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Live. Funerals disrupted

with further silence in

Tehran. Conduct unbecomeing a

Britain begins a Kuerten Iraq

war. Kidnappings stop vital

UN work in Baluchistan. Pedal

power in Afghanistan's

morning. Beverley O'Connor election campaign. Good

with ABC News for Australia

network - Iranian police

have used tear gas and batons

against thousands of mourners

who staged a grave side

ceremony for those killed in

the recent post-election

violence. Witnesses say many

were beaten and arrested. As

many as 2000 people gathered

at Tehran's main cemetery to remember those killed in the

wave of process its since

last Monday's election. The

memorial mashes the 40th day

since the death of a young

woman whose death shocked the

world by Iran's hardline

leadership has banned such

service and scores of police

moved into disperse the

crowd. Witnesses say mourners

were beaten, arrest and were beaten, arrest and

driven away. Iran's main

Opposition candidate Mir

Hossein Mousavi was ordered

to leave. Police swarmed

around the other canned date

as he tried give a speech. A long-awaited inquiry into

Britain's conduct around the

Iraq war has begun and the head of the independent

the former Prime inquiry says he plans to call

the former Prime Minister

Tony Blair to give

evidence. Six years after

Britain decided to support

the US-led invasion of Iraq a comprehensive inquiry has

begun and every witness from

the former Prime Minister

Tony Blair down will be

called to give evidence. The

people we insight to give

having considered the evidence will be those ejudge

placed the supply the material buffs are bested

placed the supply the

information we teed to con

dug our task thoroughly. It

was in March 2003 Mr Blair

decided to send 45,00 troops

to join the so-called

coalition of the willing.

It is the case if the only

means before achieving the

disarmament of the Iran's

weapons of mass destruction

is the removal of the regime

it has to be our objective. Four inquiries it has to be our

have already been held but

the latest will be the most

transparent and thorough yet.

We will therefore to be

considering the UK's

involvement in Iraq including

the way decisions were made

and actions taken. To

establish as accurately and

happened. reliably as possible what

happened. And to identify the lesson thanks can be learnt

a. Sir John Chilcott plans to

call witnesses from a number

of countries including senior

officials of the former Bush administration but he

concedes it is unlikely they

will appear he says his

committee will not hold back.

The inquiry is not a

court of law and nobody is on

trial but I want to trial but I want to make one

thing absolutely clear - this

commitly will not shi away

from making criticisms. Some

evidence will be given in

private to protect national

security but most will be plifnlg finding are not

likely to be published before

the middle of next year. The

US President Obama may

struggle to keep his promise

to close Guantanamo Bay.

There are few signs the

sprawled detention facility sprawled detention facility

is getting ready to shut down

by the president's

self-imposed January

deadline. More than 20

detainees remain at the

controversial facility. Kim

Landers reports from

Guantanamo Bay. At

Guantanamo Bay there is no

sign that it is going to

close in six months. The

daily routine for the detainees in the sprawled

camps has not changed. Many

spend up to 20 hours outside their cells talking and spend up to 20 hours outside

eating but the camp commander

is getting ready to shift

them all. We are on track

with our preparations to be

able to transfer the last

detainee out of here no later

than 20 January and stop

detention operations. At one

time there were nearly 800

detainees here, now there are

230. At camp 230. At camp 5 detainees

began to yell as they spotted

us through their windows.

They kind out "Is really bad

in here" but their protests

were brushed off. I'm not

saying we used to it but it

is something that happens.

They are not going to get in

any trouble or anything and

some of them as we are

walking out they will

ordered to shut down sniel. President Obama has

Guantanamo Bay by January Guantanamo Bay by January is

posted on notice boards for

the detainees to read. Some

of the detainee attitudes

have changed because of the

hope of leaving here by 22

January so that - it has not

pain cross the board or

universal but some have

changed their behaviour and

demeanour. But for the guards

who work behind high gates

and razor wire there is and razor wire there is the

same purpose of meshon. As

guards we not concerned about

it closing down or opening we


operations. Guantanamo Bay is

trying to shed assist

sinister reputation. It is

the most professionally run

detention centre on the

planet. This is one of nine

detention camps still in use

at Guantanamo Bay. While President Obama wants them

all to be mothballed there is all to be mothballed there is no clear accepts of where the

remaining detainees will go.

