest into a

second round. It is feared the

Taliban will tip many into

staying home. With fears of

more Taliban attacks, the

security ahead of today's poll

has been immense. Here,

British troops in the Helmand

province escort electoral

workers as they set

workers as they set up polling

booths. A big turn-out is

expected. Every effort has been

made to get people to polling

booths safely. .

INTERPRETER: More than 2,000

international observers are

here to observe in din parts of Afghanistan. With regards to

the security, this is the job

of the Afghan security forces.

They should come out and vote

in great confidence, in great

hope for a better torp . I am requesting everybody

requesting everybody to come

out and vote, it is good for

all of us. More than 30

candidates are standing for

president. The contenders

include Taliban supporters,

communists and two women. The president Hamid Karzai is ahead

in most polls. He is facing

stiff competition from his

closest challenger, the former Foreign Minister Abdullah

Abdullah. If Hamid Karzai fails

to get more than 50% of the vote, the election

vote, the election will go to a

runoff, to be held in a

fortnight. 17 million Afghans

out of a population of 30

million have registered to vote

and there is significant international interest in the outcome. Weempbilities have

taken no position on any capped

date. We have encouraged

debates and an open process. We

have NGO organisations, including the

including the IRI, NDI and

other international

organisations. With the stakes

highest for Afghans, the

election is also a test for US

President Obama's policy of

sending more troops to fight

the Taliban. Still in Afghanistan, international

troops are on high alert in the

south, where the inurgency is strongest.

strongest. South Asian

correspondent Sally Sara is

with the Australian troops at

patrol base marshal in Uruzgan

province. Australian forces

prepare for action in the

darkness. They are about to go

outside the wire at the patrol

base. This is one of the most dangerous parts of Uruzgan

province. It is very

dangerous We have had a number

of incidents since we have been

here that pretty much justify that statement. It is a

dangerous area. The Australian

troops walk quietly into the

dawn. Their comrade, private

Ben Ron ardo, was killed less

than 2km from here last month.

He was patrolling with Afghan

soldiers. The Afghan commander

is determined to ensure voters

can go to the polls tomorrow. Many Afghan

Many Afghan soldiers have lost

friends and family member to

the Taliban. Now they are

risking their lives to fight

back. The aurps are training

the Afghan forces so they will

be able to take responsibility

for sewers in areas like this.

It is a long and difficult

task. The Taliban are active

only a few hundred meters from

this location, and improvised

explosive devices remain a constant

constant danger. The

Australians treat an injured

civilian who was brought to the

base. Gun shots ring out as

Afghan soldiers fire on Taliban

supporters. Nearby, a Taliban

suicide bomber blew himself up

in a marketplace. In the

process, four soldiers were

killed, another three were

seriously wounded, and four local

local nationals, including two

children, wounded. Coalition

and Afghan troops are

struggling to maintain security

ahead of the crucial

presidential poll. You are watching ABC News for Australia

Network. Coming up, Indonesian

police arrest a man with

alleged links to the Jacques ta

hotel bombings.

hotel bombings. England pins

hits hopes on Andrew Flintoff

to work some magic in the fifth

Ashes Test. MalASEAN police

say nine sailors are policing

after their oil tanker collided

with a another ship and caught

fire in the Malacca Straits.

It took more than 10 hours to extinguish the blaze.

extinguish the blaze. It

collided with a British flagged

bulk carrier, south of Kuala

Lumpur. Some sailors were

rescued but 8 are still

missing. Indonesian police

have arrested a man believed to

be from Saudi Arabia who has

helped to fund the suicide

bombings of two luxury hotels

last month. They

last month. They have released

photographs of fudgetives

involved in the Jacques ta

bombings. One month after the

deadly explosions at the JW

Marriott and Ritz Carlton

hotels, Indonesian police are

trying to determine whether the

bombings were funded from

overseas, as has been the case

in past attacks. An Indonesian

court several years ago

revealed foreign funds

revealed foreign funds funnelled from called call was

used to pay for the 2003

bombing of the JW Marriott

hotel. Police have arrested a

man believed to be whether

Saudi Arabia. Two others are

being questioned. .

