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North Korea resists US

pressure over its nuclear

program. Australia and China

hold high-level talks over

the Stern Hu affair. The

kidnapped Australian

journalist's family pleads

for more action and Afghanistan's first

presidential debate shunned.

Good morning, Beverley

O'Connor with ABC News for

Australia Network. The US has

urged Asian nations the use

political and financial

pressure to push North Korea

to drop its nuclear program.

But in response Pyonyang says

the US stance is based on

deep rooted hostility describing Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton as a silly

woman unaware of diplomatic

niceties. The US Secretary of

State and Australia's Foreign Minister managed a quick

get-together in between a

hectic visit particularly for

Hillary Clinton. She signed

onto the treaty of Amity and

co-operation with the CEO of

Clyne Heralding eknewed the National Bank, Cameron

The US is back in

South-East Asia. The

re-emergence of the Americans

as a security player in

south-east Asia has many here wondering what it means for

Australia's role in

particular what does it mean for the Asia-Pacific

community idea that has been

pushed by the Prime Minister

Kevin Rudd? Some critics say

the idea is already dead

before it has begun. That is

certainly not what my

colleague said yesterday at

the east Asia summit nor at

the Australia ASEAN post

ministerial dialogue or post

ministerial conference. They

marked a moment's silence for

the victims of last week's

bombings in Jakarta. Working

together to counter-terrorism

is one of the key aims of the

group. One of the most

immediate concerns for Asia

is the North Korea nuclear

threat Trfgts path is open

and it is up to North Korea

to take it. TRANSLATION : We

were not against having a dialogue ever but how can you

with a knife at your back?

The goal is to bring peace and stability to the North

Korea peninsula and the nuclear-ation. The only

viable options for Pyonyang

is the complete and irreversible denuclearisation

of the Korean peninsula. TRANSLATION: Until

America's deep rooted andy

North Korea attitude is

solved the problems will

continue. Because of that the six-party talk are also over.

Australia want the case

involving detained mining

executive Stern Hu dealt with

quickly but says it is not

willing to sour its

relationship with China. In

the highest level meeting

between the two countries Australia's foreign minister

has met with his counterpart

urging him to deal with the

case promptly. Stern Hu has

been accused of spying and

stealing state secrets and is

For Australia's Foreign being held without charge.

Minister there was no time

like the presents. Stephen

Smith met with his

counterpart in the highest

level meeting. Stern Hu was

an Australian businessman

working for Rio Tinto when he

and three colleagues were

arrested accused of bribery

two and a half weeks ago. So

far no charges have been laid

and Australia is growing be

are anxious. I repeated the

representations that and I

our official haves made

previously that we wanted the matter to be dealt with quickly. We understand stood

this was a matter being dealt

with in accordance with

Chinese law and there was an

investigation under way but

it would be in everyone's

interests not just Stern Hu

but everyone's interest for

the matter to be dealt with

ex-Pa divisionly. Mr Smith

said he pressed Chinese

Foreign Minister to deal with

the case quickly and assured

the investigation was well

under way. It goes to matters of corruption and

bribery and goes to state

secrets as defined under

Chinese law but the Chinese

authorities including Foreign Minister Young are dealing

with this matter as a

individual case. Mr Smith

knowledges the case is not

going to be resolved

overnight. The family of than Australian man held

hostage in Somalia has broken

an 11-month silence the plead for help from the Prime

Minister. Nigel Brennan was

kidnapped near Mogadishu in

August last year. His mother

has patiently heeded

Government advice to keep

quiet while negotiate tors

work on her son's release but

she took matters into her own

hands forcing an impromptu meet whipping the Prime

Minister. Here is political

editor Chris Uhlmann. Somewhere in

Somalia's heart of darkness Australian freelance journalist Nigel Brennan is

beginning his 12th month as a

hostage. His family and

friend have run out of

patience 11 months is a

ridiculous amount of time so

I do think we need to

actually get the media to

help support the family and

do put that pressure on the

to say we can get a result. Little has been

reported here about the

kidnapping of Nigel Brennan

and his Canadian colleague

Amanda Lindhout because the

Australian Government plead

would the media to stay mute.

