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(generated from captions) do appreciate it. outcome. Thank you for your time. We

are getting poorer, The nation's rich 'Business Review Weekly's Rich List. according to

of our top 200 moneymakers The combined wealth has dropped by $25 billion. this year Anthony Pratt is our new number one a $4.3 billion fortune. after recently inheriting is runner-up Frank Lowy from the Westfield Group with just over $4 billion. is back on the list. Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull is reportedly worth $178 million. He comes in at number 182 and That last figure got us thinking - does money matter? when it comes to politics, mountain of money Does Malcolm Turnbull's with everyday people? put him out of touch

Or are we getting the bright people

in politics and celebrate it? of Radio 2UE Joining me now is Steve Price Bob Katter. and Federal Independent MP Good morning to you both. Steve, let's start with you. affect his role as a politician? Does Malcolm's fortune

You are the money expert in this

little discussion - Hang on, Steve.

We got a problem with your

microphone there. We will try to

rectify that. Bob, we will talk to

you then. What do you think about

rich politicians? The argument that

says because they are rich they will

be able to run Australia well, you

don't know your history very well.

Bruce was our richest Prime Minister

and he was easily our worst Prime

Minister. He tricked us straight

into the Great Depression. Steve,

back to you, I think we got your

microphone sorted out now. Does it

mean that Malcolm Turnbull's out of

touch? No, we still have a problem

here. It should have been checked.

Anyhow, Bob Katter, today's

politicians, we always talk about if

we pay peanuts, we end up getting

monkeys. Here's a bloke who has been

very successful, he seems to have

the perfect ce Deb shals for a

politicians. I mean I like Malcolm

personally. He is intelligent and a

bit more than a moneymaker. I

pointed out to Malcolm only this

week that he has to have say policy

of getting more in touch with the

ordinary people. Remember that out

of a very close background and Kevin

Rudd from a very rich background,

very similar personalities in that

respect. If that is your criteria,

Bruce was our worst Prime Minister

and Theodore was a miner and was

easily the cleverest man we - man we

sent to Parliament. If the criteria

how are the rich going to perform in

Parliament, then you to have - you

have to say very bad indeed. Turb

Parliament into a casino capitalism.

If you turb it into a Monopoly game,

those sort of policies have been

deadly for us. We lost a third of

our agriculture. With great trep id

daigs I will go to Steve Price, are

you there? Does it automatically

discount Malcolm turb bull? Does it

automatically mean he is out of

tough because he is successful. No,

I heard Bob's history lesson there

and he thinks you have to wear a big

hat and come from the Booneys.

Malcolm Turnbull has increased his

well package in the last month. One

of those on the BRW rich list

increased his wealth. David, you

know more about money than anyone.

Don't you think someone like that

would be worthy of leading the

country? And the Prime Minister with

his wife Therese Rein valued it at $ his wife Therese Rein valued it at

$50 million so we have two leaders

that come from business background.

Does that mean we could be going the

America way that only rich blokes

get into politics and the only ones

who can afford to? Bob is a great

example of this, we have a great

mixture of all sorts of people. He

does a great credit for his seat.

Just because someone is rich, don't

rule them out and say they can't

rule the country. Malcolm Turnbull

gets on a bus and rides into the sit

any in Sydney. When was the last

time he took a bus? I wouldn't know

where to catch one. With all due

respect, the point is not going to

the guts of the issue. I made a lot

of money being a cattle producer. It

is infinitely more complicated to

build wealth for the country. It is is infinitely more complicated to

easier to be a gambler. I am not

sure Malcolm was a gambler. Let me

finish, let me finish. You play

Monopoly with the Government and

then you play it - I know well about

buying and selling. Bob, listen to

me - We would prefer to be looking

at people - Hey. Malcolm Turnbull

was the first who got the inert net

providers. He was the first

investor. Thank you for that. I am

not knocking malcoal. He has a lot

of good points. He will be pleased

with that. Isn't it funny, it is

only starting to become an issue

here in Australia. In America all

the politicians are rich and

everyone knows it. Here they "

poor. everyone knows it. Here they "I am

everyone knows it. Here they "I am

poor." And then "

poor." And then "No, I am poorer than you.

than you." Now that we have someone

wealthy, what do you think? Is it a

good thing or a bad thing? Instead

of putting it on Therese Rein is

wealthy too, shouldn't his pitch be

I worked hard, I know how to run

companies. And I am not doing the

job for the money. And I am

different. I bring a different set

of skills to the table. That is what

Parliament is about, we want

different skills at the table. As

long as it doesn't swing too far the

other way that only rich dudes get

into politics because no one wants

to or affords to or to or affords to or buy their way in. over his stimulus handout. Kevin Rudd's copping more flack was given to 16,000 dead people. It turns out the $900 tax bonus also received the handout. 27,000 Aussies living overseas It wasted $40 million.

Janelle says, have a heart. My

husband died suddenly and I got husband died suddenly and I got his $ husband died suddenly and I got his

$900 because he paid his taxes. This

was some help to me and my children.

It goes to their estate? Their

estate And the expats issue. I agree

with Nat. People overseas shouldn't

receive the stimulus package.

can we improve the economy if they receive the stimulus package. How

are over there. This is an expat in

Thailand. I am spending it on my

honeymoon. He is doing the right

thing because he is back here

spending it. That is an exception.

Having been overseas for two years,

I wouldn't want the money. That is

probably not the norm, which is