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Live. World leaders demand

the release of Burma's

pro-democracy leader. The

United Nations calls for aid

for Pakistan's displaced.

Thousands continue to flee

violence in Sri Lanka's

north-east. A humanitarian

crisis unfolding in the

Beverley O'Connor with ABC Philippines. Good morning.

News for Australia Network -

world leaders have condemned

the new charges brought

against Burma's pro-democracy

leader Ang San Suu Kyi by

military junta. US Secretary

of State hilly Clinton has

demanded her immediate

release and Thailand's Prime Minister want the United

Nations to step in. Over the

past 20 years Ang San Suu Kyi

has become accustomed to detention. In that time she

has spent a total of almost

14 years either under house

arrest or behind the walls of

the notorious Insein Prison.

She returned there to be

charged with breaching the

conditions of her latest home

detention when she allowed

American John William Yettaw

the stay last week. The Burmese Government has posted

these pictures on its web

site which purchase port to

show John William Yettaw and

the means he used the get

across the lake and get

access to her home. Exiled

activists say she tied to

send him Ayshire but he would

not leave. Two of her house

staff have also been charged

over the incident. A minimum three years, maximum five

years. Once she has been

released again she can orange

files all the people to lead

the Democratic movement again

which is the reason why the military are very much afraid

of her Ang San Suu Kyi's

problems began when she and

her National League for

Democracy party won the

country's 1990 releases. She

was never allowed to take office. Ang San Suu Kyi's

latest detention order is due

to expire later this month.

Critics say the charges are a

I way for the general the

keep her locked up ahead of

elections due next year.

Well it would certainly be

sent as a setback and we hope

the United Nations will play again given that we hope that

very important role that this

could somehow be resolved We

owe pose the regime's efforts

to use this incident as a

pretext to place further unjustified restrictions on

her. Therefore we call on the

Burmese authorities the

release her immediately and unconditionally. The trial is

set down for Monday. If past

experience is anything to go by the judgement will be

quick and the punishment

severe with no outside

scrutiny and no right to

appeal. The United Nations

Commissioner for refugees

says it will take a massive

international effort to avert

a tragedy in Pakistan. While

Pakistan's Prime Minister is adamant Taliban militants

will be defeated by military.

Analysts say the public relations war could be lost

if the hundreds of thousands

of people displaced by the

fighting are seen to suffer.

Pakistan's Army says 54

Taliban militants and nine

soldiers have been killed in

in tense fighting in the

North Western Swat Valley in

the last 24 hours. The US

says it has taken the

unprecedented step of sharing

with Islamabad surveillance

data collected by drones

flying over Pakistan. The offensive has driven about

800,000 people from their

homes. With 80,000 sweltering

in camps south of the battle

zone. After visiting a camp

for the displaysed the UN

Commissioner for refugees

says Pakistan needs massive

international help to avert a

tragedy What I'm concerned

about is that if there is not a positive humanitarian

response by the international community supporting the

Pakistan people then this

will contribute to making the

situation in can trouble

trimuch more dramatic The

humanitarian emergency could

under cut support for the

fighting among Pakistanis

with the public relations war

to be won military says it is

doing all it can to social

security the refugees The

special support group will

help our effort to manage the

problems of IDPs in support

of it Government Soldiers

have already given up a day's

pay and part of their rations

to helped the displaced. In

Karachi relief is pouring in

with more weary people

flooding the camps the

Government says it will

organise a conference of aid

donors to gather funds. The

Red Cross says its staff in

Sri Lanka have described an

unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe in the fight

between Government forces and

the Tamil Tigers. The Sri

Lanka military has released

new images of thousands of civilians fleeing the

conflict. The pictures came

one day after the US

President and the United

Nations called upon the Sri

Lanka Government to do more

to help civilians trapped in

the conflict zone. The

military stays the footage

confirms the safe evacuation

of around 5000 people. But

the Sri Lanka military says

it will continue its fight

against the rebels which are

clinging to their last

remaining stronghold in the

country's north. As the

world watch the brutal civil

war in Sri Lanka in the

Philippines a humanitarian

crisis has been slowly

unfolding. Hundreds of people

have been killed since peace

talks between the Government

and the Muslim insurgents

collapsed last August. And

more than a quater of a

million people are still


It is rice delivery day at

the evacuation camps in

proves profrs. The people

here line-up for hours in the

sun to get their rice, half a

sack for each family. To feed

them for a month in proves

profrs. In September we were

support binge 540,000 people.

