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Death sentences for three

people over the 203 Mumbai

bombings. The US warns

Somalia not to protect

Al-Shabaab. Practice of

leaders issue an urgent call

on climate change and

Australia backs its pace

attack for the fourth Ashes


O'Connor with ABC News for Good morning. Beverley

Australia network - an Indian

court has sentenced three

people the death over a

series of bombings in Mumbai

in 2003. 54 people died. The

court heard the 3 conspire

would the militant group

Lashkar-e-Taiba to perform

the attacks. India

correspondent Michael Edwards

reports. Indian prosecutors

got the sentence they were seeking. The three, Mohammed Haneef Sayyed, Fameeda Syed Mohammed Haneef and Ashrat

Ansari set to be hanged tore

planning the 2003 Mumbai

bombings which killed 54

people and wounded hundreds

of others. The court heard

the sentence of all the

accused for the death penalty. for causing the

death of 54 people. The three

were convicted last week in

India's special anti-terror

court. The court heard the

bombings were for

retaliations for riots in

2002. Prosecutors say the

three are members of Lashkar-e-Taiba. They are

blamed for last year's Mumbai attack. Mohammed Haneef

Sayyed and his wife Fameeda

Syed Mohammed Haneef asked

they would for life. Their lawyer said

appeal. TRANSLATION: Right

from the sentence we knew

such a judgement could be

announced so we were ready

for the appeal and we will be

strongly appeal in the High

Court. probably we will get

the judgement copy today

itself and in a week we will

file appeal. But for the

families of the victims the sentence fits the crime.


very terrible task t bodies

were in a bad state but I

prayed for the death sentence

every day. I came to court

several times and have spoken

to many people and was with

the entire security team that

day and have seen the

incident very closely. The

judges rarely apply the death

penalty in India and many

case are delayed or commuted

by the country's president.

The US Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton has issue add

stern warning against the

Al-Shabaab terror group

getting a safe haven in

Somalia. In a visit to Kenya

show spoke about Tuesday's

arrests in Australia of five

men allegeed to be link to

the organisation. The US

Secretary of State with

Somalia's president at her

side was in Nairobi to

indicate America's strong

support for the Government. In power since January

following a US-brokered deal

the Government is the 15th

formed in Somalia since 1991.

Mrs Clinton says the rise of

Al-Shabaab poses a threat

well beyond Somalia's

borders. If Al-Shabaab wants

to obtain a haven in Somalia

which could then attract

al-Qaeda and other terrorist

actors it would be a threat

to the US. Mrs Clinton

underlined her concern by

referring to Tuesday's arrest

of five men in Melbourne

after raid on 19 homes. Just

this week in Australia we

have been reminded that there

are those who would use

Somalia as a training ground

for attacks around the

world. The US has promised to

double the amount of arms and

am nicks it will provide to

Somalia. 24 hours earlier at

least 15 Al-Shabaab fighters

were killed in a battle with

Government troops south of

Mogadishu. Government forces

control a few blocks of the

capital. The militants in

Mogadishu deny any connection

with the alleged plot in

Australia the attack a

military base. TRANSLATION:

We are here to say we have no

links at all with the Muslim

people arrested in Australia

this week. This is part of

the tricks intended legalise

the blood of the Muslims. The

talks between Hillary Clinton

and the Somalia president

focused on the threat by

pirates operating off the

Somalia coast with more

attacks anticipated with the

end of the monsoon season.

The families of the Melbourne

men charged over the alleged

terror plot this week have

spoken of their surprise and

dismay. At the same time one

the uncle says he is shocked

at the claims against his

never few an his alleged link

was the Somalia terror group.

From refugee toddler,

teenager tearaway then terror

suspect. When he escaped

war-torn Somalia with his

nephew he never dreamed the

boy would be accused of

plotting terrorism. A smart, brilliant kid with no trouble

with the law. His uncle is

concerned about the

allegations that his nephew

went to a training camp in

some somewhere Al-Shabaab is

battling for control of the

country. It was shocking,

something I would have never

expected in my liver.

Disgusting, very shameful. The allegations are

yet to be tested in

yet to be tested in court.

Either way the journey has

been a troubled one. His

uncle says he cannot judge

the allegations because he

has not seen his nephew in

years. He rebelled after his

grandfather died then dropped

out of school and fell in

with a bad crowd. You know,

kids not listening, taking advantage of the family and

the system does not help

their parents, Len he showed

up some years later with new

friends in North Melbourne he

attracted little attention.

