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Good morning, welco... Good morning, welco... new Sunday morning rapper. Yes, Barrie Cassidy, the ABC's

Welcome to Me... Welcome to Me... I'm Jonathan Holmes. Welcome to Media Watch,

half-welcomes from Barrie Insiders viewers got 29 of his live program. and missed half a minute poor Malcolm Turnbull And later in the show, was left speechless in Sydney. and came out of it with a con? So you went into that party room (MALCOLM TURNBULL WITHOUT AUDIO) The technical term is 'goldfishing' for nearly two minutes. and it went on the result of human error ABC News tells us both faults were in master control and nothing to do Ignite Computer System. with the dreaded out to be an error too. This by-line turns Herald wasn't by Jordyn Rados. Because that story in the Bunbury

words, The entire story, bar about a dozen release reproduced online was taken directly from a press by CathNews 10 days earlier. the first time for Ms Rados. It's by no means

from last September. Here's a story with her by-line It was mostly lifted from a: issued by the: of media releases We know of six other examples by-line since then. recycled under Jordyn Rados's of legitimate stories too. But Ms Rados writes plenty She works for two weekly papers, the South Western Times. the Bunbury Herald and around seven stories a week. In the last month she's written expected to file too much Seems like she's being with too little oversight. or the paper doesn't care. Either that, editor and the editor-in-chief We asked the Bunbury Herald's of West Australian newspapers, with regard to media releases. about company policy from either of them. We got no response isn't alone. Mind you, the Bunbury Herald Mail is at it too. Also in WA, the Busselton-Dunsborough front page story... Compare Rob Bennett's ..with this. they're almost identical. Apart from two paragraphs, New South Wales, The Northern Star in Lismore, has gone a step further. a long story on page seven. Last Monday's paper carried reprint of this: It was pretty much a straight

And Mike Hely did write it Northern Star journalist, because he's not a but Country Energy's Press Officer. gave credit where it was due. Well, at least the paper that the paper's policy The Northern Star tells Media Watch

but that... is not to recycle press releases,

of the problem. And that's a large part

vital service around the nation. Regional papers provide a

journalistic staff. But they're steadily cutting their army keeps growing. Meanwhile, the media relations but inevitable result. Churnalism like this is the all Adelaide Advertiser has no excuse But a major city paper like the

for publishing sheer silliness. released after her escapade When Aussie Mum, Annice Smoel, was the Advertiser came up with this. with a beer mat in Thailand, That's what it says, 'ignorant to'. warned of some of the weirder laws And in a handy box feature, we're innocent aussie travellers. that lie in wait for What? They chop your head off? about this heinous punishment. We asked the Indonesian Embassy It obligingly responded...

That's a relief. in Thailand too, where it claims... But the Tiser warns us to be careful to make sure it was clean as well. Our mums always told us

assures Media Watch... But the Royal Thai Embassy the Tiser's article... The Embassy reckons

Well, yes. bottom of the internet garbage-bin, Or more likely, scrapings from the bothered to check. which nobody at the Tiser Brisbane Meanwhile, the Courier-Mail in investigative journalism, has been doing some real

the public interest. fearlessly pursuing

A legitimate issue in itself.

come up with 'proof' But the Courier-Mail claimed to have Labor's Jan Jarratt, that one MP in particular, uses her member's allowance the member for Whitsunday, for private purposes. How?

And so on. Steve Wardill... Jan Jarratt, wrote political editor

But not before she'd told him... Which is perfectly true. editorialised the same day... As the Courier-Mail

sounds like one to me. It's not? Well, it certainly Jarratt's allowance all week. The paper's been banging on about Ms one crucial question: But it's never asked her statements it had 'acquired' Was the bank account whose from her member's allowance? funded solely We did. And she told us...

account So the fact that money from that was used for private purposes

her members allowance. proves nothing about how she spends in fact she spends all of it Jan Jarratt has told ABC Radio that electorate expenses. on tax-deductible

hold of the private bank statements But how did the Courier-Mail get of a Member of Parliament, anyway? declined to tell us. Naturally, the Courier-Mail's editor What questions? Courier-Mail revealed Well, last Wednesday the that as well as her bank statements, by Jan Jarratt it had a copy of a statement made 'electorate account' about her so-called to the Queensland police... come from? Where did that police statement come from the same source? And could the bank statements have

we put to the Courier-Mail. Those were the unanswered questions So here's another: the details How legitimate is it to disclose however it was acquired, of a private bank account, which its owner claims didn't occur to allege behaviour

rules, even if it did? and would have broken no The Courier-Mail's Editor says...

