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equal justice under the law.

The US President Barack Obama

speaking there. Rowdy sceensz

in Federal parliament are under

usual but yesterday's Question

Time proved to be particularly

fiery. Opposition frontbenchers

incurred the wrath of the

Speaker of the House after

the Prime Minister was repeatedly interjecting while

speaking. Let take a look at

how the events unfolded. Prime

Minister will resume his seat!

The Prime Minister has a whole

stack of these hard hat

photographs he wants to show

the House! Prime Minister

resume his seat. (All

shout) The member for Sturt

will resume his seat. The

member for Sturt will resume

his seat. Prime Minister has

the floor. Oh, Mr Speaker, how

sensitive they are about

infrastructure construction. As

you saw there, the manager of

Opposition business Christopher

Frank Bainimarama ended up

being suspended from -

Christopher Pyne ended up being

suspended from the chamber for

24 hours by the speaker. He

joins us now. Is that a good

example to set? A bad example

to set is for the Prime

Minister of Australia to behave

in such a juvenile

undergraduate fashion by provocatively waving photographs around in Question

Time outside the standing

orders. Joe, can you imagine

Paul ketoling or John Howard

stooping to that level that the

Prime Minister stooped to early

in Question Time yesterday? It

really was pathetic,

embarrassing and juvenile for

the leader of such an important

country in the world to stoop

to that level. What's the

problem with showing a

photograph in parliament?

Besides the fact that it's

outside the standing orders, it

is incredibly provocative. The

second thing the Prime Minister was doing yesterday was asking the Opposition questions when

he knows that we are not

allowed to answer them under

the standing orders. It's like

a schoolyard bully punching a

guy who's tied to a chair. It's

really tough stuff. You were

the one who got thrown out. You must have been breaking the

rules and not the Prime

Minister. I got thrown out

because the Speaker it from the

Government, because the

Government has the numbers and

because the Opposition has very

few opportunities to display

its disappointment and to

display its anger at being

treated with contempt by the

Prime Minister and the

House. Weren't you simply

frustrated at the Prime

Minister making what seems to

be a reasonable point and

that's Opposition MPs turning

up at infrastructure project

that they've voted against?

No, Joe, I'm embarrass ed the

Prime Minister of Australia

would be so juvenile, so

undergraduate, so pathetic, so

provocative to be waving

photographs of digging machines

around in Question Time in the

nation's parliament. It's time

the Prime Minister started

behaving like a Prime Minister

and not the local mayor of coot

mnd ru. It was only last year

that the Opposition pulled up a

cardboard cut-out of the Prime

Minister. The cardboard

cut-out of it Prime Minister

was in November 2007 or early

2000 scathe 8. Wherever it

was, wasn't it more juveful

than showing a few photograph

s? The Prime Minister has all the power of the house and the

Government has the numbers. The

Opposition has very few

opportunities to make their

point. That point was about how

the Prime Minister expected the

parliament to sit on Friday but

he wasn't prepared to show up

himself. It's OK to use a

cardboard cut-out but not

photos? Ium were not interested

in the cardboard cut-out. I

wasn't manager of the Opposition business at the time

but I am now. If I have to make

my point by standing up to the

House, by standing up to the

Prime Minister and being

suspend ed I have no problems

with that. And you have no

problem with Opposition MPs

turning up at these infrastructure projects they've

voted against? The alternative

is that all the money from the infrastructure projects gets

spent in Labor seats. Is that

what the Government is suggesting, that the money

should only be spent in the

80-odd Government seats? Just

don't turn up at these announcements pretending that

you did support them. No-one's

pretending that we voted in

favour of the $42 billion

stimulus package but many of these infrastructure projects

were committed to by the Howard

Government many years ago and

when the Labor Party won the

election they actually suspended a number of needs

projects and the overall

commitment to infrastructure

spending by this Government is

less than that that was

committed to by the Howard

Government so let's not get

caught up in this pathetic,

ridiculous, embarrassing and

undergraduate attempt to say

that Coalition MPs shouldn't be

representing their electorates.

The fact are quite different

and it's time the Government

started focussing on the debt

and deficit they are saddling

future generations with rather

than the athetic, juvenile

the Prime Minister of behaviour in Question Time by

Australia. You can be sure

we'll keep a close eye on it.