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(generated from captions) very hard to believe You may find this but I'm gay. on the world Bruno launches his assault and we're next. Plus, the Miley Cyrus phenomenon this Sunday from 7am. on 'Weekend Sunrise'

I loved today. Greg Evans, thank you

so much. You do a radio program at

breakfast and you rearranged

everything. You took a sickie to

join us. Yes, I am in Shepparton but

it is beautiful to be

it is beautiful to be here in the

sunshine. We appreciate it. It has

been a lovely morning and thanks for

spreading the love! Look at Helen

and Christian. Christian got down on

his knee and proposed to Helen

earlier. Gorgeous. She said yes.

Well done. You got to have a lovely

Friday after all this love Friday after all this love in the

air. Enjoy. Lib, I will be home in

the afternoon. Gee, look at the

time! Expressing my love. You do

that. So much love to give. Have a

lovely weekend. Give her a hug.

Whatever you do, don't tell us.

Whatever you do, don't tell us. It's

over to the Morning Show. Kochie

don't listen to them. Devil ter says

to go for it! Thanks, guys. Have a

good one. Feeling the love. We are

getting down the line. and welcome to the show. Good morning is this the end of Obamamania? Ahead - the honeymoon is finally over The insiders who say for the US President. with Eva Mendes. Plus, up close and personal in a revealing interview. She shows us her naughty side Then, cash and burn - money meltdowns. the biggest celebrity to guy grooming - And the Morning Show guide the beauty musts for every man. But first this morning - has emerged a sexual harrassment scandal of the year - from Canberra's social event Mid Winter Ball. Federal Parliament's

has been forced to resign Anthony Scrinis approaching six women after allegedly and groping two of them. to Sophie Mirabella - Mr Scrinis is a senior adviser for the status of women. Malcolm Turnbull's shadow minister

He has accepted that some of his

behaviour was inappropriate. He

denies some of the allegations. And

he has

he has tendered his ruz ugination

immediately. One woman has lodged an

official complaint and the others

are considering their legal options. Mark Riley broke the story. Chief political correspondent He joins us now from Canberra. Good morning to you. about the incident? Mark, what can you tell us

Very unsavoury, indeed, many

incidents. The number of women who

wasn't a are complaining this gentleman, who

wasn't a gentleman, confronted on the night with inproper wasn't a gentleman, confronted them

suggestions and also in a couple of

cases, um, physically harassing them

is now beyond ten. Someone told me

this morning heading towards tent.

An extraordinary night. But he

confronted several women on the

night to ask if he might be able to

fondle their breasts in

fondle their breasts in very crude

terms and did it with two women. It

is a charity event run each year.

There were 600 people including

Prime Minister, the opposition There were 600 people including the

the humeinarys leader, many corporate high fliers,

the humeinarys of media, as they may

be, raising $

be, raising $250,000 for

be, raising $250,000 for charity,

children's cancer among them,

terrific causes. This is also the

par lm of the people, where the

lawoffs the land are made but also

politicians can often comment on,

say, the actions of Rugby League

players, of celebrities and things

that happen out in the world that

are untoward and tasteless. Now you

have at least ten women who have

been confronted by this man who

worked for Sophie Mirabella, the been confronted by this man who

Shadow Minister advising Malcolm

Turnbull on the status of women who

and who had organised a meeting

tonight in Melbourne, that Malcolm

Turnbull is scheduled to speak at

that brings together liberal women

to encourage them to be part of the

political process. What do we know about Anthony

about Anthony Scrinis? Sqlao he

stood for election on

Phillip Council last year. Unseck stood for election on the Port

susfully. He has a web site that

susfully. He has a web site that he

claims to be a climate change

sceptic, his political platform is

one where he promised to subject

himself to random drug and alcohol

testing if elected, he wasn't. He

joined Sophie Mirabella's team

recently to

recently to advice her on a range of

issues. Moving on, there is another

parliamentary scandal making

headlines, this involves Green's

senator Sara Hanson-Young. What is

the story? Yes, Sara Hanson-Young

last night, or

last night, or yesterday afternoon

took her two-year-old daughter, core

took her two-year-old daughter, Kora

into the senate chamber during a

division on a vote. The division on a vote. The President,

Hogg asked her to remove the

from the chamber. The laws of the Hogg asked her to remove the child

senate say we

senate say we can't have a senate say we can't have a " senate say we can't have

senate say we can't have a senate say we can't have a "

senate say we can't have a senate say we can't have a "

"stranger" in the chamber when votes

are being taken. So Bob Brown, the

leader of the Greens objected to

this quite strenuously and argued

that two-year-old Kora hoowasn't

disturbing anyone or making that two-year-old Kora hoowasn't

should be allowed to stay. The disturbing anyone or making noise

President over look that. The

President enforced the regulations,

Kora was taken out by an advisor,

crying, poor thing, separated from

her mum, quite a to do. The Greens

say they will bring a bill to the

senate on Monday to allow children

to come into the chamber. I am a

father of two young children, I

would dearly love to spend every

waking moment with them and love

them as much as my wife, but I

accept there are revictions on what

we can and can't do in the work

place. We have very complicated

child place arrangements as mums and

dads do around Australia do to look

after their children thin work mris.

