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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - after Tuesday's fatal crash. flights to Kokoda suspended the Greg Inglis assault case. A new twist in put to the test in WA. And euthanasia laws with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News Good morning. face a dangerous journey home Trekkers in Kokoda suspended flights to the village with reports Airlines PNG has until next month. also making it extremely difficult Dense jungle and bad weather are of Tuesday's deadly plane crash. for crews to recover the victims High emotion victims arrive in Port Moresby as friends of the Kokoda plane crash into the arms of local guides. colleagues Among them No Roads Expeditions Matthew Leonard. of Melbourne firefighter for the No Roads family. It's just absolutely devastating they become like family to us After each trek and um for the Australian community. and it's an absolute loss to us is heading back to Kokoda Rob Armstrong to lead another trek tomorrow. the best way we can. We've just gotta just cope But there reports a treacherous land journey back trekkers already in Kokoda face to the village until September. after Airlines PNG suspended flights Dense jungle and bad weather the 13 bodies extremely difficult, are also making efforts to recover to take days. the operation is expected specialists from the Australian Army Emergency teams, including are trekking to the crash site. piecing the bodies together, They have started, ah, it's quite a very complicated job. has offered The Australian Government travel to PNG. help to families of the victims the necessary facilitation for that We will, of course, provide all of on the ground in Papua New Guinea. and provide every assistance shattered by grief For now, though, most are too to consider anything but their loss. We have lost a wonderful daughter, wife, mother and sister and aunty. She was our rock. A driver is dead after a high-speed police chase in Melbourne. The car crashed into shops on Bentleigh's Centre Road about 2am just moments after officers abandoned their pursuit. The Holden Commodore burst into flames. The driver's body remains trapped inside. The Greg Inglis assault case has taken a dramatic turn with claims he might have been trying to help his girlfriend when she was injured. Sally Robinson has reportedly given police a new statement, detailing what triggered the alleged altercation which left her with a black eye. It's understood she says Inglis was trying to disarm her while she was trying to harm herself. Her lawyer says the new statement could clear the Melbourne Storm star of the two charges against him. Opposition MPs insist they're not scared of the prospect of an early election if the Rudd Government fails to get its emissions trading scheme through Parliament. The controversial legislation has been struck down by the Senate and could lead to a double dissolution poll if it's defeated again. Political reporter Andrew Greene has more. After a week of posturing and fiery debate Labor's emissions trading scheme has been killed off in the Senate just as the Government knew it would be. The Government will again try to get its legislation passed, probably in November. But if it's defeated again - Kevin Rudd will have another trigger to call an early election. And as Coalition politicians left Parliament last night they were insisting they weren't scared of the possibility of being forced to the polls early. I don't think that the people of Australia like early elections. Governments that do that usually end up with a bloody nose and it wouldn't surprise me if that happened to this government. But if the Opposition wants to avoid an early election it will have to negotiate a compromise with Labor and the Liberal MP in charge of drawing up amendments to the emissions trading scheme won't say when the changes will be ready. When they're ready, when we've had due consultation. Before November? When they're ready, OK. And the Liberals will have a tough task convincing their Coalition partners, the Nationals, that an ETS is worth supporting. We will work through the process ourselves and we'll come to a decision I'm not going to anticipate that tonight. In the meantime, you can guarantee the Government will do its best to highlight the disunity within the Coalition over emissions trading. Back to you. WA and Queensland have been labelled an "axis of evil" by the New South Wales Treasurer. Eric Roozendaal says they've banded together to get more GST revenue from the Federal Government at the expense of New South Wales. What we have here is Western Australia and Queensland ganging up on New South Wales and Victoria in a so-called Axis of Evil to try and squeeze more GST money out of New South Wales. But the WA Treasurer's hit back saying New South Wales is just trying to deflect blame for the economic mess it's in. Euthanasia laws in Western Australia will be put to the test today when the case of a quadriplegic man is heard in the Supreme Court. 