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(generated from captions) violent acts in

Australia. Clive Williams in

Sydney, thank you for that. The

fallout from the koorz scandal

continues with senior

Government ministers calling

for Malcolm to resign. Mr

Turnbull revealed yesterday he

pleat with the man at the

centre of the saga Godwin Grech

one week before Mr Grech now

gave his discredited evident at

a Senate stills committee. For

more, Helen Coonan joins

numerous from her office in

Sydney. Helen Coonan good

morning and thank you so much

for joining us. Good morning. The Government is

specking about trying to

establish a privileges

committee inquiry into possible

contempt by Senator Eric Abetz.

Will the Opposition oppose

that? Well it's going to

ultimately be a matter for the

Senate but can I say that it is

I think a fairly ill founded

concent, that you would be

suggesting not you but the

Senator Eric Abetz was in Government, suggesting that

contempt of the Senate. There's

nothing to suggest that Senator

Eric Abetz had coached the particular witness, Godwin

Grech, there's certainly plenty

of evidence to suggest that

Godwin Grech contacted Senator

Eric Abetz and Mr Turnbull and

in those circumstances I think

it would be highly unlikely

that any such inquiry if it

were to be founded or agreed to

by the Senate would have an

vaders have finding It

certainly in contempt isn't it

to to suggest as Abetz did

during his questioning that

he'd received some email from a

journalist but it turns out

that actually it came from

Godwin Grech, that was deliberately misleading the

public as part of that Senate

committee evidence? I think

it's not a good thing to be

trying to guess what might be

the subject of any particular

inquiry, but, look, we, that is

the media, the Opposition, the

Government politicians of all

stripe receive information from

leakers, from whistle blowers,

that's not at all unusual and

the circumstances of this

particular case were that

firstly the email was false,

that of course was not known to

Senator Eric Abetz or Mr

Turnbull, the second thing

about it is that it came from a

highly credible source and one

that was a trusted source of

information, a trusted officer

who has been put in charge

after all by the Government of

a $2 billion project a $2

billion program. So this was

not someone whose information

or whose evidence you would

second-guess, in a way that you

think that anything that he

puts forward would be false or

misleading or indeed even exaggerated. There was no

of the Opposition to reason for anyone on the side

second-guess that evidence. But

you don't believe the

Opposition has any questions to

answer here in the Senate over

the shado play that was

constructed between Malcolm

Turnbull and Abetz and Godwin Grech? You've conducted

yourselves correctly and in the

way that Senators should as

part of those Senate

committees? Well what I'm

saying is that information

comes to Oppositions of both

colours and has done for many

years, it is important that the

sorof information you get gets

tested, and in fact Mr Grech

was prepared to give evidence

in public at a Senate committee

that Senator Eric Abetz had no

reason to believe was anything

other than correct. So I think

we're grasping at straws here

to be suggesting that simply

because it turned out to be incorrect evidence that Senator

Eric Abetz had any role to

play, he didn't know of its falsehood, he has said that

very plainly and very

clearly,. After Malcolm

Turnbull's demolition of depch

yesterday it unlikely suspect

servant might risk talking to it that any other public

the Liberals again and leaks

you suchings in, isn't

it? Well, I think it's really

hard to tell what plays, when

people feel that they have information to give, the should

be tested, if they're concerned

about the probity of the way in

which a program is being administered, they well might.

I think the circumstances of

this case were unusual in that

the evidence was conkoktsed

evidence, that is usually not

the case. In fact I've never

known of anything quite like

this in all my years in the

Senate. I think that this

particular case turns on its

facts and it ought not to

dissuede any one who is aware

of any proper conduct or lack

of probity in the

administration of a Government

program, being prepared to

bring forward information

that's true and can be

tested. Just a fine question -

it goes to the very long time

that you've spent in the Senate

and your experience - looking

at the material released

yesterday by Malcolm Turnbull

detailing his dealings with

Godwin Grech, did alarm bells

not ring for you when you

looked at that. Did you not

think for a moment ha that if

you'd received that information

you'd pause for a moment and

think hang on, what's this

block really on about? Well,

what I would have thought

because I do know Godwin Grech,

I have had quite significant

dealings with him when I was

assistant Treasurer, there was

not one moment to ever question

his integrity, his expertise,

he was highly thought of,

information coming from

somebody like Godwin Grech who

has been a trusted source of

information would not

necessarily make you sit up and

take notice. Yes, it was pretty

dramatic but then again, we

have seen during the rollout of

the stimulus some gros

inefficiency and waste on the

part of the Government. It's entirely appropriate that the

Opposition sit up and take

notice. If information comes to

us which suggests that

taxpayers money is not being

properly used. Helen Coonan,