INTERPRETER: The two men are

part of a police investigation

to determine their role in

relation to foreign funding. Another

Another man, identified only as

erwin, has been detained over

his suspected links to Noordin

Mohammed Top, the alleged mass

tr moompd mind of the attacks

. I appeal to the Indonesian

people to help us find these

men. This man is suspected of

recruiting the suicide bombers for last

for last month's attacks. This

suspect is believed to have

helped hide Noordin Mohammed

Top and one other. The other

two were involved in the JW Marriott bombing but the roles

have not been detailed. Since

the bombing, police have

arrested five people and three

others have been killed in

recent raids. Police say

recent raids. Police say they

think the bombings were

committed by the group led by

Noordin Mohammed Top and were

funded from money through

Thailand and Malaysia. A

second minister has offered to

resign over criticism the

Taiwanees government was slow

to respond to the devastation

caused by Typhoon Morakot. The

cabinet secretary-general's

offer to quit comes only days

after the Foreign Minister made the same

the same offer. As the government considers whether it

accept the resignations,

Taiwan's president visited a

farming settlement buried by

the deadly mud slide. Two

weeks since Typhoon Morakot

wreaked havoc across the

country, the rescue effort in

the worst hit area is becoming

are bigging a scene of recovery. Soldiers

are bigging out bodies. While a

firm number is to be confirmed,

500 are believed to be buried.

It is clearly a difficult task,

as soldiers struggle to cross

the swol en river. It is also

President Ma Ying-jeou's first

visit to the region. Bowing

in the direction of the buried village, just as

village, just as he bowed in

sorrow on national television a

day earlier, apologising for

the government's handling of

the disaster. He joined

grieving families at a

traditional Chinese mourning

ceremony, later offering

condolences to the victims'

families. At mourners reflected

on those lost, others were

wondering about their future.

In such wan, hundreds of In such wan, hundreds of

evacuees have taken shelter.

They want to know had they can

return to their homes. We are

waiting for the government to

resettle us. If we go back up

the mountains, there is no ware

, no electricity. Others are

taking on temporary jobs. . INTERPRETER: There is nothing

to go back to. More than to go back to. More than 35,000 people have been

evacuated so far and

reconstruction work is expected

to take three years. Overall,

the damage bill is anticipated

to reach as high as US$3

billion. While it is likely to

hurt the country's economy, it

is also hurt, the government.

A second minister has tendered

his resignation.

his resignation. A nappalees

delegation led by the Prime

Minister is in India on a five

day goodwill visit aimed at

boosting economic and document

ties. The Prime Minister held

talks with Manmohan Singh in

New Delhi. India has urged them

to remain focused on

to remain focused on the

development process. He is

focused on enhancing economic

ties with his neighbour.

Private sectors and business

communities of both countries

have played a significant role

in consolidating and

maintaining our relations over

the decades. But we feel that

what we have today does not

reflect our full potential.

There are many areas which

remain untapped, the government

is therefore eager and

committed to invite the Indian

investors to come and invest in

Nepal. Nepal is hoping to

import electricity from India,

to help overcome desperate

power shortages. The

revolutionly Australian vaccine

Gardasil is drawing plenty of

fire in the United States. It

is designed to protect women

against cervical cancer. US

doctors are questioning its

side effects. There have been

hundreds of adverse reactions

in Australia, but nowhere near

as bad as those reported across

the Pacific. Gardasil has

been hailed as one of the

success stories of Australian

science, a vaccine that

protects young women from a

virus that can cause cervical

concerns have been raised about cancer. In the United States,

the number of dangerous side effects. After administering 7

million doses of Gardasil in

the US, doctors found 12,000

medical problems, including

dizziness, fainting and

headaches, 700 serious

problems, such as blood clots

and autoimmune disease, and 32 deaths reportedly deaths reportedly linked to the

vaccine These are initial

reports. I don't think we can

assume necessarily a cause and

effect relationship, as many

women had other underlying

medical conditions. Even so,

some US doctors have decided

not to vaccinate young women.

Most doctors I know have

stopped giving the vaccines

because of the safety issues

around it. Here, the vaccines

has been widely has been widely accepted. 4.7 million doses have been

administered, with just over

1,000 patients reporting side

effects, most of them mild.

