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Tonight - the tragic emergency call

revealing the King of Pop's final

moments. We have a gentleman here

that needs help. He is not

breathing. It could be weeks before

the cause of Michael Jackson's

death is known. Also - a surfer

suffers minor injuries after being

attacked by a shark. And attacked by a shark. And the Rudd government facing legal action

after axing a government watchdog.

-- a supermarket watchdog. The

frantic emergency call as Michael

Jackson lay dying has been released.

The tape reveals that despite the

efforts of his private doctor and

paramedics, the 50-year-old King of

Pop never regained consciousness.

Pop never regained consciousness.

The autopsy was carried out today

but we still do not know the exact

cause of Michael Jackson debt --

Michael Jackson's death? Yes the

autopsy was carried out today and

it took about three hours but that

examination was not enough for the

death. coroner to determine the cause of

death. It could be more than a

month before a definitive cause of

death is released. Until then,

there will be toxicology tests done

on his body. Also blood test done.

What we do have is the emergency

call, and that provides an insight

into the final moments of Michael

Jackson's last. They call reveals the

the desperate attempts to save

Michael Jackson's life. We have a

gentleman here that needs help, he

is not breathing, we are trying to

pump him that he is not responding.

He is 50 years old. He is not

breathing. Even with Jackson's

house, nothing could be done private doctor living at their

house, nothing could be done to

save him. We have his personal

doctor here with them, but he is

not responding to anything. He is

not responding to CBR. An autopsy

has been performed, but more tests

are needed before the cause of

death can be determined. There was

no indication of any external

trauma or any indication of fell

player. However the Coroners-the player. However the Coroners-the

coroner's office did confirm

Jackson was on prescription Jackson was on prescription

medication. Investigators spent

hours at Jackson's house last night

searching for clues. They even

impounded the car used by the

doctor who was there when Michael

Jackson collapsed. On her blog,

Lisa Marie Presley wrote of a

Michael Jackson's fear that he

drug overdose. would die like Elvis Presley, of a

drug overdose. Our relationship was

not a sham. I do believe he loved

me as much as he could love anyone

and I loved him very much.

Jackson's three children are being

cared for by his family. His father

emerged to wave to fans. The

children's future could be decided

in the courts. The fans continued

to gather in their thousands to pay tribute. Those unable tribute. Those unable to make it to tribute. Those unable to make it to

locations such as this, the Jackson

family home just outside Los

Angeles, are instead paying their

respects by snapping up copies of

his albums online. Amazon .com has

sold out of Michael Jackson albums sold out of Michael Jackson albums

and videos within hours of his

death. Michael Jackson's superstar death. Michael Jackson's superstar

friends have also lined up to share

talent and their memories. He was a genius

talent and I will miss them until

the day I go. From Madonna - I

cannot stop crying. From Paul

McCartney - he was a massively

talented boy, a man with a gentle

soul. He is a worldwide talent that soul. He is a worldwide talent that

millions of fans will never forget.

I understand his I understand his fans are

continuing to gather at his star on

the Hollywood Walk Of Fame? This is

perhaps the most popular spots for

Michael Jackson's fans together.

They have been gathering here all

day in their thousands, line in

Hollywood ball about. They are

bringing flowers, balloons and

cards expressing their wishes to

his family and remembering their

own moments was Michael Jackson. own moments was Michael Jackson. We

also hear his music blaring out of

people's cars. Any did has as yet

on the funeral arrangements?-any

details as yet on the funeral

arrangements? No details have been

released yet. His body has been

released by the L.A. Coroner released by the L.A. Coroner to his

family. Michael Jackson made a

fortune from music royalties and

blockbuster concert tours, but blockbuster concert tours, but

squandered his cash with lavish

spending. He was deeply in debt

when he died. Lawyers are now

lining up to fight over his estate.

He was one of the most successful

entertainers of all time. entertainers of all time. He

moonwalk his way into history, but

his financial moves were not nearly

as moves. On one occasion he spent

$6 million are in a single shopping

spree at his favourite was Vegas

store. I will have these, I will

have these.

It is thought Michael Jackson died

owing an estimated $500 million. He

lost all interest in how much money

he was making, how much money he

had and how much money was being

Elizabeth Taylor, lost on the wave. For his friend

Elizabeth Taylor, Jackson bought a

Bentleigh and a helicopter. But

Michael Jackson's phenomenal

popularity could see all his bills

eventually paid. Nine out of 10 at

music downloads being sold around

the world at the moment are Michael

Jackson songs. Those plus the value

of his back catalogue and the

Beatles' music he owned will go Beatles' music he owned will go

towards paying off his debts and taking care of

taking care of his children. His taking care of his children. His

death will make fortunes for

legions of lip synch impersonators.