For parliament to codeify the

circumstances in which a child can come into

come into a work place will set a come into a work place will set a

standard for the rest of the

community. I don't know what factory

workers will do, very dangerous

circumstanceess on the production circumstanceess on the production

line. We would love to have it

it is difficult. There is an line. We would love to have it but

it is difficult. There is an advisor's box at the back of the advisor's box at the

senate, in that box, a member of the

senate can seat whoever they like. I

have checked this morning and it is

the case, that there would be no

problem at all if Sara Hanson-Young

had sat in the advisor's box with

Kora and then taken her seat to be

counted in the vote and gone back

there or had one of her advisors sit

can Kora, no problem at all. Barnaby

Joyce, the national's senate called

it a stunt, I don't think I would go

that far but it is not as nasty an

incident as it first sounded. Thank

you for the wrap up. From one political scandal to another. And in the United States, a Republican senator who once denounced president Bill Clinton for his affair with Monica Lewinsky has confessed to an affair with one of his campaign aides. John Ensign is considered the Republican Party's greatest hope for the 2012 presidential elections. So will this controversy spell the end of his chances?

I dit not have sexual relations with

that woman. Sex scandals are nothing new in Washington. But few have made headlines like the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky affair.

Indeed I did have a relationship

with her that was not appropriate.

In fact, it was wrong. At the time, one of the most vocal critics of president Clinton was Republican senator John Ensign.

He denounced Mr Clinton as a disgrace and called for his resignation. A decade later and now it's Ensign who's making the news. Last year I had an affair. I violated the vows of marriage. It's absolutely the worse thing I've done in my life. If there was ever anything that I can take back in my life,

this would be it. I take full responsibility for my actions. The woman in question has been identified as Cindy Hampton a campaign staffer whose husband, Doug, worked in Ensign's Senate office. That closeness put me into situations during a very difficult time in my marriage which led to my inappropriate behaviour.

A lawyer for the Hamptons released this statement to the US media. Ensign is largely viewed within the Republican Party as a strong contender for the 2012 elections. A Christian conservative, he's been a vocal advocate for family values and an opponent of abortion and gay marriage.

As for the people he's paid to represent, responses have been mixed. As a public leader, you shouldn't be involved in extra-marital affairs. I think it just makes them more human and humans make mistakes - that doesn't necessarily mean that you need to give up your career. But there's something to be said for somebody being truthful, though. But for some observers, the timing of the scandal couldn't be better planned. The

The timing of senator Ensign fessing

up to the extra mare taltle up to the extra mare taltle affairs

could be a sign he has lofty goal

ahead, to get the scandal out of the

way now than later when it could be more damaging. As for the Senator's personal life, the real challenge will be making amends with his wife. I am truly blessed to have a wife like Darlene who has found it in her heart to forgive me.

Last year we sought counselling and through the strength of family and friends,

we have rebuilt our marriage to where now it's even stronger than ever. Senator Ensign isn't the only US politican making headlines today. There's been a dip in approval ratings for President Obama. So is the honeymoon finally over? More on that one later this hour.

Moving on and it's one of the most anticipated follow-up movies of all time - Sacha Baron Cohen's latest project, 'Bruno'. For months now, the gay Austrian fashion journalist has been plaguing magazine covers, red carpet events and even the MTV awards.

Eminem, nice to meet you. Are you serious? But not everyone's laughing. Preview screenings of the movie have upset the gay community with concerns the character oversteps the line between satire and stereotype.

You may find this hard to believe, but I'm gay. OK. So what does this mean for the movie's impending release? Let's ask's Diana Magpapian. Good morning, Diana. How has Sacha Baron Cohen dealt with the complaints from the gay community?

Well, insiders tell me he has gone

and reshot scenes. You know, he had

a screening and the audience wasn't

too receptive with some scenes. He

want to make it more gay friendly,

believe it or not. Universalpen

pictures producing the film have

denied the reports of the reshoots.

denied the reports of the reshoots.

But they say it is made for an

audience that is appreciative of the

audience that is appreciative of the arguably positive intentionoffs the

arguably positive intentionoffs the film. It is not unusual for studios

to reshoot scenes based on audience

reactions. If they want to make

money and make people happy they

will go back and reshoot scenes. Not

will go back and reshoot scenes. Not

just gay groups are offended, tell

us about the situation in Britain?

The movie is going to have a heavy

blow in the

blow in the yauk because it got an

adult 18erating. There are only two

movies here that are have had and done

movies here that are have had and done well, Seven and Hannibal. There

are is lot of sexual content but I

have a feeling it will do well.

