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(generated from captions) Marguerite McKinnon reporting. of shocking council neglect. Now to a case to pay $10,000 for a street lamp A blind man has offered can safely walk him home from work. so his guide dog It follows two occasions and beaten on the way home. when John Hardie was mugged has flatly refused the offer. But the council to be able to cross a road. I want the right Blind, but willing and able, to get a job to support himself. John Hardie has overcome the odds on the community. I don't want to be a burden before the age of 5 Born blind, John had 37 operations

just to recover 1% of vision. is reconciling where you are I suppose the biggest challenge to where you want to be. working in debt recovery 18 months ago, he landed his ATO job the Melbourne office to Dandenong, and last year was transferred from closer to home. he has to get home in the dark. The only problem - isn't able to distinguish heights My seeing eye dog when there's no light. no street lights. So there's no lights around here, John tried to find ways around this. the main road in the dark meant But the new route to avoid crossing instead of a train, catching two buses adding 45 minutes to the trip home.

he had to put up with. And that wasn't all

you were mugged and beaten? So what happened here, John, and six people I was waiting for a bus one evening or alcohol who were either affected by drugs

They took my Walt and phone from me

and pushed me around to the ground

and gave me a quick couple of kicks in and gave me a quick couple of kicks and gave me a quick couple of

in the head. It wasn't the first

time? No, it was the second time. On

the first time, I had somebody who

held a sharp implement to my neck,

took my, again, my little clutch

I had which had my power and money took my, again, my little clutch bag

and wages in it. Five times, to resolve the problem, John met Dandenong City Council even providing the refreshments. I got less and less cooperation. Through each meeting I went to, of offering the council $10,000 John even went to the extreme towards installing a street light. that he put the offer in writing. They even asked

They accepted it and second that he

put the offer in writing. When they

found out he needed to take out a

loan to pay it it, they backed down. wrote to John Hardie saying: Mayor Pinar Yesil Fed up, for Disabilities Bill Shorten. he approached the Federal Minister

pointed out council gets funding He gave it a good hearing and to people with various disabilities. on the basis they provide access he sought out VicUrban - But with no proper action responsible for re-development. the State Government body it may happen, it may not. Their response -

They were unable to give a definite answer. I don't want a self gain I don't want it for me, of a person who gets robbed or hurt other than I never want to hear by walking in a safe street. are unemployed. Around 70% of vision-impaired people for a living John is actually working

he's giving back to the community and on top of that, for an intellectually disabled man. as a full-time career I wouldn't be able to cope. If it wasn't for John medication, he reads letters to me. He helps me with everyday magnifying letters With a special machine John can just make out the words. You may refer the matter. from work The only way John can now get home to guide him. is by employing carer Paul Flood most nights I help him get home from work he has to catch the bus. and when I can't an interview, The council has refused us they'd already given John Hardie. instead forwarding the response of their family I hope it's never a member and suffering of not knowing who is going through the pain

whether they'll get home that night. Lynda Kinkade reporting.