It argued publicity may

threaten Nigel Brennan's

life. I have previously

requested Australian media

not to give airplay to this

issue because I think that

prejudices our prospects ever

returning him. Today his

mother interrupted a Prime

Ministerial tour of Bundaberg

demanding his staff arrange a

meeting. I just thought it

was important this the Prime

Minister meet us, meet me,

Nigel's mother after 11

months today. These are

difficult sensitive and

complex negotiations. We

have advised the family that

the less publicity this

matter gets the better. But

the family has chosen to make

public remarks today. We

understand that. Yesterday

for the first time since his

capture Nigel Brennan's

family made contact with the

him by phone. They are now

deeply concerned about his

health and have decided that

staying silent is not

working. About a month ago

they started telling the ABC's 'Australian Story' of

their frustrations. Their

program will go to air within weeks once security concern

are settled. They probably

did not realise the severity of the situation he was in

and I thought this will get

sorted, it is cool, we will

get it sorted but u is dire now. Going public is not

without risk Blings the use

of the media in this case

could help if it is

structured properly. But if

it is not structured properly

it could hinder his ultimate release. Today Heather

Brennan spent 20 minutes with

the Prime Minister.. my questions will be answered

when our son arrives home. Tomorrow will be his

334th day in captivity. Afghanistan goes

to the poll in under 4 weeks

but the current president is

making rather unusual

campaigning decisions. He has resisted the spotlight

boycotting a recent public

debate. Meanwhile a top US

diplomat is touring some of

Afghanistan's trouble spots

and more Coalition troops are

preparing for deployment. In the tunnels of the rock

British soldiers race through

shadows firing round into

black. They are training for

caves of Afghanistan preparing themselves

physically and mentally for

attacking a Taliban

stronghold. The company that

was working with was one instance where they had to go

into caves and clear them and

this is something you have

never done before then like I

say the initial April pre

mention can get to

you. Outside Navy officers

are training over and under

water. Soon practice will become reality as part of a

UK troop surge in the lead-up

the the Afghan elections but Afghanis are already

questioning the polls after

the current president refused

to attend a live televised

debate. TRANSLATION: He did

not want the attend because

he is aI frayed the answer to

the people about what he has

done in the past five years.

We assume this debate was not

going to be neutral. The

other two candidates former

Foreign Minister and former

Finance Minister went head to

head but already conspiracy

theories abound. TRANSLATION:

These were two former

ministers of Kazi, there

might have been a damaging

secret between them and Sazi

so he did not turn up. If you had nothing to hide you would

be there. I think he did not

turn up if highlight that

there is a double

citizenship. The visiting US

envoy Richard Holbrook had

this vote of confidence for

the country's future.

Afghanistan cannot be

stabilised unless Pakistan

does its part in its Western

regions. The US and Britain

are both committed to a troop

surge in Afghanistan but not

yet to one in the region.

You are watching ABC News for

Australia net work. Coming up Volkswagen take over plans

for Porsche unveiled and

Pakistan poiseed to win the

third Test against Javagal Srinath at Colombo.

India's Foreign

Minister has urged Islamabad

to increase efforts in

fighting terrorists. Since

the attacks in aluminium

India has expressed serious

concern as security crisis

facing Pakistan could spill

across the border. Relations

between Islamabad and in deli

hit new lows after Indian authorities accused Pakistan

intelligence of helping the

attackers but both countries

have agreed to isolate

November's attacks from peace

talks between both sides. On

more than one front and we

will have to work together in

order to fight terrorism. Over the past few

months Pakistan forces

regained control over the

troubled north-west region

bordering Afghanistan as part

of a major offensive to

combat Taliban militants. We

expect that Pakistan should

go after the Taliban who are

directed against Sadr with

the same force they have been

going after Taliban in the Swat. That leaves Pakistan

having to fight terrorism on

two major fronts but India

says it is willing to

cooperate and share

information with its

neighbour. The intelligence gather of the Government of

India have a different method

to function and we share

intelligence her we feel that

it is in the interest of the

nation. The foreign ministers

from both countries have

agreed to met as often as

?ahead of bilateral talks at

September's UN General

Assembly in New York. The

judge in the aluminium terror

case has accepted the guilty

plea. Lone gunman who pleaded

guilty to 86 charges relating

to the attacks despite

accepting the plea the tile

will continue. TRANSLATION:

