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(generated from captions) You are welcome. We tried to speak

in transit. to her to get her reasons but she is

has called the PM's bluff Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull to go to early election. In his Budget Reply speech, he would block proposed cuts Mr Turnbull announced Private Health Insurance Rebate. to the the tax on cigarettes. Instead, he suggested raising

for a weak Prime Minister - So there's a tough choice by making health more expensive raise $1.9 billion on the public hospital system and putting more pressure to the price of a cigarette or by adding about three cents more the public health system. and taking pressure off the Government's level of debt Mr Turnbull also attacked an acceptable deficit. but he wouldn't say what would be

soon? Are we headed to the ballot box our Big Guns of Politics Let's bring in Anthony Albanese leader of Government Business and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey. Good morning to you both. Anthony, to start with, tax on cigarettes to save money? would you consider raising the A bit

A bit of email support coming in

from viewers, is that something you

would consider? We will look at it

as part of the review in looking at

these issues. I got to say, Mel, it

is interesting that the Opposition

has conceded that a tax measure

could have an impact could have an impact on

could have an impact on health. If

the Opposition is fair dinkum, they

will vote on the alcopops measure.

Did you consider increasing the tax

on cigarettes for this

on cigarettes for this budget? Was

that on the table? I am not the

Treasurer. You You are part of the

party. What we considered for this

budget was our positive plan, our

plan to reject the recession, if you budget was our positive plan, our

like. Was a cigarette tax considered plan to reject the recession, if you

part of the budget and then

rejected? I answered. I don't know.

I am not on the budget committee. In

seems terms of the alcopop measure it

terms of the alcopop measure it

seems to me a similar argument which

is a is a legitimate argument that tax

can have an impact on behaviour and

health. It sounds like you will

consider cigarettes. We wonder if

they are fair dinkum. We still don't

know if the thought bubble from last

year from Dr Nelson about petrol

excise is policy. We don't know if

Mr Turnbull will

Mr Turnbull will be leader. We are

introducing other topics when we

Joe. talk about ciggies. I will talk to

the size of the budget deficit. Joe, you've criticised didn't say what's acceptable. But last night Malcolm Turnbull how big should the deficit be So tell us now - or raise taxes to fund your budget? and would you cut spending

Mel, it should be a lot less than

what it is. One of the reasons why

we oppose the $

we oppose the $900

we oppose the $900 carb handout was

because you have to reduce the

deficit. Mel, we oppose the $

deficit. Mel, we oppose the $3

billion on pink bats that the

Government is spending and we said

that the $

that the $14 billion on school halls

was just too much money. So

automatically, that in itself is a

proposal to reduce the deficit. I

mean, what do we - what mean, what do we - what do we have

to automatically fix the problem of

their making? We are offering

cuktsive solutions that do something

about this massive debt. Wednesday

morning you said $

morning you said $25 billion was an

acceptable level. No, no, no, no,

Kochie, Kochie. $

Kochie, Kochie. $25 billion. Hang on. $

on. $25 billion less and that is

because on the $

because on the $42 billion stimulus on. $25 billion less and that is

package that was announced earlier

this year we offered a proposal for

a package much smaller, $

a package much smaller, $25 billion to $

to $20 billion and that is why all

those that I just proposed would

reduce it. Last night the Opposition

had a chance to offer an alternative

that is a lower deficit or less

debt. What we know is that it would

be the same. It is replacing one

measure with another. That is all

that was put forward. No other ideas

other than committees to push out

the others. You got to listen

carefully. Nothing about carefully. Nothing

infrastructure and nation building.

You know what the best nation

building is? Small business. Small

business is the engine room of

recovery. Half the speech last night

was dedicated to small business, the

way to get small business back. No,

it was just negativity. Can I ask

argue another question if we are going to

argue at this point? to call an early election Anthony, is the Government prepared plans through Parliament? if it can't pass all of its budget

We are interested in governing, not

an election. But will you call one

if you can't pass one? We will

consider our options. We want this

budget passed. This budget needs to

be passed. We said we would pass it.


Well, Joe just said they will pass

it, good. Why did Kevin raise the

other night? Let's have an election,

he said. Come on. We made it very

clear we are interested in

governing. It is a plan and we are

moving on it. Joe is opposed to the

our plan but he now knows he agrees with

our fiscal option and the deficit or

borrowings would be the same. One

last question from me. You cut back

the levels that you put into

superannuation. Most Australians go

through a life cycle where they get

married, buy their own home and

struggle to pay the mortgage down

and then when the kids get and then when the kids get off your

hands you try to lump as much

superannuation as you can and you

have now put a limit on it which

will stimmy people. Does that limit

apply to politicians and public

servants? It is separate from that.

separate We make a contribution that is

separate from our salary. So you can

salary sacrifice however much you

like but we have a limit?

Politicians don't salary sacrifice

because it is a different scheme. I

know it is a different scheme. We

can't put it in the super. We

can't put it in the super. We can know it is a different scheme. We

not put it in there that was there.

The changes will have no impact. The

changes will affect very few people.

Very few people will be affected by

the changes but it will be a major

structural benefit to the

structural benefit to the budget

over a period of time. OK. We

actually don't have

actually don't have time to debate

on that. We will do it another time.