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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - head to the Kokoda crash site. Australian Defence personnel police officers. Aussie troops shoot two Afghan for terror hoaxes. And 10-year jail terms considered

with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News Good morning. the Papua New Guinea plane crash Investigations into will be stepped up today killed search for answers. as relatives of the Australians about the pilot Questions have also been raised had only six months experience with reports the 26-year-old flying twin-engine planes.

to recover the bodies Loading up and preparing in the Papua New Guinea plane crash. of nine Australians who died Two Army Black Hawk helicopters a massive C-17 Globemaster were last night packed into including crash investigators, part of a range of support and a victim identification team. search and recovery crews Defence Force manpower if necessary. The Government has promised more

in our view, to do a lot to assist. On this occasion, we are able, The job ahead - aircraft, carrying 13 people, finding out why the twin-engine on the side of a mountain. plunged into dense jungle There were no survivors. involved There is, um, a horrible tragedy their loved ones when families send off

the experience of a lifetime for what they expect to be only for it to turn into a tragedy. almost made it to Kokoda The doomed charter plane but ran into treacherous weather. woman at the controls News Limited reports the 26-year-old piloting twin-engine aircraft. had less than six months experience will leave for Port Moresby today Families of the Australians killed to bring their loved ones home. We just want to get over there. going over there It's probably no good

a little bit better, being closer. but it'll help me feel Others just want answers. I really don't. I don't think I can cry any more, Australian troops in Afghanistan country's police force, killing one. have shot two members of the The men were in civilian clothes on a motorbike. when they went through a checkpoint when they failed to stop. They were shot

Soldiers later discovered the Afghan National Police. the men belonged to prior to the engagement, That was not identified at all an Afghan National Police vehicle. they were on a motorbike, not wounds to his arms and legs. The surviving officer has gunshot medical facility for treatment. He was airlifted to the Tarin Kowt

Defence is investigating. hoax terrorism threats People who call in could face up to 10 years in jail by the Federal Government. under new security laws proposed national security discussion paper The Attorney-General has relapsed a which redefines terrorism as well as physical harm. to include psychological

of terrorist organisations One of the modes of operation and insecurity in society. is trying to evoke fear the right to enter a house The new laws would give police without a warrant. an 8-day limit But investigators would have for questioning suspects. in Parliament today Fiery scenes are expected emissions trading scheme as the Government's

is put to a crucial Senate vote. Greene is following the debate Seven political reporter Andrew in Canberra. Today is D-day emissions trading scheme. for the Government's controversial on carbon. That essentially puts a price in place from 2011 And the Government wants the scheme to tackle climate change. in an effort already passed the ETS legislation Now using its majority, Labor has in the House of Representatives and after a week of debate, to a Senate vote. the bill will now finally be put it faces certain defeat But in the upper house and the Independents with the Coalition, the Greens all vowing to strike it down. should not be in place The Opposition believes this scheme climate change talks until after December's crucial UN to be held in Copenhagen. law expert has told Seven News And a leading international the best scenario for Australia. he believes that would be Australia's position on the ETS I think part of the problem with our bargaining position is that it will compromise when it comes to negotiating Negotiations in December. at the Copenhagen Climate Change Malcolm Turnbull says And Opposition Leader the Government the Coalition will provide to its proposed ETS with a number of amendments

to Parliament later in the year. when the legislation returns If it's rejected again, another potential trigger the Government will have for an early election. It's back to you. The Melbourne Storm has decided indefinitely Greg Inglis will remain stood down yesterday. following his court appearance Inglis faced a Melbourne court last weekend. accused of assaulting his girlfriend

to waiting reporters. He didn't comment with this week's events. His team-mates are disappointed be able to play again We're unsure of when he's gonna thing. so that's the most disappointing and we're gonna miss him. He's a great player of our game from girlfriend Sally Robinson, Inglis was ordered to stay away who's interstate. He's due back in court in two weeks. on the Gold Coast An ABC Learning Centre has been severely damaged by fire. called to the building at Robina Just after midnight crews were spreading to a nearby high-rise. and managed to stop the blaze was gutted. The back of childcare centre as suspicious. The fire is being treated be investigated further. At this stage the case of the fire

