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Swine flu named the

world's first flu pandemic in

40 years. Korean tensions

rise ahead of a new UN

resolution on sanctions. Aid

groups say they are running

out of cash to helped

displaced Pakistanis and

Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the

most expensive footballer in

Slade with ABC News for history.Good morning. Charles

World Health Organisation has Australia Network - The

declared a swine flu pandemic

the first flu pandemic in 40

years. The alert level is new

at the maximum of 6 after a

sharp rise in infection

levels in Australia, the UK,

Japan and Chile but while the number of people with swine

World Health Organisation flu continues the rise the

only mild says the H1N1 virus causes

only mild illness in most

people. It is official, we

are in the middle of our

first flu pandemic in four

decades. The world is now at

the start of the 209

influenza pandemic. Despite the declaration the World

Health Organisation says it

will not recommend closing

borders or restricting

movement of people or goods and services.

and services. The virus is

spreading under a close and

careful watch. No previous

pandemic has been detected so

early. Reaching 6 on the World Health Organisation

scale does not mean the swine

flu virus has become more

deadly. But it will trigger

heightened health measures in

193 countries. Phase 6 does

not mean anything concerning

severity. It is concerning

geographic spread so we have

to differentiate then the

two. H1N1 is making its

presence felt throughout Asia

just weeks after the outbreak

bee Dan in Mexico. In Hong

Kong a number of students

returned positive tests and

with the source unknown the

Government has acted quickly. All primary schools, schools, kindergartens,

childcare centres and special

schools will suspend

classes. In Australia the

number of swine flu victims

has jumped to more than 120,

the fifth largest number

worldwide. Five people are in

intensive care though the

Government is playing down

those cases.. those who are hospitalised generally have

had other existing conditions

Philippines and complications. The

Philippines has confirmed new

cases, China too has been

warned to brace for a surge

in in fetions. World Health

Organisation would also

advice China to make sure

that the health care

facilities in the country are

well equipped. In all there

have been about 28,000

infections reported in 74

died. countries. 141 people have

died. The sharp rise in

swine flu infections in

Australia was instrumental in

the World Health

Organisation's decision to

declare the global out pick a

pandemic. Prime Minister

Kevin Rudd says health oh

fishal s will meet today but

he does not believe there is

any need to change Australia's response. demrrs

responsibility is the make Our national

sure among other things we

have a effective supply of

anti-virals, Tamiflu. Per

capita we have one of the

biggest supplies in the world

and the respond to individual state demands the make sure

that is being distributed

effectively if the national stockpile. In terms of prepar

yesterday necessary we are

okay but let's look at the

fact that Australia is a

highly mobile population and

a lot of Australians travel

internationally and as a

result we have got some result we have got some challenges to deal with. The

committee which deals with

this involving Commonwealth

and state officials will meet

again this morning to look at

Organisation's overnight the World Health

change in the global status.

We need to work through this

calmly, methodingly, step by

step. Australian Prime

Minister Kevin Rudd. North

Korea has imposed a massive

rent hike on South Korea over

the case on industrial park

on their

on their shared border.

Kaesong is supposed to be a

symbol of reconciliation for

both countries and is a

valuable source of income for

Pyonyang but in the wake of

yesterday's new draft resolution from the United Nations North Korea appears

to be upping the ante.

Kaesong industrial park was

intended have been of mutual

benefit to the two Koreas. It employs

employs 40,30 00 North

Koreans. But since the test

last month business relations

are strained. Now Pyonyang

has demanded a 3 30 00% rent

increase and wants a

four-fold rise in wages for

Knee employees of southern firms.

Those negotiating from

Seoul said they expected some

increases but nothing like.

This As we expected Hort

north want to increase the

rent fee for the sites

receive the fee earlier and

serve wages for its work.

The average worker at Kaesong

earns $7a month a earns $7a month a four-fold

pay rise would put them above

what Chinese workers receive

in China but Seoul rejects

suggestions Pyonyang is

trying to price its firms out

of Kaesong. TRANSLATION:

There is no sign North Korea

wants us out of there. You

might think we all have to

leave because we cannot

increase the ways that month

but at the meeting the north

repeatedly expressed its

desire to develop the

industrial complex. That may

be true but North Korea state

media says there noise reason

to give the south

preferential treatment since

its Government moved to

negate north-south joint

declarations. Meanwhile the

envoy Stephen Bosworth has

told a Washington committee

that they remain hopeful they

will return to six-party

talks despite an talks despite an escalating

nuclear showdown. He spoke as the United Nations Security

Council prepares to set on

tighter sanctions against

North Korea later today.