49-year-old Christian Rossiter is fighting for the right to die, saying his life is nothing more than an existence. He wants the right to refuse food and his nursing home wants clarification on its legal position if it stops feeding him. He can quite legitimately refuse to have that food given to him while he's conscious and alert and easily able to make those decisions. The problem applies is that as he moves towards death and isn't able to verbally express that view, then Brightwater, in order to protect that patient, would then have to give him food. Bring him back again, so he can refuse food again. It's a silly situation. Mr Rossiter is also trying to travel to Switzerland where assisted suicide is legal. Controversial radio duo Kyle and Jackie O will return to the airwaves next week with new rules. They were taken off air two weeks ago following a lie detector stunt. A 14-year-old girl being quizzed about her sex life revealed she'd been raped. Radio station 2dayFM says new procedures will be in place on their return including the industry standard seven second delay. The pair returns on Tuesday. Sydney swimmers and surfers have been surprised by a Southern Right whale which dropped by to visit at Manly. The 15m mammal frolicked in the shallows, sharing the water with locals. Swimmers are supposed to stay 30 metres from whales but this Southern Right didn't seem to know the rules. This guy, he was very inquisitive of me and actually very inquisitive of surfboards out there. Southern Right whales are endangered with around 5,000 of the species left. Now for your first look at Friday's weather. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the push to make more state schools independent. But next on Seven Early News - rescuers race against time in Taiwan after typhoon Morakot. And a fiery end to a US police chase. You're watching Seven's Early News. Authorities believe a body, found washed up on a WA beach is that of missing German backpacker Jan Christian Bielenberg. The 20-year-old vanished from a hostel in Bunbury two weeks ago. Security cameras showed him leaving wearing socks and boxer shorts. A body was discovered on a beach at Capel by two women yesterday. Police believe the man drowned and have told Christian's family it's almost certainly their son. Rescue efforts have stepped up a gear in typhoon-battered Taiwan with thousands of troops deployed to search for hundreds of people still missing. Crews crossed raging rivers to reach villagers stranded on a mountain, pulling them to safety on a cable sling. Helicopters continue to winch survivors to safe ground. A driver has been killed in an explosive police pursuit in the United States. The man stole a truck and police gave chase when he refused to pull over. He ran a red light, crashed into a minivan before slamming into a pole. He hit this van first then he turned around and hit this truck, that was coming out. The next thing I know he hit the pole and it was up in flames. The driver died a short time later. The minivan driver escaped with minor injuries. A bitter debate has broken out over the possible release of a man convicted for the Lockerbie plane bombing which killed 270 people in 1988. He's expected to walk free on compassionate grounds as he battles prostate cancer. Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi was convicted 2001 of Britain's worst mass murder. The only man found responsible for the Lockerbie bombing and the deaths of 270 people. Eight years into his life sentence at Greenock prison he's terminally ill and set to be freed having served two weeks for every life lost. His potential release has divided families on other side of the Atlantic. Who is Megrahi to deserve the sympathy? If we are not going to have capital punishment then we have to mean that those people who are to serve their terms serve their terms. How does it reduce the suffering caused by the terrible Lockerbie disaster to insist that this man who may or may not be guilty is forced to die in an alien prison away from his family? With Megrahi terminally ill, Justice Secretary MacAskill had three options - keep Megrahi in jail, transfer him to a prison in Libya or release him on compassionate grounds. A formal recommendation from the Governor of Greenock prison today indicated his release on health grounds may come as soon as next week. But the Justice Secretary insists no decision has been made. I'm making sure that all those who relevant interest have the opportunity to advise me of their views and their feelings. Whatever the outcome, it's certain to cause controversy around the world. Your first finance this Early News: Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the Watoto Children's Choir performs live. But next on Seven Early News - two new sports added to the Olympic schedule for the 2016 Games. And Tiger Woods charges out of the blocks at the USPGA Championship. The stories we're following on the Early News. Trekkers in Kokoda face a dangerous journey home with reports Airlines PNG has suspended flights to the village until next month. Dense jungle and bad weather are also making it extremely difficult for crews to recover the victims of Tuesday's plane crash. The Greg Inglis assault case has taken a dramatic turn with claims he might have been trying to help his girlfriend when she was injured. Sally Robinson has reportedly given police a new statement. And Euthanasia laws in WA will be put to the test today when the case of a quadriplegic man is heard in the Supreme Court. 