No-one was injured. in Brazil The host of a crime reality TV show to increase the shows ratings. has been accused of ordering murders It's claimed he arranged the murders before police. so he could get to the crime scene As the plot of a James Bond film

seem far-fetched writing tomorrow's headlines today host have made it reality? but could this Brazilian television demonstrated time and time again Wallace Souza's crime show is. how violent the state of Amazonas His ratings grew Souza's cameras managed to get to crime scenes before the police. "Nowadays everyone is killing," he'd like to say. Police think so too. Souza and his son Rafael are being investigated for allegedly ordering a series of murders that they then filmed for the show. None too happy now that he himself has become the news. A search on Souza's home gave up bundles of cash and ammunition. Souza denies the claims and his lawyer says there is no proof. Certainly in this largely lawless state this is no easy case. Souza holds real power - a politician, a law-maker, a former police officer. He's believed to be involved in exactly what his TV show claims to rally against. Police say that ordering the execution of drug barons not only boosted ratings but eliminated rivals. Suddenly the investigations and the arrests are not popular. Accompanied by armed police, Judge Antony says people that have worked in this case have all been threatened.

Television can be a cut-throat business. Until now, though, not literally. Now for your first look at Thursday's weather. A fine day on the way for Brisbane. Sydney will be mostly sunny. Melbourne can expect a shower or two. It will be cloudy in Canberra. Rain easing in Hobart. Mostly fine in Adelaide. Darwin will get some early fog before a fine day. Showers in Perth. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the latest from the Kokoda crash site. But next on Seven Early News - a man charged over Britain's largest jewel heist. And stories of survival after the Taiwan typhoon.

Welcome back. You're watching Seven's Early News. Indonesian police have revealed the man killed in last weekend's shootout was not Noordin Top but a florist who helped carry out the Jakarta hotel bombings. The man named only as Ibrohim

had worked in the Ritz-Carlton and Marriott hotels for at least two years. Police say he resigned and disappeared on the morning of the bombings which killed three Australians. Security footage shows Ibrohim taking the suicide bombers around the hotel and smuggling explosives in via the loading dock. A man has been arrested over Britain's biggest jewellery heist.

43 pieces of jewellery worth $80 million were stolen from an exclusive Mayfair store by two men armed with guns. Police received a number of tip-offs after releasing photos of the pair. Mobile phone video shows them leaving, taking a female shop assistant hostage. The woman was released before the robbers jumped into a getaway car.

More than 20 people have been injured after two rollercoaster cars collided at a popular adventure park in the UK. The crash happened on the Big Dipper at Blackpool Pleasure Beach after one car became wedged in the railing. A second car then smashed into the back of it. Riders were trapped for two hours before being rescued by firemen. Search crews have rescued more than 700 people who had been missing since Typhoon Morakot battered east Asia. Hundreds of people are still unaccounted for and the death toll is rising. A rescue worker battles against raging floodwaters. Moments later, the sound of the rope snapping. The man's colleagues raced to save him as he clings to the upturned boat. Eventually they pull him to shore.

Typhoon Morakot has brought unimaginable devastation to remote villages in southern Taiwan. 67 people are dead and four days into the relief effort no-one knows how many are missing. Rescuers pick through the debris of the catastrophic mudslides desperately calling out for survivors. So far, 700 people have been found.

Helicopters air-lift them to safety, the only way to reach them as the floods have swept away roads and bridges. Those left behind can only count the cost. This man says, "This place is filled with misery. "I cannot speak of my sorrow - I am very miserable." Even the wildlife is paying the price of this tragedy. At the centre of rescue operations in Qishan a school playing field has been converted into a makeshift landing pad. With so many wounded, the hospital is struggling to cope. Meanwhile, distraught relatives wait for news knowing that as each hour passes the hope is fading. South Australian police are in a right pickle trying to catch a gang of cucumber thieves. The burglars have struck a dozen times north of Adelaide, bagging more than $10,000 worth of vegetables. Police admit they're baffled. The thieves know exactly when the cucumbers have been picked. They strike overnight, loading up boxes, baskets or bags ready for market. We've had thefts ranging from about 30 odd bags through to 150 bags

so the impact on the growers is significant. Since May, six glasshouses at Waterloo Corner, five at Virginia and one at Buckland Park have been targeted. Once they've been stolen, it's impossible to tell where a cucumber's come from. Police say there's a growing black market. Detectives say the thieves could be jealous growers whose crops have failed. If they're actually growers themselves they'd just take it back to their farms, they'd pack it and sell it interstate or go down to the markets here. It's not hard to sell, be easy for them to sell. So if you've seen suspicious vehicles near a glasshouse or been offered a crate of cheap cuies, call the cops. Some grower's put his livelihood there, he's now lost that opportunity to get money for the family. These economic times, it is hard, so we are looking at it as a serious issue.