Others have flooded eBay with

Jackson paraphernalia. Even an empty Michael Jackson pill

container. Some people want to make

money but other people just want to

collect something to remember him

by. I still play his music all the

beautiful. time. It is a flawless and

Next - the Government leaving

consumers in the lurch. Also - as consumers in the lurch. Also - as

ever rushed to hospital after being

attacked by a shark.

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This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live. He

has got 50 stitches, but with his

leg is still attached to, Liz Wade

describes himself as lucky after

his shark encounter. I am just glad everything is there.

everything is there. It happened to

this morning as the grandfather was

surfeit of Seven Mile Beach at

Gerroa. He felt something grabbed

his leg and ankle, but did not

realise he had been bitten until he

turned around and saw the shark

fins. I was line on the board,

lifted up my leg and sought a

better going I need some stitches. better going I need some stitches.

He believes the sharp was a 5-6

feet bronze whaler. I think it was

after flighted, they were floated

on the bottom out Thatcher rower

beach so there must have mistaken

his Ford for a big flathead. Is he

a bit of a hero?

a bit of a hero? A 26-year-old

woman has become the 5th Australian

to die after being diagnosed with

swine flu. The woman who had pre-

existing health problems, died in a

Perth hospital late yesterday. She

is the second West Australian to

die after contracting the virus.

Three people have died in Victoria.

Consumer group Choice is

considering legal action after considering legal action after the

Government decision to dump Grocery

Watch. Several MPs are also calling

for a Senate inquiry, claiming the

move panders to big-name

supermarkets. Now you see it, now

you don't. It was going to bring

about a revolution in choice around

groceries. The election promise has

been scrapped just days before its been scrapped just days before its

launch. In two turns out that he is

not possible to get the accurate

and precise information in the form

that we need it. Choice is not

buying it, climbing it is as simple

case of government bowing to

Business. It does not look good

that a meeting held in the morning

was supermarkets their results and

an afternoon decision to scrap the

Grocery Choice scheme. Several MPs

are calling are calling for a Senate inquiry.

This begs a big question about the

power of Coles and Woolies and how

weak a competition laws are. I do

not accept a characterisation.

There are questions over the timing.

De Kings of spinach used the death

of the king of pop as a cover for

some embarrassing years. On the

death of Michael Jackson, the Labor

party had given us their best form of

of political Moon walking to date.

The Government is now looking for

other ways to ensure consumers pay

the lowest possible price at the

grocery counter. It has still put

millions of dollars into a dud

scheme that its credit the 11th

hour. As failing consumers must be

very disappointed. By the

Opposition is probably not. It is

the first time in a row week it has

not had to talk about ute gate.

not had to talk about ute gate.

School formals are a booming

industry where everything has to be

bigger and better than the year

before. The inaugural School Formal

Expo-School Formal Expo is trying

to take up the stress out of the

experience. The industry is worth

hundreds of millions of dollars

every year. Hair, make-up, every year. Hair, make-up, clothes,

the limousines at the front - a

very nice. It is traumatic time to

find the dress, the shoes, the cars.

We sort put it all under one roof.

There are hundreds of dresses

ranging from $30 to $200,000. There

is also advise on eating and

positive body image. This is positive body image. This is a show

that is about real girls from all

walks of life. It does not matter

how tall or what size you are,

there is an out that there that

will look fabulous. A lift from mum

or dad is no longer an option,

apparently, was fire engines and

Harley-Davidson motorbikes the call

options are. You want options are. You want your young

adults to look their best, but just

be careful, you do have to pay that

off. The Expo will head around the

country next year. Next - or the

action in 'Sports Tonight'. Wayne

Bennett last of these suggestions

that he is set to coach NSW? His

comments are coming out.

comments are coming out. The

Dragons fire against the Tigers.

The hunt continues for a record

15th Grand Slam title. And

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To plead his first. The tough times

continue at was Tigers with

confirmation that utility Josh Morris

Morris is heading to the Sharks at

but season's end. The news is not

any better on the field.

Luckily the body language said it

all, because Tim Sheens didn't want

to talk about another loss. Let's

get it done quickly. Languishing

near the bottom of the ladder, the

Tigers declared before the match

against the Dragons that it was a

'must win'. The 21-10 loss makes a finals appearance

finals appearance unlikely. I'm not

going to get a win. In comparison -

the Dragons are equal first and

finals bound. With five Origin

players backing up from Wednesday's

game, the Dragons scored four first

half tries before fading.