Really? Even in Bruno's home land of

Austria, there is a whole stack of

criticism. What are they concerned

criticism. What are they concerned about? They are concerned about

their image, it goes back to their image, it goes back to when Sacha Baron their image, it goes back to when

their image, it goes back to their image, it goes back their image, it goes back to Sacha

Baron Cohen made Borat. Sacha Baron

Cohen wrote an article in Marie

Claire magazine an A

Claire magazine an A to Z of fashion

he mocks the country, he says the

main goal is to raise children and

raise them in their dungens. A lot

of them are not

of them are not happy. They are only

putting more fuel to the which is

causing more interest. Yes, we will

find out soon. It premiers here in a

little over a week. We will find out

soon. Thank you Dianne Anna. Ahead on the show - the five conversations every couple needs to have. And our Morning Mystic decodes one viewer's persistent dreams about the past.

But next - the sexy, sultry Eva Mendes. You're watching the Morning Show live on the Seven Network.

Good morning, Sydney. Cloudy and a bit of rain around again today. A top temperature of 16 degrees. Right now it 11 degrees.

A Good Friday song. It is a good one. She's a regular red carpet knockout. Ava Mendes is one of Hollywood's most glamorous ladies. But now she's working on a new role off the screen. Relationship columnist Samantha Brett got a chance to catch up with her. Sam joins us now. Good morning to you.

Tell us about the

Tell us about the new project Eva is

working on? Magnum ice-cream chose

her to be the global pleasure

ambassador. They were finding out,

they did a massive survey all over

the world to find out what gives

people pleasure. She launched the

survey in Istanbul. I flew all the

way over there. Let's look at my interview. Eva Mendes is one of Hollwood's leading ladies

sharing screen time with the likes of Nicolas Cage, Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg. Now she's in the spotlight for a different reason.

Encourage all of you to take more

pleasure in your every day life. Eva is the global pleasure ambassador launching the world's largest survey on what causes pleasure and how to get more of it.

And I had the pleasure of interviewing her.

I am just all about feeling good. I

am the girl who

am the girl who gets three massage as week. I really do. It is my

luxury and it is where I kind of

spend my money. I am not a big

shopper but I love facials and

massages and spas and everything. massages and spas and everything. I

am a girly girl. Do you have guilty

pleasures? I have many. One of them

are eating in bed

pleasures? I have many. One of them are eating in bed while watching

television, which is kind of gross.

But I love it. I love just like

watching my favourite program and

having, like, my food and my tray.

What would be your advice to women

wanting more pleasure in their life? I

I think women should ask for what

they want in all areas of life.

they want in all areas of life. How do you think about being ranked the

hottest woman in the world by Sweet, I would rather

an Oscar. Ahh! Be still, Larry's

beating heart. Wow! She recently caused a stir because of

caused a stir because of some of the

suggestive ads. Did she talk suggestive ads. Did she talk about that suggestive ads. Did she talk about

that? She was in the Calvin Klein

ads for a fragrance, ly nude, a

nipple is showing. Americans are

more kau conservative. We have got a

clip but it is a bit raunchy. Okay.

There was a

There was a video to go with it. She

was really touching herself and

showing off. I can't see nipple.

Larry is peering closely at that.

There was a video, the video showed

more. But I asked her and she said

she didn't understand why thaw

caused a ruckus. She embraces her

curves and is very sexual and

naughty. She said she was proud of

them, proud to be

them, proud to be the Calvin Klein

spokesperson. The results are in

about the survey. They have

concluded men get more

concluded men get more pleasure than

women. We need to get more pleasure.

Generally? Yes, what they did was

scientists came up with a test which

was online and it came up with a PQ,

a pleasure quotient.

a pleasure quotient. Men get more

pleasure? The top for Australians

was food, of course, second was

relaxation and 3rd was arousal. Only

two countries in the world named sex

as one of the top five pleasures.

Italians, and Australians. There you

go. That is so interesting. Who had

arousal as three? Which? arousal as three? Which? Well,

overall, the Australians, the top

three. That was the top three. So

Australians put food one and arousal

third. Yes, and men and women are

third. Yes, and men and women are different. Men found

different. Men found accomplishment to be most pleasurable. Women found

reactionation. It was all done by an

ice-cream company. Where did it am?

ice-cream company. Where did it am? No.1, food. Thank you. Still to come, from the small screen to the silver screen - the best TV shows that became blockbuster films. And is Barack Obama's star finally starting to fade? But next, princes William and Harry talk about growing up in the spotlight and how they deal with sibling rivalry. We'll be back with more of the Morning Show in just a moment.

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To the UK now and princes William and Harry may be in the middle of intense military training but they're still happy to take the mickey out of each other. The pair has spoken affectionately about living together and their sibling rivalry. Steven Douglas has the story. They've served in the armed forces for over four years but until now, these brothers in arms have never been stationed together.

It gives a new meaning to Royal Air Force training and today we got a rare glimpse of their life behind closed doors. We're brothers, not lovers. First time and last time we'll be living together, I assure you of that.

