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(generated from captions) Why speak now? their wives or girlfriends Um, I wanted at least at the very least. to know what they had done, Yeah. Why did you want them to know? Part of me wanted them to know their lives destroyed like mine was, because I was so angry and I wanted and part of me wanted them to know and meet and find better people so that they could go like that, yep. that wouldn't treat them about those people now? What do you think

I'd shoot them right now. Well, if I had a gun I hate them - they're disgusting! (SOBS) I hate them so much. I want them dead. (SNIFFS) Yeah. but I don't think about them. If I think about them and embarrassment. It caused all parties enormous pain Channel Nine's Footy Show last week Mathew Johns used to make a pre-emptive apology. enormous anguish and embarrassment's put my family through and has once again, can't say sorry enough. and for that I'm just... of the players we contacted But neither he nor any asked about Clare. a lot of pain and embarrassment But there has been Alright, mate. Well said. to a lot of people. with the show. Alright, let's get on the Newcastle Knights - This young team, Matthew Johns' old club - for rugby league suggests there is a better future for any team that actually wants it. The clubs and the NRL of exploitation and disdain have to clean out the old culture for the game, and for women like Caroline too.

that maybe something will change. I have this vague hope going to be another girl hiding That every season there isn't and the blinds down with the curtains shut that her name and her face hoping like hell isn't going to get out in the media. to happen over and over That it's not going involved and named and that the football players straight back on the paddock aren't just going to go the next weekend, or the next Friday night. the next Saturday THEME MUSIC .

(GENTLE MUSIC) with more channels, To get Freeview set-top box or digital TV. you'll need a high definition If you don't have one, for Freeview-endorsed products. see your nearest retailer

you're ready to go. If you do have one, still astounds you SONG: # The world at a star... # # Each time you look Freeview - more for free. CC a brand new leadership. ABC News gives Fiji when they come. I'm looking forward to the elections I'm Jonathan Holmes. Welcome to Media Watch, is threatening the apocalypse... Meanwhile Juanita Phillips to test another nuclear missile. And North Korea is threatening Pyongyang says it's in response enforcement of sanctions... to the UN ordering tougher ballistic missiles, Um, Juanita, call them or just missiles, or guided missiles, but they're not nuclear missiles warheads. unless they're carrying nuclear And so far they certainly aren't. UNGUIDED missiles... And then there are Hello and welcome to you from the Logies. for a special edition and it is very early. It is 5:30 it is bright long after the night before. It's basically not speak... (LAUGHS) Fergo! Look I can't from personal experience well, I can speak

because I went to bed early with the marriage? but, Lisa, everything right Karl Stefanovic threatened Time and again, the rails. to steer the show right off Time and again, on track - more or less. Lisa Wilkinson dragged it back of teen star Miley Cyrus. Here's Karl on the virtues she's bringing money into the house, You know she's an uber star, which a lot of teenagers don't do, teenager to go out there so I'd be encouraging my and make as much money as possible. You know what I'm sayin? I'm hearin' you, Karl. Start earning your keep. Bring the money into the house. is our ambition. Teenagers, Mylie Cyrus of his co-host: And Karl on the charms Welcome back to the show, this morning. great to have your company with zero sleep. How good does Lisa Wilkinson look Oh shoosh! and I praise you. I applaud you and I salute you I do! Look at you! Do you? the little monitor there. Look at you on Your husband is a lucky man. That's all I can say. doesn't have to come over Fortunately Media Watch all po-faced and censorious, done it for us. because Channel Seven's already Brian Seymour: Here's Today Tonight's The fact is we don't even know a drop the night before. if Karl Stefanovic even touched very late, He may have just gone to bed are well documented. the effects of sleep deprivation his tongue in his cheek. Well, OK, Brian may have had Nine was in damage control But the next morning, and Karl had to do a grovel: the next morning I didn't feel drunk when I woke up have gone on air otherwise I would not enough to make that decision I like to think I am professional I have seen I wasn't at my best. but clearly from the vision that You know what, Karl?

A lot of people disagree with that.

a better start to the day. They reckon you've never given them

seven weeks ago, But the last word to Karl Stefanovic, about the presenter wrapping up a discussion Andrew O'Keefe, of Seven's Deal or No Deal, in Melbourne's Chapel Street. who was videoed, apparently drunk, everyone can take from this - You know it's a very good lesson particularly in the TV business - around on Logies night. that people will be following us we're all in big trouble. And come the Logies after-party crystal-ball gazing, Karl. You should take up You've got a talent for it. But if Karl's early morning exuberance was harmless, the same can't be said of the latest exploit by Nine's A Current Affair. PRESENTATION: Did this man light the Marysville bush fire? Now Ron Philpott faces the lie detector. The result will turn the investigation upside down. It certainly might do that - by making it harder to lay charges against a man who admits he's suspected of being responsible for the deaths of nearly 40 people. Or if he is charged to give him a fair trial. But let's begin at the beginning. It's been known since soon after Black Saturday that an arsonist is suspected to have lit the fire that devastated the towns of Marysville and Narbethong at the cost of 38 lives. And the identity of one of the suspects has been known to many journalists in Victoria for weeks. According to its News Director, Radio 3AW, like other media outlets, decided to: Eventually, on April 16, 3AW and others ran this story: Still the suspect's name wasn't published. But last week the 'Melbourne Herald Sun' broke ranks. Reporter Geoff Wilkinson visited Ron Philpott, the captain of the Murrindindee Brigade of the CFA, and found that he was ready to go on the record. The Herald Sun plastered Philpott's name and photograph

across the paper so he could claim he didn't do it. The Victoria Police got wind of the Herald Sun story, and repeatedly asked the paper not to run it. Chief Commissioner Simon Overland says:

Besides, he adds... Well, obviously Ron Philpott has decided to take that risk. But why did the Herald Sun choose to ignore the police's pleas? In a long and robust response, it tells Media Watch: Read the rest on our website. Of course once the Herald Sun had named him, most other media outlets followed up. But it was Nine's 'A Current Affair' that went for the story hardest. Ron Philpott volunteered to go on ACA, he said, because: I just want to get me name cleared. But reporter Nick Etchells has been watching too many episodes of Law and Order.