Two days after the suicide

bombing that destroyed a

Peshawar hotel there has been

another attack in the

Pakistan city. Gunmen wounded

north-west Frontier Province. Government minister from

He was shot in the chest and

rushed to surgery. Three

others died in the attack

near Peshawar an area where Taliban militants remain

active. Meantime in

south-west Quetta an

explosion has killed one

person and injured dozens

more from the train. A blast

struck the tin's third

carriage. The train continued onto

onto Quata where the injured

were rushed to hospital. Aid

agencies warn a lack of

funding could derail the

delivery of humanitarian aid

to more than 2 million Pakistanis displaced by

fighting in Swat Valley. Nine

charity Gus say they needed

42 million in donations toss

keep food and water flowing

into the area. One charity

says it will have to withdraw

from Pakistan unless more

money arrives in a month.

Nine of the world's biggest

charity groups are faced with

the tax of attempting the

ehouse 2.5 million Pakistanis

after fighting in the Swat

Valley but the help could be

fleeting. Age depups say a

huge funding shortage

threatens the tee ail their

effort and if big countries

do not dig into their pockets soon those stranded will

remain that way for a long

time. South of the Swat

Valley the pain of the latest

mill didn't attack is still

raw. The bombing of

Peshawar's lone luxury hotel

killed 18 people on Tuesday.

The locals say it represents

an upsurge in violence not

seen in the area for decades. TRANSLATION: Forget

about the money, look at the

lot of loss of lives. Not as

many died in the 61 and 75

wars as killed by these

suicide attacks. The Pakistan

Army says its offensive

against the Taliban in the

Swat Valley is in its closing

stages. It is feared that if

the militants are driven out

retaliation attacks similar

to this may continue. A

Pakistan students detained in

Britain during an anti-terror

crack down has returned home.

He was among group of men

arrested after Britain's top

counter-terrorism officer inadvertently revealed de

tills of an operation. The

man alleges he was treated badly by the British

authorities while he was in

jail. Touching down in

Islambad this man says he is

wrongly accused of being a terrorist. TRANSLATION: I

have spent about 62 days in

one of Europe's most nor

torus gaols. We were kept

there but had committed no

crime or any sin. Along with

11 other Pakistan students

the man was arrested when

Britain's top

counter-terrorism officer inadvertently exposed details

of an anti-terror operation. His lawyer says British

authorities have treated him

badly. He was not allowed the

communicate with his family.

He was not given bail. None

of the 12 students detained

in the raid have been charged. This is being viewed

as a serious embarrassment

for British authorities.

Britain says it want to

deport all of the men. Some

of the other students want

the stay in the UK to finish

their studies. The incident

has put a severe strain on

Britain's relations with Pakistan. TRANSLATION: Unfortunately what has happen

would the Pakistan students

in Britain, not only are Pakistan communities sad about this incident but foreign students are sad and

they are angry because this

should not have happened. The

case has also sparked outrage

among British Muslims who

have held vigils and protests

against the arrests. China

has demanded that the US

extradite 17 must rim

detainees held at Guantanamo

Bay. Instead of handing them

over to the Pacific state of

Paul. The men were among a

group of 22 Chinese captured

during the US invasion of Afghanistan. Though were

later cleared for release

after the pent done

determined they were not

enemy combatants but they

stayed on at Guantanamo Bay

saying they feared being tortured tortured if they were sent

back to China. You are

watching ABC News for

Australia Network. Coming up

in the bulletin, China

announces new internet restriction thanks will

affect every computer sold in

the country. Cristiano

Ronaldo joins Real Madrid as

the most expensive footballer

in history.

Iranians go to the polls

later today the elect at new

president and it appears the hardline President Mahmoud

Ahmadinejad is in for a

fight. He faces a credible

challenge from reformers who

have been embraced by many

young voters. The prospect of

change has led some the defy

strict rules governing what

they can say and do. Middle East correspondent Ben Knight

reports from Tehran. Music and dancing are still

officially illegal in Iran as

these young men are quickly reminded. As this campaign

has gained momentum young

people push the country's

strict laws on dress and

behaviour the limit and

saying things that would

normally land them in

jail. TRANSLATION: I was

loving George Bush because I

hoped he with attack Tehran

and help us get rid of this

regime. More than two-thirds

of Iran's population is under

30. They are too young to

remember the Islamic

revolution. And their desire

for change has exploded

during this campaign. Every

day thousands of them are on

the streets wearing green,

the symbol of the reformist

candidate Mir Hossein

Mousavi. I love you Mir

Hossein Mousavi. I love Iran.

