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(generated from captions) when combined with the dancing. when combined with the dancing.

Pole dancing has this association

with nightclubs and mostly what with nightclubs and mostly what men

visit, I wanted to bring that back

to the room where ladies could come

in here, feel comfortable, get fit, in here, feel comfortable, get

tone up, have fun. And Shay is

certainly having fun, with next

month' s State title judged on pole

work, tricks and presentation. work, tricks and presentation. But

it' s not just the youngsters it' s not just the youngsters who

love it, with Polverized catering love it, with Polverized

for around 100 women a week. I' for around 100 women a week. I' ve

got plenty of mums and got plenty of mums and daughters

that come in and the mums just love that come in and the mums just love

it because it' s so different to comiecause it' s so different to it because it' s so different to

coming in and picking up a hand coming in and picking up a hand

weight, and doing the gym circuit

Now advanced pole dancing requires Now advanced pole dancing

significant strength, flexibility

Andrew Moir Win News. and endurance, just like that. and endurance, just like that.

And that' s WIN News for Tuesday And that' s WIN News for Tuesday

night. If you have a news tip you' like to share, you can email us at night. If you have a news tip you' d I' m Jessica I' m

Good, on behalf of our news team, Good, on behalf of our news team,

thanks for joining us. Good night.

This program is captioned live.

Hello I'm Leila McKinnon, filling

in for Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A

Current Affair. Tonight - Karen is

dying of cancer, while her

merciless husband has run away and

left her with nothing. The Lotto

jackpots are climbing again, and

your odds of becoming a millionaire

have never been better. Cut up the

credit card, because we prove the

old fashioned lay-bys are the best

way to shop. And on the streets

with Dr Phil, telling Australians

to 'get real'. First tonight - to a

low act. Terminally ill Karen Holt

received a $360,000 life insurance

payout. The money was supposed to

give her some comfort in her final

days, and allow her to leave

something behind for her kids. But

her husband had other ideas. For

richer, for poorer. I have no

dignity. He has just taken

everything that I had. In sickness

and in health. How long does Karen

have to live? I'm not sure.

Wouldn't have a clue. To love and

to cherish. He used to say to me

why don't you just go and die? Why

don't you just go and die? Until

death do us part. She never harmed

anyone. Why would I want to harm

her? Have you ever wished that she

was dead? No way, no way. His mates

call him "big dog". And at six foot

four not many men come bigger and

more imposing than Andrew Holt. He

likes to fish, he likes a drink.

And he likes to spend money. It

doesn't take long to blow $150

grand. You know what I mean? This

is Andrew's wife Karen. They've

been married 22 years. But for the

past two years she's been fighting

an almighty battle with cancer.

First in her breasts, then in her

lungs. It's now in her brain and

doctors say there's nothing more

they can do. I don't want to know

when. I don't want a date or

anything like that. When it happens,

it happens. Tonight, we honour

Karen's dying wish. All she's asked

is for her story to be told. How

she came to be abandoned and

penniless. A breathtaking act of

betrayal. He's just the cruellest,

cruellest man. And someone that I

thought that I would love forever

and he's just taken everything,

everything.. Absolutely everything.

And treated you like what? He's

treated me like a dying animal. I

would really love to ask him what I

have done to deserve to be treated

like this. Because I have never

done anything, anything, to be

treated like this. I know he's got

a house, don't know where he is.

He's with my three children. I

don't know where they are. He won't

tell me. She recorded a video

message that she wants you to see.

Yeah look mate I've got to go to

the bank. I'll see you tomorrow. We

found Andrew Holt on the Gold Coast

and requested an explanation. Like,

what happened to the $360,000 that

was paid to Karen through life

insurance when she became

terminally ill? How much money is

left? Nothing. terminally ill? How much money is

left? Nothing. Not a zac. He used

to keep saying to me, have you rung

about the money? Have you rung

about the money? And I'd go yes I

have. And he'd say what's happening,

what's happening? Who's money was

that? Karen's. What did you spend

it on? I didn't spend all of it.

His face was just

was just like a boy in a candy

shop.. So your wife is dying with

cancer, she receives a $360,000

payout. And one of the first things

you do is go out and buy a boat.