It has been a fairly emotional experience. Harry told us the other week that he did all the washing up? He does do a bit of the washing up and then he leaves most of it in the sink and then it comes back in the morning and I have to wash it up. Oh, the lies! Put these princes together and they're a bit of a double act.

night. He snores a lot too. Keeps me up all

at the local bars But there'll be no double measures for these brothers. We've been into town a few times. do quite well in the play-offs, Enjoyed watching Shrewsbury didn't manage the last final bit unfortunately but, yeah, it's been good. We've really enjoyed it. to get out at the moment, so... I haven't had much chance It's the Army, we work harder. Harry's training to become a pilot. It's in the army that who's in the Royal Air Force, But William, has already got his wings.

there's brotherly competition. And wherever there's brotherly love, It is still hard work

Have you got off the ground yet. Yes, Have you got off the ground yet.

Yes,s thanks for asking. It is hard

it is fine. work but I am better than William so work but I am better than William

and he might outrank Harry William might already be a pilot but it's only his younger brother who's seen active service. I didn't join the forces to be, like I said before, mollycoddled or treated any different. And as far as I'm concerned, in my eyes, if Harry can do it, then I can do it. He's definitely got more brains than me. from school. I think we've established that I think I'm much better hands-on. But when it comes to all that, as well. You've got more brains than looks, When are you flying solo? Baldness. like only brothers can They talk to each other

behind this royal rivalry. but they can't hide the affection You could say something nice. I just said something nice.

He's great!

I love that. I am not buying the

I love that. I am not buying the

washing up stuff. I reckon they

would have people washing up for the

people who wash up for them. Good stuff though. Sweet

stuff though. Sweet to see. Two

on the Morning Show - Coming up later brothers getting along, I love it.

with our Morning Mystic. decode your dreams But first,

Karen has the answer. to stay warm this winter? looking for a practical way

The cold temperatures are here and

most of us are looking for ways to

keep warm without running up the

electricity bill. Marni

electricity bill. Marni from Global

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that might just help. Good morning.

Hello. Do you like the newest

edition to my wardrobe. I am lovely

and warm. It look warm, is it a

blanket? It is better than a blanket? It is better than a

blanket. This is the phenomena that

is sweeping the world and finally

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Snuggie. It looks safrt and

comfortable. It is made from

ultrasoft fleece. ultrasoft fleece. Perfect for

winter. It has sleeves. It is a

blanket with sleeves? Yes, it is

better than just a blanketch it has

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Ellen and CNN have been reporting on

the trend. Because the

the trend. Because the Snuggie craze

is about to hit Australia, we have a

special offer. Write down the number

press. now. I have seen a lot of that

press. Tell us why it is so

successful. Instead of throwing on

an tkaefrb bay blanket, put on a

Snuggie. Blankets are okay but they

can slip and slide and then of

course, when you want to reach

something you have to untangle

yourself and let the cold air in.

With the Snuggie you are

With the Snuggie you are wrapped in

luxurious soft fleece and you have the oversizes

the oversizes sleeves to use the TV

remote, turn the pageoffs the book

or magazine, have a snack while

watching television while you are

curled up on the couch. You can get

things done and be warm. Would you

like to try one? It looks so cozy

and so comfortable. At the same

time, so practical. If I didn't have

my microphone on I would definitely pull it right

pull it right over nigh face. But I

can sit here and enjoy my cup of tea

and enjoy my favourite movie. Hold

it open, it is an oversize, one size

fits all with

fits all with plenty of lengths.

Once you have your arms in the

sleeves, you are done, no more cold

feet. I love idea. It feels very

soft and warm. Isn't it every! It is

machine washable. You will use your soft and warm. Isn't it every! It is

smug snug year after year to keep

out the cold. Saving Money on

heating bills? Yes, we are all

trying to be smarter with our money

these days so it makes sense not to

run up the power bill while using

the heater while relaxing. Let's

hear from another Snuggie lover. The

Snuggie is great, it wraps me in

saucht wonderful warmth but it is light and wonderful warmth but it is light and

saucht as a cloud. I am a big reader

so I love to settle on the sofa with

a good book and a cup of tea.

a good book and a cup of tea.. The

Snuggie leaves my arms free to turn

the pages and sip my tea without

losing any warmth. Tell us about the

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my Marni. Guys, back to you. I do love

my Snuggie but I did have to modify

it. I had to cut it, look it is a

bit sensitive but I had to cut a

whole in the front to go to the

toilet. Because it is difficult. It

opens at the back and it is at the

front. So when a guy wants to go to

front. So when a guy wants to go to

the toilet. It is hard. You got it

throw it over your head. It is

easier to cut a hole in the front.

Great! Ahead for you this morning.