COMMENTATOR: And he beats and

plummets towards the line. Wayne Bennett can't Bennett can't wait for the

disruption of Origin to pass, and

ended speculation of coaching the

NSW Blues. I'm a Queenslander.

Bennett could lose more of his

players for Origin 3, winger Brett

Morris continues to show his scoring credentials. Highball,

he'll score -Brett Morris. Brett

could join his twin brother Josh

Morris in the Blues camp. He also

opened the scoring in the Bulldogs 30-18 win 30-18 win over North Queensland at

ANZ Stadium Morris! He takes off!

Morris, they're not going to get

him! Josh Morris! Morris wasn't the

only Dogs flyer unleashed. Winger

Bryce Goodwin crossed for two.

Bryce Goodwin for the Bulldogs. The

five tries to three Bulldogs win

was their third in a row, and means

they stay level with the Dragons at

the top of the ladder. It's a long way from last way from last years wooden spoon.

At the start of the year we didn't

want to set any goals, but, I guess,

now we're over the halfway part we

want to be apart of semifinal football.

France will attempt to beat the

Wallabies on Australian soil for

the first time in 19 years when they clash at ANZ Stadium.

they clash at ANZ Stadium. History

does not favour the French, but the

Wallabies are wary? Yes they are.

It has been a Chrissie Winter for

the Wallabies so far this season.

They have won all of their Tests

against others. They are expecting

a much different story here. a much different story here. The

French line-up fresh from that

upset series win against the All

Blacks in New Zealand. Tonight is

the final game of the season and

they are full of confidence. The

Wallabies coach Robbie Deans are

well aware of what the French can

do after they won against Italy

last weekend. Skipper to go --

Stirling Mortlock, Matt Giteau and Nathan

Nathan Sharpe all returning to the

line-up. The forwards are all doing

their job. The backs are showing a

flair with their forward hand. It

reflects the vintage of fringe

outfits that we are used to seeing.

The tis a big match. To see the way

the French played against the All Blacks shows

Blacks shows there will be very

committed. We have trained that way

this week and are intensity has

been weighing up. After an

impressive run on debut against the

battalions, James O'Connor heads

star studded bench for the Aussies,

which includes Phil Waugh and Brian Cross.

Cross. Despite this success against

the All Blacks, the French will

have seven it run on changes. A

good test for the Wallabies tonight,

it will also be a excellent Wal-

Mart for the series opener against

the All Black in of all cloned.

AFL - Barry Hall

AFL - Barry Hall faces another test

and on the sidelines after being

reported for striking in this

afternoon's loss against Adelaide.

It is the latest in a long list of

incidents, it sets to land him in

trouble again. A Hall has been

reported for striking. Adelaide

came from 24 points down, to came from 24 points down, to not

should win number eight.

Roger Federer and remains the man

to beat after the world number two

cruised into the for -- fourth

round. The All England Club and a

dropped his first set of the

championship, and that was as good

as it got for his opponent Phil

Jagielka. Racing through the opening two

opening two sets in the first hour

for a current looked like he was

going to have an easy ride. His

German opponent had other ideas.

Phillip Kohschrieber keeping the

match alive by winning the third

set tie-break - his comeback ended

there. Federer wrapping up the fourth

fourth set in 29 minutes, to

continue his charge towards a

record 15 Grand Slam victory. It is

nice to be true. I thought this was

the best match of the tournament.

Theorem meets Sweden's Robin Soderling.

At 208 centimetres, the tallest man

on the tour of fired 46 aces in a

four-set victory. Note that

Djokovic could also advanced, while

after four hours of action and

under a falling sun, Tommy Haas under a falling sun, Tommy Haas as

match was suspended due to bad match was suspended due to bad light.

In the women's - two-time William -

- week no more than when a serene

and winner Williams beat. Elena

Dementieva also through in straight sets.

Valentino Rossi has placed himself

in a strong position to pick up his

100 from prix victory. He secured

Paul position in tomorrow's Dutch GP.

GP. We have two or three parts of

the track where I could possibly

improve before tomorrow. Dani

Pedrosa will start second on the

grid. Australia's Casey Stoner will

In 4th spot.

BOY: My dad says Australia's one of the big countries. Dad says the French have the Eiffel Tower, Australians, we have big things. People think they're called big things because of their size. Dad says they were all designed by the one man - Sir Francis Big. Yeah, nice one, Dad. My mates have all been to the beach for the holidays,

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The average NSW home produces about 160,000 balloons of carbon pollution a year. But simple actions, like using energy-efficient lighting and cold water washing, can save power, money and reduce our impact on the environment.

This program is captioned live.

A sunny day expected for cancer.

Sydney -

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