I love victory. The

authorities are giving them a

long leash, for now. The

borrow a phrase there is

something happening here and

what of the is is not exactly

clear but this has been going

on for a week, all this

excitement and enthusiasm so the question now becomes what

happens if the election does

not go the way these people

want to it? Can all this

desire for change simply be

put back in the bottle?

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad still has enormous support.

TRANSLATION: These Mir Hossein Mousavi supporters

are just useless rich kids.

They cannot under he is the

best president in Iran's

history. As the polling day

draws closer Mir Hossein Mousavi supporters warn of chaos if there is any sign

this election has been rigged but authorities have also

warned they are ready the

deal with any post-election

violence. China has defended

its decision to install

internet filtering software

on all computers sold from

next month. Beijing insists

the move will protect the

user from harmful content but

critics disagree accusing the

Government of censorship and

restricting human rights.

China's new internet

filtering software program

Green Dam is advertised as a

guardian that watches over

China's little angels as they

embark on the World Wide Web.

The program is to accompany

all computers from July and

claims to filter out all

pornography and violent

material but critics say it

has other motives. It has

been happening at the network

level t internet serve

provider left and the web

service provider level so

when you trying to blog or

something, sometimes you get

censored but what this does

is take to it the PC level

and very directly effect its individual and what the

individual can do on their

computer, thou they interface

with the internet. Users who

have tried the program say as

well as blocking violence and

pornography it also prevents

access to a wide range of

topics from discussions ever

homosexuality to I'm averages

of comic book characters such

as Garfield the cat. The

growing outcry and fear of privacy breaches have

prompted this unprecedented

reassurance from the Chinese

Government. TRANSLATION: The

working principle for this

software cannot only filter

and screen the content of the

connection and the software.

The software cannot be used

to monitor the user or

collect data from the

user. For manufacturer IBM

the roll-out is big

business. There is never a bad time to be able to

support the Chinese Government t Chinese local

industry or the worldwide

equivalent. Does IBM have any

stand on this sort of

software? No, we have no comment. The company seems to be the only one without one.

Investigators have begun the

grisly task of identifying victims of the Air France

crash off the coast of Brazil

last week. The bodies of 16

Victoria trims from Flight

447 have arrived in the

Brazilian city of Recifa

where they hope they can be

identified. 40 bodies have been recovered and

authorities say the authorities say the search

will continue. Meanwhile a

French nuclear submarine is

continuing its search for the plane's black box flight

recorders. A national snap

shop Australia's illegal

drugs market shows this has

been an explosion in the use

of cocaine. New figure frost

the Crime Commission reveal

seizures of the drug are the

highest on record and the

market may be expanding. This

is the frontline in the fight

against illegal drugs. Last

year most of the illicit drugs coming in the Australia

came true the mail so law

enforcement effort are being

focused on mail centres like

this one in Western Sydney A

common drug being detected is

cocaine. Seizures are up more

than 7 30%. In fact last

year's cocaine haul was the

highest on record. Over all

the figure are alarming.

Nearly 8.5 tons illicit drugs

were seized last year, that

is more than 5000 kilos of

cannabis, 2000 of

amphetamines, 665 kilos of

cocaine and almost 70 kilos

of heroin. Almost 80,000

Australians were arrested for

drug offences over 12

months. We should always be

aware of the real threat and

danger and significant harm

that illicit drugs have on

the Australian community.

Cocaine seems to be the drug

of choice for a growing

number of Australians. Most

of it was sent by sea. There

is no quality control any

more with these drugs and

that is hat really is an

upsetting feature. The people

that produce this do not care

what is in the material. Law

enforcement authorities are

increasingly worried about amphetamines and they pointed

the finger at Outlaw bikie

gangs. We have very strong

intelligence and ire

refutable data that these

groups are involved upwards

of 50 % their revenue are

derived from the illicit drug market. The Crime Commission

will not guess how many drug are getting through undetected. The commission

does say though the market is

large and well entrenched.

The father of Australian

tennis star Jelena Dokic has

been jailed for 15 months for

threatening to blow-up the

Australian Embassy in the

Serbian capital Belgrade.

