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Sunrise -

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(generated from captions) most arid parts of the world. And a few chicks there. Mt Kilimanjaro Kochie's quest to conquer children's hospitals and raise money for Australian is getting harder day by day. they've had to scale a cliff face First came altitude sickness and now with every finger and toe. and that meant holding on of the summit of Kilimanjaro today. We're certainly getting a good view here to Karanga. We've walked from Barranco camp a bracing climb up Barranco Wall. And first up this morning, Joe, how did you find it? It was a real cliff face. It was pretty tough. just hanging on with our fingers And at various points we were

which was not what I expected. with a 200m drop But we came through it. Kochie saved me again at the bottom of a valley. otherwise I would have ended up up and down. And then some pretty steep ravines, all these false peaks. The thing is you get then you hit another massive valley. You think you get to the top and as going up. And going down is just as hard it starts to come through the cloud, But when you see the peak there as

how are you feeling? Butterflies in the tummy. really keen to get on with it. I'm really keen to get up there, everyone feels well prepared. I feel well prepared, done to prepare for this. There's nothing more we could have and it's in the hands of God. We've done everything we can We'll see you from Barafu tomorrow tomorrow night. and that's our base for summit night See you then.

Good luck. Kochie is doing it as Joe

Hockey and the whole team are

for him hum which puts urgently Hockey and the whole team are doing

needed equipment in the hospital. How much does he have? He has 50 bucks. Joe Hockey has $ bucks. Joe Hockey has bucks. Joe Hockey has $20,000. If

you want to give him a dollar. Not

him but the hull hum. Head to the

website. We might pitch in and see