Now we are supporting roughly

about 270,000 people. These

are the innocent victims of

the Philippines ongoing civil

war. Forced to know their

homes after renewed fighting

between government troops and

rogue members of the Liberal

wlib. Liberration Tigers of Tamil


there are almost 150

evacuation centres like this

one spread across proves

profrs. They may look

picturesque but conditions are grim. There is very

little drinking what are or

sanitation. The people living

in this centre are forced to

go to a nearby river to get

their drinking water, wash

their clothes and to go the

toilet. Some families have

returned home only to be

displaced again. Military has

stepped up its operations

against three rogue

commanders and says a

responsible for attacks

across proves profrs. They

blue they are just defending

themselves. In other words

they fight when they are

being attack The Liberration

Tigers of Tamil Eelam has

refused demands to put in its

commanders but says it is

ready to return the peace

talks. An hour flight north

of Maguindanao province there

is no sign of the civil war

that grips the south but it

is here in Manila where any

real steps towards peace must

be taken. The Arroyo

government has a new peace

panel and Malaysia has once

again been asked to

facilitate talks but there is

one crucial change. This time

the Philippine Government

says it will not just be talking to the Liberration

Tigers of Tamil Eelam but to

the entire community We are saying Maguindanao province

cannot just be a discussion

between troops and the

Government But it is hard to

see how to peace possess can

move forward while the

fighting continues. Israel's

new right wing Prime Minister

says he has asked Pope

Benedict to condemn Iran.

They met in Nazareth as the

Pope continued his tour of

the Holy Land. The Pope has

addressed an interfaith

meeting calling for peace.

It was a gesture of peace and


# Lord grant us peace...

Pope Benedict addressed

religious leaders in the holy

town of Nazareth encouraging

them to develop dialogue and

diplomacy Christians join

Jews, Muslims and people of

other religions in wishing

the safeguard children from

violence by preparing them to

be builders of a better

world. Earlier the Pope met

with Israeli Prime Minister. Relations between Israel and

the Vatican have been tense

in recent months. Michael

Nettelfold urged the Pope to con

TRANSLATION: The last and most important reason was

that I asked him as a moral

figure to make his voice

heard loudly and continuously

against the declarations

coming if Iran about their

intentions to destroy the

state of Israel. A Vatican

spokesman says the two

leaders also discussed the stalled Middle East peace

process. It came a day after

the Pope made an appeal for

an independent Palestinian

homeland, something the Prime

Minister does not endorse.

The Pope leaves for Rome on

Friday. You're watching ABC

News for Victoria - Coming

up - questions over the

protection of Australian

Forces in Afghanistan. And a

nail-biting 2-run win for

Shane Warne's Royals!