There is one facility on this

base that is now closed Camp

X Ray where David Hibs was

first brought. One day the

rest of Guantanamo Bay may

lie abandoned too but perhaps

not easily forgotten.

Threats against aid workers

have forced the UN to scale

back operations in Pakistan's back operations in Pakistan's troubled Baluchistan region.

Aid agencies have provided

relief in the area for 8

months after a massive

earthquake. It comes after

the recent kidnapping of an

American aid worker

insurgents threatened to behead. Separatists in Baluchistan have been waging

a low-level insurgency in the

poor but oil-rich area in

Pakistan hit by a Pakistan hit by a massive

earthquake. The insurgency

never specifically targeted

foreigners until earlier this

year when a group kidnapped

the head of the UN's refugee

agency. Mr Seliki was held

for two months. Last week the

same group the Baluchistan

Liberation United Front

issued further threats

against the UN. We growth

bring we had to scale back

our operations, we take staff

security very seriously and

due to that we are assessing

the situation and for now we

are scaling back our

operations. The UN's refugee

agency has temporarily closed

its voluntary repatriation

centre which helps Afghan

refugees go home. There is no move

move by the President who is

in Russia. "We will talk

about trade relations and the

moss its important regional

problems anti-terrorism protection and drug crime". The leaders have urged the interest national

community to do more to

tackle he illegal drugs trade

in the region. in the region. Nigerian

security forces say they have

ended an uprising but an as

lambic second and killed its

leader who was taken to head

qua sisters, police say he

begged forestry give

necessary and mercy before he

was shot.

Tensions the Tensions between South

Korea and North Korea. The

Australia's last remaining Vietnam War dead return home,

a chapter closed. I has had

all America talking the White

House beer summit House beer summit where a few

beers have been shared in an effort to cool tensions over

the wrongful arrest of a

university professor. The

issue became a damage control

exercise for President Obama

after he described the police

officer's actions as stupid

because he arrested the

scholar whether had broken

into his own home. President

Obama said he was "Fascinate would the fascination about his drink

his drink was Professor gates

and Sergeant Crowley" and

chided some in the media for

calling it a beer summit.

Morning it is a clever term

but it is not a summit, this

is three folks having a drink

hopefully giving people an at the end of the day and

opportunity to listen the

each other. That is really

all it is. The President

said instead of anger said instead of anger and

hyprbole. Blue blue you lose

sight of the fact that these

are people involved including

my sex. All of whom are

imperfect. With their

families the men flew from

Massachusetts earlier. Today

gates says he wants than


The Cambridge police acted

stupidly. An ad verb he soon

came to regret I could

came to regret I could have calibrated those words

differently. My hope is as a

consequence of this event

this ends up being a

teachable moment. A man

whether abandoned his young

daughter at a railway station

in the Australian city of

Melbourne over two years ago

now has been sentenced to

life in prison for murdering

his wife. The verdict has

been handed down in Auckland.

The man still protests his innocence and did innocence and did not react Tasmania judge handed down

his sentence. Justice Hugh

Williams ordered the Maher

sham arts expert to serve 12


Thousands of Hmong refer

have few geese have been told they

have no chance of being

resettled in America. 4000

refugees remain strandside in

camps in northern Thailand.

For some of these Hmong

refugees a new start in the

US offered them hope of a new

life but they say that bubble

has been burst by a visit

from a senior US American

official. This refugee says

"The Americans told us I

to the would have no chance of going

to the US". That American was

Secretary of State Sam hitten

who met with Thailand Army

officials and Hmong leaders

in the camp and offered

little in the way of good

news. This former Hmong

soldier says "If they send us

back we will be not go, we

came here the save our lives came here the save our lives

we cannot go back" A

significant number of the the

refugees fought against the

Communist Nationalists and

fear persecution if they

return home. The Thailand

Army says the Hmong refugees

need not leave if the threats

are valid. We Roo not cruel

enough to send them if we

hear of any offences against

them. We are trying them. We are trying to

convince them there are no incidents against the Hmong

tribe back than their

homeland. Two month ago

Doctors Without Border pulled

out. Thailand deniedfy

accusations. Burma's

military rulers have warned supporters ever jailed pro-democracy leader Aung San

Suu Kyi not to protest when

her trial verdict id announced later today. announced later today. Despite international calls

for her release a guilty

verdict is expected. She is akuszed of violating the

terms of her house arrest.

