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(generated from captions) signs uf off, he doesn't even

know which company ABC, it's

been cleared. Well the future

Opposition Leader Malcolm

Turnbull does seem assured at

the moment although there are

calls and talk of a reshuffle

on the frontbench of the

Opposition. Christopher Pyne is

the Opposition education

spokesman and he joins now from

ABC Adelaide's news room. Good morning. Good morning.

Chris. If I could take you back

a bit. You also manager of

Opposition business many the

House. What did you have to do

with the tactic over the email

in the last week or so? Well, I

was in Israel last week chzist

close as you know with jrg

doing the Australia-Liz

leadership dialogue. The

tactics on a day to day basis

were being run by as is usual

the Leader of the Opposition's

office, the acting manager of

Opposition business in the

House, Tony Abbott, and of

course the usual group of

people that run tactics people like Joe Hockey and Julie

Bishop and so frt forth. I

can't relcomment on the daily

issues of tactics. I did know

of course that we did have

information particularly in

relation to Wayne Swan and the

suggestion that he had misled

the parliament rather

grievously over the John Grant

motors Ford Credit issue, but I

the information because I wasn't obviously privy to all

wasn't going to be in parliament last week That's

right. I know you weren't in parliament last week but of

course the question option this

to the PM and that's where the

first question was asked op

June h, that's when the

Opposition clearly felt it that

had something. What did you

know about this email? Well we

had a very fair idea that what

Wayne Swan was telling the

parliament was open to

interpretation as misleading

the parliament, because

obviously Wayne Swan told the

parliament that he simply

referred op to Treasury the

issues to do with John Grant

Mores and that was the last he

knew of it. Of course we then

found out subsequently which I was confirmed in the Senate

inquiry last Friday that in

fact or Friday week ago, that

in fact Wayne Swan had had the

faxes in relation to John Grant

Motors from Treasury going to

his home fax number, and in

fact that Treasury discussed

with faut Credit direct at a meeting that was talking about

$500 million of credit being

issued to Ford Credit issues to

to with John grandparent Motors

ch we started asking questions

about this because we had an

understanding, an idea, that

there were issues surrounding

what the PM's office knew and

what Wayne Swan's fies snu and

I think we were unite right to

pursue Wayne Swan and I think

he still has a case to

answer. I know you want to talk

about Wayne Swan but I take you

to the PM and what you thought

you had was an email to that. You would have party in the

substitutions to that and did

Malcolm Turnbull meet with the Treasury official in

substitution, Godwin Grech,

before his testimony of that

Friday the 19th? I can't answer

those questions, Chris. But you

would know the answers to those

questions wouldn't you? No, I

don't know the answer to that

question. I don't know who

Malcolm Turnbull spoke to or

met with or otherwise Malcolm

Turnbull will answer and has

answered those questions in the

past. I don't divulge the

tactics of the Opposition, those meetings are private

meetings, obviously we talk

about a whole range of issues

and we then don't regurgitate

them for the press Would you

describe hem as good tactics,

were they good? There's no

doubt at all that this last six

months we have pit enormous

pressure on the Government in

parliament, so our tactics have

been working You blew away in

one week? Well Joel Fitzgibbon

was forced to stand down as the

Minister for dense, largely

because of the Opposition's

pursuit of Joel Fitzgibbon. The

polls in fact have been turning

around and Malcolm Turnbull's

personal approval has been

increasing so you'd have to say

that over the last six months

our tactics have been placing

the Government under real

reesh In one week you turned

those polls around again? Well,

last week was a week that many

people would choose to play differently if they had all the

information that we have now.

There's no doubt about that. I

don't think anybody is saying

last week was an edfying

spectacle for the Opposition.

But one as I say, one swallow

does not a spring make and one

week of parliament doesn't

change the face of politics for

good. The next election is not

due until the end of next year,

and we will come back very

strongly in August when

parliament sits again centre

could there be more damage to Malcolm Turnbull if the police

investigation puts him at a

meeting with Godwin Grech Syme

between 4 June and 19June when he received before the Senate? Well, the person who

really has to answer the

questions about they did or

didn't doar what they did or

didn't know is Godwin Grech and

I feel very sorry for Godwin

Grech that he seems to have got

himself into something of a

pickle, but a I can't answer

questions about the motivation

for what he did or didn't do.

The suggestion is that the

email that purr parted to come

from the PM's office wasn't

really, was a fake, now we

weren't to know from the

Opposition's side that that was

the case, Godwin Grech has got

to answer those questions but

it is an ongoing Federal police

investigation, and obviously

that places me in a difficult

position in term of answers

detail about that. No-one has

been charged yet so we can

discuss it and if there was a

meeting between Malcolm

Turnbull and Godwin Grech, did

he put pressure on him? I can't

answer that question. I'd be

very surprised, very very

surprised indeed, if this

matter had any further to run.

It seems to me that the last

week draws a line under the

whole issue to do with Godwin

Grech and Malcolm Turnbull and

the email. But that remains to

be seen. My understanding is

that last week was a very

difficult week, I was in

Israel, Malcolm Turnbull stood

up very well to the pressure

from the Government, and the

real measure of a leader and

the political party is how it

rebounds out of a difficult

political situation and doesn't

dwell on it, doesn't wallo in

it but actually gets back on

the front foot and puts the

break back on the gluft Do you

think it's time for a

reshuffle, make some changes to

the frontbench? Chris Pearce

has announced he's retiring.

That does give an opportunity

if Malcolm Turnbull winners to

take it, to have a minor

reshuffle if he wishes to do so

but there's no absolute

necessity for it. I see that

the media are getting very

excited about it. I think there

are much more important issues

facing Australia to do with

debt, deficit, unemployment,

than what the Opposition has a

minor reshuffle or not. It

really is an inside the belt

way issue, much more important

to the public is to know

whether the Government has the

capacity to get us out of debt,

out of deficit, secure their

jobs and reboot the economy

again back to the days when

John Howard and Peter Costello

were running it well. Mr Chris

Gayle you wrote to the Auditor-General asking him to look into the school Stadium

lus spending and I understand

that you have had a response? Certainly. It's

disappointing that it took the

Opposition to put so much

pressure on the Government that

finally the Auditor-General has

acted. I'm not criticising him, I'm criticising Julia Gillard

and the PM for not heeding our

calls going back now over

several weeks for the schools

stimulus debacle to be properly

audited by the Auditor-General.

We have a tremendous amount of

information, much of which has

been raised in Question Time,

about profiteering, about State

Government skimming, about

inflated contract prices for school infrastructure building

as parts of this school

stimulus debacle and as a

consequence we've asked the Auditor-General to investigate

that, and he has said that he will make preliminary

discussions with the department

of education, with a view to a

full audit and I welcome that,

because taxpayers should be

able to can't value for money

and Government shouldn't give

the Crean griegt to waste and

mismanagement. Christopher

Pyne, thank you. That's a

plush. Quickly picking up something that Christopher Pyne

sid there about a line being

drawn under mat with Godwin

Malcolm Turnbull diabetes Grech. The lack of support for

whatever overstated in the

media but that's dependent on

nothing more coming out in

relation to god god and if

that's does, then it's a whole

new ball game.. We had confirmed with the ABC that

there was a meeting at least

with Malcolm Turnbull and

Godwin Grech some time between

the testimony he gave on Jen h

and the testimony he gave on

June 1 # by I I was the

explosive one. The question is