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Live. People smuggling at the

top of the agenda for talks

between PM and the PM of Malaysia. Honduras's military

blocks off the airport as the

ousted President tries to fly

home. Widespread flooding in

southern China leaves 15 people

dead and displaces more than

half a million others. And the

greatest ever - Roger Federer

claims his 15th grand slam

title f f a five set marathon

at Wimbledon.

Good morning. It's Monday 6

July. I'm Virginia Trioli.. And

I'm Chris Uhlmann. The top

story on News Breakfast - the

PM Kevin Rudd will hold talks

on how to tackle people

smuggling when he IVFs Malaysia

today. The Federal Government

is under pressure to crack down

on the problem after a spate of

arrivals. The Opposition has

criticised the Government for

going soft on border

protection. Indonesian

authorities say thousands are

waiting in Malaysia to make the

adjourny to Australia. And for

more thon this Kirrin McKechnie

joins us now. Take us through PM's itinerary and the first

stop? Well, he's heading first

to maize aa on his six day

world tour. There he and

Stephen Smith will meet with

their Malaysia counterparts and

people smuggle will top the

agent yamplt there has been a

surge of asylum seekers heading

into Australian waters over the

past year. And it's believed

that Malaysia is a bit of a

haven for people smugglers so

this will top that agenda when

Stephen Smith and Kevin Rudd

meet with the maizian

Government in Malaysia today.

They'll also be trying to

strengthen the relationship

with Malaysia, as Stephen Smith

said, the relationship with the

country has had its moments over the last few years but it's in a strong place at the

moment and they'll be hoping to

reinforce that. After that,

Kevin Rudd will then head over

to Europe, he'll go to Germany

and to Switzerland and Italy.

When he's in Switzerland he'll

be meeting with the FIFA

President to discuss

Australia's bid to host the

football World Cup. Then he'll

be heading to the Vatican where

he'll meet with the Pope and

sainthood for mayora Mccan kill

op will be on the agenda there

backbench hi heads to - he'll

be in Rome for that as well

where he will meet with other

world leaders at the world

economy's forum. He'll be

attending the world economies

forum and we imagine some substitutions on the side,

what's going to be central to

those preamble discussions we

understand is to try and get

some sort of world consensus

leading into the global climate

change discussions in

Copenhagen. Absolutely. Kevin

Rudd will be pushing

Australia's climate change

agenda really heavily at this

meeting with other world

leaders and this is kicking off

those discussions before the

world climate change talks in

Copenhagen in December. What

about the enjoyment that 153

people seem to be getting from

the two Tony's saga? This

emerged yesterday in a

newspaper, speculation that

senior Liberals were pondering

a bit of a coup to replace

Malcolm Turnbull and his deputy with frontbencher Tony Abbott

and Tony Smith. These sorts of

stories always dog an

Opposition when that's down and

this is no different. The

speculation has been hosed down

by a number of senior Liberals.

Julie Bishop, the deputy

Opposition Leader, yesterday

was out@about saying that it's

utter Reserve Bank ysh. She has

- she has concerns about a

story which uses unnamed

sources and she was quick to

dismiss them. As indeed were

the two Tonies. They both say they know nothing about

they know nothing about this

coup that's apparently under

way but I wouldn't read too

much into it though. Thank you

so much. In other news,

Honduras's interim Government

says it won't allow a plane

carrying ousted President zel

stel zel to land in the country. Soldiers have

surrounded the airport as the

country places for a showdown.

Manuel Zelaya's due to land in

the next few Hoares accompanied

by Ecuador's President and the

UN General Assembly President.

He was ousted in a coup a week ago. Widespread flooding in

southern China has killed at

least 15 people. Heavy rain has

been falling in the region for

four days, displacing 550,000

people. The water has destroyed

house and crops, cut power and

damaged roads. Flooding has

also been recorded in Vietnam

where 15 people have died. A

group of pro reformist dlerics

in Iran has labelled last

month's Presidential valid.

Britain is still awaiting the

release of its two of it local

embassy staff, among nine

people arrested for their

alleged involvement in

anti-Government riots.

Overnight Iran released a

journalist from the Washington

times newspaper. The future of

South Australia's Opposition

Leader remain unclear despite

winling a leadership pallot at

the weekend. Martin

Hamilton-Smith won by one vote

against rival Vickie Chapman.

But the Liberal leader says the

victory wasn't decisive enough

and has called for another vote

for Wednesday. Martin

Hamilton-Smith has not said

whether he will contest that

ballot. All 27 people on board

a bus which crashed north of

Melbourne overnight have been

taken to hospital. The bus was

travelling along the Hume

freeway near Beveridge when it

left the road. No passengers

are believed to have suffered

serious injuries and Roger

Federer has cemented his mace

as the greatest tennis player

in history after claiming a

in history after claiming a

record 15th grand slam title.

