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(generated from captions) Now let's get back to the Budget. now. Thanks for joining us. Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey joins me you support? Joe, is there anything in here

I think it is good to see the

pensions go up. We tried to get that

up last year. That is good. A bit of

spending on infrastructure and there

are a few other things that we think

are good. What we are concerned are good. What we are concerned

about is who will pay for this. a record deficit The Government has announced have gone much further into debt. but nations around the world but to spend so much? Did the Government have any choice

Compared to the rest of the world,

we are pretty good. Hang on, hang

on. The total deficit - the total

debt is debt is $

debt is $188 billion, two-thirds of

it is new spending by Kevin Rudd

since the last election. A massive

amount. Take infrastructure, $

amount. Take infrastructure, $22

billion on infrastructure, terrific,

that is great. They handed out that

in cash for the same amount of

money. What have we got for it?

Nothing. You say there

Nothing. You say there is a

recovery. No one is treating the

recovery. No one is treating the

numbers seriously. All the big ones,

the IMF says it will be a slow

recovery. No plan to get out of

this. The Government says if they

didn't spend what they had, it would

have been a whole lot worse. That

may be the case. They spent $

may be the case. They spent $250,000

per job to save them H my argument

has been you got to grow the pie.

Focus on small business. You has been you got to grow the pie.

understand small business. I used to

be the small business minister. It

will be the engine room in the

recovery. Every small business

business employs a new person. Every fourth

business invests in jobs. We are

helping with Reject the Recession.

When We do have a question from Kevin.

When you talk to Joe, ask him how of

much deficit se supports. You put it

right on him. How much debt would right on him. How much debt

you support and how big a deficit

would you support? Our deficit will

be smaller. A figure? At least $

be smaller. A figure? At least $25

billion smaller. Remember, they

spent all that money and it

spent all that money and it is still

being spent. The $

being spent. The $43 billion in the

stimulus earlier this year. We said

less than half of that. That is

automatically saving $

automatically saving $25 billion in

this year alone just as a starting

point. Kochie, judge us on what we

have done. Kevin Rudd inherited 4%

unemployment, massive

unemployment, massive Budget surplus

and no debt. Now we got.

and no debt. Now we got.Biggest debt

and one million unemployed. And the

biggest recession or the greatest

upheaval since the Great Depression.

The reserve said it will not be as

bad. Because of the work that the

massive Government has done. Because of the Government has done. Because of the

massive easing in the monetary

policy. They reduced interest rates

which created a stimulus. A lot of

Australians are on variable

mortgages plus the fact that the

Government has had some measures.

Our contention is that the

Government has spent too much money.

Are you going to stop any of it. We

will be responsible.

will be responsible. I will ask you

the question again - will you stop

any of it? We will be extremely

responsible. That says you may or

may not. Are you going to or not? We

just saw the Budget yesterday like

everyone else. You will see over the

next few days a lot of little things

come out. It is only 1% of the total

expenditure. We are so

expenditure. We are so shocked by

the size of the debt that we will

take a responsible approach. Thanks.

Good to see you. Nice coat. He says

he is cold. I have been standing out here since 5:

here since 5:30. We do it every day

in Canberra. Off you go.