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(generated from captions) and welcome to this special edition Good evening of Today Tonight and your front row seat in Los Angeles. at the Michael Jackson memorial of history this morning Our reporter Clare Brady was a part lottery to be in the crowd. after winning tickets in the on-line And Clare joins us now. Good evening. build-up to this event? It must have been an extraordinary well-organised event It was an exceptionally

in the air. and there was a reserved buzz Take a look at this.

allowed me to be a part of all of This a ticket and this cold pass has

this. I feel like I am a part of the

history. From Australia with all of.

history. From Australia with all of.

I put something he thought all of

us. The security is enormous. There

are four check points. But they are

very strict. Let us see what it is

like inside. It is a very strange.

It feels like an unusual event. We got there very early were starting to fill up. and we noticed the seats There were quite a few empty, were very generous and the organisers who were patiently waiting, and they called in those to attend this memorial hoping to get their chance and they finally did. of the crowd - So what was the make-up supporters? were they all fanatical Jackson No, they won't. grown up with his music Some people had and respected it. and appreciated his music the fanatics, some who dressed up. But of course there were always

sitting in front of me And there was actually a keen fan to Michael Jackson - take a look. and she made a physical tribute

Michael Jackson tattoo. it says 'Heal the world'. And on the bottom How long did that take you to do? 2.5 hours. Pretty painful? you got that done? The day after he passed away but it was also a concert Now it was a memorial service or more showbusiness? so did it feel more sombre to get under way While they were all waiting for it all the celebrities were arriving and cheering and people started star-spotting the centre, but when the Jackson family entered

it was absolutely silent. you could hear a pin drop, Then the cask arrived and applause and there was a standing ovation to feel like a real memorial. and that is when it started because we heard the whispers That is quite interesting the casket present. that there would be so you had no idea. You were already inside Inside, we did not know at all so elaborate. and we did not know it would be and plated with 14-carat gold, It was made of solid brass apparently worth up to $30,000. it has a blue velvet interior And we even believe and handpolished finish. (APPLAUSE) It has been a long day for you you will never forget? but I guess it was something This feels like a special day to me. I grew up with Michael Jackson, I bought as a little girl. in fact, his album was the first I have been part of history today. I feel, like a lot of people, that finally see the casket. COMMENTATOR: It's stunning to it's like "Oh my God, he is dead." It is a surprise -

Michael Jackson have been a loaded To see these pictures of the body of

into the hearse... So much noise and energy for a man to sleep. who desperately just wanted entered the Staples Center And even as his coffin was filtering a new Michael Jackson mystery throughout his fans' whispers -

even inside the casket at all. that the King of Pop wasn't like Australian Paul Black, But for fans who won tickets to the memorial, lay in his talent not intrigue. the true mystery for the rest of my life. I know I will remember it I feel very privileged. I'm just really honoured, ticket holders towards the stadium - 14,000 police shepherded it was an obedient flock. in anything like this? Have you ever been involved but the energy is high. It's insane, pretty crazy, didn't distract fans And the enormity ahead why they were there. from the real reason billed as a 'concert' farewell Inside, what some thought had been became contagious and spiritual. just two weeks ago. This was Jackson's rehearsal stage Today, an altar.

there. # # just call my name up and I will be Mariah Carey breathing new life farewell signature song. into what will now be Jackson's

of Stevie Wonder. There was the gentle touch

the summer. # # I never dreamed you would leave in

by Reverend Al Sharpton And a politically savvy sermon as more than a lyrical gift. redefining Jackson pulled up his pants He put on one glove, and pulled up the coloured curtain.

now videos and magazines put us on

the car buff. It was Michael Jackson

that brought us all together. It was

he met that made us sing We Are World. he met that made us sing We Are the

Peter Pan's 'Wendy' Brooke Shields, as child stars. recalling their struggle

Teyssedre we were an unlikely pair. The family touch came from Jerome, penned by Charlie Chaplin. singing Michael's favourite

# if you just smile # was sensitively swept aside. Today, much about Jackson's past until proven otherwise. People are innocent lived to the full. Instead, recognition of a life

an I corner and a world It claims Michael Jackson as a land

humanitarian. He will be honoured if

they ever. -- forever,. shared magic moments And Magic Johnson of such a complicated soul. about the simple tastes

they brought me out the grilled

chicken but they brought Michael out

some Kentucky Fried Chicken. I went

crazy. That made my day. That was

the greatest moment of my life. smallest star dug deep. 'Britain's Got Talent's Jackson's guitarist Adelaide's Orianthi Pangaris played her best. for what was to be his comeback tour farewelled a king... Then Usher physically of a family wandering wounded ..and tried to shoulder the load

in the world's eye.