Jan Jarratt spent her allowance. Well, Mr Fagan, you didn't prove how Call me an apologist if you like, grubby journalism. but I'd call what your paper did was pretty grubby too... A lot of people thought this ad It was pretty quick I must admit.

you off with a warning, Yeah well this time I'm gonna let if you agree to talk to the doctors at AMI about your premature ejaculation problems. They could really help you... AMI - the Advanced Medical Institute. It claims to be able to sort out blokes' problems in bed with a miraculous nasal spray. But last week that ad, featuring a country practice star, Brian Wenzel, was taken off air because the Advertising Standards Board found that it was demeaning.

The row over the ad had already reminded A Current Affair and the rest of us, of AMI's previous problems. It's not the first time AMI's controversial advertising campaigns have caused a stir. Former TV host Ian Turpie was marched to court after taking part in a deceitful ad claiming he'd suffered sexual problems. And the weekend before last, the Sydney Morning Herald

and the Sun Herald ran a long investigation into AMI's founder, Jack Vaisman, and the lack of proof that any of his treatments actually work. As the Herald editorialised...

So, AMI's in more than the usual strife. But not with Kyle and Jackie O on Sydney's 2Day FM last Wednesday morning. First, their brekkie show featured a tasteful ad for AMI...

And seven minutes later, up popped Jeremy Jackson. You know Jeremy Jackson. Played Hobie on Baywatch? Well anyway, Kyle and Jackie O knew all about Jeremy Jackson. And the problem he wanted to talk about...

She certainly had. And Jeremy was given six minutes to spruik for AMI's miracle cures, without a curly question in sight.

Amazing. Kyle had the number right there at his fingertips. Almost makes you wonder if someone was paying 2Day FM to have Jeremy on. And read out the number. But that couldn't be so, because it's a requirement

under the Broadcasting Act that...

And indeed 2Day FM's owners, Austereo, tell us that the interview... Maybe I came to a premature conclusion. Perhaps I need some nasal spray. That's it for this week. Join me again next Monday. Closed Captions by CSI

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Good evening. Air France

officials say they have grave

concerns for a plane that's

gone missing off the coast of

Brazil. The Airbus A-330 had

228 people on board. Air

traffic controllers in Rio De

Janiero lost contact with the

plane not long after it took

off. It was due to arrive in Paris two hours ago. More than

400 Australians have now tested

positive to swine flu. In the

past 24 hours almost 100

Victorians have been diagnosed,

pushing that State's tally to

more than 300. 12 schools there have been closed as a

result. Health authorities are

now preparing to raise the

alert level, saying they're not

sure how the virus will

mutilate as it spreads. The

police who broke up an

anti-racial violence rally in

Melbourne have been backed by

the protest's organisers.

Officers moved in late last

night to disperse the crowd

that had gathered near Flinders

Street Station. The Federation

of Indian Students says the

protest was hijacked by people

with their own agenda. And,

the NSW Government says it

plans to continue logging in

Australia's largest red gum

forest. Conservationists

believe the logging threatens

protected wetlands and the rare

special parrot.More news in

'Lateline' at 10:30.

Thanks for coming. Hey, no problem. Why am I here? In less than a week, America will launch surgical air strikes at Iran's nuclear facilities. Unless the United Nations can talk them out of it. It's likely Iran will respond with a tactical nuclear strike. This is already coming down the wire from Washington correspondents. So, thanks, but I don't need a deep throat to tell me this. Adam, why am I here? The sequence of events that led to this point began with a train bomb in Tehran. Everybody there's a bomb, get under your desks. That bomb was detonated by MI5. I personally couriered it to Tehran. An officer named Zafar Younis planted the bomb. It turns out we were acting on intelligence fabricated by the Americans who wished to expose Iran's biological weapons programme to the world and thus precipitate a hot war, the war that we don't seem to be able to stop. I'll give you the whole story.

I've stashed documented proof. It's on a memory stick. No 45 minute claims. No spin. No government intervention. Hard proof. You're going to give me a story that could topple the Government? And see the Home Secretary indicted for war crimes. It could end the Special Relationship for ever and bring about such international condemnation that America will be forced to rethink its air strikes. It's also the biggest story you'll ever break.

If you give me this, I've got no choice but to run with it. Then you'd be hanging yourself. So I need to know why. I've had enough. It's also time America was brought to account for the mess it's created. Those don't sound like the words of a spy. I don't think I'm a spy any more. Listen, I need time to sort everything out. My resignation among them. Give me 48 hours. Meanwhile, say nothing, please. Let's put an end to it, it once and for all.'