She was charged after an

uninvited American man

entered her Rangoon home. The

64-year-old faces up to five

years in prison if found guilty. South Korea has

called for the swift return

of one of its fishing boats

from North Korea. It

reportedly strayed into North

reportedly strayed into North

Korea's territorial waters

when its navigation system

malfunctioned. The incident

has sparked angry scenes in

Seoul with protestors accusing the north of

provocation. Hundreds of

protestors gathered in the

streets of the capital

burning flags and chanting

anti-North Korea slogans.

They have accused their

eclues yfr neighbour of raising tensions by seizing a raising tensions by seizing a

south stout fishing boat.


strongly that Kim Jong-Il

send back the fishing boat

and the fisherman kidnapped

in North Korea" South Korea officials confirm the boat

similar to this was

intercepted on Wednesday

morning. The boat was fishing

for squid around dawn when it

ran in the problems and went off course.

off course. TRANSLATION: Our

fishing boat has crossed the

sea border but for now we

assume this was a malfunction

in its satellite navigation

system. Seoul has expressed

concern about the four-men

crew and has called on Pyonyang to release

them. TRANSLATION: We have

sent a message to the

south-north maritime affairs

authority channel that

insists on the return ever

our crew and boat as soon as our crew and boat as soon as possible. Relations between

both sides deteriorated when

the South Korea president

took office last year. He has

since taken a tough stance

against the north seizing

fee-flowing aid to its impoverished neighbour at

part of sanctions urged at

curbing Pyonyang's nuclear

capabilities and this is said

to further sour relations. Pakistan's Supreme Court has decided Court has decided gains at

request to put the former president Pervez Musharraf on

tile for treason. The Chief

Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry

says Parliament is a more

appropriate lays for Pervez

Musharraf to answer charges

ever violating the Constitution. Pervez

Musharraf housed the

judiciary and imposed

emergency rule two years ago

in a desperate attempt to

cling the power. He resigned

last year when faced with an

impeachment motion. Australia can now close can now close a chapter in

its wartime history. The last

of the nation's missing

soldiers in Vietnam has been

found. Forensic experts have

identified the bodies of Flying Officer Michael Herbert and Pilot Officer

Robert Carver. Their remains

were found near a plane's

wreckage in April in a remote

patch of thick jungle near

Vietnam's border with Laos.

They died when their bomber

crashed during a night mission

mission in 1970. A

tremendously important moment

I think and brings to a

conclusion a long chapter of

Australian defence personnel

who have been missing in Vietnam. The vet that mess and Australian governments

are deciding when the remains

will be brought home. A

delegation of senior Pacific

leaders has arrived in Australia to describe

first-hand what it is like on first-hand what it is like on

the climate change font line. The group from Kiribati, Tuvalu and the Federated

States of Micronesia say they

draekd forced the abandon

their island homes.

Melbourne's a long way from Kiribati, Tuvalu and the Federated States of

Micronesia where the climate

action network is chaired.

The coral islands are being

swamped here a

swamped here a prospect that

fills him with fear. You can

hear the waves breaking on

the reef and you do not know

when a wave storm will take

place and you are definitely

sure you cannot help save

your children and family. Pacific communities

have been pleading for action

on climate change for Moran

decade but the reverent says

he are getting nowhere. They have

have been ignored from all

aspects even the UN

convention on climate change,

they have been ignored. Worst

they have been ignored by

their neighbours, New Zealand

and Australia. The same

frustration is felt in the

Kiribas, they do not want to Kiribas, they do not ant to Kiribas, they do not want to suffer like the Papua New

Guinea island who have begun

to relocate. I want my kids to know

to know where my family was

brought up and stuff. The

world is not fair I guess .

It is our identity, right if

our land. There is no way

that anyone will ever think

about leaving the country or

having no Kiribas island. The

delegation wants financial

help and Australia and New

Zealand to help them adapt Zealand to help them adapt to

changing conditions and they

want both countries to commit

to taking climate refugees.