49-year-old Christian Rossiter is fighting for the right to die, Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport. Adelaide has turned to injury plagued forward Trent Hentschel for tonight's crucial Round 20 clash against reigning premiers Hawthorn at the MCG. Hentschel's impressed in the local league and will now try to prove he's worth another contract. To me it's the best he's moved, looked sharp and confident. It's an important time for him. That pressure is nothing compared to what he's been through. He had the pressure of whether I'm going to walk again. Brett Burton's failed to overcome his bruised buttock. Taylor Walker's been dropped, teenager Rory Sloane will make his debut. For the Hawks, Brent Guerra's out with a shoulder problem. Brad Sewell makes his return from a quad injury. Gold Coast veteran Mat Rogers has urged his team-mates to lock up a home final tonight with victory over a resurgent South Sydney. The Titans can virtually end the Rabbitohs' finals hopes with a win at ANZ Stadium. And Rogers wants his side to start building towards the playoffs. Just don't think, "Oh, next year, oh, next year," because before you know it, 17 years are gone and, you know, your career's over. Titans workhorse Luke Bailey has decided to play despite the impending birth of his third child. The Cowboys are riding high ahead of tonight's match against the Bulldogs after tying down Queensland Origin prop Matthew Scott to a 4-year deal. He's been at the club straight out of school and he's a major part of us moving forward. The Bulldogs are second on the ladder but head into the game without injured fullback Luke Patten. Tiger Woods has fired an impressive opening round to set the pace at the USPGA Championship at Hazeltine. Woods fired a 5-under 67 to hold the clubhouse lead by a shot from Irishman Padraig Harrington. Aussies Robert Allenby and Matt Goggin are two behind Woods. Goggin's continued on from his fifth place finish at last month's British Open, hitting four birdies and just the one bogey on the way to a 3-under par round of 69. But Woods is aready the man they all have to catch after a bogey free opening round that featured five birdies. Two more Wallabies stars have been involved in a training ground bust up but coach Robbie Deans insists it's not a sign of mounting frustration following successive Tri-Nations defeats. Veteran flanker Phil Waugh and young gun James O'Connor almost came to blows at the end of a physical training session yesterday before team-mates and staff intervened.

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what we do and the work we do on the field. George Smith is expected to be named skipper in the absence of the injured Stirling Mortlock when the line-up for next Saturday's clash with the Kiwis is named on Tuesday. Golf and rugby sevens are almost certain to be added to the Olympic schedule after the IOC's executive board voted to include them in the 2016 Games. A host of leading golf professionals, including world number one Tiger Woods, have indicated they'd pursue an Olympic gold medal if given the chance.

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the game of golf like a nod from the IOC. The decision to add both sports needs to be rubber stamped by the entire IOC membership in a vote in October. Women's boxing has been included in the London Games in 2012. That's all for now. I'll be back with more sport a little later in 'Sunrise', Nat. Next on Seven Early News, a closer look at Friday's weather forecast. And the wild bear terrorising Los Angeles.

Time now to see what's coming up on 'Sunrise'. It's good morning to Kochie and Mel. Nat, we hear a lot about Japanese whaling but did you know the country also captures tens of thousands of dolphins every year? This morning, we'll go inside the hunt with activists who risked their lives to film it. Also, we're going to catch up with the 5-year-old who's found herself on the wrong side of the law. But is young Laney really a hoon? Plus, there are major changes under way for some state schools. We're going to hear about the push to make more of them independent. But will it improve education standards? And there's plenty coming up on the entertainment front. The Watoto Children's Choir will perform live. And we'll also take you back to the days of Woodstock as the music world marks the 40th anniversary of the historic event. Catch you shortly for 'Sunrise'. Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up around the country. A region of high pressure will ensure fine weather continues over much of eastern and central Australia, but a cold front will push through Western Australia bringing showers. Around the capitals - fine and warm again in Brisbane today. Sydney will be sunny. Melbourne can expect a partly cloudy day. Fine in Canberra. Hobart will be mostly fine with showers developing over the weekend. Sunny today in Adelaide. Morning fog before a fine day in Darwin. Windy with showers today in Perth. A bear is on the loose in California, terrifying neighbourhoods as it rummages through rubbish bins, runs through yards and even takes a dip in swimming pools. The wild bear set up camp in a tree for more than an hour until rangers scared him away with rubber bullets. He's yet to be caught. Locals are hoping he fled back into the wilderness. And that's Seven Early News for this Friday. I'm Natalie Barr. Standby now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia