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(generated from captions) to be working to make sure that indigenous children are

safe. That is about a

policing response but it is

also about a community

response so we are rebuilding

the lives of shattered Aboriginal families and

communities. That requires

action from Government but it

also requires personal

responsibility and action and leadership in indigenous

communities. So are you

being let down somewhere else

then? Is that what you are

suggesting? Because we have

also learnt a with the

Northern Territory child

abuse task force in syringe

spring which is one of the

worst-hit eguns as you know,

it has just three employees. Has the Northern Territory

Government let you down?Alice Springs which is one of the worst-hit eguns as you know,

it has just three employees. Has the Northern Territory

Government let you down? If

you have been let down by the

Northern Territory Government

because the child abuse task

force in Alice Springs we

learn apparently only has

three employees. Now the Northern Territory has been

given substantial amounts of

money to try to get this

issue together. Are you being

let down there? I'm not in

the business of laying blame

and I do not think that that

is the appropriate response

following the report like

this. One of the worst-hit

regions and only three

employees. We have to be able

the say that is not enough,

don't we? Virginia I think

confront would statistics

like this right around the

nation let's of course look

at staffing in each region.

That is a legitimate debate

and let's work through that

but let's not try to narrow

this debate saying that all

of these statistics somehow

come down to one person or

one committee or one

response. These are

statistics we need to respond

to as a nation. They are

going to involve national

Government, our national

Government in the response, State and Territory

governments, local

communities and from a sense

of personal responsibility from indigenous Australians

themselves. We have to accept

as a community we are looking

at a long time of this gap

being very, very wide before

it can be closed by the Rudd

Government? We set targets

for 2020. We did that deliberately knowing that

this was going to be a

long-term journey. You do not

turn around decades of

difference in life

expectancy, in education and

employment outcomes overnight. That is not

possible. What is possible is

to work to change those outcomes over organisations and employers

themselves is that the Fair

Work system is about enterprise bargaining, about

people sitting around a

bargaining table in their workplaces designing a system

that is right for that

workplace a system that is

about productivity, about enhancing the viability of

the business, is about

enhancing its ability the

maintain employment during

these difficult days and from

is about pay and conditions.

I'm going to expect and I

think everybody should expect

that we will see claims and

counterclaims in newspapers

about what people want out of

the bargaining. The important

thing is not claims and the

counterclaims that get made.

The important thing is what happens when that bargaining actually takes place and that the agreement that is struck is an agreement that works

for the business and works for its employees. About claim and counterclaim the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said yesterday you had been on the receiving end of a good old-fashioned ex-er signs journalistic retaliation by the 'Australian' newspaper after

you criticised the Oz on a couple of fronts. How does this feud end? I said on Wednesday I thought following some of the newspapers reporting we have seen at late particularly in relation to the fake email it was time for a discussion about media ethics. I take a very simple perspective to this - if I pick up newspaper and go to the sports pages and check the footy scores I expect those printed scores to be accurate and I suspected if newspapers after the St Kilda v Geelong game print the wrong scores there will be a help of a hullabaloo. We expect that from sports reporting to, get the fact also right so I do not think we should expect at lesser standard of our political

reporting. The facts in the

newspaper that are claimed to

be facts should be accurate

and if they are not then the

newspaper should take the necessary steps to correct

the fact they are not

accurate. On that score the

Australian suggests today the

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is

taking the easy and populous

and rather down-market route

of appearing on FM radio

of appearing on FM radio shows and comedy programs

such as Rove rather than

appearing on this program.

You turn up rugby

regularly but it seems to be

true, he prefers the more

down-market route? If anybody

checks the appearances of the

Prime Minister week in, month

out, you would find he makes

himself very available for media including of course

media including of course shows like '7.30 Report' on

the ABC, AM, all of those

things that are known for

hard-hitting in views. I do not