Yeah well she said what we were

going to do is charters. Kaz said

I'd like you and the boys to have a

family business so you are all

together after all this. She said

go and get the doghouse. She knew I

always wanted that boat. How

quickly did he start spending the

money? Oh, straight away. He

already had a boat. But he found

this boat that he wanted. You went

and bought the boat? Yeah, not the

next day. Not long after? Yeah. How

much did the boat cost? Ah, 50. Big

Dog named his boat the Dog House

and every weekend he was on it.

Karen was bedridden, recovering

from chemotherapy and her life

insurance payout was quickly

disappearing. Over the course of

215 days, more than 200 thousand

dollars was withdrawn and spent.

Let me show you some financial

statements from your joint bank

account. 5th November, $1,000. 7th

November, $1,000. Later that day,

$500. The following day, another

one doesn't dollars. Who was

withdrawing that money? Either or

both of us could have because we

both had access to it.. What was

she buying? She got a lounge,

fishtanjk, tv, whatever she wanted.

So that's this lounge, this fish

tank, this TV. Yeah. But they're in

your house. Well where would you

want me to put them, they're the

childrens assests as well. I'm sure

she'd like to see the kids sitting

on the floor, not watching the TV.

What did she end up with out of all

this? Out of $360,000, what did she

end up with? Well, she's crook.

It's my money, my money. But nah he

just took it all.. That's exactly

what he did - took it all. With

power of attorney, Andrew Holt

moved the remaining money - 156

thousand dollars - into a bank

account controlled by him and him

alone. When you transferred that

$156,000 out of your joint bank

account, did Karen know you were

doing that? Yeah, cos I cut her

cards up. Then Karen was placed

into palliative care. When you were

dropped in that facility by your

husband, do you think that he just

expected you were going tostay

there forever. Stay there and die?

Yep..yep..exactly...that's what he

wanted me to do. These are official

reports from Karen's medical file -

recorded by doctors, nurses and

social workers. Patient just

wanting to go out to her own home

few hours. or her sister in law's place for a

It's a pretty awful situation for

her to be in. It's a pretty awful

situation for me and my children

too mate. Yet but let's just focus

on her for a second. I know you're

saying that I should be sympathetic

to your cause too, but she is the

one dying. Yeah and our life for

three years now has been a misery.

It was Andrew's sister who tipped

off Karen family and they raced to

Queensland and brought her home.

Terence sister says she had nothing.

They was a green shopping bag that

she left with a course -- the

hospital with. We just basically

through, everything in it. A couple

of tops. She did not even have a

fair -- pair of shoes to put on. I

saw this beautiful girl that I had

brought into the world that had

nobody. And was all alone. So

frightened. And all she did was,

said, please do not saying I told

you so. Karen had lost regular

contact with her mum Claire. Her

medical notes show Karen confided

to hospital staff she was

disconnected from her mother

because of her husband's abusive

actions. They also reveal Andrew's

sister warned staff about his

temper. There is no history a role

in the whole family of me ever

abusing her, ever. Why would urine

sister say that? Because she wants

my blood as well. Quality say that

you are unstable? God knows. Karen

is spinning her final days back at

home with mum and dad in a small

unit block in Sydney. Upon the Gold

Coast, Andrew was renting this

house in the beach for $450 per

week. Surrounded by his toys. I

cannot ascribe him. A thing he is

the most evil, hurtful, in the main

person I have ever known. The final

insult was delivered a fortnight

ago. She told you to court the

other week to try to get her hands

on some of her money. So that she

could bury herself. Which is sad. I

should have a right to be at her

funeral. I was with her for 22

years. It is ripping my heart out.

Andrew reluctantly agreed to hand

over $10,000 and a brand new duty

had -- he had brought with her

money. It went straight from the

court to the pub, we toasted the

result over a beer with a mate. She

would like to be able to leave

something behind after she dies.

Armed will put the boat in the

kids' names. Will you let us sell

the boat? It is my children's boats

as well. The money will go to Karen.

She does not need the money. She is

lying on a third for a plaque --

apartment bed ridden. She does not

need the money be he/she is dying?