# we are the world. We are the

children. We are the ones who make a

bright day day. Let us start giving.

There is a choice we are making. We

are saving out our own lives. It is

true that we make a better day. But

true that we make a better day. But just you and me. # Here there was no mask, no high walls to hide behind. Instead family, friends revealing what the world lost - more than just a hit-maker, a Pied Piper for every colour and creed. We will never understand what it was like to be judged,

he was not able to walk across the street without a crowd gathering around him. ridiculed, maybe they will now leave you alone. But it was the tiniest voice among giants that melted the hearts of millions. Paris and her brothers haven't lost a King of Pop - these children now miss their dad.

Every since I was born, Daddy has been there, he's the best father I could ever imagine. I love him so much. And as Jennifer Hudson sang 'Will You Be There?' fans clung to a dream. In my darkest hour,

in my despair will you still be there? A very emotional day. What about the wake? Where did family and friends go afterwards? There is a wake and it is still going on as we speak. That is on at the Beverly Wilshire,

a well-known Hollywood celebrity spot. Security there tonight is exceptionally tight. And the Staples Center, where you are right now, it has been the focal point for quite few days now. What is the area like at the moment? There are still people milling around and taking photos, I think they're trying to keep the day going, but, of course, it is starting to be dismantled, and the media are starting to pack up bit by bit. In the end, where was Michael Jackson buried? Where was he laid to rest? This is going to be another Jackson mystery. Everyone thought he was going to be buried at Forest Lawn with the likes of Humphrey Bogart and Lucille Ball, but not the case. It looks like they're going to make the decision in a couple of weeks time. He may be buried in the end at Never Land but this will be another Hollywood wait-and-see. Thank you very much for your time. That concert was beamed right around the world and it showed that our fascination with celebrity is at a level like never before. Throughout his life, Michael Jackson was adored, ridiculed and everything in between. But when a superstar dies the public's perception starts to change. the fans still want more. Even in death, It was a farewell befitting a king.

One of the most-watched events of all time. Its spirit and scope, arguably, unparalleled. In New York City and in London screens across the globe morphed into a multimedia outpouring of love,

technologically unlike anything seen before. He's just so special and I just feel the warmth here today with everybody. I'm here because I love Michael Jackson. I love him so much. I love his songs, I wish I could dance like him. In Lebanon, a grieving fan watched on his laptop as the hearse went by. In Russia, mourners released balloons. Across the United States, movie theatres opened their doors for live screenings. For many, reality hit hard during the service. This is real, it's final. He is gone - he is really, really gone. Michael Jackson's work touched the whole human heart, He made you want to dance, he made you cry. This was the same Michael Jackson, not long ago,

openly mocked, even reviled. Michael Jackson, certainly, a few weeks ago would have had a hard time reaching this number of fans, particularly in this country. But now, his music sales have sky-rocketed - his genius as a singer, dancer, entertainer and innovator celebrated as never before. What's happening in this moment is that the good, positive part of his legacy has been liberated from the eccentricities.

John F. Kennedy - he left us too soon. Others, including actor-turned-president Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, left an indelible mark. The original king, Elvis, was similarly belittled in the last years of his dysfunctional life. But in death, a mass of humanity surged at the gates of Graceland, still today a place of pilgrimage for worshippers the world over. Suddenly, people remembered all that he had contributed to the culture. When John Lennon was assassinated outside his hotel in New York, his family insisted on privacy.

There was no official memorial. Yet spontaneous memorials just materialised. ('CANDLE IN THE WIND' PLAYS) None had compared to Diana, the people's princess. Her tragic death produced a global reaction -

at once overwhelming, uncontrollable and, for millions, deeply personal. These celebrities shared the humiliation of public scorn - their mistakes were fodder for the masses. In death, to a large extent, they share forgiveness - perhaps people finally realising that they were only human.

I think in the moment of somebody's death, you focus on the positive things and there is so much positive about Michael. The biggest celebrity send-off of all time was, in the end, a dignified celebration of a life not for the phenomenon or the performer - but, for the man. # It's true we make a brighter day, just you and me. # There were subtle tributes, as well.