Fedded if wop a thrilling five

set match against Andy Roddick

in the Wimbledon men's singles

final. The last set ran for an

hour and 35 minutes with fedded

if finally winning it 16-14. It

ended up being the longest

final in Wimbledon history. And

we'll have more on that

stunning win later on in the

program with Paul Kennedy. To

other news, Obama will arrive

in Moscow for a meeting with

his Russian counterpart. Dmitry

Medvedev said relations between

the two sups had sunk to Cold

War levels. The BBC's

correspondent Rupert

Wingfield-Hayes reports. Deep

in the forest of wrern Russia

stands a crumbling monument to

the Cold War. This was once a

top secret nuclear missile

base. When the Cold War ended,

Russia and America slashed

their nuclear arsenals and this

was the result. This is where

they would have stored the huge

mobile launchers for their long

range nuclear missiles. Four

could fit in here. If the Cold

War had ever gone hot, they

would have been driven out of

here into the forest ready fob

launched but as you can see

today, the missiles are gone

and this place is completely

abandoned. But 20 years on the

huge launchers still roam the

Russian forest. Russia and the

United States still have 23,000

nuclear weapons. Now both sides

agree it's time to cut. The

political will is clearly there

on both sides, not just to have

something delaratory but quite

to the contrary, move towards

very palpable reduction. In a

secret facility outside Moscow

American money is already

paying to chop up old Russian

missiles. This is the real

point A new nuclear treaty will

help bring the two old enemies

closer. It is a matter among

other things of trust building

and that trust building has

been quite absent in is

US-Russia relations for a

number of years. Trust is one

thing, friendship is quite

another. But for these two men,

a nuclear deal could be the

a nuclear deal could be the

first small step towards ending

decades of hostility and suspicious. I think it's really

sad in fact how we got the post

Soviet collapse politics so

wrong, we mishandled it to a

large extent, the West I mean

and not doing something for the

chaupg in the economy and to

make sure that it was propped up Possibly but you

up Possibly but you could also

argue that Russia was it own worst enemy that that regard

aswell and refused to accept

that the independence, desires

of its various states and went

hell for leather in trying to

beat them into submission over

and over again. It's difficult

times now. There's a greater

level of suspicion now. He

wants to press the re-set

button when he gets there.

China is calling for calm in

response to a series of missile

tests by North Korea. The UN

Security Council has already

agreed to impose more sanctions

against the stallenist State

and overnight the White House

dismissed Pyongyang's actions

as predictable attention

seeking behaviour. Corinne

Podger reports. The missile

launches appeared to be Scuds

which Pyongyang's extreeszly

prohibited from fires under the latest UN

latest UN sanction. Defence

experts believe there are

nearly 1,000 similar missiles

in North Korea's arsenal.

Official state media in China

have carried the Government's

calls for restraint.

TRANSLATION: The ministry of

foreign afars spokesman has responded to North Korea

'laurmg of short range missiles. China holes that all

related parties maintain cool self-restrap, safeguard

self-restrap, safeguard the

area and peacefully stabilise

the current situation. Near the

worder with North Korea, locals

want the international

community to exercise patience

and understanding. Of course,

dialogue is important but you

can't force North Korea into

it. We must not assume that by

firing a missiles they want to

two to war. If the world wants

to work towards peace, they

must understand that if their

military is weak, they may fear

being bullied around. There's

no talk of bullying, not even

from Washington despite the

launches apparently being time

ed to coincide with

Independence Cay celebrations.

Australia Foreign Minister said

- It's a provocative act, it's clearly aimed at the United

States. Stephen Smith echoed

calls from China and Russia

urging North Korea to return to

the six-party talks it pulled

out of earlier this year saying

there's no other alternative to

stabilising the Korean

peninsula. Let's not overreact.

Let's keep calm understanding

we've got to get the North

Koreans back into a sensible

dialogue. But with North

Korea's latest missiles landing

in the sea offa pap, Tokyo

appears to have had enough.

Media reports say it's looking

to upfwrad its missile defence capability. The US vice President Joe Biden says

America will not constant stand

in Israel iway in dealing with

the Iranian nuclear

threat. Benjamin Netanyahu has

said that while he favours a

diplomatic solution to Iran's

nuclear problem he will not rule out military action, so

let's listen to what Joe biden

said on US television overnight. Israel can determine

for itself as a sovereign

nation what's in their interest

and what they side to do.

Whether we agree or not.

They're intat told do that, any

somp nation is entitled to do

that. But there is no pressure

from any nation that's fog to

alter our behaviour as to how

to proceed, what we believe is

in the national interest of the

United States which we believe

is also in the interests of

Israel and the whole world. So,

thaerp separate issues. In the Benjamin Netanyahu Government

decides to take a kaurs of

action different to the one

being pursued now, that is not

our chase. No, gaps in that

one. A gap free

moment. Speaking of Joe Biden I

have to share with you what I

thought was a terrific

photograph there, on the back

page of the the 'Australian'

today. There's Joe Biden

visiting soldiers. Have a look

at the look on the solder's

face. That's somewhere between

sort of sheer terror and sheer

terror I'd say which is get

your hand off my shoulder and

don't kiss me. The

interpretation there. Gently

cupping the back of his neck

and the soldier's thinking

"you're not the xwhander in

chief, I don't have to kiss

you." But this is being affectionate but you

knowsome It's nice that they go

to those lengths to make them

feel comfortable. The

'Australian' says the G8 summit

in Italy this week will shape

the success or failure of the

Copenhagen climate change

conference. The 'Canberra Times' reports the Federal Government commitment to return

water to the Snowy River is in

doubt. The 'Financial Review'

says up to 270,000 people missed out on the Federal

Government's stimulus payment

because they didn't lodge a tax

return last financial year. The

Reserve Bank of Australia is

under pressure to cut interest

rates when it meets tomorrow

reports the 'West Australian'

but apparently a huge bet has

been laid with centre bet by

someone who is absolutely

certain they won't change. The

biggest bet they've ever seen,

someone who may have a little

inside run ing. The money is

talking. The 'Age' says paneling manufacturer Visy

employs a trucking company run

by a Hells Angel outlaw motor

cycle club boss.. The 'Daily

Telegraph' lead with a headline

- kept in the dark ages - and

says NSW has almost so,000

power outages in the past year.

The Adelaide 'Advertiser' says

one in three children are on

track for heart disease,

diabetes and stroke according

to new retch. A leading

authority op drugs and alcohol

wants Tasmania to adopt zero

tollance policy on under-age

drinking. The 'Courier-Mail'

says that car crashes cost

Queensland more than $3.6

billion last year. The 'Herald

Sun' lead with St Kilda's thrilling victory against

Geelong yesterday. It was an absolute cracker. The 'Sydney

Morning Herald' reports the former Parramatta chief

executive feared for his safety

after he was allegedly frettened by the Parramatta

Eels boss at a football match.

And the 'Northern Territory

News' reports a mother dobbed

in her son after seeing

surveillance foot able of him

in an armed holdup. Fmplt you'd

Luke to send us your - if you'd

like to sends your emails:

The stop stories op News

Breakfast - the PM will hold

talks op how to tackle people

smuggling when he visits Malaysia today. The Federal

Government is under pressure to

crack down on the problem after

a spate of illegal arrivals.

Honduras's interim Government

says it won't allow a plan

carrying ousted President

Manuel Zelaya to land in the country. The military has

blocked off the airport and

Manuel Zelaya's plan has

reportedly been redirected

after it left Washington a

short time ago.. At least 15

people have been killed a

550,000 others displaced by

widespread flooding in southern

China. Heavy rein has been

falling on the region for four

days, destroying houses crops

and damaging roads.

P police have been brought

into to settle a violent

dispute between female students

at a Perth high school.

Teachers hope the threat of a

criminal record will reduce the

growing number of school

assaults. The incident happened happened last month two.

15-year-old girls were involved

in a physical fight in the

school toil electorates while a

14-year-old girl filmed it on

her mobile phone. It's not the

first time students' fights

have been posted on the

Internet but in this case the police juvenile Justice team

was called in and the girls

faced criminal charges of

assault and inappropriate use

of a mobile phone. The

Education Department says it's

an appropriate reaction. I'm

not only endorse what the

police are doing in taking

strong action with these

students I fully support it, I

back it 100%. But Miss O'Neill

has stopped short of calling

for a full mobile phone ban

saying most schools dop need

such restrictions rflt we've

got a small group of students

doing the wrong thing. Teachers

hope the threat of police involvement will be a warning to others that they could face

criminal charges. Young

students and young adults need

to understand the import and the seriousness of some

probably careless in some

circumstance, activities.

Sometimes more premeditated.

And have themselves confronted

with the longer term ramifications. The Opposition

claims violence in public

schools is getting worse with

more than 400 incidents in the

past semester ch it's calling

to more support for prims to deal with problem

students. This 50 said they

were fog to do something about

those people in Scholes that

were bullying other kids and

being a disruptive influence.

We've seen very little done to deal with those individuals. The fwirls

individuals. The fwirls involved in this latest

incident were suspended from

school and issued cautiouses by

the juvenile justice team. The

bully and the girl who filmed

the fight have also been given

counseling. To finance news and

Chinese President Hu Jintao is

the first world leader to

arrive in Italy for this week's

G8 meeting. The G8 meeting is expected to focus on charting a

course out of the global recession and

recession and a united plan to tackle climate change. And

large gathering including

Australia will meet on Thursday

to try and break negotiating

deadlocks before the Copenhagen

climate change conference in

December. A look at the finance

figures now -

A few minutes Vanessa

O'Hanlon will be here the look

at the national weather, and

also ahead we'll have a review

of some of the nation's newspapers. This morning we'll

newspapers. This morning we'll

be joined by Monash University

lecturer Waleed Aly. And now to

the sport and Paul Kennedy,

could you use the word epic to

describe the weekend? You could

in a couple of different sports. We'll go to the first

one and the Wimbledon time was

an epic, a magnificent match,

Roger Federer beat Andy Roddick

16-14 in the first set. It was

a great match. Let's have a

a great match. Let's have a

look at match point.

And Roger Federer is the new

Wimbledon champion. And has

broken Pete Sampras's record of

15 grand slam titles.


He now stands alone - Roger now

takes over that Mantwell 15

wins. He goes back to the

number one player in the world,

the first time that's been done

in the modern era. That fifth

set was the longestman's set in

championship history, they were

all there to watch it. Pete Sam

pra, Rod Laver, let's Lear from

the players

now, Congratulations to

Roger.Up, he's a true champion

and he deserves everything he

gets, so well done. You threw

everything at him, didn't

you? I tried. Sorry Pete, I

know, I tried to hold him

off. Yeah, he played

unbelievable, Andy, played an

unbelievable tournament. Don't

be too sad. I went through some

rough ones. One on this court

last year. I came back and

won. You have only one

title. It still hurts. So

you're going to to come back

and within it. I hop so, you're

an unbelievable guy and you

played unbelievable today. Nufl

tennis there ha has to be a

winner a today I was on the

lucky side. A bit more of the

ten nis a few moments but we'll

upicate the Tour de France and

Mark Cavendish was won the

second stage, it was a splint

finish, none of the place get

aers from the time trial op

Saturday night have changed

which means Cadel Evans retains

his fifth place. Let's look at

how Mark Cavendish won this morning. This surely Farrar is

tucked in on it. They have a

little lead over the rest of

the field. This is the bend

they will cold off. They will

then seen the line. The last

lead out from mark Renshaw.

This is a formality for the

Isle of Man and now Cavendish

is launched, the missile fires

again, nobody will get to him

as he puts his head down, Tyler

Farrar will ride in his

slipstream but now Cavendish is

going to get his first win of

the Tour de France 2009. And

probably won't be Mark

Cavendish's only win of the

Tour de France. He's a great

sprinter, so those sprint

finishes, the peloton moves along and there's no real

changes and probably won't be

tonight. Another sprint finish

tonight. But back to the

tennis, and Andy Roddick, he missed some chances unfortunately in the second

set. There was a tie-break, he

had about four or five set

points and had a chance to move

two sets to love up but fedded

if won six points in a row and

he just wasn't able to take his

chances at that stage so Roger

Federer wins his is ath title,

stands alope, goes back to

world number one, and

interesting to see how he plays

these Wimbledon finals now.

Last year he lost # Port Pirie

6 to Rafael Nadal if the first

set but he was able to win at

this time. Look at that man.

Look how crisp he S emerges on

court like someone out of time

doesn't he, he doesn't look

like someone in twooirn. More

like the 40s. - like someone in

2009. It was intriguing, you were mentions there Andy

Roddick had his chances and he

did and to take it to two sets

all in particular, there was a

moment there I think, and we're

probably coming up to it, where Roddick faulted probably that

shot there. That's the one hes

meed in the second set tie-breaker. It was almost as

if Federer at that moment

thought "ah, I've got you," and

he just ran him down. He

couldn't break Roddick in the

fourth set and Roddick won that

one 6-3 and then it came down

to who could get their nose in

front at the end. 95 minutes

that last set.. You saw the

shadows. It must be a very

difficult thing as you're depeg exhausted at the end of the day

to be serving into and

receiving into and out of

shadows. As if there wasn't

enough to deal with.. It's

poorly designed. Cost them

millions. You see, the shadows

don't fall in that really

unpleasant way as the afternoon

goes on. Last year it was

almost dark when Nadal beat

Federer. That must be extremely

difficult. We should not go too

much further without

mentioning, it was on Saturday

night our time but the Williams

sisters, to play another, yet

another Wimbledon time between

these two sisters. This time it

was Serena that was able to

beat her older sisters, Venus

but a magnificent achievement

to play four times in a row and

they won the doubles as well. Do you think they were

just passing it between

them. It looked pretty reel

real to me. They were slugging

it out. I think Serena

benefitted from a tough

semifinal that she played.

Venus sort of cruised through

the semi and most people

thought that she was in top

form but Serena looked a bit

match hardened. If they're like

any other set of sibles you'd

try harder against your brother

orer than against most

people. But then, immediately

after that match, they had to

regroup, put all their bitterness aside and come

together as a doubles team.

Rflt and knocked off a couple

of Australias, Rennae Stubbs

and Stosur which was not great

for them, an amazing

achievement, just to have one family dominate the Wimbledon

and make it look so easy. Now,

you talked about epics. Can we

move on to the St Kilda Geelong

match and Chris you were saying

you don't know too much about

AFL but you watched this

game. This is what makes great

sport. Because it was an

extremely close match. Both

teams played to their potential

and it was separated in the end

by a single goal so I don't

know what more you'd want out

of sport. I enjoyed watching

both sides coming from depths

so you had that sort of ramps

of players running on to the

ball. It was great. What you

saw yesterday was St Kilda is

saw yesterday was St Kilda is

emulated Geelong's game sciel,

it's high pressure defence and

then they sort of attack from

halfback line and they run and

carry and it was just to watch

those two teams. Nothing really

- Mark Thompson, he did say that he wasn't too disappointed

by the result in the whole

context of the season. It's probably not too bad for

Geelong to lose that one and have a

have a really close look at St

Kilda, their main challenger,

Geelong is till the team to

beat. They're still the number

one and they've won 55 out of

59 games but St Kilda will take

massive belief from that. I

think we've got a grab from the

coaches after the game. Listen

to that now. Obviously until

you challenge yourself against what

what is a great team, obviously

they had a couple of out so we

are mindful of that,ot yeps and

Steve Johnson, just, there's a

couple they can add but it just

fuels our belief, that we're

heading in the right direction.

Building trust within the group

but the bottom line is it's

just banked another four

points, but obviously the work

on the ground today was extreme

to gain those four points. It's hard to

It's hard to loss and come in

here second in a press

conference, we don't like it,

the boys are a bit disappointed

but it is good sometimes to

taste the loss and be hurt by

it, so I suppose in some way we

don't see it as a bad

thing. Touch on if other games

throughout the program, but

just to mention the other big

result in AFL was

result in AFL was Carlton

getting over Fremantle,

Virginia, your team. They mayed

in yellow jumpers yesterday. It

was quite strange but Chris

Judd pacically lifted the team

op to his shoulders and carried

them to victory A really good

win by them and we'll have a

look at the ladder a little

later. Carton St Kilda great deal.. Forgot about I don't

think. Paul Kennedy, thank you.

News Breakfast can be watched live on

live on the web from anywhere.

Vanessa O'Hanlon joins us now

for theer with. Good morning.

It's a cold start to the week

in Canberra. At the moment it's

minus 3 degrees, for the rest

of the country, cloud will make

its way into Western Australia,

this is ahead of a front

causing showers, cloud in the

south-east with cold

south-east with cold swaurtlys

and there's a few showers for

the intier other. A cold front

will bring showers to the

south-west ahead of a stronger

front later in the week. That's

expected to bring strong winds

and heavy rain. In the

south-east we have the last of

a series of cold fronts that

will pass through, causing

light showers over Tasmania and

southern Victoria, a cold

morning but sunny cay for NSW

and Queensland with a

strengthening high that's down

by the Bight.

See you in half an hour.

The stop story - the PM Kevin

Rudd is holding talks on how to

tackle people smuggling when he

visits Malaysia ka today. The

Federal Government is in-Kerr

pressure to crack coup on the

problem after a spate of illegal illega arrivals.

illegal arrivals. The

Opposition has criticise # the

Government for going soft on

border protection. In Britain,

the new head of the UK's top

intelligence agenta MI6 is

under fire - I'm sorry, MI6

after photographs ofham and his

family has been posted on

FaceBook. Details of sir John

Sawer 's life including the

location of his London flat are

not security krps. The BBC's

political correspondent reet

rote reports. It's one of the

best known social networking

sites but FaceBook has thrown a

light on an unlikely fir, Sir

John Sawer, the future head of

MI6. That's courtesy of his

wife who according to the mail

on Sunday posted perm photos

and details on her FaceBook

page. There are beach shots but

also their London address which

could say some be a security

breach. Let's face it, the

foreign and Commonwealth office

took down this FaceBook when fs

brought to their attention so

they must have had some

concerns in this circumstance

it would be right to have an

internl inquiry, to make sure

there are aren't any major

security implications. Even

though the details have been

taken down, there's always a

danger of remnants somewhere in

cyberspace. Take a look when

you put on the cash button. The

foreign secretary was kiss missive. What are you leading

the news with the fact that we

- the fact that there's a

picture, the head of MI6 goes

swimming. Wow, that really is

exciting. It's not a State

secret. That he wears speedo

swimling trunks for foodness

sake. MI6 is usually a biword

for security but one computer.

Pert says the Internet catches

people unawares. People aren't

aware enough of the risk which

lie on those social networking

sites. You're potentially sharing information with

complete strangers to always

think very carefully before you

post something online. Until

the 1 # # 0s you wouldn't even

know the identity of the head

of MI6 but this will be a

measure of openess too far. The

age of the worldwide web is

throwing out challenges all of

its own. Here's how you can contribute to News Breakfast -

you can send emails to -

Honduras's spim Government

says it won't ahow a plane carrying ousted President

Manuel Zelaya to land in the

country. His plane will

reportly the be redirected to a

neighbouring country after it

left Washington a hort Syme

ago. Honduras interim

Government has now indicated

it's ready to negotiate about

Mr Zelaya's return. He was

ousted in a coup a week ago.

Widespread flooding in southern

China has killed at least 15

people. Heavy rain has been

falling on the region for four

days, displacing 550,000

people. The water has stroied

houses and crops, cut power and

damaged roads. Flooding has

already been recorded across

the border in Vietnam where 15

people have died. A group of

pro reformist clerics in Iran

has labelled last month's

Presidential vote invalid. It's

the latest seen of unrest about

the disputed election result.

Britain is still awaiting the

release of two of its local

embassy staff, among nine

people arrested for their

alleged involvement in

anti-Government riots.

Overnight Iran released a British-Greek journalist from

the Washington times newspaper.

The future of South Australia's

Opposition Leader remains

unclear, despite winning a

leadership ballot at the

weekend. Martin Hamilton-Smith

won by one vote against rival

Vickie Chapman, but the Liberal

leader says the victory wasn't

decisive enough and has called

another vote for Wednesday.

Martin Hamilton-Smith has not

said whether he will contest

this ballot. All 27 people on

board a bus that crashed north of Melbourne overnight have

been tan to hospital. The bus

was travelling along the Hume

freeway near Beveridge when it

left the reed. No passengers

are believed to have suffered

serious injuries and Roger

Federer has cemented his place

as the greatest tennis player

in history after claiming a

record 15th deprand slam title.

Federer won the thrilling five

set match against Andy Roddick

in the Wimbledon men's singles

time. The last set ran for 1

hour and 35 minutes with Federer winning it

16-14. Embattled South

Australian Liberal Party leader

Martin Hamilton-Smith is yet to

signal if he's a contender for

another leadership ballot on

Wednesday. He wop the first

round on Saturday by just 11

votes to ten, Victoria George

joins us now from the Adelaide

news room. Good morning.. Good

morning. And do you know - has

he deperp a reason as to why he

might not cop test the ballot,

why are we having a second

ballot? He said basically the

11 to 10 vote wasn't a

convincing enough win. We've

got to remember the whole

reason why he wanted to have

the leadership spill was for

the party to move forward

because of all the speculation

about the leadership and when

his deputy came out and said

that she would contest it, he

really wanted to put an end to

the Marty versus Vicki

scenario. He said it wasn't a

convincing enough win for the

good of the party, they need to

have another spill to really

solidify who their leader is

going to be. But of course

Martin Hamilton-Smith might not

have expected the turp of

events which followed. In which

his newly appointed deputy has

said that she will contest the

leadership on Wednesday as well

as much Williams who is the

politician who came out last

week and pretty much sparked

the whole leadership debate by

saying he didn't think Martin Hamilton-Smith could lead the

party to the next election so

we know we've got at least

three contenders for the

leadership on Wednesday, and we

don't know yet if Martin Hamilton-Smith will be the

fourth contender. He hasn't

made that cheer yet. The

Liberal Party in that State

clearly in a dire state and the

vote itself tells you something

about it. Within person

couldn't even make up their

mind. It's really in a sorry

state at the moment isn't

it? It's in a really really

sorry state and we're only nine

months out from the next State

election. And at the moment all

this leadership stuff, I mean,

the Liberals aren't even

opposing anything that the Rann

Government is doing, last week,

they announced a whole new

water plan for instance which would have been normally

perfect fodder for the Liberals

to jump on board and say, you

know, the Rapp Government

aren't doing enough for water

France which is always a huge

topic here, but they haven't

been at all focussed on the

issues that matter to South Australians, they're just

caught up in their own

leadership debacle and I think

the public are just going to be

confused by the end of all of

this as to what the party even

stands for, so a sorry state

indeed and of course it's just

given more reason for the

Government to say, "Well, why

would you want them as your

Government?" They can't even

lead amongst

themselves. Victoria George,

thank you. In Western

Australia, education

authorities have brought in

police to settle a violent

dispute between female students

at a pert high school. WA

teachers hope that the threat

of receiving a criminal record

will deter violent students and

reduce the number of assaults

in schools. For more I'm joined

pi Andrew O'Connor in our Perth

news rom. Take us through

background to this incident..

Well, this is the type of

incident we probably see far

too often in schools. This was

filmed by a 14-year-old flepd

friend on her mobile phone. The

Education Department took the

view that the 14-year-old pi

filming this on her mobile

photocopier was not only

encouraged the bullying but was

a party to the assault. These

types of incidents are normally

a matter for school discipline.

They're happenedled by the

schools internally but on this

occasion they called in the

miss juvenile justice team to

deal with these students. These

students could have faced

criminal charges, on this

occasion they were merely

suspended. Counseled and

cautioned by the police but it

shows that education

authorities here see this as a

growing problem and see it has

one that requires perhaps a

tougher response than the

schools or the teachers

themselves can provide. The

police have been willing to get

involved in this matter?. They

have indeed. I think education

authorities here, the teachers,

the union, have seen this type

of behaviour as a growing

problem, not just here but

right across the country. The

filming of fights, putting them

on the Internet, the use and

misuse of technology to bully

and harass student, those types

of things have been a growing

concern for educate or they're

in the very difficult position

of trying to play catch-up on

the technology. We've had a

long research evident and a

concerted effort to combat

bullying in schools, but the

technology keeps driving it

into these new areas. They're

hoping that by involving the

police, facing students with

the risk of criminal charges,

not just for being involved in

these fielts but for doing

anything that facilities or

encourages them, they may be

able to break that cycle. You

might remember last year we

talked on this program about

allegations at one school here

that fight clubs were being

organised so that those fights

could be filmed and placed on

the Internet. That's what this

measure is designed to

combat. Thank you so much for

that. Steps are being taken to

safeguard a much loved creature

of the deep. Blue gropers are a

diver's delight but their

frpdly nature also makes them

vulnerable. The eastern blue

groper is inquisitive and

possibly too trusting for its

own good. It's just breathe

taking. It proved an

in-Teaguing subjector science..

We've got lots of blue grope

they're have small green groper

and as an old male dies, then

the largest most dominant

female becomes a male. Seven

years ago the Government set up

an aquitic reserve off Sydney's

eastern Beaches to protect

what's now become the official

State fish. 30 gropers inside

and outside the zone are being

tagged in a study to determine

the reserve's

effectiveness. Obviously we've

come along and said, "These are

boundaries and put it on as a

human boundary," but animals

don't listen disglft with surf like this it's often difficult

to spot the groper but locals

say even in these condition,

they don't tend to stray too

far from home. If the research

shows otherwise, the Government

says it will correspond

expanding the protection

zone. We have fable marine life

here in Sydney, it's what makes

Sydney such an attractive place

for both people who live here

and also for tourists who come

to spend time here. The

Government may also need to

review its spear fishing puns

of these photos were taken last

summer part-time of a speared groper. Do you think it's important that we protect

it? Yes. Why? Because they're a

living thing. The study will

last 12 months. Many will be

hoping that it guarantees a

safe future for bluey. That's fascinating thing about

gropers, that they all start

out as female and then some but

not all turn into males as they

get older. By the time they're

blue a lot are males but they

began as females. Do they want

to be paid more in the

workforce, is that why they

change ? Clearly women would

like to have a mature man. Who

could argue with that? Or

watching News Breakfast, the

top stories - the PM will hold

talks on how to tackle people

smuggling when he visits

Malaysia today. The Federal

Government is under pressure to

crack down on a problem after a

spate of illegal I rivals. Honduras's interim

Government says a plane

carrying ousted President

Manuel Zelaya won't be allow

lowed to land in the country.

The military has blocked off

the airport but Honduras's coup

leaders have now indicated

they're ready to negotiate

about Mr Zelaya's return. And

Roger Federer has cemented his

place as the greatest tennis

player in history after

claiming a record 15th grand

slam title. Federer won the

thrilling five set match

against Andy Roddick in the

Wimbledonman's singles final.

We're joined by Monash

University lecturer Waleed Aly.

Form. Good morning. I'll tell

you what's not in the paupers

that is the Wimbledon time, it

finished about five minutes

ago. Unbelievable. I'd be happy

to talk about that all morning

but I suspect that's not what

I'm here to do You may make

whatever references you like.

Before you move on, you're assessment then of Roger

Federer as a player? Well, he

has to be the greatest of all

time. He looked like the great

es of ul time when he wop about

his third grand slam. I would

have thought - I didn't get to

see it because obviously it's

way too early for me to be

watching it - or wait too late

- I would have thought Roddick

was the better player last

night just looking at the sts,

- stats. In another life, you

are a sports commeptator. We

can talk footy as well. Let's

start with the 'Age'. This is

the story that is emerging out

of rip that a statement has

been made by a group of clerics

who are calling themselves the

association of researchers and

teachers of... Kume, is a city

in Iran in which there is a

very enfluential seminary. It's

one of the most influptial places in Iranian religious

life and this is saying that

the Iranian elections were ill

legitimate and that the

Government should strap them.

This is incredibly significant

news and I I think it's worth

pausing. I know this has been

the in the news bulletin this

morning. It's worth pausing to

recognise how significant this,

because this is a regime, this

a revolutionary regime that was

created essentially on the back

of clerical onity and the fact

that the clerics which technically speaking hold

ultimate political power

especially in the form of the

su pleem leader, that's

unchallengeable for 30 years

now you have him making a

statement having said we're not

going to look into the

election, OK we will, now we've

done it and it's OK and now

being challenged by the

clerical establishment, that's

unprecedented, and I think it

does suggest that this has a

long, long way to run. That's

hard to peer behind these kinds

of regimes but the violence on

the streets did show that there

was problems at the the top

because all of the candidates

were ticked off, so everyone

who ran in that election was

seep as somebody who fell

within at least the bounds of

what the clerics wanted so when

there was problems after that,

clearly there were signs that

there were problems in the

internal organisation? That's

right. The thing to remember

about Iranian politics is it's

true you have notionally

conservative and reform

candidates but - ... You're

talking about a contest between

different shades of

conservative candidates and

some who are more reform-minded

than others but here you are

quite right, because there's in

vetting process, it has not

always been incredibly

stringent, not as though it's

been very narrow all the

election prior to this one,

there was a national election,

it was very stringent and that

was a big criticism that came

for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad but

really, that what does mean is

that there's always been shades within the clerical

establishment. That's not the

issue. Is issue is now a

preparedness to come out and

say "this is a problem," and

use religious grounds to

condemn the regime. That's like

using commoun US grounds to cop

dem the Polsheviks. When we

have this breakaway group of

clerics in the lead-up to the

election some similar close

Iran watchers were saying that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wasn't that enarmoured of Mahmoud

Ahmadinejad and he wasn't that

close to him and some were even

wondering which way he might

jump in relation to Mahmoud

Ahmadinejad. The question now

come up I think with this

announcement of whether there's

enough leave ever am now to try

and move and widen that gap

that already tis exists between

the supreme leader and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I

Ahmadinejad. I think that

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is in a

strange position. The clearics

give him a way out now. They

might force his hand to take a

more stronger position. There's

no money in predicting an

outcome here though? No, that's

true. And the fear in all of

this is violence at the end of

it. This is something that is

significant - it's in the

statement, these clerics have

come out specifically and

condomed the Government or the

regime for using violence to

quell protests. That's a

significant statement because

this is I think been something

that has traditionally been

where the clerics have fallen

on the side of law and order

and on the side of Government

use to sustain that order, the

use of violence to sustain this

order, where that breaks down a

revolutionary ray joom is in

trouble. I know this is a lot

thinner in terms of topic but

how is yention Y - generation

Y? Being a member of generation

Y yourself, Part-time I make it

right into the end of the baby

boomers, depending on your

scale. This is a report... Genx

we're stuffed. The 'Sydney

Morning Herald' is pushing

research today, it's saying

that younger people are

surviving the global financial

crisis a lot better than older

generations and baby boomers

are in big trouble. It's

essentially what the source of

your welt is and for G ex-nY

the source of your welt is your

income and you might have a

mortgage and if you'ved a ha a

Melbourne Storm and you haven't

lost your job you're doing

better as a result of the

financial crisis. So you're

buying everything a lot cheaper

than you were and you've taken

a hit to your superer but it's

not especially significant. You

may have lost $10,000 but

you're gaining it back on other

cuts. You GenY's don't know

from recession, 1982, that was

proper recession, 199 is, this

one at the moment... Can I ask

when GenY begins. You look very

young. You look remarkably

fresh faced. I turned 16 last

week. Let's call the whole

thing off. The the 'Australian'

has got itself a chb columnist.

Today they're publishing an

article by Tony Blair and he's talking about climate change

and the different policies that

need to be promoted to deal

with it. A lot of what he says

I don't fund especially ground

breaking but there are within

or two useful points. The

focus, cap and short-term

targets,, are important, the

key should be on measures,

rather than targets

particularly in the short-term.

He talks about seven proven

policies that are already in

place in various parts of

world. Industry efficiency

measure, building codes,

renewable energy Stan tards,

vehicle eversy Stan darz, theks

that you are reason ply

familiar with but he says that

carbon capture and storage is fundamental and cannot just be

about a shift to renewable energies the reason is you have all these developed economies

who are fog to be run on the

bases of... Fundamental and doable. That's my question. This this article he's saying absolutely it can

be done, in fact, all the

technology is already there,

let's just go ahead and do it.

I'm not permally so convinced

by that and I also think it's a

pit of a problem dealing with

developed world out of that

equation because you look at a

country like Australia whose

economy is built on this stuff.

It's not as simple as saying we

have renewable energy

technologies there, it's about

countries being willing to

sacrifice their own short-term

economic wellbeing, that I

think is the central political

problem, it doesn't deal with

that. The central fact in all

of that is that one coal fired

power station a week is going

to be built in China, if we

don't get carbon capture and

storage right, if it does not

work we are in real strife

because most of the growth in

emissions is coming from that point. It's going to happen. We

have to deal with it one way or

another. We're clearly now in a

post 9/11 environment. It's a

history. One single action in

New York city brings that to fewion. This I've taken from

the the 'Australian', it's in a

lot of papers. AFP report. The

Statue of Liberty's crown has

re-opened on Independence Day

which was Saturday allowing for

time difference social security

probably mid-this week

sometime. It's reopened. It was

closed off 9/11 for tourises.

You couldn't climb the 168

stories or whatever it is to go

up to the crown and view New

York from there. It has

re-opened. There's just a

brilliant quote here though

which comes from I think mayor

Bloomberg who said that this

stoot you the emblem attic of a

special relation betweens and

France. Now of course, the Statue of Liberty was a gift

from perhaps historically but I

wouldn't have thought - That's

the most post in my opinion

nine statement you could

possibly make. They're no

longer freedom fries. It's

amazing how history changes so

swiftly. Always good to see


Now to what has been

described as an ep wick weekend

in sport, Paul Kennedy

morning.. Roger Federer has won

another Wimbledon final. He

beat Andy Roddick in five sets

this morning. The final set

went for # 5 minutes, the

longest set in championship

history. Eventally he won it

16-1 to win a record 15th grand

slam title. The Tour de France

has completed its second stage,

Australian Cadel Evans finished

with the peloton. And retained

his fifth place overall. There

was a slight crash there

towards the end, one of the

Schleck brothers was in that

but wasn't injured. Mark

Cavendish won the sprint

finish for the line and the

stage win. And St Kilda is now

the only undefeated team in the

AFL, a Michael Gardiner goal

right at the end sank Geelong

in the last minute of the game.

It was one of the best

home-and-away games ever, and a

bit of cricket news, some

reloaf for Phillip Hughes the

opener for Australia, because

Harmison has not been included

in the glesh squad, Harmison

was the guy who gotham out

twois in that tour match with

short-pitched deliveries. The

Brits are spying on him. He had

his short stint there, they

kept a tiry on him and they

thought he doesn't like the

short stuff. MI6 clearly.

There's a lot of scandal going

on with MI6 at the moment. Is

there? Has it ex-fended to

cricket. It it has now. The

poms have come up with a

brilliant plan, they're just

going to bowl bouncers at

Phillip Hughes which is what

Africa did when he started to

make a cuppol centuries. They

have included a man called

Graeme Onions in the squad. Now

Vanessa O'Hanlon joins us for

the weather. We've got a wet

weak ahead for the south-west

but today the crowd will move

into Western Australia. It's

ahead of a front causing

showers. Cloud in the south-east with cold south-westerlies and light

showers and also a few showers

throughout the interior with

cloud and a trough. Further to

the west and a cold front will

bring showers to the south-west, ahead of the

stronger front later in the

week that is expected to bring

strong winds and heavy rain, in

the south-east, we have the

last of a series of cold fronts

that will pass through, causing

light showers over Tasmania and

southern Victoria. A cold

morning but sunny day for both

NSW and Queensland under a high

that is strengthening near the


Still ahead on News Breakfast

- this Government promised to

end the blame game between

State and Territory and Commonwealth level of

Government. We'll check out how

that's going with assistant

Treasurer Craig Emerson. He'll

be joining us to talk about

reforms that part-time have

come out of last week's COAG

meeting so that and lots more

coming up after this short prak

on News Breakfast. Do stay with us.

People smuggling at the top

of the akda for talks between

Kevin Rudd and maiza. Honduras's military blocks off

the airport as the ousted

President tries to fly home.

Widespread flooding in southern

Chen leaves 15 people dead and

displaces more than half a

million others.. And the

greatest ever. Roger Federer

claims his is ath grand slam

title after a five set marathon

at Wimbledon. - 15th grand slam

title at wm women.

Good morning. It's Monday 6

July. I'll Virginia Trioli..

And I'm Chris Uhlmann. The top

story on News Breakfast - the

PM Kevin Rudd will hold talks

on how to tackle people

smuggling when he visits

Malaysia today. The Federal

Government is under pressure to

crack down on the problem after

a spate of arrivals. The

Opposition has criticised the

Government for going soft on

border protection. Indonesian authorities say thou