The plea can be considered

only when the prosecution

completes its evidence. This

was my stance and this is the stance by the Honourable

court today. The prosecutor

said he was in favour of

proceeding with the tile

because of several

discrepancies between the

plea and the earlier

confession shortly after his

capture. Fiji's military

regime has taken further

action against two of the

country's strongest indigenous institutions the

Met dist church and the chief

hierarchy. One of Fiji's

paramount Chiefs was taken

into detention on Tuesday

night. He has now been

released on bail but she has

had to surrender her travel

documents. Pacific

correspondent Sean Dorney

reports. Fiji's military

commander and Prime Minister Yverdon-les-Bains has refused to a

Has repewsed the allow the

Met dist church than to hold

its annual conference. The

confrontation between church

and state took a serious turn

this week when the chiefly

leader of one of the three confederations invited to

church to go ahead with its

conference in her home area

in defiance of the military.

She was arrested. The family

has made a statement on

YouTube saying the news

cannot get out to the people

of Fiji because of Government

censorship. It was delivered

on behalf of the family.

At midnight 16 members of

the police force entered her

home and took her to the Central Police Station in

Suva. The family says Roh has

refused to eat since her

detention and is calling for

the people of Fiji to show

her support. We strongly

feel that human rights have

been grossly violated by this

current Government running

the country of Fiji. Reports

from Fiji indicate that Roh

and a number of senior Methodist pastors will be

charged for violating Fiji's emergency regulations which

give the regime almost

absolute power. More than 60

years after they helped

Australian soldiers in Papua

New Guinea the 'fuzzy wuzzy

angels' have begun to be officially recognised. The Australian Government has

presented one of the Angel

was a commemorative me dal

one at a ceremony outside

Port Moresby. At Papua New

Guinea correspondent Liam Fox reports others will follow

soon. It is never too late to

say thank you. On behalf of the Australian government and the Australian people thank

you Wesley. 86-year-old

Wesley helped care for sick

and wounded Diggers during

the brutal campaign along the

Kakoda track in 1942. He is

one of 50,000 Papua New

Guinea civilians that

provided vital help the

Australian troops during World War II. They were paid

with rations, clothes and

tobacco but their role was

never officially recognised

until now. The care which

they showed the patient was

magnificent. Every need which

they could fulfil was

tendered. To be presented

on behalf of all the 'fuzzy

wuzzy angels' of Papua New

Guinea to him is an honour,

very much appreciated and it

will go down in history with

him. Wesley in the first

fuzzy wuzzy Angel to accept

the medal but he will not be

the last. When this

celebration ends the real

work of Australia expressing

frat tud begins. Other 'fuzzy

wuzzy angels' are being

urgeed to apply for the

medals and the Australian eye

commission is expecting to be

inundated with other applications. Last week's

massive earthquake off the

coast of New Zealand's South

Island has had one unexpected

result. It has quite

literally brought the land of

the long white cloud closer

the Australia. Here is New

Zealand correspondent Kerri

Ritchie. The earth moved for

Kiwis when the 7.8 magnitude

quake struck but a week on

they are dealing with the big

aftershock their country has

moved a lot closer the

Australia. A bit too close,

you want to be further away

than. That wouldn't trust them Australians slam The

quake was the largest to hit

New Zealand in almost 80

years. Scientists say the

tremors twisted the South

Island and shoved the

country's most westerly spot

30 centimetres nearer to

Australia. There has been a

lot of excitement about the

fact we are getting closer

the Australia but we have been getting closer the Australia for a long

time. New Zealand usually

only moves 3.5 centimetres in

a year but in a matter of

seconds this quake has shoved

this tiny town 10 sent

meeters towards Australia.

Bluff down the bottom south

island has moved 3 centimetres and Dunedin on

the east coast has been

nudged a sent merer.