They came here for a long

time but if they come

tomorrow they are welcome,

they are one of us. This man

played soccer with one of the

accused but the group's

alleged plot and links to

Al-Shabaab have horrified

him. We don't like them.

This is a relative. We

Australian. While the spaulg

Holsworthy Army Base in

Western Sydney was allegedly the target of the plot today

it was the picture ever

tranquillity. But the

Government has been angered

on two fronts after News

Limited newspapers sent their

reporters into Holsworthy

Army Base as well as barracks

certainly concerned these in Queensland. We are

individuals are messing

around our defence personnel

causing unnecessary waste of

time. The Government says if

security guards are replaced

by soldiers they will have to

take more than 120 troops off

the frontline. Terrorists

normally choose targets where

a lot of attention or

casualties can be guaranteed.

Places like bars, train

stations and tourist

attractions. US and Pakistan

official are investigating

strong reports the Taliban

chief may be dead after all.

After a reported US drone

strike. Yesterday reports

indicated his wife may have

died in an attack on their

home and that he was not at

home and unhurt. He is

aligned with al-Qaeda and a

suspected of being involved

in the assassination of the

former Pakistan Prime Minister.

Minister. The man whose back

pace to calm rain this rare

video is enemy No.1 in Pakistan believed to be

behind some of the most

spectacular attacks in this

country including the

assassination of PM of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto in

2007 and horrific suicide bombings in Lahore this year.

US officials consider him a

grave threat as well t nextus

of alterer groups in

Pakistan. The US and Pakistan

have been trying to track him

for months. Nine of the last

10 CIA drone strike haves

been aimed at his network but

US and Pakistan officials

believe a strike yesterday

very likely killed Massud. A

senior US official saying

there is a 95% chance he is

among the dead. US officials

had visual and other

indicators it was Massud.

Pakistan is now trying to collect physical evidence to

be certain. If it is

confirmed the Obama

administration has hit one of

the most significant terror

targets in year. Pacific

leaders have issued an urgent

call to the international

community to help deal with

climate change. During the

meeting in Cairns they

pleaded for aid to be better

coordinateed to the island

countries and the forum will

keep Fiji suspended. The fine

Yea day of the meeting began

with a group photo in the

uniform chosen by the host Australia's Prime Minister

Kevin Rudd. Blue RM Williams

Australian bush shirts. I was

then into their retreat where they got down to business in

the absence of officials.

Several hours later the leaders attempt ld on stage

and Kevin Rudd declared the

meeting a success Today in

Cairns we have concluded the

40th Pacific island forum A

40th forum whose focus has

been climate change and our

response the global financial

crisis. But there was also

the issue of Fiji which was

suspend from the forum in

May. On the fringes of the forum concerns have been

raised about the military

regime's approach to human

rights. The media continue

to be severely censored and

people are being taken in and

charged or detained for being

critical of Government. The

Fiji Government issued a

statement attacking the forum

Secretary-General accusing

him of doing Australia's bidding but Prime Minister

Rudd says all forum leaders

at the meeting agreed. To

maintain a clear and absolute

line when it comes to the unacceptability of the

actions unher taken by the Fiji administration. And

so... The forum reafirms to

suspend Fiji from the council. The spearhead

countries who three weeks ago

supported Commodore Frank

Bainimarama's continued rule went along with the resolution but said they

would relay the Commodore's point of view

Yes, we have the opportunity

to explain Fiji's situation

and we in fact in the

communique have got a

paragraph dealing with the

possibility of dialogue

coming up at a later

stage. Australia has been

keen to make climate change a

major issue of this forum and the Minister for Climate

Change Penny Wong has

announced how 25 million

dollars in Australian aid is

going to be spent helping the

island countries adapt to the

changing climate. The Australian Prime Minister's

wife has been admitted to

hospital in far north

Queensland. She was taken to the emergency department and later admitted to the

hospital for observation

after experiencing stomach

pains. It is not clear if her

illness will affect Kevin

Rudd's meeting was Pacific

leaders and the visiting

Indian Foreign Minister.