Now, I haven't

Now, I haven't patented that yet but Now, I haven't patented that yet

it is something extra, like a

Velcro... Yes. the new Facebook for dogs and cats. Ahead this morning - on each other's walls. Find out what they write about with the latest news and weather. But first, Ann Sanders joins us Hello, Ann. Good morning Kylie, hello Larry. she was humilitated A female senator says was ejected from Parliament. after a 2-year-old daughter was forced to hand Kora over Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young to a staff member, during a vote. start work bans this morning Victorian parademics will

for longer breaks between shifts. in their campaign they often work 15-hour shifts Ambulance officers say in between. with just eight hours break the night out in the cold. Sydney's business leaders have spent swapped their beds for cardboard More than 200 CEOs to raise money to help the homeless. Checking the weather now: has spoken And an emotional Angelina Jolie of refugees around the world. of the plight of millions and UN Goodwill Ambassador The Hollywood actress ahead of World Refugee Day. gave an address in Washington Jorx

she really is a wonderful ambassador

for the United Nations, she gave,

with Brad Pitt, $

with Brad Pitt, $1 million to the for the United Nations, she gave,

agency for the flight of the

Pakistanies who have been left

homeless from the Taliban. Wonderful

spokesperson for the refugees. Plus

the amount of attraction she

attracts, priceless. Kbrrx Ahead, from moisturising to manscaping - the ultimate guide to guy grooming. And the global financial crisis hits Hollywood. So which stars have been affected? More on that one, next hour. But straight after the break - every couple needs to have. the five conversations with more of the Morning Show We'll be back in just a moment.

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It is a good deal. It's always best to plan for the future and most couples do. But there are some things that need to be discussed before they arise so that you're prepared. So what are the five conversations that every couple needs to have? Psychologist Jo Lamble joins us to bring us up to date. Morning, Jo. Before we get to the topics themselves, what's the best way to approach these conversations with your partner?

When we realise they have got to be

done. These are serious

conversations so they can't be had

on the hop. So set a meeting, set aside

on the hop. So set a meeting, set aside time and say this is what we

need to do. Be honest. There is no

need to do. Be honest. There is no point having the difficult

conversations if you are going to

hold back for fear of hurting

partner. Give warning of changes and

revisit. These are conversations you

have over and over again

have over and over again throughout

your relationship. When you say to

your significant other we need to

have a talk, it usually send them

running in the opposite direction.

One important decision is about

children. What should it children. What should it include?

Are we going to have children, if

so, how many. so, how

so, howMany. You have it before but

you do need to have it as you go on.

How will we raise them, with

religion, schooling, the family

values. Who will be their gar

guardian. If anything happens to us,

who would look after our children.

It is very important. Finance is one the things that the things that cause tension in a

relationship. What topics need to be

discussed am? Whether you are going

to pool the money, which is my

prefered option, rather than having

your money and my money. Who is

going to control the finances. Who

is going to pay the bills, you both

make decisions but who will be in

ultimate control and what it will be

spent on. Are you going to look at

putting money into a house or invest in

in shares? Are you going to think

about private education or would you

rather make sure you have a decent

holiday most years? Those are

ongoing conversations you want to

have because they point out

differences. Something we can't

predict is our health. What should

we look at when it comes to health?

Of course, if you commit to

Of course, if you commit to someone it is sickness and health. It would

go without saying you would help if anything is wrong. But anything is wrong. But you need to

think about life insurance and your

wills. Make sure they are up to

date. Talk about organ donation very

early. A very important one. And

funeral arrangements. It seems

funeral arrangements. It seems early to be discussing it but it is really

hard if someone is grief-stricken by

suddenly losing their partner to not

know if they prefered to be crumated

or buried. It really helps if you

have that hard discussion. have that hard discussion. As the

population ages the conversation

about careing for elderly parents

will ab rise more frequently? You

are talking about whataus you

consider. Again, have it way

consider. Again, have it way before it is necessary. But is it going to

be an option that your elderly

parent or parents would move in with

you? Should your family consider

move nothing to your parent's house

or would care facilities be a

betterau? But have the conversation

as you go through life together

because it makes it much easier when

you get the phone call and someone

needs you and under stress you have

to make the important decisions. Do

you discuss what happens if either

of you change your feelings about

these issues? The saddest thing I

find, it is not just changing your

mind about the things you talked

mind about the things you talked about but just how you are feeling.

The saddest thing is couples come in

and are ready to leave the

relationship and say they have been

happy for a long time. You need to

sit down and ask your partner for

what you need and give them time to

think about what you are suggesting.

It might be a major change in career

or family set up and revisit the

topic all the time. It is probably

the most difficult one to have.

the most difficult one to have. If you can sit down with your partner

and say I am just really not happy

and this is why and this is what I

want to suggest to improve it. A lot

of people don't do that. They wait

until they are ready to walk out the

door or sabotage it. door or sabotage it they are the

ones, who you say, "

ones, who you say, "We need to

talk." You are waiting for those.

But if you set up the practice of

But if you set up the practice of regularly having the hard

conversations it probably won't be

as scary. Have a good weekend, see you soon.