He fancies the role of the relentless public prosecutor: You do live in the area, you live right near where it started, you had the opportunity why should we believe you? Why should you believe me? Because I'm telling you the truth. Otherwise I wouldn't be standing here talking to you on national TV. You live right near where it started, you had the opportunity. If you're going to go on with that type of questioning I'll refuse to answer. Well, people are going to want answers. I put it to you, you started this fire - what do you say to that? I did not light this fire, mate. If you want me to go down and take a lie detector test, I'll do it. That offer was a big mistake. That same evening, Ron Philpott found himself being taped up to a lie detector - and ACA had itself a follow-up exclusive for Thursday night. STEVE VAN APEREN: Did you light any fire on February 7, 2009 near the disused Murrandindi saw mill? No. For Ron Philpott, it didn't go well.

He kept moving when asked the crucial question, upsetting the polygraph results. They are deliberate movements. They are quite consistent every time you answer the question. Is there any reason why you are doing that?

Nick Etchells: Steve conducts the test a third time - same questions, same outcome. Altogether they tried the test six times. Until... The official verdict - the polygraph is inconclusive on the basis of clear and deliberate sabotage. Well, his behaviour is not consistent with someone who really wants to clear their name. Almost incredibly, Nine offered Ron Philpott $1,000 for his trouble - though so far he says it hasn't appeared in his bank account. But predictably, he wasn't happy with the result. But the people who should be really unhappy are the friends and relatives of the victims of the bushfires, whose images Nine exploited to sex up their macabre little circus act. Because if Ron Philpott ever is charged with arson, his defence lawyers will be able to argue witnesses have been tainted and potential jurors prejudiced. Chief Commissioner Simon Overland is furious: Well come on, Chief Commissioner, let's keep a sense of proportion. What's the biggest murder investigation in Victoria's history beside the struggle to increase ACA's ratings? Now, here's a classic despatch from the front line of the bikie wars... It was another Herald Sun - Though shared with Sydney's 'Daily Telegraph'... and written by Tele reporter - It was all about Christopher Wayne Hudson, the Hells Angel who shot and killed solicitor Brendan Keilar and wounded two others in the Melbourne CBD in June 2007. Three days later Hudson gave himself up to police... The ABC understands he tried to harm himself in the 12 hours before he surrendered to police yesterday and that when they arrested him his wrist had been heavily bandaged. At the time, the Herald Sun had been more specific - At Hudson's sentencing last year, a consultant psychiatrist reported to the court that according to Hudson himself... All just a cover story, according to Paul Kent of the Tele. The truth, he reports, is much more lurid. Hudson's death's head Hells Angels tattoo was removed, it seems, in the most brutal fashion. Now that's the kind of gruesome detail that sells papers. Mind you, the only source quoted in three pages is: And as it turns out, it's all codswallop -

at least according to the Victoria Police: But News Ltd stands by its bikie insider. The Tele's editor, Garry Linnell, responds: Next time the Tele quotes a police press release, remember, it's only spin. That's it for this week.

If you missed our fun-filled 20th anniversary doco last Thursday, you can catch it online, and see lots of extended interviews and past programs in full, on our special Media Watch 20 Years website. And I'll be back next Monday night. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned Live.

Good evening, there's been a

dramatic start to the Royal

Commission into Victoria's

bushfires, the head of bushfires, the head of the

Country Fire Authority

distanced himself from the

decisions made on Black

Saturday, Russell Rees says it

wasn't his job to warn

residents and most of the

decisions were made by his

subordinates. When it comes to

maintenance Qantas still calls

Australia home, the airline

deciding to make Brisbane the

base for its A330 operation,

good news for around 500

workers set to lose their jobs. Unions say it's an Unions say it's an important

win in their long-running

campaign against sending work

offshore. Of the United Nations

says hundreds of children have

been killed in a surge of

violence in Sri Lanka, the

military is believed to have

stepped up its campaign against

separatist and pro-Tamil

sources say the death toll from

the weekend is more than 1,000.

The Government says it's a

fabrication. More than 100,000 that took part in that took part in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Bowel Cancer Screening Program,

will have to redo tests, will have to redo tests, the

Health Department Health Department discovering

the test kits were faulty,

anyone doing a test since

December will be sent a new

test. More news in Lateline at 10:30.

Harry's told Bakhshi. We've agreed to let him prepare his own cover story. Fine. Ros, I should never have put you in that position, or Ana. We all cross boundaries. It goes with the territory. I probably said a lot of strange things last night. But if one of them was 'thanks', I meant it. Iran is joining the atomic club. The Home Secretary will need reliable intelligence. We know the Iranians are racing to enable triggers for the missiles they've already bought, not least because they're surrounded by US carriers. Harry, I... But the blueprints we intercepted were useless fakes. Our asset has just confirmed Iran has sourced working circuit boards - plug and play. A fully-armed nuclear adversary. This source of yours, did he give us anything else? She! Ana Bakhshi, wife of the Iranian Special Consul. She won't be giving us anything now. Ana died last night whilst trying to kill one of my officers. Adam Carter, her handler. Cloak and dagger, Harry? Honey traps?