Kevin Rudd says the pains

maybe linked to his wife's

recent visit to Mount

Kilimanjaro. A search has

resouped for 60 people feared

dead after a ferry sank off

the cost of Tonga. The Government has asked Australia and New Zealand to

provide Navy divers the help

with the search. The ship

over turned in rough seas 90

kilometres northwest of the

capital. More than 50 passengers and crew survived

by climbing into lifeboats.

One man says many of the

women and children on board

were trapped below deck where

they are sleeping. The

ferries are not renowned for

safety and it is feared the

passenger lists may not have

included all the people on

board. It makes it more

difficult because we do not

know when the stop the search

until we can confirm how many

we are looking for. Relatives

have been gathering as they

await news from officials.

The ferry was more than 30

years old but had been

operating for a month. In the

US Judge Sonia Sotomayor has

made history by being confirm

as the first his Spanish

justice to be appointed the

Supreme Court. The Senate

vote was 68-31 with 9

Republicans joining the vote

for the Liberal-leaning

55-year-old. I was lovely

dierng the confirmation

hearings to see her elderly

mother sitting behind her and

she thanked her mum basically

saying she credited her for

getting her where she is and

her mum shed a tear or two

over that. It is interesting

to read about Sonia Sotomayor

and to read how completely

ambitious and dedicated she

has been climbing up the Pell

and the way she has always

sought out mentors, not only

people who could help her

with advice but people who

could help her in her next

step so she has been

dedicated in the way she has

approached this but so cool,

calm and collected and as

Barack Obama said clear think

Senate has recognised her

intellect and the fact she will bring that

will bring that cool

collectiveness to the Supreme

Court. The Senate has confirmed that Sonia

Sotomayor has tint

electricitit t temperament t

his think, the integrity and

the interestence of mind to

ably serve on our nation's

highest court. He says it is

a great day for her family and America but great for him

because he has had a month of

a few whacks. Thing haves not

gone well and given this was

his first pick for the

Supreme Court and he will

have couple more during his

first term at least it was

good for him to move through

pretty quickly just three

days of debate really. And as

you say a done deal. Our

North America correspondent

Lisa Millar. The first of

more than a quater of a

million Sri Lankans displaced

by war have begun to return

home. Over 1000 who fled the

fighting between the Army and

the Tamil Tigers have returned the the north and

east of the island them. Will

been living in state-run

camp. The Government has

pledgeed to re-settle 80% of

the almost 30,00 people

displaced. The country's

long-running civil war ended

in May. A pregnant British

woman sentenced to life in

Laos for drug trafficking has

flown home weeks before she

is due to give birth. She

will serve the remainder of

her sentence in Britain. The

20-year-old heroin trafficker

refused to speak the media as

she board add flight to

Britain accompanied by

British diplomats.

Samantha's transfer today

will ensure she can give

birth in the UK close to her

relatives and under

relatives and under UK

medical care. We believe that

that is the best outcome for

all concerned in particular

for her unborn child. The British ambassador stressed

her transfer does not signal

her freedom. I have spoken to

her again following the transfer. She is in good

spirits and obviously glad to

be being transferred back to

the UK. But just to confirm

she is being transferred into

a UK penal

establishments. The Britain

was sentenced in June do life

in prison after pleading

guilty the drug trafficing.

Police found 680 grams of

heroin in 68 capsules on her

body when she was arrested on

her way to Australia.

Although heroin trafficking

is punishable by death she

was spared because the law

does not a allow the

execution of pregnant women.

The case attracted particular

interest because she became

pregnant while in prison.

Officials asserted she may

have artificially in seam

nighted herself. Britain's

Great Train Robber Ronnie

Biggs has been released from

prison on compassionate

ground. He is close to 80 and

is severely ill with

pneumonia. Doctors have said

there is not much hope for

him. He was part of a gang

that rob add train in 196. At

the time it was called the

highs of the sent try. At

least 10 people are dead

after heavy rain triggered

flooding in China. Four days

of continuus rain has caused landslides in some

mountainous areas. 1.5

million people were affected

by the floods and more than

120,000 have had to be

relocated. The newsagency

there reports that close to

$100 million in losses have

been caused by the storms.

Almost 1000 people have been

evacuated from a Chinese

resort island as a typhoon

draws closer. It is

approaching the east coast

north of Taiwan. 90 0

tourists have been evacuated

before all services have been

stopped. The tie upon is the

travelling at 144 km/h and is

expected to make land fall

late on Friday or early

tomorrow morning.