What is she going to spend it on.

That is why she was given the money.

I cannot do with any more. I do not

want to do with any more. I cannot do with any more. I do not want to do with any more. The Lotto

fever is once again gripping the

nation. It is just one month since

two Australian shed $100 million.

Now it is at 115 million and this

time around we'll have a greater

chance of winning. You get far more

chances of winning. It is the

biggest week of jackpots in

Australian lottery history. We are

all itching to get our hands on it.

I have had an eg palm. From bikini

model Tanya. To Helen and her

daughter Annie. It needs to be the

right palm. Or is it the left? Over

the next five days, three

Nationwide Lonrho's draws mean we

had three chances of hitting the

jackpot. A combined total of $115

million. This week, it really kicks

of Tuesday night with a $15 million

jackpot. Then on Thursday night, a

really big draw of the week, $80

million. Followed by a Saturday

draw of $20 million. So, if you

miss out on the go tonight, there

is still another 80 million in two

days' time. If you miss out there,

golden casket boss Bill says

Saturday might be your lucky day.

These draws our national games.

That is what really creates these

enormous jackpot events. Are you

feeling lucky? I hope so. Do you

normally kiss strange men? If I get

a chance. He is an incredible

bonanza for lotto players. The

chances of someone scooping all

three and going away with 150

million is about the same chance of

mainland in on the moon next week.

Two-time million dollars lottery we

-- winner Terry Fisher has created

a website and book to help others

in prove their luck. These are his

tips. The odds of tonight's draw

are roughly 45 million. Terry

claims he your best bet is still

Powell Paul's record $80 million

jackpot. Because there is 80

million on the tape money you

should spend, only what you can

afford. Play and needs of odds and

events and preferably to make a

systematic rather than a syndicate.

Over 80% of the Windsor gone pro-

single player, so it is quite

likely this week that we could set

a new Australian record. The $80

million jackpot on Thursday comes

exactly one month after her two

Australian families were made rich

weave a record prize pool totalling

over $100 million. One of those

winning tickets were sold here. At

this news agency on the Gold Coast.

The owners are still celebrating.

People have been coming from all

over, Sydney and Melbourne. What

are people saying to you about this

week straws? Can I touch you. The

ADR will win. It is a bit scary

with the blokes. With lucky now my

side, I can't go wrong. If selling

last month's winning ticket was not

enough to convince you to this news

agency is lucky, this will. The

owners tell me that two of their

relatives have taken out First

Division prices and they have sold

a high number of law division

prizes. One customer has engendered

a photograph of a rainbow and it

ends right here outside the news

agency. Of course, I'm yet to see

the broader for myself, but around

here, super system is running rife.

Why did you come and buy your

ticket he today? Because they sold

the winning ticket. You are hoping

that some of the luck will run off.

The locals are hoping they will

beat Kenya, who has come all the

way from Sydney to buy her winning

ticket. I looked my -- queue up and

thought I need to come here. Do you

think you have increased your

chances? I thought, why not, I will

give it a go. I have come close

before. Good luck. Tina and very

much. I hope that Palm stays

achieve. For more details, visit

our website. Coming up, watch out

Australia. Dr Phil has arrived and

he has not taken long to stir up

controversy. Forget the credit

cards, the lay-by is back and it is

fading as a fortune. You don't need

cash and you don't pay interest. So

Penis when we got the Manchester

and the ride on lay-by. The runner

was on the lay-by. We have a role

in this house - you can have

anything you want, as long as it's

on Sal and you can get on lay-by.

This lady likes to shop. Camera

equipment and games for the family,

and also pay a photography session

on lay-by at. We also got it our

wedding rings from Prouds on lay-by.

wedding rings from Prouds on lay-by.

Lay-by? You may not know what that

is. Once upon a time, if he

couldn't afford to buy something,

you did not. You paid it off. On

the final payment, and only then

would the shopkeeper give it to you.