Coming up - the topless sunbakers causing problems at a construction site. Now here's Glenn with some tips on getting into the greatest shape of your life. With obesity on the rise, are you concerned about your weight, are you struggling to lose those love handles or embarrassed about the beer belly? Say farewell to the muffin top hanging over the jeans because Katie is here with fun and extremely easy way to lose that weight, right? That's right. It is called the AbCircle Pro. It is the easiest way I know to blast that fat off forever. Blast away, baby because it sound like a lot of fun from what I'm hearing. What does the AbCircle Pro do that the others don't? The AbCircle Pro is an abdominal machine that targets your entire core, upper, middle and lower abs, even your obliques, all in one circular motion. Even the obliques? And the fat, Katie - tell us about the fat. That is the best part. The AbCircle Pro aerobically burns the fat in just minutes. In fact, we guarantee with the AbCircle Pro system you will lose 5 kilos in the first 2 weeks or your money back. How about that?

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It sure does. And this thermal imaging shows AbCircle Pro targets your entire core.

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Exactly. You simply remove the centre-locking pin and turn the AbCircle Pro into a fat-burning bun and thigh machine. Trimming your buns, hips and thighs in no time at all.

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Ladies, thank you for coming in and doing all that for us this morning. Guys, back to you.

She is he wearing? Lycra. It looks

like a 1920s bathing suit. The crew

reckons if you wore your Snuggie

while doing that you might double

your results, like a your results, like a sauna effect.

Wear the Snuggie while doing the

exercise. We got to get all our guys

together. Wile using the swivel

sweeper. Don't laugh, Larry, serious bits. Next hour, celebrity money meltdowns - which stars have fallen victim to the global financial crisis? And we ask should kids be allowed in parliament? But straight ahead, Obama prepares to face his critics. So is this the end of the President's popularity? You're watching the Morning Show right around Australia.

Right, class, so picking up on... VOICEOVER: When your kid skips breakfast, it's harder to concentrate and things can get a bit fuzzy in the classroom. (MUFFLED VOICE) But research shows that a nutritious breakfast like Sultana Bran

can help fight the fuzzies. Now with Vita-B to help maintain brain performance as part of a balanced diet. TEACHER: ..with the same denominator... Kellogg's Sultana Bran. Fight the fuzzies at school. To counter the effects of global recession, the NSW Government is investing $62 billion over the next four years. We'll be building better hospitals and schools, and safer roads. It's part of our plan to stimulate the economy

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It seems not a day goes by without the Obama family dominating the headlines. Whether it's the Michelle's wardrobe or Bo's new soft-toy line,

the Obamas are a global phenomenon. But after five successful months in power, it seems the President's dream run with voters may have come to an end.

So is the President's honeymoon really over? Change has come to America. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE It was the election that captivated the world. And at its centre - Barack Obama.

A leader who represented a new era in American, and global, politics.

Today I say to you that the

challenges we face are real. They

are serious and they are many. They

will not be met easily. Or in a

short span of time,

short span of time, but know this

America, they will be met! For a while it looked like Obama-mania had no limits. But now, just five months into office, the President's approval ratings have suffered a serious blow.

The honeymoon is coming to an The honeymoon is coming to an end

for President Obama. But it is not

personal, it is professional as the

personal, it is professional as the public appears to be judgeing the

President on some of his acs. Right

President on some of his acs. Right now there is a growing concern bout

the budget deficit and the

government interaction into the

economy on things like GM. So has Obama's halo finally slipped? Voters are divided. I think the people like him personality-wise, he comes across very positive. Policy-wise, it's difficult because things haven't changed that much. He's got a big job, he's got to make a difference in a lot of areas and he's got to do it now. At the crux of the problem? A struggling US economy, high unemployment and a record budget deficit. While 72% of Americans say Obama inherited the failing economy from his predecessors, they still demand action. Where are we going to get the money to get rid of it? Obama has responded with new plans to fix the financial industry and prevent a future global economic crisis. We have crafted reforms that grapple with this crisis and make changes so this doesn't happen again.

To spin point the structural

weaknesses athat allowed for this

crisis and to make sure the problems

are dealt with to prevent crisis in are dealt with to prevent crisis in

the future amch. We are going to

bring everyone together to take a

broader view and a longer view and

to solve problems and over site before they can become crisis. But critics maintain it may be too little, too late. Polls say 60% of voters believe Obama is at least focused on all the issues facing America. But those issues are numerous. Health care. Same-sex relationships. Guantanamo Bay. But most importantly, the realisation that in politics, hope and idealism aren't always enough.

We have this bill with no estimate

as to how much it is supposed to

cost. Major secks are i missing,

costs can't be analysed,

implications of it

implications of it haven't been implications of it haven't been fully thought out. On the flip side, as a family, the Obamas' popularity continues to rise. Michelle Obama is the most popular First Lady in years. While daughters Sasha and Malia have become tween icons. The President certainly has no problem drawing a crowd wherever he goes. (CHEERING) But as for his policies? Only time will tell.