Scientists say the treatment

your has affected the fault

which lies offshore and

another quake could occur at

any time On some part the

appreciate your has

increased, others have

decreased so it is like I the

place where the pressure has

increase add new rupture may

start there. Some Kiwi are

excited about being nearer

the their neighbours. They

are not that bad. It might

not cost so much to get there

now. For those more concerned

take comfort in the fact

there is still more than 200

kilometres of sea separating

the to countries. Scientists

in India say the western Himalayan glaciers are melting much faster than

those in other parts of the

world. They warn the rapid

thawing is increasing the

frequency of floods and

landslides. Scientists say

the glaciers are retreating

at an alarming 10 to 26 metres every year. The

glaciers regulate the water

supply the rivers across Asia

including the Ganges River,

to me Kong and Yellow River.

If we look at the glaciers

especially in the he Mekong and Yel

River. If we look at the

glaciers especially in the

north-west they have been retreating fast. Scientists

say the rate of melting has accelerating. If global

warming definitely has

affected these ghasers in the

region. Scientists say global

warming has affected weather

patterns increasing rain an

snow in the glacier region at

the same time as it causes

the glacier ice to thaw. That

is likely the lead to more

flash floods and landslides

as well action changing

downstream ecosystems and

threatening coasts lines by

adding the sea level rise.

In the headlines - tough

talk, North Korea resist its

US as urging over its nuclear program. Volt volume

Volkswagen take over 6

Porsche for has been exposed.

Debt-ridden important for's long time CEO Wendelin

Wiedeking depart would a

multi-million dollar payout.

A Qatar investment fund has

bought a third share in the

venture. Western Australia's

first uranium mine could be

operating in two years.

WA-based mina Mega Uranium

has signed a joint venture

deal with Japanese utilities prompting the Federal

resources minister to predict

the imminent production of

yellowcake in that state. A

small crowd of decision-makers gathered in

Perth today the Whittaker

madian miner Mega sign a

joint venture deal with a

consortium of Japanese utilities. The Federal

Government says WA is now one

step closer to mining

yellowcake. We are now on

the verge of getting the

first-ever uranium mine in

Western Australia. Under the

$100 million deal the

Japanese will own 35% of

Mega's project in the eastern

Goldfields. It also locks in

long-term sales contracts.

The uranium mine in

investment represent a further diversification of

the base which is

important. The sector could

add $5 billion to grass state

product in the next 20 years. State Government is confident

of attracting further Asian

investment. Of They have a

desire for energy security in

Japan and they she knew clear

power as being a significant

part of their future. Mega is

committed to mining by 2011

after spending four years

preparing the project while

the state's mining ban was in

place. Had we been starting

today and only allowing

ourselves three years would

it not hoop. Martin Ferguson

would not predict the winner

in the race teen Mega and BHP

Billiton to be the first the

Iranian miner in Western

Australia but says WA will be

home the at least one of

seven mines likely to be

operating across the country

in the next five years. Let's check the markets.

Shoaid Malik scored 134 as

the visitors declared 9/409

in the second innings.

Having already built up

366-run lead Pakistan was all

attack at the start of day

four, boundaries came

quickly. But just as Kamran

Akmal looked set for a big

day he was gone off annul

null delivery. Umar Gul added

some quick runs. Then after a

fine innings of 134 Shoaid

Malik was next to go. Umar

Gul reached 46 off just 50

balls before he was

dismissed. A short time lake

ever later Pakistan declared.

Chasing 491 Javagal Srinath

began well. The opening

partnership making 83 before

a wicket. Parkes notched up

73 before he was caught out.

Mahela Jayawardene had no

impact dismissed for 2. Captain

Alberto Contador has extended his overall lead in

the Tour de France after a stunning win in the

18th-stage time-trial. The

Astana rider beat Limoges

time-trial champion Fabian

Cancellara by 3 seconds.

Lance Armstrong put in a

disappointing ride finishing

16 on a stage in which he was

expected to impress. Alberto

Contador is now enjoying a 4

minute 11 seconds lead over

second-placed Andy Schleck

with three stages remaining.

In football thousands of fans

have turned out to watch

Manchester United train at

the Seoul World Cup stadium.

One of the big drawcards was

Park. Manchester United takes

on Seoul today in front of

what is expected to be a

sell-out crowd of more than

60,000. Big stars her they

go. Let's ewhat the weather holds for us this Friday.

That is this

bulletin of ABC News. For

more from the region you can

go to our web site. I'm Bev

O'Connor. Hope to see you

soon. Goodbye now.

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