There is no question about the effectiveness of the cervical

cancer vaccine. Australian

doctors say some of the side

effects, like dizziness and

headaches, are common in people

who haven't received the

vaccines. The majority of

young girls and young women who

come to the surgery for their

advantage screen find it quite

well tolerated. They may get a

sore arm or a little bit of

fever, but I would have to say

99% come back for the next

vaccine in the series. The therapeutic goods

administration says it has had

no reports of fatalities

involving women using Gardasil.

You are watching ABC News You are watching ABC News for

Australia Network. In the head

lies, the US secretary-general

and has condemned the worst

violence in Iraq for months,

with 95 people killed in

coordinated attacks on the

capital. In a landmark

agreement, Swiss-based financial services giant UBS

has agreed to reveal the

identities of nearly 5,000

American account holders. In

the historic out of court

settlement, UBS and the US and

Swiss Governments agreed that

4,450 American clients

suspected of avoiding the US

tax system will be named. The

American Government says there

is an estimated US$18 billion

in hidden assets in the Swiss

banking system, famous for its confidentiality. confidentiality. The Swiss

Government says the agreement

is an example of excellent

bilateral relations. Analysts

agree America will have the

most to gain. This is probably

the end of UBS' role as the

major vehicle for tax evasion

for Americans with mobile

assets that they could place

abroad. The US originally

demanded UBS reveal the name of

52,000 American clients. 52,000 American clients. Let's

look at the business markets.

In the US overnight, stocks

ended higher for the second

straight day. Little change in

London, with mixed results

across Europe. Little movement

in New Zealand this morning,

most Asian markets ended lower yesterday. Australia held off

any significant fall The big

change was in China, where

resource shares plunged amid concern talk concern talk of a market

recovery is premature. The US

dollar is weakr in India and

Japan, holding steady in

Singapore and Thailand. Gold is

buying aren't $943 an ounce and

oil is steadive. To sport. The International Cricket Council

has confirmed it is

investigating a report that an

Australian player was targeted

by a man with possible links to

illegal bookmaking. The ICC

says it was approached by the

Australian team about an

incident after the second Ashes

Test at Lords. It has been the

only disruption for the Australians in the build-up to

the Ashes decider but the

captain says it won't affect

the team's performance. It's

irrelevant, going into a game like this. We have other things

to worry about, we will let the

ICC look after T The approach

was made before the second

Test. The III said it is happy

with the way the Australian

team handled the situation.

There is absolutely no evidence

of any wrongdoing. The

contrary, we would like to praise the Australian player and the Australian team

management for coming forward

and making sure that the

authorities get to know about

the approach. Nathan Hauritz

and Brett Lee are pushing for

places in Australia's final XI,

while England will welcome back

Andrew Flintoff for his

send-off and hand Jonathan

Trott his Test day bay. In

great form, when I made my day

buy, I felt in brilliant form

and that carries you a huge distance when you are stepping

into the unknown, because you

feel this is the right time to

play. I think he firmly

believes that. No doubt there

will be great pressure on him,

it's up to us to keep him under

pressure and not let him get

any cheap early runs. There

were plenty of runs on offer

for Sri Lankan against New

Zealand. They made 452. At

stumps New Zealand was 2/87.

De-World Athletics

Championships, a golden night

for Bahrain, winning the 1500m,

erjing out the Ethiopian.

Usain Bolt stayed on track to

take out the sprint double,

cruising into the 200m final.

In mid week football, owe is a

can won in the J league and

Burnley stunned Manchester

United 1-0 in the English

Premier League. Let's look

at the weather for the west of

the today.

You have been watching ABC You have been watching ABC

News. The top stories: At least

95 people have been killed and

hundreds injured in a series of

coordinated attacks in

Baghdad. Thawing relations,

North Korea offers condolences

for the death of former South

Korean president Kim Dae-Jung.

Security is out in force as

Afghans prepare to vote, Hamid

Karzai ahead in most opinion

polls. That is the bulletin

for now. You can go to our

website, and we will keep you

up to date with the latest.

I'm Bev O'Connor, hope to see

you soon, booib booib.

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