We saw more than 50 per cent of gas

sales put a lay-by at a recent we

sell. Customers love it because it

allows them to budget in these

difficult times, to be a little bit

careful with their money. They

might only have to make a only a

little deposit. Big W is typical of

what is happening in department

stores right now. Their story in

his fall of the tour is that up on

lay-by. What does the cost someone

to put it on lay-by? Whether it is

$50 or $5,000, we and the charge

you $2 for a number it

administration fee. There is no

interest and we ask people to come

in once a fortnight to you make a

payment. Interest-free and only

once a fortnight, could it be that

shoppers or going back to what mum

and dad used to do? It's better

than credit cards and there is no

interest. It works that a lot

cheaper. This lady is from money

magazine. When you have something

on lay-by, it slows the process

down and she can think about it a

bit more. This stops a lot of

impulse buying and allows us to

slow down. A credit cards are under

control. We can still get the same

things but we just have to wait a

little bit longer. Most lay-by is

very generous but just in case you

should check on the following:

At its recent tour South, Big W

opened its doors at midnight to

staggering crowds, and new records.

In total souse, it was the biggest

day and we had our biggest ever lay

by day. Stores are doing very well

generally. Particularly in that

house, we can have anything you

like. Definitely, as long as you

can lay by it. It's a good way to

buy. There are no credit checks

either because the stallholder on

to the goods until they are paid

off. Makes it good for people have

problems with credit cards. He is a

long way from home, but it hasn't

stopped Dr Phil from stopping us

getting advice from him. My home is always bustling with our friends and their kids. But I'm pretty relaxed, thanks to Air Wick's new

FreshMatic I-Motion. It releases fragrance in regular bursts, plus its unique sensor detects movement and adjusts the fragrance automatically. With my home always smelling lovely... (INHALES DEEPLY) Ahh! ..I no longer need to keep an eye out. Almost. New FreshMatic I-Motion. Try FreshMatic Mini I-Motion - compact but just as powerful.

He is not a qualified psychologist

and he is believed to have his own

marriage difficulties, so why is

the he dishing out advice to the

unsuspected public? Martin King

asked the questions no one else's

prefer prepared to confront. Hello

oh Australia, I am Dr Phil. Alight

your shirt. Can I have an

autograph? The temple feathers on a

horse, but it does it make it a

chicken. To watch the Dr Phil show?

Know I do not. You're not colour-

blind by any chance? You are Dutch?

Hello. I am a very big fan and I

heard you are coming to Melbourne.

Colonel Sanders is my name and

making money is my game there. What

is the mental state of our nation?

It's pretty mental. I'm a Doctor

Fell, I'm down here for my tour it.

This doctor feel it is a fraud.

While working for Channel 9 when

your show is on Channel Ten? I

didn't even know that was on the

microphone. Do you have any issues

that can help you with? Not really.

What about your Hair? I'm not

opening up, I'm fine up, thanks.

I'm a more confused then a fart in

a Fan factory. Dr Phil, I a surprise that the recognition

factor? So many people recognise me,

it's amazing. How are you today?

And Dr Phil, who are you? I am duly.

I would rather meet you then him.

You have got verbal diarrhoea. Can

you help him? Will give you some

simple advice, just be quiet. If

you don't agree with me, a village

is missing its idiot. Don't even

respond. That will do. Stop. Dr

Phil, what is a revised

Australians? You have a lot of

local issues such as the drought.

My advice to anyone who has issues

with the drought is to buy a box of

chocolates, flowers. That will cure

anyone's drought. This is the

perfect couple from Victoria. Where

from NSW. I can't believe this

place. Some of these folks at lower

than the last this going up a hill.

than the last this going up a hill.

I haven't heard any whingeing yet,

so you must not be it from

Australia or England. How are you?

I'm Dr Phil. I am famous. You want

to talk to me? To you guys really

have me on TV here? They do say

free advice is worth what you pay

for. Frozen vegetables - the not-

so-fresh secrets the big

manufacturers don't want you to know about.

There's nothing else like it and it's got the germ-ridden rim block cage in its sights.

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It's a a a shopper stable - frozen

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Brussels sprouts from Belgium. A

what you get in the pack it is not

the same as what you are getting

out there. You don't know what

you're getting and shoppers are

being ripped off. We on match

tomorrow. Have a good evening. Good

night. Supertext captions by Red