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(generated from captions) Now, to keeping up appearances private. and trying to keep a public life Kevin Rudd has been photographed The wife of Prime Minister working out at a gym. have again raised the question But the shots of Therese Rein for those in the public eye? what are the privacy boundaries Here's Damien Hansen. the Prime Minister They're the pictures that have and the nation, talking - not-so-personal training session. photos of his wife's that's raised the issue And it's this issue

spouse should expect out in public. of what privacy the Prime Minister's throughout the gym I think most Australian women would expect a bit of privacy their exercise routine. when they are doing No-one was saying much Brisbane training studio today. at Therese Rein's the privacy of all our clients, Once again, we respect not just one, so let's keep it at that. on her weight loss secret No word either mother-of-3 shed 25kg that's seen the multimillion-dollar

since her husband was elected. any of our clients. We don't go talking about Let's respect their privacy. any different to anyone else? Sure, should she be treated

That's my statement. Let's leave it at that. Nice meeting you. You too. Good on you. Thanks. was more forthcoming. The Prime Minister

to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Well, she is in training Mount Kilimanjaro She is going to climb

before too much longer. with my son, Nicholas, and she is hard at it. She's been slogging away in Australia would feel But look, most women some privacy that they should have when they go to the gym. Peter Carette. Not so says veteran photographer Certainly not. Certainly not. of the Prime Minister's wife. They should publish pictures won't be the last politician's wife He says she's not the first and to be snapped. into an Obama. We should try and make her a Carla Bruni. We should make her into a Prime Minster's wife We should have represents good, that looks good, speaks good, and exercises, yeah, we should. does a lot of charity work and Diana would court the press Diana used to call the press to her own advantage. and use the press has called the press I don't think Mrs Rudd either. but I don't think she can complain are as invasive I think those photographs as Princess Diana at the gym you shouldn't be there. because if you are not invited, It is as simple as that. some boundaries and some rules. The media has to know Ita Buttrose understands kept private in public life, there's not a lot that can be should be one of them. but a gym session The world's gone a bit celebrity mad have got caught up in that. and Prime Minister's wives is a very successful businesswoman Therese Rein about her business skills and I'd like people to ask her and less personal intrusion. than I do at the gym, actually. She probably looks a lot better than I do at the gym. She looks a lot better clean, new clothes. At least she is wearing are all about five years old. My gym outfits I thin she looks great. I think she looks fabulous there,

a lot, She is going to be in the public eye to be scrutinised and she would probably expect a lot more than she was before. without the paparazzi? Should she be able to work out

Hell yes. So you think this is a bit unfair? She is just a normal woman. is the Prime Minister? Who cares if her husband