Your first finance this Early News: Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - Mel and Kochie simplify the climate change debate. But next on Seven Early News - mixed news for the Dragons at the NRL judiciary. And the Socceroos take an early lead against Ireland.

The stories we're following on the Early News. Investigations into the Papua New Guinea plane crash will be stepped up today. Defence Force personnel headed for the crash site this morning. Australian troops in Afghanistan have shot two members of the country's police force, killing one. The men were in civilian clothes when they refused to stop at a checkpoint. And the host of a crime reality TV show in Brazil has been accused of ordering murders to increase the show's ratings. It's claimed he arranged the killings so he could get his cameras to the crime scenes before police. Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport. The Socceroos and Ireland are puting on a great spectacle in this morning's friendly in Limerick. Not long into the second half, the Aussies lead 2-0. A stirring tribute to the late and great Sir Bobby Robson set the scene for a frantic first half. The Aussies were tested early but Mark Schwarzer was up to the challenge. But the Socceroos hit back through the man of the moment Tim Cahill. And just minutes later Cahill struck again to give the Socceroos a 2-0 lead at the break. A mixed night for the Dragons at the NRL judiciary ahead of Saturday's clash with the Raiders. In a major boost, prop Justin Poore is free to play after he successfully argued for a downgrade of his dangerous throw charge against Panthers winger Shane Elford. By fighting the charge he risked a 3-week ban. Yeah, obviously very happy with the hearing I received and very excited to play Canberra this weekend. However, centre Beau Scott wasn't as fortunate - rubbed out for one game after being found guilty of a dangerous throw on Wade Graham. Yeah, ah, happy with the hearing, disappointed with the outcome. Thanks. 2010 will be the final year at the helm for premiership winning Swans coach Paul Roos. Citing family reasons for his decision Roos will hand over the reins to his faithful assistant John Longmire after one more season with Sydney. I've always said I'm not going to be a career coach and I felt at the time when I took the role I was the right person to do the job for Sydney. Roos won't be lost to the Swans, though, he'll assist with talent identification and player development after next year. Jessicah Schipper has produced another world record performance on the final night of the Australian short course titles in Hobart. Schipper was pushed all the way by Felicity Galvez in the 100 metres butterfly. COMMENTATOR: Going to close to a world record! What a way to finish, yes! She shaved 0.06 second off the old mark set by Libby Trickett in 2008. That's all for now. I'll be back with more sport a little later in 'Sunrise', Nat. Thanks, Beretts. Next on Seven Early News - a closer look at Thursday's weather forecast.

It's coming up 6am. With a look at what's ahead on 'Sunrise', it's over to Kochie and Mel. Nat, as we heard in the news, a recovery team has now reached the crash site in Papua New Guinea. But they've got a grim, and difficult, job ahead of them. This morning, we'll get the latest from our reporter on the ground. And we'll also pay tribute to the victims. Also, the climate change debate is heating up. But what's it really about? And how will it affect what we pay for things like electricity and petrol? We'll get some simple answers. Plus, do you find you're answering more and more work calls outside work hours? We're going to take a look at whether you should be paid for the extra time. And from the Four Tops to The Temptations. We're celebrating 50 years of Motown as the stars prepare to head Down Under. See you soon for 'Sunrise'. Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up around the country. Warm north-westerly winds will flow across the Northern Territory and Queensland today bringing very warm temperatures. A cold front will produce a few showers over southern Western Australia. Rain areas will begin to ease and clear over Tasmania and Victoria as a low moves further out to sea. Around the capitals - a fine day on the way for Brisbane. Sydney will be mostly sunny. in Canberra. It'll be cloudy in Hobart. Rain easing in Adelaide. Mostly fine early fog before a fine day. Darwin will get some in Perth. Showers for this Thursday. And that's Seven Early News Standby now for 'Sunrise'. I'm Natalie Barr. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by