Indonesia will push for the

effects of climate change on

the world's oceans to be

included in any future talks

on a framework to tackle

global warming. 75 countries

adopted the declaration on

the final day of the Manado

Declaration talks in

Indonesia but the document

was watered down over the

differences of the sharing of

tech untilfy between

developed and developing countries. Gavin Fang reports

from the conference. A song

composed by Indonesia's

president opened the final

day of the world ocean

conference. The Indonesian

leader then urged conference

delegates to create their own

harmony on tackling climate

change. We therefore have to

make sure that all the

policies be incorporated toe

that human kind essay preach

to the climate change will be

comprehensive and harm news

US Secretary of State Hillary

Clinton did not attend these

talks but she sent a message

by video. As we continue our

effort the address climate

change we must remember that

it is - its effect can be

seen not only in melting

glaciers and dying Reeves but

in poverty Indonesian

officials say the are satisfied with the Manado

Declaration which was adopted

by 75 countries. There is no

specific commitments in the

declaration but countries

have promised to do more to

protect the world's oceans

and work together to press

for future climate change

talks to give more

consideration the marine eke

quo systems. Even getting

that agreements required some

negotiations although Australia's Environment

Minister played down talks of

a split between developed and developing nations. We will

be on the same page on what

we agree are a key issues to

address. It is not just about

the writing things down an

having a declaration even

though this is important it

is about making sure we do

the work together What these

talks have demonstrated is

how difficult it is to get

any kind of agreement on climate change and that

should serve as a warning

ahead of the critical talks

in Copenhagen later this

year. Australian special

forces in Afghanistan want

better protection against

roadside bombs. As the

Government prepares to boost

defence spending elite

soldiers are frustrated that

more than half their light

patrol vehicle does not have

enough armour the protect the

them from roadside bombs.

Last month two Australian special operations soldiers

were wounded in their patrol

vehicle in the south S an

improvised mine exploded and

one soldier nearly died. He suffered severe wounds to his

legs and lower body. He is

now recuperating in a Sydney hospital. Crucially his patrol vehicle lacked the

sort of armoured protection

that soldiers have been

asking for for more than a

year I is a legitimate

concern, you should always

listen to the soldiers and the commanders in the field

particularly when they tell

defence buy Cats about what

tip of vehicles they need the

fight Last week the Defence

Minister says in general the

soldiers have what they need

of absolutely satisfied they

have all that protection and

capability they need Defence

has tested some new armor in

Australia. Authorisation is

imminent for armor to be

added to one class of

vehicle, one used intensively

by special operations troops

but many fear defence will

delay this project like many others and that much of the

northern summer will be over

before there is any upgrade

of Ms of the patrol vehicles

they currently use. The

threat is real. Recently in

Afghanistan special

operations troops identified

14 improvised bombs in one

difficult alone. Here in Melbourne the Defence

Department is running a major

upgrade of most military

vehicles. But protecting

against mince and IEDs is

difficult F the armor that is

to be given to these patrol

vehicles is too light it

might provide peace of mind

but offer very little extra

protection. If that armor is

too heavy it might restrict the vehicles so much the

soldiers no longer want to

use them The US went through

similar issues in

250addressing troops then

secretary Donald Rumsfeld

played down the lack of armor

on US Humvees To go to war

the Army you have not the

Army you might want or wish

to have The subsequent

uproar led to a rapid upgrade

of many US military vehicles.

Australia's military has a multi billion Army vehicle

program that will go on for

decades. I think they are

probably doing it as quickly

as they can that may not be

as quickly as is needed but

in the long-term we have to

think through the types of

light vehicle that we operate

and make them more bomb-poof

It may deliver little for

those fighting in Afghanistan

in the worst fighting season

since the 2001 invasion.

Young girls are still too

afraid to go to school in

eastern Afghanistan after

throw apparent poison gas

attacks in their classrooms. While no-one has claimed

responsibility the education ministry militants are trying

to stop the girls going to

school. Police are patrolling

the streets outside this

school as less an dozen girls

return to the classroom. The

poison gas attack left more

than 80 girls sick Feigns -

TRANSLATION : We had 570

student before the incident

now we have teen 20 to 25 student attending the

classes The education

ministry says it believes

militants who do not want the

girls to get an education are

responsible. It is not

uncommon nor the Taliban or our Conservative groups who

oppose education for female

to attack but showing a brave

face this 9th grade student

has returned albeit a bit

reluctant TRANSLATION: Such

impacts will have a negative

impact, the students cannot

concentrate, there will be

tension all the time and we

will not be able to catch up

with studies. Others are

staying away TRANSLATION:

I'm scared because of this

chemical thing. My mother

does not allow me back

because see is too scared.

There have been three such

attacks in as many weeks. The Education Department many

says it is tying to determine

what sort of chemicals are

being used It was not a

natural incident. It was a criminal act by some people

in which they had used some

sort of chemicals. Under the

Taliban regime between 1996

and 2001 girls were the

allowed to's attend school.

As the 20th anniversary of

the Chinese crackdown of

Tiananmen Square approaches

one of the few voices of

dissent has come back from

the dead. Zhao Ziyang spoke

out on the crack down and was

placed under house arrest.

But before his death in 250 5

he secretly recorded his

memories of that turbulent

time. Le was once general

secretary of the Chinese

Communist Party but Zhao

Ziyang's failure to tow the

party line cost him his job.

After two decades of silence

Tincture killings Zhao over the Duchy Herbal Detox

Ziyang's dissenting views

have come to light. Zhao Ziyang goes onto describe how

the elders of the Communist Party forced him out of power

after he appealed for a

gentler approach to the civil unrest.


Ziyang says his book may not

change anything but could


soul-searching. TRANSLATION:

If the party want the survive

it will have to stand on the

side of the people F the

party want the survive

long-term and in accordance

with the law it will have to

respect the law Prisoner of

the State will be published

this month in English, it is

unlikely to go on sale in

China. Fiji's military

regime is continuing to crack

down on outspoken opponent

this time questioning a

Methodist minister who spoke

out against the Government of

Frank Bainimarama. The EU

meanwhile has reaffirmed its

total opposition to the Fiji

military's refusal to allow a

return to democracy for at

least another 5 years. The

European Commissioner for

fisheries and maritime

affairs has been meeting in Canberra with Australian

ministers including the

Minister for trade Simon

Crean. Mr Borge says he is

disturbed that the censorship

imposed in Fiji has let to an

erroneous report in the Fiji

media quoting the minister

for cooperation saying - He

expressed his disappointment with regard to the

developments in Fiji and that

these are completely

unacceptable to the EU The

censored report on the Fiji

Live web site omitted

criticism and claimed the EU

was extend range helping

hand In actual fact virtualy

all financial assistance has

been suspended in view of

these developments A Solomon

Islands journalist studying

for a- the at the Keynes

queens university believes

the censorship will lead to

anything Frank Bainimarama nobody in Fiji believing

says Honestly I feel simple

pathetic the my colleges in

Fiji. I used to live in Fiji

for four years and I know how

hard it is to actually deal

with military Government that

suppressed media freedom The

drastic censorship goes well

beyond the newspapers. The Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd wrote and opinion

peace which was circulated to all three newspapers explaining Australia's support for the suspension of

Fiji from the Pacific Island Forum The

The tight censorship may

be imposed for another five

years. You're watching ABC

News for Victoria -

recapping our top story.

World leaders have demanded

the immediate release of Burma's pro-democracy leader

Ang San Suu Kyi. Let's check

financial markets now.

Overnight in the US -

Shane Warne has led the

Royals to a thrilling 2-1 win over Mumbai. Warrnambool

Shane Warne overcame an

injury in a Man-of-the-Match

performance that elevated his

team to third place on the

IPL table. The Royals won the

the and immediately looked at

home on a dry Durban wicket.

Grant Smith monstered

Mumbai's bowling attack and

ended 7/145. Mumbai's run

chase began promisingly but

Shane Warne difficult missed the superstar and Tendulkar

to set up a thrilling finish!

The Indians looked bound for

victory needing 3 runs from

the final two balls but a

sublime effort by Shane Warne

in the field caught them

short of the ground.

American Olympics hero

Michael Phelps will make his

return to the pool this

competition following the Ray weekend. He was suspend food

lease of a photo showing him

holding a device used to

smoke marijuana Very stupid

mistake and somebody I have

learnt a from and something I

will continue to learn from

Phelps will use the sold-out

event to try new disciplines

including the0 free and the

10 backstroke. The top six

seeds have enjoyed

trouble-free passes to the

quarterfinals of the Madrid

open. Murray lost 4 games in

the way to a 7-5, 6-1 thrash

evening of local hope Robrebo

and Federer cruised past

James Blake. 100 people including 30 police officers

have been injured when

violence marred Barcelona's

The scenes make for victory in Spain's Kings Cup.

interesting vowing for

authorities in Rome. The

Italian city will host

Barcelona when it meets

Manchester United in the

Champions League final later

this month. Let's have a

look at the weather for the

rest of day.

That is the bulletin. For

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