Investigators looking for

missing British girl

Madeleine McCann want to to a

woman they believe is

Australian. They have

released an artist impression

of a woman said to have potentially crucial information about the little

girl's whereabouts. Did hunt

for Madeleine McCann has

shifted to Australia where in

investigators hope to find

this woman described as a

Victoria Beckham look-alike

with an Australian accent.

She had a conversation with a

British man three days after

the little girl disappeared.

This conservation was

potentially significant the

tin investigation into

Madeleine McCann's disappearance. However, for strict operational reasons

the investigators or I will

not be divulging any detail

of what was said to the

Whitby the woman. The

41-year-old witness noticed

the woman at this bar in the

port Olympic marina in

Barcelona Spain. He said she

appeared agitated. It has

been more than 2 years since

Gerry and Kate McCann went

out to dinner in Portugal leaving their three children

asleep in their holiday

apartment. They have not seen

their daughter since. Now a

private detective says he

wants to question an

Australian woman about the possibility that Madeleine

McCann was taken to Spain on

a boat from Portugal. Will

you travel the Australia to

further the investigation?

If necessary, yes. Is this

woman a suspect? No. She is

a significant individual I

would not describe her as a suspect. The British witness was out drinking with friends

in Barcelona on the night he

met the Australian woman.

Investigators are hiding his

identity but they say he is a

professional man based here

in the UK's financial

capital. They also say he has

a credible personal reason

for having waited two years

before coming forward with

this new evidence. The koala whose image caught the

world's attention in the

aftermath of Black Saturday

has died. Sam the koala made

headlines after CFA

volunteers found him burnt and thirsty during the fire

season but the 4-year-old did

not die from its injuries.

Instead it fell victim to an

eye disease that affects half the koala population. The The symbol of hope for so

many people around the world

was the great picture of that

wonderful koala being fed

water by one of our

firefighters. And it is

tragic that Sam the koala is

no longer with us. David

Tree the firefighter who

helped the koala says he is

heartbroken. An Indian court has sentenced three people to

death over a series of

bombings in Mumbai in 2003

which killed 54 people.

Australia will consider

naming four fast bowlers for

the fourth Ashes Test which

starts at Headingley today

but Brett Lee is not likely

to be one of them despite

recovering from a side

injury. Stuart Clark is Abe

gain vying to replace spinner

Nathan Hauritz while wicket

keeper Brad Haddin could

return after missing the

third Test with a broken

finger. Australian captain Ricky Ponting says the

conditions will have a big

bearing on selection. The

cloudy skies have raised the

prospect of Australia going

in with an all-pace attack

but it is unlikely to include

Brett Lee. He has been

sidelined since the

pre-series tour match and

Ricky Ponting says selectors

need to be confident he can

last the five days. Fellow fast bowler Stuart Clark

looms as a possible inclusion

while wicket keeper bad

Haddin says he is ready to

return if a broken finger.

Point.says he has total

confidence in the squad. We have good positive results

after the last day of the

Test match so hopefully this

week we can get five good

days of Test cricket and play

the best so far. England has

selection headaches of its

own with all-rounder Andrew Flintoff battling a knee

injury.. if he is unable to

bowl his overs there will be

enough to think about

replacing him so it is a bit

of a judgement call on this

one and his own views will be

important but ultimately it

is a decision that myself and

we have to make with his

views incorporated as well as

those of the medical staff. In socka China's

bird's nest will host the

Italian Super Cup. The game

will be played on the first

anniversary of the bank

Olympic games opening

ceremony. Let's look at the

weather now for this Friday.

Finally, it is pink and

hairless and it is just

arrived at a San Diego zoo.

It is an it, not a he or she

because no-one can get close

enough to find out. The name

means White Cloud. It will be

a month before the cub takes

on the familiar Panda

black-and-white colourings.

It is the Panda's fifth cub

and either son or daughter

are said to be doing well.

How do they grow so big! You

are watching ABC News for

Australia Network. Let's look

at our top stories - an

Indian court has sentenced

three people to death over a

series of bombings in Mumbai

back in 203. The US has

issued a stern warning gains

at safe haven against Somalia

for the Al-Shabaab. And a

call for the international

community to deal with

climate change. For more

current affairs and news go

to our web site. We will

leave you with a female team

from the united Arab Emirates

learning how to row a snake

boat in India's south. We

will see you soon.

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