Damir Dokic's lawyer says he

has been sentenced for

threatening to kill

threatening to kill the Australian Ambassador and for

storing illegal weapons. His

threats were reportedly

smashed by a magazine

interview in which Jelena

Dokic claimed she had left

her family because of her

father's abusive

behaviour. Thousands of Sikhs

have been celebrating the

ordination of one ire of of

tyre 10 gurus. Sikhism's

sixth guru is credited with

founding some of the

religion's best-known

traditions. The golden them

tell is the most holy place

for the world's 20 million

Sikhs and this year several

thousands pilgrims converged

on the city of Amritsar the

commemorate the offered

nation in 1606 of Guru

Hargobind. This man says people have travelled to

Amritsar from across India.

Pilgrims bated in the sacred

lake surrounding the temple.

They offered prayers to Guru

Hargobind who is credited

with starting military

tradition by wearing a sword and rebelling against the

rule of the Emperors at the

time. TRANSLATION: He told

Sikhs instead of gifts people

should offer horses, and

weapons to fight. The guru

built a religious seat of

power at Amritsar cementing

the city's importance to

Sikhs worldwide. You are

watching ABC News for

Australia Network. Recapping

our top story - calls for

calm as the World Health Organisation declare a swine

flu pandemic the first global influenza pandemic in 40

years. To finance now - the

World Bank says the global

economy will shrink by close

to 3% this year the latest

forecast representing a

significant increase from an

earlier estimate of 1.75%. The World Bank president says

the global recovery from the

rescission is now moving more

slowly. To the business

figures now - in the US the

Dow and Nasdaq both closed

the day higher despite fewer

stocks changing hands on a

daily basis compare would

last year. In London the FTSE

ended slightly up. Around the

region - Die spite official

figures showing rising unemployment Australia's

ASX20 ended Thursday higher

thanks to strong shoppings by

wings by resource stocks.

Manchester United's

Cristiano Ronaldo has become

the most expensive footballer

in history. He has been sold

the club's European rival

Real Madrid for $130 million

US. Manchester United's manager Sir Alex Ferguson who

once said he would not sell a

virus to the Spanish club now

has to decide what is best to

do with all the money. 56

minutes played! Cristiano

Ronaldo's achieve RMT the

sort of stuff footballing

dreams are made of.

Cristiano Ronaldo scores! In

six seasons for Manchester

United he has scored 118

goals. In January he as voted

World Player of the Year.

Brilliant finish. Today sold

for ?80 million. If you want

him you need the pay that

money. Manchester United are

the most successful club in

the Premier League but there

is cold, hard pragmatism. The

controversial take over by

the Florida Lakers put on

debts ever ?30 million and

that requires servicing so

when a deal like this comes

along with a player willing

to go and Sir Alex Ferguson

agreeing there is no room for

sent: Real owned by members are a very different

proposition The structure

allows them to be more os

stone dayious in terms of

their expenditure. This deal

shows the recession has

fractured the football world.

While clubs like Manchester

United and Real continue to

thrive many others are

struggling the survive but

modern football cherishes celebrities and Cristiano

Ronaldo is very special even

attracting interest in Los

Angeles. His pretty boy look

are combine would a stunning

physique which adapt to a

showbiz lifestyle. All of

which make him attractive.

His driving skills do not

match his footballing ones

and he can be mischievously

cruel as demonstrated in the

World Cup when he got his Manchester United team-mate

Wayne Rooney sent off. He has

always felt he belonged in

Spain and as is often the

case in food ball he may come

back the haunt Manchester

United. The first two super-8

games have been played at the

Twenty20 World Cup. Surprise

qualifier Ireland was soundly

beaten by New Zealand in the

first game the Kiwis smacked

198 and bowled the Irish out

for 115. At Trent Bridge

England set South Africa a

miss yab l target of 111, the

Proteas cruised to victory.

You are watching ABC News

for Australia Network. Before

we go let's take another look

at the headlines. The World

Health Organisation urges

calm as it oh freshly declare

swine flu a global pandemic.

North Korea ups the ante ahead of the United Nations

Security Council's vote on a

new draft resolution. Real

Madrid shelves out a recorded

130 million to buy Portugal's

Cristiano Ronaldo. That is

all for this bulletin. For more information on news and

current affairs from the

region visit our web site.

I'm Charles Slade, thank you

for watching and goodbye for


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