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(generated from captions) are tightening the purse strings, At a time when many of us how easily and quickly you'd be surprised to see

your money. the Government is spending

all you've got to do is go online. And to find out, Since entering office, into websites they've poured millions and millions to fuel prices, for everything from grocery even climate change. Jonathan Creek reports. would be reckless and irresponsible To delay any longer and for our environment. for our economy

as the 'dot-com' Prime Minister - Kevin Rudd has presented himself a wizard of the web.

I've simply got news. Well, I suppose There'll be more. via his 'Kevin 07' campaign website. Surfing his way into the Lodge

a Government Initiative, Now when the Prime Minister launches includes a website the sales pitch or the solution to construct or maintain. and they aren't cheap First, FuelWatch... standing up for motorists. We believe in ..then, GROCERYchoice... We have a plan of action in the grocery sector. to increase competition, Carbon Watch child care and it's costs. and even a site dedicated to

to be able to find vacancies We want people in their local childcare centres. All are consumer-based sites on big business. designed to keep a leash

The problem? No-one is keeping a leash on the Government.

We have a $58 billion debt - budget deficit this year. $58,000 million It will get up to $300 billion. And, in the space of this interview, $100 million in website costs. we've rattled off close to a shadow minister, Senator Michael Ronaldson,

are all about spin. believes the sites we should have roads, We should have hospitals, community infrastructure we should have and this infrastructure

for the Government is purely about sending a message in the current economic climate, and I think, quite frankly, it is quite obscene.

motorists find cheap fuel, FuelWatch, a site to help cost $21 million. at supermarkets, GROCERYchoice - A similar site aimed

$8 million. carbon emissions, In a bid to help reduce there are two sites - at a cost of $200,000 a year, one on climate change, energy efficiency site, and a separate a $25 million budget. which is part of has it's own website. Even the Government stimulus handout Phillip Baddoch Internet marketing expert

a powerful communications tool. knows the Internet can be doesn't have to cost millions. But to get the message out there $12 million to $25 million on a website. is a lot of money to be spending something very serious It would need to be doing that sort of cost. in order to be justifying with professional design, To build a substantial business site from $10,000 to $20,000. it might range But at the next level, of course, of very high-profile websites there are an enourmous number of dollars to put together. that can cost in the millions Despite the Federal Government

at these sites, throwing plenty of money

they've been less than successful. didn't get past the Senate, FuelWatch was spent. which meant not all the budget was handed to 'Choice', Control of GroceryWatch a consumer watchdog. The bottom line is

is more expensive everyone knows that food in expensive suburbs than it is in cheaper suburbs. failed website to tell you that. You don't need to have a $13 million to contain rising childcare costs, Mychild, has been widely criticised at centres, not costs, because having a place available is the real issue for families. There's no availability. wherever you get a spot, basically. So you have to go or more They could make it $100 a day and you'd probably still have to go. According to Baddock, with the internet Kevin Rudd's obsession

to be in touch is more about appearing with the younger generation. for him, as a politician. I think it's a very good idea that his message resonates He's trying to make sure of the community with different parts with those young people and if he's able to communicate in that sort of fashion, that that's going to help, then I'm sure help him to get his message across. social networking sites Kevin Rudd also uses

like Facebook and MySpace. via Twitter, And you can follow his daily routine a short messaging forum each message 'KRudd'. where the Prime Minister signs off by taxpayer-funded staff, All of them operated Government site There's also the PM's own and his personal 'KevinPM' when it comes to political opinions. which allows him a lot more freedom governments out of their lives I actually think people want how they should raise their kids. and not being told

can be confident I believe Australians

about our nation's future. And from the K-Rudd for hire. to the low-down on celebrities Coming up soon -