We would like to see

Australia start engaging in

that dialogue because we do

not want the wake up tomorrow

and say "Oops, we are

understand water, we have to

move our people" so we would

really like to see those

things. These concerns are

very real with the latest

research suggesting 75

million will have the move to higher ground over higher ground over the next

40 years and Pacific leaders

warn they may take legal

action to secure compensation

if they do not get the help

they need. One of the

candidate in Afghanistan's

presidential election is

hoping to pedal his way to

victory in next month's bolt.

Sangan Muhammad Rahmani is a

one-man-band campaigning on a

shoe string budget but he

firmly believes he has firmly believes he has voter

appeal. He does not have his

own party let alone a

campaign team, he does not

even own a home but that has

not stopped Sangan Muhammad

Rahmani from pedestrian long

his political ambitions.

Every morning the former Army

officer hits the campaign

trail on his bike. He is

hoping to win over the hearts

of voters. TRANSLATION: Just

because somebody rides a bike it does not mean they it does not mean they cannot

make changes. I will make

changes! Already drawing on

his $900 annual pension Sangan Muhammad Rahmani

depends on money from his son

a refugee in Iran to put food

on the table. TRANSLATION: I

don't have any money to give

to people and I have not

asked for money from anybody. God willing people will back

me. I have received many

calls from provinces saying Sangan Muhammad Rahmani we

will support you! will support you! His

efforts though have already won him supporters. TRANSLATION: He

will win here, he is a good

guy. I hope God almighty will

help him to victory. It is a

big ask for a man with no

political experience. He is

among 41 candidates vying to

become Afghanistan's

president but faces an uphill


task. In the headlines - the

US President Obama has made

his strongest statements yet

on the global economy saying

there are signs the downturn

is coming to an end. The

giant oil company Royal Dutch

Shell has posted a 70

personal in net profit in personal in net profit in the

second quater compare would

the same period last year.

Pretax profits fell to $2.8

billion. The announcement

comes 2 days after BHP

Billiton also posted a big

drop in profits. To the

business figures -

Sports new,

Sports new, rain shorten

day one of the third Ashes

Test at Edgbaston, Australia

had to survive 30 overs, did

so easily and made 1/126

Shane Watson made 62 not out

after replaceing Phil Hughes

as opener. Ricky Ponting explained that selection

before the start of play.

Phil has found things tough.

Shane has been in great form

in Northamptonshire with the bat and

bat and got some useful overs

there. At different times we

needed extra bowling so he

will be able to give is that

as well as good quality batting. England all-rounder

Andrew Flintoff lacked his

usual zip and did not tick a

wicket on the first day.

Graeme Swann took the only

wicket for the day. The

world swimming championships

of the Aussie Jessicah

Schipper won the 2metre Schipper won the 2metre

butterfly and set a new world

record. Christian Sprenger

set a world record in the

summary of the 20 breast

stroke and Libby Trickett

qualified fastest for the

1000 metre freestyle. Now the

weather for this Friday -

Finally Japan is about to

start importing the world's

first chocolate made from

camel milk. Produced in the

Middle East it is low in fat

and high vitamins. The

company in Dubai has 300

camels capable of me deuceing

10 tonnes of premium milk chocolate every year and it

is a premium product. The

is a premium product. The

company founded and owned by

the sheikh. Lurky hotels are

the market We will have a

classy chocolate sold in the

classy places, like a 7-star

hotel and very high-ranking,

high-profile distribution outlets. The outlets. The plan was to

expand sales out side the

United Arab Emirates into the

other Gulf States but

European countries, Japan and

the US are keen the import

the chocolate. All this after

three years in production.

This is the first time a

camel milk farm has been

intentionally built up the be

a dairy farm to produce modern

modern milk. And the health

benefits. Cow milk is 26.5%

fat level inside and we have

on the camel milk 10.11

point%. It is claimed the

chocolate has other health

benefits because camel milk contains five times more

vitamin C in cow milk but do vitamin C in cow milk but do

not expect to see the

chocolate in the

supermarkets. Harrods in the

UK has just won the

prospective tender. Worth a

taste I'm sure. Let's look at

our top stories. Iranian

police disperse thousands of

mourners who staged a gave

side ceremony for those

killed than the recent post-election post-election violence. Tony

Blair the face his critics as

a Kuerten Iraq war gets under

way. The UN forced to scale

back operations in Pakistan's

troubled Baluchistan region

because of a threat the aid workers. That is the bulletin

for now. You can get more

information from our web

site. Thank you for

watching. Closed captions by CSI