It remains to be seen whether a lot

of these initiatives are actually

going to work. The jury is out. Only

one thing to do when your popularity

is down, get a new dog. A little later on this morning, Facebook for dogs and cats - how your pet could be networking online. But right now, a way to remove those sticky messes from your hardwood floors. Karen has more. We have got James joining us and I love it when he is on this side of it the studio because he always brings us fabulous products. James, this one is particularly great because I am able to clean the floors in my high-heel shoes without getting dirty. You're getting me excited. It is the H2O Steam Mop, Karen. It really is fantastic.

It is a fabulous product. You have got some awesome demonstrations. But I believe, today, that you are giving the first 150 callers a special bonus. Sure are. Come over here and have a look at this. With your H2O Steam Mop you are going to receive one of the free carpet gliders. Karen. I want you to watch closely, your H20 Steam Mop Watch how you can use that quickly and that easily. to clean and refresh your carpets

to remove E.coli and bacteria. The steam is proven But look at the difference. and carpets can be expensive. That is a huge difference, Are you impressed so far? Absolutely. Have a look at this. Very impressed. This is why we sell so many. uses the power of steam The H2O Steam Mop and the microfibre mop dirt, mould, mildew, to remove scuff marks, hardwood floors, marble and tiles. all off your linoleum, That is unbelievable. Are you impressed? too hard floors. You can go from carpets on the carpet here. You have got some honey Normally this would be a nightmare. You have got the wet, stinky rag, or paper towel, which pushes it into the carpet. Watch closely.

Once again, using the power of steam and that microfibre mop, you can lift and remove sticky, drizzly messes from your carpet that quickly, that easily.

And look at how it cleans and refreshes them. That is so important, young children particularly if you've got on the floor. crawling around Absolutely. carpets, to your lino, to your tiles You could go straight from your and to back your carpet. You can go where other mops can't. a regular mop and bucket won't. You can do what I love it. A mop and bucket All at the press of a button. No effort, no harsh chemicals you don't even see, and you're cleaning things Oh, I love it. which I will show you again soon. to clean the floors If you would like using one hand, call 1800 808 938 and remove all of those scuff marks before they sell out. to secure one right now Only 30 seconds to heat up of continuous steam and it gives you 20 minutes using ordinary tap water. It is incredible. It really is incredible. Don't miss out. Call 1800 808 938 or order at Using ordinary tap water and no chemicals you can clean all floors and remove scuff marks and soap scum using just one hand - it is so light. Remember, with that free carpet glider your carpets and rugs. you can even clean and refresh I love it. Incredible. Your H2O Steam Mop will arrive washable microfibre mop pads with two super-absorbent, that scrub and lift that dirt away. revolutionary H2O glider Plus, you will get that to refresh and clean your carpets. steam clean your hardwood floors, Steam clean your tiles, linoleum, laminate, and your vinyl. Danoz 30-day, money-back guarantee. Remember, you get that for all your floors Imagine what the H2O Mop could do at the push of a button. I just love that. I really am impressed All of your floors surfaces, why it has been so popular. and I can see for viewers today? You also have another surprise We sure do.

The first 200 customers washable microfibre mop pads. will receive two free just 4 payments of only $49.95. You get to the whole system for

money-back guarantee as well. You have got that 30-day, or order at Call 1800 808 938 but I want you to see this. I know I am rushing, Come and have a look at this. OK. I want you to do look at this floor.

it could be your toilet floor. This could be your bathroom, Watch this. It does. It looks clean, doesn't it, Karen?

with my magic and watch closely. I am going to dim the studio lights cleans things You see, the H2O Steam Mop under normal light. you would not normally see But that blue light shows you

to the remove and clean floors how the H2O Steam Mop is proven and remove dirt, bacteria and around your bath. from around your toilet Are you impressed? Unbelievable. I can see it. I am lost for words almost.

floor surfaces as well All of the different makes it even better. But remember, you can give it a go money-back guarantee. with that 30-day, Absolutely. is call 1800 808 938 What you've got to do right now or order at James. Thank you so much for coming in, you get those extra free bonuses. Don't forget, of priority postage. You also have the option

those two free microfibre cloths. And remember to get

Again, James, thanks for coming in. Guys, back to you. You are welcome. Next hour - to cover up calls for topless sunbakers and stop distracting tradies. Broke and famous - money meltdowns. the biggest celebrity Plus, our dream interpreter reveals can't stop dreaming about ghosts. why one viewer But straight ahead -

in Parliament? should babies be allowed this morning. The row dominating Canberra live on the Seven Network. You're watching the Morning Show

(EXAGGERATED MOIST SNEEZE) you're doing? MAN: Oi, what do you think That's more like it.

