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(generated from captions) state's fire warning system

including a rethink of the

controversial stay or go

policy. Federal member Fran

Bailey's electorate of moo of

McEwen covers many of the

areas devastated on Black

Saturday. She joins us from

Canberra to talk about the

prulgts the interim results of the interim

interim report. What

What has taken you by

surprise? I am very

supportive of the commission

giving such a priority to the

value of human life above

from and I commend them for a

number of their

recommendations particularly

in regard to save shelters,

early warning systems and

better communication and devolving authority of the

devolving authority of the

CFA. I was very surprised

however there was no recommendation about fuel

redirection. I know they

received 485 submissions and

I guess I would have liked to

have seen more of an emphasis

on things that could be done

before the fire season starts

rather than such a heavy

emphasis on what to do after a fire starts.

a fire starts. I'm sure

that if a representative from

the agency responsible, the

department of sustainability

and environment were here now they would say they are

always doing fuel reduction.

Do you believe it is not

enough? It is not in theala

valley in Victoria,

scientists say it should be 4

tonnes her acre, it currently

sits around 40 tonnes per acre. That

acre. That is a fuel load

that is just waiting to

ignite a fire. You said you

liked the idea of authority

being devolved from the CFA.

Have you lots confidence in

Russell Rees as the fire

chief even though he has been

appointed as chief by the

State Government for another

two years? I think everybody

was surprised the State

Government eappointed him

before the Royal Commission

released its interim report.

I think it is very, very

difficult.reappointed him before the Royal Commission released its interim report. I think it is very, very

difficult. No-one wants to

criticise an organisation

that has the responsibility

for safeguarding people's

lives but the system in place

failed and we have to do

better than that. The Royal

better than that. The Royal

Commission has made a very strong recommendation about

really de volume syringe that

authority from the hierarchy

of the CFA down to the ground

level.volving that authority from the hierarchy of the CFA

down to the ground level.

The interim report - it may

be different when we get to

the final report - no-one is

found to be responsible but

some feel that when 173

people die somehow you should

get to the bottom who have or

what is responsible for the

deaths. It is simply a matter

of morality. What do you

feel?. That is fair comment.

It is what a lot of my

constituent feel and I think

in order the really make

those changes - I mean

those changes - I mean after

Black Saturday I think there was - everybody was in

absolute agreement that we

must never ever let that

happen again but unless we

change the way we do things

the sad reality is it could

happen again. And the things

that we have to change are

actually that organisational

structure. It is looking at

better ways of

better ways of early

detection, it is looking

after people in the

communities and so the safe

shelters I think is a very, very important

recommendation. Finally and

quickly then Fran Bailey, in

your view and from what you

read in this interim report

is there enough the there

that is going to change that

would prevent this happening

again? No. Not yet. We need

again? No. Not yet. We need to seriously address fuel

reduction. We need to

seriously address preventive

measures like early detection

of smoke. That technology is

available. We need to be able

to implement that to give our firefighters of course the

very best chance to suppress

first and to give our

resident the very best chance

of survival. Fran Bailey good