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(generated from captions) to plan a pregnancy. Planning and

management. Does that include dinner

a question. You get a $200 allowance

and a date. I am curious. I want to

know if the Government will pay you

for it. And

for it. And can you get it

retrospectively. Time

'Morning Show'. Kylie and Larry, retrospectively. Time for the

good morning. Good scheming. Is

there something you want to tell us

for $ Your ears pricked up. Larry is good

for $200 loan. I thought we had a Morning Show scoop. for $200 loan. I thought we had a Good morning. of The Morning Show - Today on your Hump Day edition ever made. the most expensive music videos

# You're bad

# Tell you once again you're bad. # on our list. See where Wacko Jacko stacks up financial woes now. It might explain why he's having again. Plus the couples saying "I do" down the aisle for a second time. Why these celeb pairings are walking

and the unique contestants. And the songs, the scandals this year's Eurovision competition. We check out the hopefuls at who found instant fame online. Then she was the YouTube divorcee

Throwing rotten tomatoes at me, I am speaking my truth. Throwing rotten tomatoes at me, I am so who's her target this time? But now Tricia Walsh Smith is back - Last night, delivered his second Budget Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan of pensioners, mothers-to-be answering the prayers and first home owners.

Not everyone is happy with some

critics labelling the Budget soft. and figures for us So, to break down the facts we've gathered an all star panel Parliament House, with David Koch outside correspondent Mark Riley in Canberra Seven's chief political Anthony Bell with us in the studio. and The Morning Show money man Good morning to you all. in the lead up Kochie, what was the atmosphere like to the Budget being handed down?

Kylie, for finance nerds, it's like

the Brownlow, like the Melbourne

Cup. It is a very exciting time as

we plough through all of these Budget papers to get Budget papers to get an insight to

what the economy is going to be

doing in the next 12 months or so.

Take a look.

Think year 12 exams and this is what

the Budget lock up is all about.

These are the Budget papers that

outline every department's spending and income.

and income. This is what you have to

here about 1. go through. All the journoes get

here about 1.30 in the afternoon

they have six hours locked up in here about 1.30 in the afternoon and

about a dozen rooms of this size.

This is the television room. But

of the major newspapers bring This is the television room. But all

virtually their entire staff from

cartoonists, to sub-editors, to

photographers in here and put the

rooms. paper together in these locked

It really is a major planning

operation, like planning a war, I

suppose. You have to get people up

here from Melbourne, you have to

have technicians, make sure the

computers are going to work in this

environment. We sit around for six

hours reading reams and hours reading reams and reams of

Budget papers, announcements

the Federal Government, many which Budget papers, announcements from

had been strategically leaked. We

eat a lot of food. Because we are

primal beasts we worry we may never

eat again. No-one is allowed to talk

hand your mobile to anyone outside. You have got to

hand your mobile phone in. You are

allowed out like a whole bunch of

cattle at 7.

cattle at 7.30 when the Treasurer

gets up to deliver his Budget speech

in Parliament. For a finance nerd

it's like receive heaven, like

Melbourne Cup, like the Brownlow for it's like receive heaven, like the

finance nerds and we love it. You

look like a little kid locked in

Toys R Us overnight. Did you see look like a little kid locked in

Channel 7 bolt out that door, the Toys R Us overnight. Did you see how

fine physiques to get the news on

screen first. Like the running of

the bulls. Is this what you were

expecting? I was expecting something

tougher. This is predicated on

Treasury fairly optimistic predictions from

fairly optimistic predictions from Treasury that the recession won't

last for long, it will be fairly

shallow and we will come out of it

fairly quickly. That is all

predicated on the global economy

recovering in the next 12 months or

so or beginning to recover and

coming out of that recovery very

quickly. So very optimistic

projections. I was expecting deeper cuts. The

cuts. The first couple of years the

cuts are fairly cuts are fairly gentle but they

become progressively deeper as the

growth rates increase. Anthony, who

is going to benefit most from this

Budget? Single pensioners, they are

the ones who should, an extra $32 a the ones who should, an extra $

week. Also two couple pensioners

have been acknowledged as well.

is a real requirement. Everyone have been acknowledged as well. That

around the country feels good about

it. There is not around the country feels good about it. There is not

it. There is not many changes going

around in terms of what was expected

around in terms of what was expected

on cuts. A big question is these on cuts. A big question is these

forecasts and how far we are going

into debt and how long it may take into debt and how long it may take

to get us back out. $

to get us back out. $a 10 increase

for couples. Carers allowance.

Carers got a bit. They are getting around $

around $600 a year.

around $600 a year. A lot of debate Carers got a bit. They are getting

whether that is believable or not. whether that is believable or not. $

$600 is better than nothing for

carers who do a wonderful job. We

are also looking for first

homebuyers will be rejoicing this

morning, as will real estate agents

who will see the continuity of

First Home Buyers Grant leading up who will see the continuity of the

to December and hafg between October

and December to phase out in that

period. They are probably the fiscal

winners, those three groups of last

night's Budget night's Budget handout.

night's Budget handout. The winners, those three groups of last

Government is forecasting a further

1 million unemployed Aussies by

2011. What provisions are in the

Budget for that? Kylie, no major

changes to unemployment benefits and

things like that. The Government is

saying that's why we have gone into

deficit, that why we have got the deficit, that why we have got the $

$22 billion infrastructure project,

that's why we have done the that's why we have done the $

that's why we have done the $900

handouts, to keep the economy

ticking turnover to try and save

jobs in the futures. They reckon if

it wasn't for the stimulus, another

210,000 people would have been out

of work. They are saying it is

stimulating the economy. It also

brings up the question of how much

can we believe of these forecasts.

Like, I took a look at last year's

Like, I took a look at last year's Budget papers

Like, I took a look at last year's Budget papers and they bear no

resemblance to what happened last

year. This time last year they were forecasting a $

forecasting a $20 billion surplus,

we got a $

we got a $20 billion deficit in this

last financial year. How much

last financial year. How much store you can put on these, I don't know.

Anthony, what will the changes in

tax and superannuation mean for most of us?

of us? There were cuts around $ tax and superannuation mean for most of us? There were cuts around

$34,000, around $

$34,000, around $3 a week in

savings. The cuts have been the

family benefit system is cutting out

as is some of the CPI. Was does that as is some of the CPI. Was does that mean? as is some of the CPI. Was does that

mean? The Government is being

careful of what they are handing

out. They are not completely moving

parts away but using a little bit of

parts away but using a little bit of

indexing and reference testing. The

superannuation one I don't like. I'm

not a big fan of

not a big fan of that. The big not a big fan of that. The big issue

I have got, we have got cuts there,

particularly for people who have to

provide if for their future... What

does that mean? It has been halved

does that mean? It has been halved

to put into your super.

does that mean? It has been halved to put into your super. It saves

revenue now and more revenue will be

created by closing those tax cuts.

revenue now and more revenue will be created by closing those tax cuts.

We are meant to provide for our own

retirement. The same people not

providing for super will be calling the Government up to get pensions providing for super will be calling

10, 20 years down the track. Kochie,

what about Friday Night what about Friday Night Football

private health insurance, what

changes have been made to the

rebate? That was leaked before the

Budget and most of it was. As

Anthony was saying, there is a

continuation of tightening the

screws a bit on some of these in

terms of the Medicare safety net and the rebate.

terms of the Medicare safety net and the rebate. They have reduced

levels, singles earning over $

levels, singles earning over $75,000

and couples earning over $

and couples earning over $150,000.

The rebate cuts out there. Safety

net, they put caps on some

specialist spending. It's a Budget

that tin Kerred arround the edges of

a whole lot of things, so as not to

upset the vast majority but picks up

those people on the fringes. Mark,

what are you reading into this as

far as the Treasurer's popularity

goes? How is this being received? I

think the Treasurer will be happy the

the question asked most often is

the question asked most often is why are you so soft? I don't think they

believe they have been soft.

believe they have been soft. There is a lot of tinkering of the edges.

They become ex upon eveningsly

larger as we go O the approach was

you don't want to hit people too

hard in the grips of recession but

as you are coming out of that

recession, when you are returning to growth, 4.

growth, 4.25%

growth, 4.25%, that is is edging on

a boom growth rate, you start to get

the bigger cuts going in. It's all

about managing the message, about

convincing people the conspiracy of

little cuts were necessary and this

is setting up the economy. It's also

about getting that message out

there. It took them a long time to

utter the first R word, recession

but they have to convince people the

new R word, recovery. How are we

looking at getting out of this storm

While business studies say

While business studies say why you can get debt, it doesn't make it

smart to take it. That is

smart to take it. That is exactly what has been risked. I'm a big

critic of the suggestion that we

will start to turn and get out of

this very fast because

will start to turn and get out of this very fast because because the

deficit we will keep going into will

require hard work and taking back

things that have been promised to

really, really put a bit of

really, really put a bit of heat under it. With the turn around in

the financial crisis, I'm very

concerned and somewhat cautionary as

to whether the turn around will be

fast. We have questions here. Alan

is in Victoria. Alan, what is your question?

is in Victoria. Alan, what is your question? Has retirement age been

lifted for poll tigtss and public

servants, too? Mark, can you

servants, too? Mark, can you answer this one, you are in Canberra? The

pension age which I guess is

effectively the retirement age is

going to be increased gradually from

65 to 67 over the next 10 or so

years. Yes, it sin creased for

politicians and for public servants

as well. Not a lot of those go on

the pension because they have fairly

generous superannuation schemes and

become self-funded retire ease when

they get out of their job. They have

looked after themselves pretty well.

We have got Christie on the phone

with a question on baby bonuses. Are

they going to continue offering the

baby bonus? Kochie? No, they are

going to continue offering the baby

bonus to non-working mums but again,

tinkering around the side because

they are not going to be indexing

your eligibility. Remember, it is

means tested now, the baby bonus.

That income level goes up with CPI.

Well, they are not going to increase

it by CPI. So if you look as though

you just come under the threshold

now and you are planning on a baby

in two years, a couple of pay rises

will put you above it and cut you

out. Part of the tinkering on the

edges. That's all we have time for.

Thank you for sticking around.

Kochie I'm so glad that is the

Budget under your arm. I thought you

Nicked the Bible from the hotel

room. It is the Bible. Sorry to

upset you. Kochie thank you, Mark

and Anthony, thank you. Ahead on the show - the celebrity red carpet moments from last night's Women Of Style awards. Plus, the most expensive video clips ever made. # We'll check out the artists who spent the big bucks and whether it paid off in chart success. But next, get ready to celebrate all things kitsch. It's Eurovision time! We'll check out this year's hopefuls, after the break.

Welcome back to The Morning Show. The hottest celebrities in the country flocked to the InStyle Women of Style Awards last night. And forget the recession - it seems glamour is back.

We'll get all the inside goss on the red-carpet frocks and, of course, the winners in just a few minutes. But first to the US where Miss California Carrie Prejean is keeping her crown after being handed a lifeline by pageant owner Donald Trump. Trump says she didn't violate her contract with the pageant

when semi-naked photos of her appeared on the internet.

So we have made a determination

So we have made a determination that

the pictures taken were acceptable,

they were fine, in many cases they

were actually lovely cases and in

some cases they were modelling

pictures. Carrie will remain Miss

California. They were fine pictures indeed. Prejean also caused a stir when she spoke out about same-sex marriages. Answering a question from pageant judge and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton Prejean said she believed marriage should be between a man and a woman. For more on this we're joined by Mike Amor in our US bureau. Good morning. By now most people have seen the photo in question. But is anyone surprised Donald Trump has spared Carrie Prejean?

I have studied these photos

carefully. Thank you. And was

disgusted by them. No-one

Donald Trump would say "

disgusted by them. No-one predicted Donald Trump would say "You are fired" Donald Trump would say "You are

fired". He is particularly for

giving of pretty young blondes. The

2006 miss USA was forgiven after she

snuck out of her help hotel room to

take alcohol and drugs. He said

Carrie could keep her sash. Thot

photos, one was taken underage so

Larry and I can't legally look at

them. The others, though, we believe

were photo shops, so they are fakes.

Has Miss California had anything to

say on this? She spoke today and got

quite emotional about it. It evoked

images of the battle of the bulge, I

think she thought she was talking

about weight loss and the right to

speak her mind. Let's listen to what she had to say. Being at the center of a media firestorm is not something I had planned, or signed up for, but the days since have taught me to stand up for what you believe in.

She was quite outspoken previously

in her views about gay marriage.

What is the public saying about

What is the public saying about that in the US, Mike? It is like they say

over here, a hot button topic. Gay

marriage has its opponents and has

people in favour of it. But the

public in general is shifting

towards allowing

towards allowing gay marriage. Recent polls show that 42% of

Americans want gay marriage. But it

does have its high-profile

opponents. President Obama said

during the election campaign is

opposed to it. What happened to

Prejean, happened to be per

Prejean, happened to be Perez

Hilton. He has ran a good campaign

against her. Cynics would say Donald

Trump loves this publicity? He says

all the publicity surrounding this

shows these pageants are relevant

still in society. He is is lapping

it up. He owns the pageant so he is

enjoying the time in the limelight.

He does love those blondes. Thanks

for your time, Mike. We want to ask

you in the next couple of days how

octo-mum is doing and Lorena Bobbit.

I will keep on top of that. Moving on, Katie Price is said to be devastated at her husband Peter Andre's decision to divorce her after more than four years of marriage. The Aussie ex-pat and the model formerly known as Jordan lived their lives in front of the camera

meeting on 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here'. But tensions between the couple were clear in a recent episode of their reality TV show.

She was quite annoyed with Peter

Andre. You have said it all. We

Andre. You have said it all. We will

wind it up. You will see me in the

studio and her ---- Your breath

stinks, go and wash it. The couple has two young children together.

Katie's now fled Britain claiming Peter dumped her. So for more on this developing story we're joined by gossip columnist Catherine Caines. Good morning to you. Does this split come as a surprise?

She is doing that celebrity trick.

She was seen out partying with

friends. So there

friends. So there was also a message

going on. It is a clash of egos, who

is making more money, who is more

famous. Perhaps four years of

everything possible, throwing

everything out there in the

spotlight with their relationship,

it has come bused under the

pressure. Any truth to cheating

rumours and who is meant to have

been cheating on whom? Everything

About them is so extreme, including

the rumours themselves. The

fantastic one that has broken in

Britain right now is that she is

having an affair with a gay dressage

expert, Spencer Wilton. They were

photographed in a nightclub the

other weekend. Horse and Hound, the

experts have come and defended

Spencer and said he is not the

reason why they have split. Andrejs

has suggested many a time, the third

person, has been her partying, her

high maintenance, her love of

alcohol. Perhaps there was a bit of

flirting but the truth hasn't come

out who that third party. Horse and

hound? Like an expert magazine for

the equestrian set. Not since the

movie 'Notting Hill' have I heard it

mentioned? They would have to give a

reality check to this relationship.

The fact they are defending someone

who is a dressage expert shows how

extreme things are getting. On could

a reality program be affecting the

reality of their marriage, do you

think? There is a whole conspiracy

theory. There is punters betting

there is a bit of a set-up to create

more scan dl and raids the ratings

for this show. However, they do have

two children. I don't know if they

put them under that much emotional

stress. This probably is actually

real. I don't think it's a stunt.

No-one knows where the truth and the

spotlight stops with this couple.

That's part of the problem. They

probably don't know themselves. I

wonder what Donald Trump would

think? He would think cash in on the

split We will read more in horse and

hound. Remember this guy? No, not that guy. This guy.

Shake, shake, shake. # Well, he's back. Our good friend Sakis Rouvas is returning to Eurovision to represent Greece five years after coming third for 'Shake, Shake, Shake'.

I think I did it better than him I did, too. Oh, yes, it is that time of the year again. So, to take us through some of the big contenders in Eurovision 2009 we're joined by pop culture expert and Eurovision tragic Des Mangan.

Good morning. So, what's different about the competition this year, Des?

It would be easier to explain the

laws of physics than the laws of

Eurovision. What happens this year,

there is two semifinals as well as

there is two semifinals as well as a Grand Final. In a grand final there

is five in there, Germany, Spain,

France and the UK because they pump

the most money in. The host country

Russia. Out of the two

Russia. Out of the two semifinals they will take 10 from each night

which will have your 25 for the

grand final. Each country is

represented by one act.

represented by one act. 43 countries

are vying. What hope does Sakis have

of taking out the title? I don't

think so. But the betting companies

in England have him at 11-2. They

think he has a good shot. What does

horse and hounds say? I thought that

was the title of their reality was the title of their reality was the title of their reality show.

I think we are going to look at...

Go to something. Push "

Go to something. Push "Play" Go to something. Push "Play".

# When I look into your eyes

# It comes as no surprise

# This is our night

# Flying to the top, baby

# This we can do. #

I like it. He has got my moves

there. This is our night, this is

our time, they are saying basically,

let us win. How who do you think

should win? Germany, it's Alex

swings, Oscar swings. It's a modern

sound on Glenn Miller. I think that

is fantastic. Let's look at that.

# Kisteleki kiss bang

# Take a sweet, sweet little thing

# This is kiss, kiss bang

# Come let us swing. #

They were good. Where are they

They were good. Where are they from?

Jaornl. How about neighbouring

Belgium? Belgium have Copy Cat. It's

a joke. It is intended as a joke.

The guy pretends to be this deluded

Elvis impersonator. He is singing a

song about how a guy in the States

ripping him off. There is a guy

driving around in a Cadillac and

wearing teddy bear shoes ripping him off.

# Too fast to rock and roll. #

. Give us - what are the other

contenders. They look pretty good.

Finland is one to look out for. They

are a good one. They have a dance

track called Wald's People called

Loss Control. It's a pure owe pop

number. The other one to look out

for is... Ukraine? The reason I

picked Ukraine is for Larry and I

because she is hot. I don't know

what she is singing. This is very

Alana from the Ukraine. Everyone is

worried about her. Her slip that she

made for the contest is causing a

bit of a stir because she does half

naked. They are worried about what

she is going to do on performance

night on stage. She better not be

night on stage. She better not be trying to be Miss California? As

long as she has Donald Trump as an

agent. We will get you back in when

they decide the winner. When is

that? Sunday night: Still to come - the seven signs you're sabotaging your love life. And the world's most expensive videos. But next, fresh from the red carpet, Australia's most stylish women. You're watching the Morning Show, live on the Seven Network.

ALL: Ahhhh! Right now, Shapes shouts you the chance to win one of three lots of $10,000 cash. ALL: Ahhhh! Shapes Shouts You. See packs for details, and start shouting. (SQUAWKS) (QUIRKY MUSIC) Don't you hate it when you're given little choice in home loans? Mortgage Choice can help hand-pick your loan from our wide panel of leading lenders Last night saw the very first 'InStyle' magazine's Women of Style Awards. The red carpet was rolled out to celebrate Australia's most inspirational and innovative women. Equally stylish, they come from different walks of life, TV personalities, supermodels, international sporting names and designers. But all give back to their communities and motivate others through their achievements. Proving that style is more than just the way you dress or look. The Women of Style Award categories ranged from business to lifestyle and charity to entertainment. With such a wide range of successful women, choosing winners would have been hard.

'InStyle' editor Kerri McCallum joins us now to tell us more. Along with two Award winners, Natalie Bloom and Barb de Corte. Good morning, ladies. Kerrie, this was the inaugural event.

Obviously it went really well.

Obviously it went really well. How are you feeling about it? It was

fantastic and very inspiring. It was

very, very hard to narrow down the nominees.

nominees. Then the winners again

after that. I think everyone felt

inspired. I hope they did. Cate

Blanchett won the overall readers

award. What she said, I liked what

she said "

she said

she said she had said this is an

award given by women for women?

Particularly stylish Australian

women. The more we investigated

potential nominees and what they did

potential nominees and what they did in their lives, I was gobsmackeded.

Women fit so much into life these

days, not only successful business

days, not only successful business

women, a lot of the nominees were successful business women or

successful in their fields but they

also had families. They are wives,

mothers, friends. Women fit into

life these days. Hats off to them.

Natalie, hats off to you. Congratulations on Congratulations on winning the

beauty category for your line of

natural beauty products. What does

this mean to you? I'm very flattered

and humbled to have received this

award, particularly given the high

award, particularly given the high calibre of other women and the women

nominated. Also, the fact that it

was the very stylish in style

magazine giving me the pat on the

back. Bloom as a brand is he an

extension of my own personal style.

For me, it validates my views on

beauty and life and business. So I

feel very proud. Natalie, you

started in your parents' garage. Is

there a message you would like to

give about how to achieve this

thing. Anyone can do it if they want

to? I never dreamed Bloom would

to? I never dreamed Bloom would

become the brand and business it is

today. Ultimately, if you are passionate

passionate about what you do, you

can achieve anything. Bash,

congratulations to you, sitting

quietly on the end, for Topping quietly on the end, for Topping the

environment category. By the

you were 40, you had made $ environment category. By the time you were 40, you had made $60

million, named Australia's

wealthiest entrepreneur. Did you

imagine you would reach imagine you would reach such

heights? The reason we started was

for health

for health reasons for my child.

When it started looking after my

child and getting the products out

there to other people as well, it

grew organically and with the help

of about 1,000 consultants Australia

wide, there is a healthy way to

clean, you do not need those harsh

detergents As I look at you both,

detergents As I look at you both, most women have each of their

products in your cup board, whether

it be Bloom or Enjo,

it be Bloom or Enjo, the cleaning products, right? Yes. It is quite

empowering and

empowering and wonderful what you can do if you are position national

about something and talking to

people and also persisting with what

your passion is and letting your passion is and letting people

know about it. It makes a huge

difference. Congratulations to you

both. Kerrie, grat laigss to you, a both. Kerrie, grat laigss to

terrific event. A great celebration.

Now you can go home to bed. Include the Women of Style Awards, And if you'd like to read all about of 'InStyle' magazine. pick up the next issue It's out on Monday.

I did have a look at the photo

gallery this morning. I have chosen

my favourite outfit of the night. I

wasn't an official judge. Here it

right here. Look at this. Our very wasn't an official judge. Here it is

own, very stylish, albeit a little

furry... It was cold. What is that? Looking

Looking good. Furry. on The Morning Show - Coming up later from concert tickets to clothing, in record time. the products that sold out But time now for Glenn to get your next meal on the table. and he's found a faster way was showing us the Flavorwave, When I found out that James that comes out of this machine I skipped brekky because the food but it is so fast and easy. not only tastes superb Sure is, Glenn. This is amazing. There are only 150 available for today. Write down the number on the screen or put it in your mobile. The Flavorwave is so easy even you and I can use it. You're exactly right. even the cleaning. It does it everything for you, It's making me hungry. It sure does. Look at this. When you get home from work, or a dozen sausages and chops, you can put a large chicken in your Flavorwave you can put an entire dinner simply turn it on and then you can just your dinner is cooked. and in 40 minutes While it is cooking, you can have a rest, read a book, you can have a sit down, do the gardening, have a bath. it will all be cooked to perfection. When you come back, It's fast and it's easy. frozen-solid foods The Flavorwave oven lets you take right out of the freezer without defrosting. and cook them in just minutes How easy is that? That is easy. You were saying earlier three times faster with less fat. that the Flavorwave can cook up to I've got to say, no clean-up with this. I like the fact there is virtually Exactly. and self-cleaning. Quick, easy, low-fat Forget about the oven, grill, stovetop. Forget about the microwave, toaster oven. And cook with no extra fat or grease and in a third of the time. and you're off the hook. You just set it to "cook" Love it. of the time of an ordinary oven. Cook frozen food in the third

Cook a turkey in just minutes. instead of an hour. Bake lasagne in 15 minutes make pizzas in a couple of minutes. You can even bake cinnamon buns or Glenn, and the Flavorwave can do it, You name the style of cooking, over summer. even barbecuing outdoors it can do just about anything. You gotta love that. It sounds like What is the secret? about the halogen heat, Look, I could tell you the convection cooking, the infrared waves it's fast and easy. or I could just tell you better than ever. Fats and oils are removed in fat and grease. Ordinary methods leave food soaking plus the powerful tornado-like air, But the Flavorwave uses gravity, but it also seals in the juices. to eliminate 75% of the fat people like that. Seals in the juices - we eat these days. We're very conscious of the way without losing flavour. So you can lose weight All of your favourite foods will taste amazing using your Flavorwave oven. It cooks to perfection,

plus you even save money by using up to 77% less energy than an ordinary oven. oven cleans up after itself. Best of all, the Flavorwave in the dishwasher Or you could just simply pop it and your job is done. Easy. Done. the barbecue outside this summer I'm going to use it instead of because the fat just drips off. Look how fast it is. I mean, it really is amazing. but lets the fat out free. It seals in the flavour Now, this is important. or put it in your mobile phone. Write this number down Call 1800 808 938, right now, order at available and only for today. because there are only 150

4 payments of just $49.95. They are all available for Plus, if the Flavorwave healthiest way to cook, isn't the easiest, tastiest guaranteed. we'll give you your money back, Sounds great. You can't complain about that. But I think you've got more? you get the high and low rack, You get all the accessories, the tongs and the recipe guide and handy cooking chart with cooking times and settings. Have a listen to this. Be one of the first 150 and ask how you can upgrade to the platinum model. It has an extension arm and a host of other features including digital controls. They are amazing. and we will give you a free slicer. Order now Don't pay $50 or $80 for a slicer. and you know how they work. You know what they do just pay the postage. You can get one for free, to cook in a third of the time. A free slicer and a Flavorwave by themselves. A slicer is worth 50 bucks

The Flavorwave and even the slicer, a great gift for Christmas, I mean, either/or would make a wedding present, whatever. easy cooking. You've gotta love fast, Well done, James. Guys, back to you. Thank you, James. why smart women have better sex. Ahead this morning -

I wanted to let that sink in. I was

wondering whether an and I are smart

women hore not. Don't look at me. of saying "I do", again. Plus the new celebrity trend with the latest news and weather. But first, Ann Sanders joins us Hello, Ann. Good morning, Kylie. Hello, Larry. Good morning, everyone. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says the Budget's $22 billion stimulus boost is a necessary measure to pull Australia out of recession. Wayne Swan's second budget has received mixed reviews with the Opposition yet to confirm if it will block some of the spending in the Senate. to drag the Budget out of deficit The infrastructure spree is expected by 2016. stimulus into the economy, So your question is this new you betcha, right across the country. road rail port projects sacked by Channel Nine later today Matthew Johns is expected to be over the 2002 NRL group sex scandal. back to Sydney from WA The former Sharks player was called late yesterday

at the airport. but refused to comment Taking a look at the weather - Brisbane. showers in and Canberra. Fine in Sydney Melbourne, Showers for Adelaide. Hobart and in Perth. Mostly fine Darwin. Warm in Prince William has made a very public apology. He surprised 109-year-old Catherine Masters with a visit to her nursing home in Oxfordshire after she complained about receiving the same birthday card from the Queen five years in a row.

C She said she loves that Joel owe

dress but couldn't she change it to

a blue one or white one. Prince

William said he will go back to his

grandmother and see what he can do

for next year. She has been invited

to an afternoon tea at Buckingham

Palace. Walking in on a 109-year-old

woman, is that dangerous? She might

get a shock. She said the secret to

her life is a tip will of gin. I

will start with that today. Still to come this morning - the new crime campaign where people are encouraged to dob in their neighbours if they suddenly start wearing too much bling. And how a budget clothing line became a bestseller. But straight after the break, remember this?

# I am going bonkas. # The next chapter in the crazy life of YouTube divorcee Tricia Walsh Smith.

We'll be back with more of The Morning Show in just a moment. (SNIFFS) VOICEOVER: Kleenex Cottonelle is proud to continue partnering with Guide Dogs Australia. Lab tested for independence and mobility. Hungry Jack's believes everyone should get the same stunning value no matter which store they visit. So we offer a cheeseburger, small fries, small Coke and a sundae for just $4.95 at every store.

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You must be a FlyBuys member to join. Register today at: Or pick up a registration form in-store. It was just over a year ago that the world first met Tricia Walsh Smith. Her rantings about now ex-husband Philip Smith

became an instant hit on YouTube.

It's hard name to say, isn't it? But just when you thought

you'd seen the last of this online rabble rouser, she's now released a new video. And this time, she's biting the hand that feeds her.

He has no grounds for a divorce

still trying to throw me out of our

apartment in 30 days for no reason. I don't like a woman scorned" must have known someone like Tricia Walsh Smith. know.

He's got Viagra and condoms stuff

here and porn movies. Just ask

here and porn movies. Just ask him what he wants me to do with them.

The socialite shocked America in April 2008 with her rant against soon-to-be ex-husband Philip Smith, a Broadway theatre tycoon.

We never

We never had sex. He said it was

because he had high blood pressure. I accepted that. The 6-minute video found instant popularity as the former actress revealed intimate details of their failed marriage.

I'm going to be a warrior. I'm

trying to be a warrior. Maybe I'll win. But the video failed to win her friends where it counted and a court granted Philip Smith a divorce on the grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. She may not have won her court battle, but Tricia did discover her own niche.

# I could have touched the moon

# Had I own a swimming pool

# I threw my best minds at him # I'm going bonkas. # I'm going bonkas. # She capitalised on her worldwide web fame releasing an online music video fittingly titled '(I'm Going) Bonkers'. It was followed by another thinly veiled attack on her ex-hubby called 'Arm Candy'.

# It was arm candy

# Can make you look good and dandy #

# You never thought about my life

# Because I was just a trophy wife. # Neither have been bestsellers.

# Put me on your video on YouTube tonight. #

But now, Tricia has a new target - YouTube.

That's right. She's released a new song pleading with YouTube to scrap their new user counter.

# Certainly the counter

# Certainly the counter stops at 202

# There's no budget at all

# What I should I do

# Then I learn YouTube has this new software

# To show it's unfair

# I'm fighting the spammers

# I'm fighting the spammers # And now I've gone to war

# Everybody's numbers are pathetic

and poor. # The clip was made for comedy site Funny or Die. And while Tricia insists it's all tongue-in-cheek, critics say it's yet another attempt for her to get back in the spotlight.

# There is a deep, deep fur owe

across my brow. # But regardless who has the last laugh, one thing's for sure - we're not likely to see the back of Tricia anytime soon.

# Change your tactics, change your # Change your tactics, change your ways. #

I would have thought her 15 minutes

had past. She is kind of fun. When had past. She is kind of fun.

had past. She is kind of fun. When are you going on holidays? Never.

Why? Funny hosting the show. I will

go on holidays special I. At some

point you have to go on holidays.

No, because you

No, because you will have to say her name again. Ahead, the most expensive video clips ever made, including this multimillion-dollar entry from Mariah Carey. Up next though, Glenn's learning how to cook the old fashioned way. Tasty gourmet food without fat, doesn't it? sounds too good to be true, But my next guest is about to show us an exciting and healthy way to cook European-style dishes with Stone Dine. Good morning, Bert. Good morning, Glenn. What are you doing with that gravel? That would ruin my pans at home. Glenn, this new Stone Dine cookware actually has stone in the coating. Not only is it super tough but it makes your food taste great because there's nothing like cooking on natural hot stone. You are going to put a steak straight on to a non-stick. I've got to tell you, it's the best steak pan I've ever, ever used bar none. I absolutely love it. I'm going to show you the results in just a minute. We will do some bacon and eggs in this pan.

We all love a good bacon and eggs. the eggs always stick. But without any fats or oils, whatsoever. There are no fats or oils in here We all like to cook healthier food so good. but it doesn't usually taste it's different But with Stone Dine, and you'll love the healthy taste. I've got a bit of cheese in there. in there, Look, if anything was going to stick sticky cheese. it would have to be sticky, it would have to be cheese. You would think so,

it used to take me a few goes Look, I've got to tell you, when you are doing crepes. to get the temperature just right And especially on gas. how to make the perfect crepe. But I'm going to show you right now I've got to say. Well I am impressed, Why did you do that? before. Now, you tossed the gravel in there

show viewers, The reason I do that is just to non-stick cookware that all good quality abrasion test. goes through a standardised the pan back and forth where they repeatedly scratch

to see how long it should last you. only suffer 4,000 to 5,000 abrasions Most normal pans, I guess, looking like that. before they end up literally

and it's not healthy. Too right, 40,000 to 50,000 abrasions The Stone Dine pan will withstand

in that same test. it will last you 10 times longer 10 times stronger, on the market today. than a lot of pans I've got to say. Pretty impressive stuff,

about this is the taste The other thing that excites me you say you can get from using this. that people all over Europe You were saying earlier on with Stone Dine absolutely love cooking that not only taste fabulous because you can have gourmet meals because no more fats and oils. but are healthy for you as well How does it work so well?

is that base incorporates The reason it works so well, stainless steel plate a thick magnetised right across there. induction It works just as well on your and your ceramic cooktops. as your electric of that stainless steel plate So it's the thickness

even heat distribution that gives Stone Dine cookware

with no hotspots. that is fantastic. I tell you what, you're doing steak, cheese, crepes. You've done everything - pancakes, Look at this crepe here. out of the pan there for you. There we go, we blow that one right now. Let's look at the cheese there We will bring that one up for you. but over that goes for you. It's sticky stuff There is our egg. like it should It's sliding around there in a good quality non-stick pan. crisping up beautifully already Here is the bacon. Look, it's on the bacon, not all over your pan. because the brine has stuck I'm impressed. The steak, have a look at this. Look at that. result You get that restaurant quality Stone Dine, every time you cook with you'll absolutely love it. I am impressed. What about cleaning. for a tick Let's talk cleaning

a big issue. because obviously that's non-stick cookware One of the reasons we buy

easy-clean situation. is often because of the So, what happens with Stone Dine? Too easy, Glenn. and we are done. Just wipe it out with a paper towel I like that. Hassle-free cleaning, a special offer You have obviously got Go for it. for Morning Show viewers today. I sure do, Glenn. $200 to $300 You can easily pay for these big European-style pans. for our special offer. But not when you call this number

Plus, if you order a complete set, worth $189, absolutely free. I'm going to give you the 28cm

You have gotta love that. come on, come on. I guess you've got more, if you call right now All right, worth $250. we will include a 15-piece knife set That's absolutely free as well. Fantastic. Great offer, Bert. that 12-year guarantee. Stone Dine cookware also comes with So call now: segment again - If you would like to see this in 'New Idea' magazine. or you can see it Bert, thanks mate. Guys, back to. Next hour...

# End up walking in the rain. # of all time. It's one of the longest songs the most expensive? But is 'November Rain' music videos of all time. We'll count down the highest-costing

We could play that song now and go for breakfast. But straight ahead, snapped up in just 10 minutes, from the clothing line in one day. to the book that sold out worldwide off the shelves in record time. We'll find out what moves a product Don't go away.

brought to you by Jetstar, The Morning Show

Australia's low fares airline. destinations across the country. Now flying to 20 holiday

To book go to: greatest gismo, gadget or goodie Most of us have to have the latest,

actually getting in quick enough but sometimes the hardest part is to snap one up. is cellulite wonder pants The latest hot-selling item in less than half an hour which have walked off the shelf at a UK department store. we'd take a look This morning we thought in recent times. at some of the most popular items some swift selling beauties To run us through we welcome advertising writer Jano Caro.

to a quick selling item? Jane, what's the key

You have to build this feeling of

quick, quick, quick, everyone wants

one and there's hardly any of them.

So hurry, while stocks last. You

will hear that phrase a lot in

advertising. They are trying to

build the urgency situate. advertising. They are trying to build the urgency situate. We are looking

looking at keys. Symbolic, what do

you mean It captures a moment in

history. So it symbolisees something

history. So it symbolisees something that's important to the culture at

that particular time. that's important to the culture at that particular time.

that particular time. The iPhone is that's important to the culture at

a good example? The iPhone became

the thing everybody had to have. It

symbolized about you, that you were

an early adopter, you were out in front of everybody front of everybody else, you

understood what was going on and you

were, I think, hip. That's what the

whole iPod, iPhone kind of brand has

captured, the idea of being

captured, the idea of being ahead. The I Potter phenomenon? That is an

unbelievable phenomenon Otherwise

known as the Harry Potter

phenomenon. If you think about the

way that built. The first book, who knew it

knew it was going to be that big.

Kids took to it. Parents loved it

because it got kids reading. It

built, and built. By the sixth book,

it was selling out in hours. The

minute they close the last book,

they are sitting around waiting for

the day until the next book is on

the shelve and they are in there,

grabbing it as fast as they can.

That is one of the clever That is one of the clever evident

marketing things I have seen, based

on something real, the on something real, the even

on something real, the enjoyment

children get out of those books but

having sequels, building the

anticipation - how many years has

this been going knew, over a decade?

He started out a child, he is now a

grandfather I think. The Harry

Potter fans were more civilised than

the Stella McCartney clothing line

fans. Target got a range of Stella

McCartney clothes at a great price.

Women tore them off the mannequins.

They grabbed anything left,

They grabbed anything left, right and centre. Security had to be

called because two women were

fighting over one item,

fighting over one item,. It was a

heard mentality. They brought

heard mentality. They brought them in a whole lot of wrong sizes and

they came back. Target, you can take

them back so there was low risk in

taking it and grabbing it. There was

a sense of triumph, I brought a

Stella McCartney at Target. I saved

money and got this aspirational

brand. That is what the marketers

were driving Aspirational

were driving Aspirational but a good

brand. A tragic story led to a chart

topper for sir Elton John? This was

a symbolic thing which really

affected people. We look back on it

now and it's bizarre we felt like

that. The death of Princess Diana.

At the funeral, Elton John revised

At the funeral, Elton John revised

his already best-selling song

his already best-selling song candle in the mind to 'Goodby England's

Rose'. It sold millions of copies in

the first couple of days it was out.

It wasn't necessarily the quality of

the song, it was that it symbolized

something important to people and

perhaps they couldn't articulate it.

It articulated it for them It was cheap to buy a ? cheap to buy a ?1.

It articulated it for them It was cheap to buy a ?1.99 single. Nothing

like camping out. What rock band

created unprecedented sales? U2,

particularly the Vertigo tour. It

must have been funny going to

must have been funny going to work in the office next door. Three days

some people slept out in the

streets. It's a lot like streets. It's a lot like winning the

lottery. It's a sense of I've got

tickets to U2 and you haven't.

tickets to U2 and you haven't. There is a demarcation between I'm a

winner, I've got tickets, you are a

loser and you haven't. It's an

identification thing. People create

their own personality, their own

brand through the music remember

listen to. U2 is who they are. That

listen to. U2 is who they are. That says not only am I a U2 fan, I'm the

biggest U2 fan. In a Stella

McCartney dress. And my cellulite

knickers and my Harry Potter book. That was fun. A little later on this morning, one man's bizarre technique to father a son after having six daughters. But right now, Karen's got a bright idea for anyone thinking about changing their job focus. A lot of people love their job - I know I do -

but there are plenty of people out there that don't. If you have always wanted to run a successful business and work for yourself, plus earn great money at the same time my next guest may have the perfect solution for you. It's my good friend from Refund Home Loans, Wayne Ormond.

Good morning, Wayne. Good morning, Karen. What do you say to people who are looking for a career change? I'd say maybe it's time to consider becoming a Refund Home Loans franchisee.

You can earn double, even triple, what you're currently earning and enjoy that sort of job satisfaction that only comes from being your own boss. But don't all franchisee opportunities do that? Some do.

What makes Refund unique is that you're getting paid for helping people, guiding them to the right product, and making sure they get the most suitable deal possible for them. Right. That's why brokers exist - to bring competition to the market. What about the refund? The refund is our secret weapon. It's a win-win for you and your customers. Ah, hence the name Refund Home Loans. How does it work? Say you're a franchisee, you help secure a loan for Mr Brown with a major bank. The bank pays you a generous commission and you share this with Mr Brown by giving him a real cash refund. I see - that is a win-win situation. Not only do our customers love the cash refund, but they love the personal service in the comfort of their own home. And the hundreds of finance options available from our panel of over 35 leading lenders. Congratulations, Wayne. I hear 'BRW' Magazine has listed Refund as the fastest growing franchise system in Australia. Thank you, Karen. Not only is our franchise system been recognised by 'BRW',

but with over 230 franchisees Australia-wide now, we're going from strength to strength.

'BRW' have also listed us as one of the fastest growing companies in Australia.

Let's listen to what some franchisees, Darryl and Florence Kelly, had to say.

As franchisees, we're able to structure our business to suit our lifestyle. We can plan our time around those special moments in our children's lives. And the Refund franchise is flexible and completely portable. We can write business wherever the opportunity arises. They certainly seem to be off to a flying start,

and they didn't seem to have any experience in the finance industry. None whatsoever. That's what really clinches it for a lot of new franchisees. They could be tradespeople, office workers or whatever. You don't need any experience to start your own Refund franchise. What do you need to start? Really, all you need is to be a people person - someone with a great personality is going to do very well for themselves. As part of the whole package, we supply ongoing training, right up to Cert IV in mortgage lending, plus all the professional support they need in the field, at head office and on top of that, great software systems to make it really easy. All you really need is a positive attitude and a love of working with people. Maybe you could do as well as Carlo.

I've been in manufacturing for the last 18 years. The long hours, the stress - I needed a change. Since being my own boss with Refund, now I choose the hours, and I've never felt healthier.

I can see how, Wayne, how he would find that very satisfying. Why wouldn't he, Karen? It's not just the money. Refund Home Loans lets you get more out of life, just like Peter. Before, I was working as a tradesman and I didn't really enjoy the job. Now, I own my own Refund franchise and I'm making the money I've always dreamt of and I'm enjoying life that goes with it. He is one happy man, isn't he? Thank you so much for coming in today, Wayne. My pleasure, Karen.

Great advice as always. To find out more about become a Refund franchisee, call Refund Home Loans on 1300 733 863 or visit Again, for those of you that want to be able to your own boss and have that freedom, make sure you get in contact with the guys. Now, to see this segment again, visit or see it in the 'New Idea' magazine.

That's it for us. Guys, over to you. Now there's a way to avoid leaving a carbon footprint Ahead, the seven signs you could you sabotaging your own love life. Plus, expert tips for giving your brain a workout. But after the break, the credit crunch crackdown on people wearing too much bling. We'll be back with more of The Morning Show, in just a moment.

VOICEOVER: You'll stay up all night for the new Eggs Benny Value Meal. Egg, ham and creamy hollandaise-style sauce on a toasted muffin with a hash brown and cappuccino - all for just $4.95. It's real breakfast value at Hungry Jack's.

The Morning Show stays at Novotel. With 22 hotels and resorts across Australia and New Zealand. Novotel, wherever you need to be. Welcome back. But first, some good news for female braniacs. Smart women have better sex lives. A new study shows that while beauty may bag you a man, brains will bring you more fun in the bedroom.

So what do our Wednesday jury make of this?

It's over to commentator Rebecca Le Tourneau and host of the ABC 702 breakfast show, Adam Spencer. Good morning. Bec, the study says women who can express their feelings and read those of others have better sex lives.

These are amazing. Talk about

stating the bleeding obvious. stating the bleeding obvious. Surely

it would be logical women who have

emotional intelligence can know what they want and know what they want and know what their

partner wants and have a good time.

I do believe drunk people have the

best fun in bed. When you think of

all the babies conceived after big

nights out proves that. I would

exchange my brain for enough energy to have sex. Working

to have sex. Working mothers, it

doesn't matter how big your brain

is, the old man rolls over and is, the old man rolls over and says " is, the old man rolls over and says

"How about it" and you think I want

to sleep, let my brain rest. Adam, you're a renowned braniac. Do smart men have better sex?

Your man know needs to know how to say "

say "How about it" in

say "How about it" in Latin. My

birthday, get a hotel room,

babysitter, soft music, candlelight,

she will be wearing she will be wearing sexy lingerie

and we will recite pi to 25 decimal

places. If I get my husband do do

long division that will get me

warmed up. Maybe a bit of square warmed up. Maybe a bit of square root. To the UK now and police are encouraging the public to report people wearing too much bling during the recession. The aim is to crack down on those who live a lavish lifestyle on the profits of crime. The posters say 'Too much bling - give us a ring'. Adam, should we be running a similar campaign here?

You all know the guy, he lives

around the corner from you,

around the corner from you,s hasn't

had a job for three years, drives a

Ferrari, seems dumber than a box of

hammers but wearing enough jewellery

to pay off our Budget deficit. It is

about time we clamp down on that.

I'm over it with bling. Put them in

the slammer. Should people be judged

by how much jewellery they are

wearing? This is taking it to allude

crust extent.

crust extent. No more G strings

showing. No more general trash. I

was a bit concerned because my

daughter who is 9 would be arrested.

She spends her even five life? Diva

which is made-up and pretend bling.

I'm quite concerned for Melanie's

safety if that comes in over here. And, finally, a man in India hasn't washed for 35 years in an attempt to make sure his next child is a boy.

The man already has seven daughters. Apparently a psychic once told him if he doesn't take a bath, he'll be blessed with a son. Bec, did you ever do anything to try and influence the sex of your kids?

Not, I was lucky. I got one of each

without trying too hard. That was on

one of the nights I did have enough

energy and not thinking too much.

energy and not thinking too much. I

can't understand the logic. Is this

because boys are difficulty and

because boys are difficulty and so

if he is dirty, he will get a boy? I

don't understand the connection

between the germs and dirt and

potential to to have a boy. What do

you think? If

you think? If he

you think? If he hasn't washed in 35

years, he is doing well to get sex.

He is lucky to have got any action

at all. I read up on this guy. He takes what

takes what he calls a fire bat. He

stands next to Bon fire, smokes

marijuana and praises to his

relevant God to klens him of the

germs. Next time my wife says you

are getting whiffy, I will say put

me in front of a Bon fire. We me in front of a Bon fire. We have

learned a lot of about you and a

heck of a lot about you today. Later this hour, why Kevin Federline says he's affected by the credit crunch. And pregnancy rumours for starlet Lindsay Lohan. But first, Glenn's got some words of advice about planning ah