Your dreams decoded. Coming up this hour -

our Morning Mystic has the answers. From nightmares to ghostly visions about her son's sex change. Plus Cher speaks out So does she approve? Find out shortly. And, credit crunch celebrities. isn't immune from the GFC. Why even Hollywood But first - in Parliament? should children be allowed is making headlines today Sarah Hanson-Young daughter into the Senate, after she took her 2-year-old when the bell was rung for a vote. children weren't allowed The Senate President told her

and a staff member came to collect the 2-year-old who then started crying. saying no such rule exists. Greens leader Bob Brown objected the debate about kids in Parliament. But nevertheless it's reignited So what do our Friday Jury think? from 'Home and Away' It's over to Lynne McGranger and Paul Murray from Triple M. Good morning. in Parliament? Lynne, should children be allowed

Simple answer: no. I don't believe

children should be allowed in the

work place, full stop. If it were

another job, a butcher's shop or a

fireman or something like that,

children would not be allowed in the

work place. So get a creche. I mean,

I can understand the kill yelling,

some randp has come and picked her

up and carted her away. up and carted her away. Random?

Senator Random. But no. Sorry, Bob.

I strangely agree. I know there is

going to be a lot of hate for it but

the reality is politicians, unlike

most people who work have an

incredible child care system 40

metres away from the chamber. They

have set up a child friendly

environment to set up environment to set up if any working

mum has to. The reality was, it is

one of those moments where I think

the greater shame is the great

carrying on that goes on after,

saying you are disrespectful to

people if you don't think, one of

the two places to decide the laws

for the rest of us should be full of

people making the laws for the rest

of us. Moving on - and not satisfied with social networking sites for humans, a Colombian engineer has launched a site for cats and dogs. He wants it to be like Facebook for your pets. Paul, what do you think dogs and cats would discuss on Facebook?

Well, they just poke each other.

Sore sniff. I have massive problems

like this. Friend like mine like

Jade are huge fanoffs dressing up

their pets. Where have got to say

it, I said it before, I will take a

run up and kick as hard as I can. Your dog wants to Your dog wants to sniff another dog,

not be dressed like a sale not be dressed like a sale sailor.

They don't want to be on fates book

rr or wear a tiara, they want to

sleep andimably eat later. I

sleep andimably eat later. I think

it is exciting your Kitty can

twitter from the Kitty litter. Dr

Seuss in the house. I agree with

Paul, it is stupid, a dog wants to chase cars

chase cars and a cat wants to be

left alone. Facebook is a waist for

humans. Blowed if I am going to get

on there for my gold fish. It is

stupid. A stupe, it proves again stupid. A stupe, it proves again

that humans are idiots. Correct.

True. Enough about parliament.

Present company accepted of course.

Present company accepted of course. I have seen your gold fish Facebook site and it

site and it is compelling, at best. Finally, an interesting story from the Northern Territory this morning. Topless backpackers are being blamed for distracting workers and slowing the building progress on a Darwin waterfront project.

Apparently, tradies are having trouble keeping their eyes on the job. Lynne, should the backpackers cover up?

Look... Yes, they should. Because they

they are going to enup with

melanomas, hello! But gosh! See the

guy closest to camera, with shorts

like that, he won't be able to make

a move on them anyway. Aren't you

asking for trouble? These people are

probably having a

probably having a bit of a whinge because they are being gawked at.

And you know, I mean, if you are

going to go skinny dipping or topless bathing and you topless bathing and you are going to

topless bathing and you are going to be worried if people with are going

be worried if people with are going to look at it, do it where someone

won't look. I think it is brilliant won't look. I think it is brilliant,

an innovation. I would like to see

laws passed. I think of Darwin

beachs and French Riviera. Smoko

never looked so good. It was a

private building construction site,

there are only three

there are only three workers not 12.

That is fine but don't whinge you

are going to be looked at sun bathe

nude next to a building site. And don't

nude next to a building site. And

don't whinge I I come and talk to you. don't whinge I I come and talk to

you. The blokes are not whingeing,

it is the bosses. It is the bosses

saying, hey my skalfeding is 20

metres to the park. Have you seen metres to the park. Have you metres to the park. Have you seen metres to the park. Have you seen

blokes working when women walk past,

dressed or not. From now on,

dressed or not. From now on,foreman

dressed or not. From now on,foreman andforewomen should be Swedish

backpackers. They could put a

building together with an Alan key,

everything would be fine. Lovely

rock chick look, awesome. Later this hour - why P!nk's made a dramatic change in her living arrangments on tour And what's got 'Twilight's Rob Pattinson

wishing he wasn't quite so popular with the ladies.

Paul, you know what that is like? It

is killing me. Swedish backpacker know him. First though - is it time for a home-loan health check? Here's Karen.

We know the importance of having a

regular health check and today,

Wayne Ormond is rear to explain Wayne Ormond is rear to explain why

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Back to the health Back to the health check, what Back to the health check, what else

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call the below. Rrb back to you.

Zuric Still to come - a security breach for P!nk at her Gold Coast hotel. And, the manscaping must haves no bloke should live without.

No bloke with a pink shirt like

No bloke with a pink shirt like this should be without. We can but merely

point you in the right direction.

Lead you. I know I need help. Lead

you to the trough. The trough!

Something like that. But after the break - Your dreams revealed. Our Morning Mystic is live in the studio, in just a moment.

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