The five brothers Marlon, Tito, Randy, Jackie and Germaine matching in celebratory gold ties united in grief, trademark white glove and wearing their brother's and sunglasses, was a fashion icon as well. a reminder that Michael a steep road, from recovering pariah Michael, in death, has travelled

to once again the King of Pop. back to prince,

# Never can say goodbye # No, no, no, no, I # Never can say goodbye. # Bryan Seymour reporting. to Jackson's children? After the break, what happens now Today Tonight continues after this. (EASYGOING MUSIC) CHILD: Come on. (CHILD LAUGHS) Keep your cat happy and healthy with the delicious taste and natural nutrition for cats. of Supercoat (MEOWS) the dad who never grew up. He was known as had to bury their father, Today Michael Jackson's children the 'Peter Pan of Pop'. And, for the first time, and heartbreaking grief. we witnessed their raw

of a potential custody battle, So, apart from being in the middle

Michael, Paris and Blanket now have what sort of life will Prince hidden away their whole lives after having a father who kept them in a fantasy world? for orchestrating events and lives They may be a family noted but no-one was prepared for this.

Paris wants to say something. I think There was no orchestration here. talk lovingly of her dad After hearing her Uncle Marlon Aunty Janet's hand, and clutching her famous

Paris couldn't keep it all inside. I just wanted to say... Speak up, sweetheart, really close. Ever since I was born, you can ever imagine. Daddy has been the best father For the first time, of 11-year-old Paris, unmasked. the world heard the voice I love him so much. And I just wanted to say

In all the hype, who, in her eyes, the raw emotion of a little girl not the King of Pop or Whacko Jacko, has simply lost her dad, of child molestation charges. or the defender back to basics. She brought the service and left three children behind. A father has died Reverend Al Sharpton. I want his three children to know about your daddy. wasn't nothing strange had to deal with. It was strange what your daddy But he dealt with it. (CROWD CHEERS AND APPLAUDS) were lost on the children Many of the tributes and memorials throughout the 2.5-hour ceremony. who sat next to their grandmother spent most of the time chewing gum, Princes Michael I and II at the overflowing tide of grief. looking uncomfortable the most incredible grandmother His three children will have to take care of them. that God has put on this earth a family friend, Basketball legend Magic Johnson, to the Jackson clan giving this vote of confidence a child custody battle ahead of what might be of the eldest children, Debbie Rowe. with the biological mother

for your kids, Debbie? REPORTER: Are you ready to fight for your children? Are you ready to fight Don't touch me. for your children? Do not touch me! The death of Michael Jackson has shone the spotlight on Debbie

but she's finding the glare difficult to deal with. Are you ready to get your butt kicked? Don't f------ touch me. How important are the kids to ya, Debbie? Her attorney insists she has not reached a decision on custody of kids she abandoned 10 years ago after divorcing Michael. But people are already speaking for her. Iris Finsilver is her former attorney. I believe that she wants the children. I believe that she, I know, I know that she loves those children very much. Michael's mum, Katherine, is their temporary guardian and named in his will as the custodian of his children. # Smile though your heart is aching. # 12-year-old Prince Michael, Paris and 7-year-old 'Blanket'

have already had a bizarre upbringing. Until recently, we'd never even seen them without their masks. In this documentary six years ago, we met the two eldest. That's a really great mask. It's a butterfly.

It's a butterfly. Let me see. Come here. What's it made of? I don't know. Inside it's hot. Can I run? If you want. Sure. Paris, you wanna run? I wanna hold your hand. OK. Do they go to a normal school? Never. Why not? It wouldn't work. Why? Because we get chased by paparazzi everywhere we go.

I don't want press all over them at school, in the bushes and the trees. I saw what happened to me. They're doing the same and worse to them. Now, the concern is

how will these children ever have a normal life, forever known as the ones Michael Jackson left behind.

the children are needed them. Diana Ross said she would be fair if That was one of the surprises of today's memorial, even the directors of the service said they didn't know Jackson's children were going to be there. We'll be back in a moment. He lived a bizarre, but brilliant life. His children were told today that "there was nothing strange about their Daddy." Many might disagree, but nobody can argue with the fact that Michael Jackson was simply one of the greatest entertainers the world has ever seen. And how the world said goodbye today is testament to that. ('SMILE THOUGH YOUR HEART IS ACHING' PLAYS)

# Smile even though your heart is breaking. When it There is clouds in

the sky, you will get by. If you

smile. With your fear and sorrow.

Smile and then maybe tomorrow's. You

will find that life is still

worthwhile. If you just smile. Go

youR HEART is breaking when there

are clouds in at the sky, you will

get by, if you smile through your

fee and sorrier, -- sorrow, smile,

and maybe tomorrow you'll find that

life is still worthwhile. If you

just smile. # That is the time you

must keep on trying. Smile, what is

the using chlorine? -- use in

crying. You will find that life is

still worthwhile if you just smile.